Saturday, October 31, 2009

Darvin Silva in

Your favorite DJ, Darvin Silva gets ready for Halloween in style.

Happy Halloween from !

Jay-Z Press Conference In Montreal

I can't get over what Hov is doing. He's setting it up perfectly for me.. Imagine, real music, where the artist is rapping.

props to Low

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Black Keys featuring Q-Tip *The BlakRoc Project Week 7*

Checking in with the Black Keys on the Dame Dash Produced BlakRoc project. We're still waiting on that November 27 Black Friday Debut which I can't front, I'm very excited about. Tracks sound dope.

more info @

Empire State Of Mind **Official Video** Directed by Hype Williams

Hov on fire. Here he stars as the king of New York with thick thighed treat Miss Alicia Keys as Queen. I like it.

Wiz Khalifa "Burn After Rolling" Mixtape Artwork

I'm still not sure about this kid's music but I saw him at that Better Recognize Showcase and he was pretty fresh. I sort of enjoy this concept and cover. Good shit !

*I won't be posting any music this time but these guys can take care of you

Nowhere Boy (Trailer)

Filmed in Liverpool about the life of a certain John Lennon. Peculiar ill rapper shit I agree.

Rosa Acosta x Terry Richardson ! Now with Video !

Quick but umm, viral video from over at SupremeNewYork. What a crazy looking bitch. Although I'm gonna have to agree w/ Lan and say she does have a manly face. Honestly, it's that ass.

Charlamagne Tha God's 39 Minute Conversation W/ Beanie Sigel

At times the Philly nigga sounds like he's crying. This is crazy. He's goes into so much one-sided detail and distress about the situation that a lot of people are feeling just sad. Especially because it really feels like he's sad about everything. My thoughts honestly are too much to write here quickly but I just wanna say this. I understand both sides. We don't have to hear Jay talk specifically on this record to know how he feels. Beans didn't paint him as a snake, just maybe as not a real enough nigga that he would take care of his own. How much someone as bright and as done with all the bullshit, and as already home, and as innocent as Jay-Z should take care of Philly niggas? I dunno. My man can't be stopped and I don't think I want him to.

Listen to the whole conversation here

*New Music* Wyclef x Eve "Suicide Love"

Interesting feel to this one. More w/ Clefo coming right up. Little something special.

Download Suicide Love - Wyclef x Eve

*From The Hut, To The Projects, To The Mansion EP Dropping November 10th

Mr. Cartoon Designed Armored Truck

This is sweeet. All black with custom Cartoon shit. That's what I'm talking about. Made for the film Armored coming out on Hov's birthday, December 4th.

more pics here

OK we're Hov'ed out now.

Time Magazine Interviews Jay-Z

This guy is everywhere. And I heard right after the 7:30 show in Yankees Stadium he made a 10:30 show in London, Ontario. Hov on fire.

*This interview is cleeeaan money.

*Still Available* T.Shirt - The Loft Sessions EP *Recorded in Chinatown NYC*

As you must of heard, 2 days ago I had my first record be made available on iTunes ! It's the first time you had to pay something to support the kid. Thank you so much for the all the continued support. I'm never gonna stop giving away music for free. We share ! Peace family.

*Even you've been under a rock the last month or just tuning in, this is my most recent body of work, recorded in a Chinatown loft. I'm planning something pretty cool for November but for now..

Download The Loft Sessions EP - T.Shirt *Free Of Charge*

*Press release

Beanie Sigel Has Some Words For Jay-Z .. my God this is hard.

At 1:43am last night Drama King played some shit ! Transcribing now.

Download Average Cat (CDQ/Dirty) - Beanie Sigel peace to Low

"..I'm a grown ass man I don't sit on niggas laps and I ain't looking for no gifts out of Santa Clause's sack, 
Santa ain't real, let alone is he black, catch you coming down my chimney and the mack'll go 
"..raise the hairs on your back, niggas talking 'bout compared to Sig you waaakk.."

"..I'm so bad, I'm a smoooth criminal, I'm a thriller holding a snub with a glove that don't glitter.."

"..I was the fly on the wall, you know what the fuck I witnessed ??! - I'll say some shit that make B look at 
you different.. and my gangsta was never on trial.. "

"..cause I was front row at The Blueprint 3, I was just trying to see him M C, and reminisce when we was the 
R O C, but he called on the C O P's not only that but he brought in the F E D's (snitch), so that's telling me 
F U Sig so F U 2 and F Bleek 3.."

