Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Shirt "Summer Not Coming" Available Everywhere

Premiered on the first day of Summer a couple weeks back throughout New York City streets.

Produced by Spectacular Diagnostics, cover photo by Darvin Silva.

Available now across all streaming platforms.  Soundcloud below.

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Killer Mike Speaks On Government Brutality

I respect Mike heavy. Watch the video here cause I don't know how to embed Facebook videos.

I'm heartbroken over the beautiful, growing, living, breathing, laughing lives we keep losing at the hands of a fucking police officer. The man or woman who voluntarily has one of, if not the hardest job in the world. Yet a job sacred, an anointed position from whatever the fuck God you believe in. The job of protecting our life, the job of keeping us out of harm's way, the job of watching over us so we can all live a civilized life in America. But this is the experience we get? Kids being kids, young adults just learning what it is to fucking live, from making mistakes, to getting it right, from family men, to brothers, dads, hard workers, people hustling to live, kids told they weren't shit all their life. The senseless loss is staggering every time. Every fucking time. I'm gonna always do what I can to uplift but this shit has me down.


NPR Talks To The Painter Kanye's "Famous" Video References

This guy gets it. As all the best do.

I was gobstruck, is the word. I was absolutely floored and honored, and I almost felt like crying. I think that Kanye and I embraced each other, and everyone else was sort of like that — they were all high-fiving me and hugging me. There are experiences like that in the arts where somebody actually gets what you're doing. Not that your goal is to communicate — it's more self-enlightenment. But at that moment I realized that Kanye and I were on the same page completely. He was an art student, and speaking to him was like speaking to the brightest of my peers.

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Elon Musk Sit-Down At Full Code Conference 2016 (Video)

Watched the full hour plus of this  bait ago and was immediately happy with the decision. This shit is fucking fascinating and Musk is really the one. I'm gonna need an Apple car though.

Be like me watch here

A$AP Mob "Yammy Gang" Tribute Video

Forgot about this for a second but it's ill. Whole crew. RIP Yams.

Jay Z Drops New Song "Spiritual"

Love when Jay shit hits so poignant. Needed.

I am not poison, no I am not poison
Just a boy from the hood that [go]
Got my hands in the air, in despair
I just wanna do good

Listen here