Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just Blaze Talks Blogging & Music Leaks (Including My Opinion)

I was looking for a way to touch on this and still be original in some way. I've been talking about it for some time now and it goes like this. I personally haven't been around long enough to give you the full spectrum of the Blogs vs. Labels war. My history goes back as far as picking up a New York Times some two years ago, seeing an article about this rap blog and realizing that shit, I rap, I should know about this site. Soon after that I realized the damn thing was run by a dude with style and grace, much like myself, and I was hooked. Let's not get shit twisted though. Like almost everything I do, there was a reason I decided to take part of something with It wasn't me just wanting to be down or seeing an opportunity to give myself more fucking work. It was really this overwhelming feeling that I could offer something different. An opinion on rap and Hip-Hop culture from someone who actually makes the music. Kanye West was the only one I saw who did that on some level and even he didn't really offer too much of an opinion on specifics of records. Anyway, my point is, the game is completely over-saturated and it's gotten pretty ridiculous. I hate it when an artist's music is leaked unfinished or stolen. I hate it because I know that feeling. I don't even want my brothers to hear some shit that's not ready, let alone fans, let alone people waiting to hear some wak shit from me just so they can write me off. I do feel like a lot of these bloggers (and not just the ones running the smaller sites) are bloodthirsty fuckheads who could give a shit about how what they're doing is affecting anyone else but their own team. For what? To say you're first? It's so corny. I post shit because it makes me feel something and I have something to say about it. In all honesty, I don't understand the fascination with being a blogger anyway. It's not like bloggers get the chiks. It's not like bloggers drive the nice cars, host the Oscars, play Yankee Stadium etc. I can understand why they're so many God-awful rappers in the world, sure. That's easy. But bloggers? What the fuck are you in it for? Get a fuckin' job kid. As far as label dummies, well, they went to school high up while most of us were learning how shit really worked here on the ground level of things. They have  a job and an agenda, and you can't really get mad at someone with an agenda. These sorts of things are gonna be a problem until the day more smart people work doing what it is they should be doing. I mean, can't you hear how bad Lowkey wants to be an A&R? IMO he gets it right sometimes too haha. I say, pay the kid for the job he's been doing for years now anyway. There's a couple more kids just like him, too. Only a couple though.

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