" bounced that tennis ball around in your office for an hour !! .."

"..this me taking my brother in the yard for 5 minutes cause I got a knot in my chest.. many people gon walk in and out your life but only real friends leave footprints on your heart.."

"..the richest man ain't the one with his first dollar dog, it's the one who still got his first friend.. Rocafella 
for life nigga.."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jay-Z Plays Game 2 Of The World Series

Huge for Hip-Hop, huge for Hov.

Yo La Tengo And the Glitter Is Gone

I'm gonna be watching this later so I figured I'll just put. it. right. here.

Nicole ?!?!?! of Nina Sky !?!

Me and babygirl were in a Halloween store in Queens when she picked up this blond wig package with someone very familiar on the cover hahahahahhaa.. I immediately hit Mrs. Nicola of Nina Sky - verdict? It's gotta be her hahahha. Somebody's getting sued. Fuckin' hilarious.

Hit up Nicole and let her know ! ! hahaha too funny.

Happy Halloween From Nina Sky

Vans Del Barco LX

These are fuckin' incredible. Somebody get me on the phone with someone from Vans. They come in black too but eh, these are where it's at. Simply gorgeous.

Game x Gucci Mane "Krazy" Produced by Timbaland

I don't have niggas sending xclusives to my inbox so I just steal from the guys that do.

Download Krazy - Game & Gucci Mane

The Wu Massacre (Trailer #1) by Rik Cordero

Method Man x Raekwon x Ghostface *New Album* December 22nd. Whoa.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feeling like this all over again. What The F*ck Is A Jay Electronica?

Kid's incredible. I don't post snippets but this is different. It might be cause I'm high.

Download Exhibit C (Radio-Rip Snippet) - Jay Electronica

Rick Ross & Triple C's In LA

This is ill footage. Man I don't care what people say about this nigga. I'm into this shit. Especially that Cali style. I got a love affair with dickies and converse.

Reebok Perfectly Black Pack

That's what I'm talking about.

Learn Japanese and buy 'em here

San Francisco's People by Philip Bloom

Pretty gorgeous. Philip Bloom put it together using a 5DmkII with a 50mm F1.2 and Zacuto Z-Finder which is all very foreign to a muhhhfuckin rapper BUT - this shit looks incredible.

Snoop Dogg - Empire State Of Mind (Remix Freestyle)

I actually like this, Snoop sounds good over Hov beats.

Download Empire State Of Mind Freestyle- Snoop Dogg

peace to Low

Maserati Truck Concept

Eric from Entourage is probably very excited. This is crazy.  Created by designer Andrey Trofimchuk.

more pics here 

Khaled x Usher x Ricky Ross x Drake x Young Jeezy

Another all-star lineup from the we the best guy. Terrible music, my bad.

Download Fed-Up - DJ Khaled x Usher x Ricky Ross x Drake x Young Jeezy

link jack NR - thanks Esk !

Hot Mop Films x Homebase Interview Colin Munroe

My peoples kick it with the kid Colin Munroe who's had a few stand-out joints over the last couple years. From my understanding, muuhhfuckin' Rosky took the ropes on this one. 

via Hot Mop Films

*ill rapper bonus* One of my favorite joints is the Jimmy Jones assisted Piano Lessons (Remix) here

I absolutely love the new Levi's Campaign 2009

Makes me happy to be here. Makes me feel alive. You can make fun of me but you can't take this feeling away. As long as the ground screams under my feet and the clouds texture the sky I'll feel this way forever. Feeling poetic.

*Directed by Cary Fukunaga and uses the poem “America” by Walt Whitman.

HD Footage The Clipse Listening Party @ The Vault

Album sounds crazy. Till The Casket Drops Available December 8th. Twin ill rappers.

Eminem x Jay-Z DJ Hero Commercial

This is great. Plus they say the game really is great fun. I might have to check it out.
Props to YN

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

T.Shirt - The World (Inhale The Culture) Available On iTunes ! *NOW*

Even if you have it, officially cop it and support the movement ! Thank you !

Buy The World (Inhale The Culture) - T.Shirt

B.E.T. Awards Cyphers

Mos Def, Black Thought & Eminem

KRS-One, Wale, Nipsey Hussle & Gsan

Nicki Minaj, Joe Budden, Buckshot & Crown Royyal

*ill rapper shit for real.

muhhfuckin' Yardi FTW

My Favorite New Clothing Label - Last Rights Inc.

