Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Picasso's "Nude, Green Leaves and Bust" Sells For Record $106.5 Million

The purchase of the 5-by-4-foot painting at Christie’s last night makes the most expensive piece ever sold at auction. Bids came from Asia, the U.S., and Europe, including the former Soviet Republic. The buyer, who had placed the winning bid by phone, was not identified. My God. Over a hundred million for a painting Picasso is said to have painted in just one day. I do have to admit though. Sometimes you see these "works of art" and you're immediately struck with a sort of "really?" attitude but I didn't get that sense when looking at this one. It's actually considered far and wide to be some of the painters best work and it really is beautiful. It's a portrait of his lover, Ms. Marie-Thérèse Walter and actually all the early-1930s paintings of the blonde woman are considered to be Picasso in top-form. I find it absolutely remarkable to still be talking about what this man loved to do, did with most likely a cigarette in hand and a beauty in bed, and then, just like that, he was off to the next one. Incredible.

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