Their site is fuckin' incredible, click to watch the film, browse - all that. Wow.

Katy Perry Turns 25 In Style

Looks like sexy fun with one of my favorite pop bitches. Happy 25 years young love !

Pill *Live* AT The Levi's x Fader Party NYC

We like the nigga Pill over here. Something about 'bruh.

Terry Richardson Shoots Rosa Acosta For Supreme New York

Oh boy. I've been looking at Terry's shoots more and more lately. I love his style.

Check out more pics here

Chris Brown x Lil Wayne x Swizz Beatz "I Can Transform Ya" *Official Video*

Everybody saying this is really good and it really is.

Joell Ortiz "Run This Town" Freestyle

It's gotta be good from homie if I post it, right? Yeah the kid spazzed on this one a little bit. He's gotta change it up pretty soon though, can't front. These guys only have one trick or something.

Download RunThis Town Freestyle - Joell Ortiz

*Joell singing at the end of this thing? *dead*

*New Music* The Astor Kings "Young" *Live On The Steamship Lilac*

Yeeeaaah. Got the okay. Here's a high-quality rip of the young rockstars plowing through one of their best, dedicated, of course, to yours truly. Feed your iPod baby.

Download Young (Live On The Steamship Lilac) - The Astor Kings feat. ME

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jay-Z x New York Magazine Interview

Hov in a good mood? Priceless.

"I think after a year with DJ Hero I’m gonna start D.J.-ing parties like Q-tip and all those guys. I already got a whole plan: I’m gonna work on this for a year, then I’m gonna get me a little Serato set, work on that for another six months. Then I’m gonna find out who makes the most. I’m gonna charge double that. I’m gonna do a tour, bar mitzvahs, weddings. I’m gonna have like video ... I’m telling ya’ll, 'cause I don’t want nobody stealing my idea … I’m gonna have, like, video behind me. Dancers. I’m gonna have people pour champagne when I get to a certain song. I’m gonna make a whole show of this thing."

"I actually predicted the Yankees in six with the Angels, so I think I’m like Jigga the Greek. I’m gonna say, Phillies are a bit tougher than the Angels. I’m gonna take Yankees in seven. Dramatic A-Rod walk-off at the end of the game redeeming him for all the time the papers and the media vilified him. Is that specific enough?"

Click here for the very entertaining interview.

Michael Jackson x Andy Warhol Painting Goes Up For Auction

Available November 10th at Christie's Auction House for only about 700 Grand.

TheSmokingSection put me on.

As Requested: T.Shirt Vibe Magazine/Eminem Freestyle First Round

My man Q Beezy ! wrote me and said he watches this freestyle I did 6 months ago to get inspired. My brother, you have no idea how much that inspires me.  You wanted an mp3 so here you go homie. Thank you.

Download The Way I Am Freestyle (Video Rip) - T.Shirt

*I've always wondered if Em ever really heard this. I'm gonna ask him.

Harris Tweed Clarks Original 60th Anniversary Edition

Um, these are fantastic. Happy Autumn boy. Spotted over at William Yan who has some gems at his great spot. Chris Daddy what do we think of these? Yeah.


The Astor Kings *LIVE* On A Boat

This past sunday night Oktober 25th, hosted Oktobership featuring a special performance from young rockstars, The Astor Kings. With Adam Fletcher on Bass Guitar and special guest Francisco "Me" doing back-up vocals, the Kings ran through a few of their big records while we laughed, drank and danced on the steamship Lilac docked at Pier 40. A truly, beautiful night in New York City, this is an exclusive.

Subscribe to my youtube channel !

Jennifer Aniston x Oprah Winfrey Doing A Late-Night Talk Show

Seems interesting. Just about outside of my rapper realm but everything will be alright.

*More info to come.

Power 106 interview w/ Jadakiss

I usually don't post low quality stuff like this but what's talked about is real interesting so more so of something to watch, check it out for the info spilling. Kiss talks about having a kid that's almost in High School who he lets hear all his stuff before it comes out. I never knew Kiss to be a pops like that. Crazy to think. They also dive in to the 10 year Anniversary LOX album that might be coming out through Puff. Sounds dope. Ill rapper shit.

YN on his radar.

Unreleased T.Shirt Music "Dear Lana"

I'm in this kind of mood today.

Jay-Z To Perform At Game 1 of the New York Yankees World Series

You say Hov lost it, you say he's not the best to ever do this, you hate him, he's weak, he sold out right? I don't wanna hear it ! My man kills this game. Every time I turn around he's doing something else that's never been done. He takes the term "power move" to a whole different level and all the while remaining cool and never corny. He was my first non-related T.Shirt post on this website for one reason. Jay-Z is a muuhhfuckin' ill rapper. Catch him and Miss Alicia keys performing their new smash New York anthem "Empire State Of Mind" before Game One of the World Series Wednesday, October 28th. Go Yankees. New York all day.

*New Music* Timbaland x Drizzy Drake

I fucks with this song. Nice feel to it, like I wanna drive around to it. Drake's in Drake mode of course but I'll let him slide this time. The beat's got some Tim to it, ill rapper shit.

Download Say Something - Timbaland feat. Drake

Let's go Low ! *Can't use that low quality Shock Value 2 cover, not yet.

On A Muuuhhhfuckin' Boat w/ The Astor Kings

A beautiful night on the west-side as more and more exclusive footage pours in from the show. Stay tuned.

Calm Down Monday Morning, Curb Your Enthusiasm S 7 EP 6

Keeping TV safe till Entourage comes back. HBO kills.

*funny player alert

More Autumn Goodness

Edifice Quilted Weatherwear Jacket

Levis x Krink Info Here

LL Bean Norwegian Fisherman's Sweater Info Here

It's safe to say I'm into this shit.  Step your game up.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chris Daddy's New Guitar

In matte black? You already know. Shit is hard, my God. I'll take lessons for some shit like this.

Give it up for the guys over at Fernandes Guitars

*More to come.

Mixtape Weezy over "Run This Town" - *Crack*

Had to steal that Post Title from the boy YN - true shit.

"the pistol mean business, that shit should have a tie on"

"..I get super hero money, call a nigga super rich, keep it super for a while, lemme get on my super shit, super ill, super sick, dog, I get super Vick, ran into a super woman, turned her to a super bitch,hit her with that super dick, she be cumming super quick, super Millz, Mack, Tyga, Streets, Nelly, super Mick, super Drizzy, Gutta, Chucky, Twist, that's the super clique, now I'm off that super shit, fuck that shit I super quit.."

Download Run This Town Freestyle - Lil Wayne


Handmade Vans Vault by Robert Williams

This a dope inside look into DQM's Halloween Edition Robert Williams Vault Sneaker. Vans Vault sneaker are some of my favorites, pure style.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Murdered-Out Toothbrush/Soap Dish Set

Stainless steel trim, silicon rubber powder coated black. Wow. You know uh, Christmas is coming up. This shouldn't be too expensive, right?

made by Vipp

1,000th Post On *Black October*

Remember Black October? You probably don't unless you've been riding with me this past year. It was the first thing I ever put on this blog back when I thought I'd keep it as a T.Shirt only site. What a crazy kid I am. Within 2 weeks I was posting other stuff, artists, music, fashion, news I thought was interesting. Slowly became the behemoth you check now. Slowly I saw the potential here. Slowly but surely. Now 1,000 posts later, we're back in October, Black October, where it all began.

and it's blacker than ever over here.

Download Black October Freestyle - T.Shirt

Hip-Hop at CMJ by The New York Times

An interesting piece detailing some of the shows I myself attended this past week.

Read Hip-Hop at CMJ, All Cities and Types

Happy Saturday Indeed !

Make some coffee and thank me later.

Annie Leibovitz Shoots Obama Family Portrait

Something tells me this isn't a finished  or official photo. If it is, I'm surprised but also, it's interesting how humble and no-frills this picture is. We'll see.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rob Dyrdek Makes A Tag Body Spray Commercial "Makin Moves"

Funny shit, song's not half bad. Dyrdek cracks me the fuck up.


Leather Wrapped Rolex by Natalie Brilli

Okay there isn't really a Roli under there but it's made in the classic Rolex form. I think this is sick, Natalie Brilli has done some pretty incredible things with leather in the past but this is just gorgeous. Hypebeast shit of course.

$312 and available here

Paintings by George Steven

I do different things with my time and talents. This is one of those things.

"..sometimes I've thought of throwing everything away and being a painter in a small town, without the sound of the high pace, the type of quiet life.. that I would die to taste.."

website coming soon.