Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jim Jones Pray IV Reign TITLE TRACK

Here's the title track off the much anticipated Jim Jones album Pray IV Reign. It's being compared to Reasonable Doubt type shit and I think that's corny. It doesn't sound like the era at all and Jimmy ain't no Jigga you smell me? It's not half bad though and interestingly enough, it doesn't have the famous Jimmy ad libs we've all gotten so accustomed to. 

TigQuest X George Steven 2009

Photographed by George Steven, TigQuest is an ill graffiti body painter from New York City and he's always looking for pretty bitches. If the kid stays out of trouble a little bit you might be able to see some crazy work from him in the near future. This series right up there^ comes from some Zoo York shit he's working on. Stay tuned. 

Contact for more information

Louis Vuitton, Annie Leibovitz, Sean Connery

Making of Louis Vuitton Ad with Sean Connery photographed by Annie Liebovitz

Friday, January 30, 2009

Worst Lil Wayne Song Ever?

I mean.. just heard it in it's entirety w/ Lan and it's not like, the worst.. well, I don't even know anymore really. Lil Wayne is just hit or miss and mostly miss. It's when the boy hits.. shit, it's ill.

Download Around The Way Girl if you don't have anybody over and your not expecting anyone.

Estevan Oriol Interview

Los Angeles Magazine interview right here with Estevan Oriol. I love this mothafuckin' vato.

Think Coffee April Fool's Day 2008

Remember this? haha peep Adron naked.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Last Kiss Album Cover

jada never really had much art about his shit. I wish he did. This is not a good cover.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There's a new Jay-Z record out.

I don't wanna post it. You can find it on or bitches

now I just wish these guys would hit me back

my Birthday is April 27th

I wish everyone, and their mother didn't go get these. Then maybe I would.

**NEW** Leica Shit

I like this. I want it. I been feeling Leica for a while now. Terry, Ye', etc. all use it and I've been reading good things about them. This is their Safari Edition Camera   !Peep.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

David Bergman Photograph of Inauguration

one thousand four hundred & seventy four mothafucking megapixels. David Bergman from New York City shot an enormous 1,474 megapixel image of Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration. Used a Canon G10. 

if you wanna see something amazing click right here

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inauguration Day by D-Nice

I peeped this video over at nahright and I really liked it. It's shot very beautiful and fitting for the occasion. I also checked out D-Nice's site and it was really good to see the man is no joke. His style of photography is sweet and sincere. At first I thought maybe he was small enough to get at and maybe work with but upon further inspection I realized he was already pretty bigtime. Still might shoot him an email though..

Lil Wayne Rebirth LP 1st Official Single

Here's Lil Wayne's new single from his Rebirth rock LP due out April 7th, 2009. I kinda didn't wanna post it but whatever. He's an ill rapper so I'll respect that. 

**NEW** PM x T.Shirt Photography

Drummer/Photographer extraudinairo PM is getting bigger and better at what he does. I mean, he's family, what you expect? This is some photography we've been working on for various projects. Stay tuned. 

My Favourite Songs Right Now

Vampire Weekend
I must say this, Vampire Weekend has one of the best albums out right now and might even win some Grammy's but this record right here, is my absolute favourite. The vocals are breathtaking, as is the songwriting and music behind it all. I first heard this joint when my homie comedian/musician Isaac Ramon played it for me about a year ago. I went crazy for it all the way back then but forgot about it. Then my pretty writer chik friend Willa started playing it and it changed my life all over again. Even though the kids will be just fine, this record is my favourite.

I've heard of Chromeo before but nothing ever caught my ear as fierce as this shit right here. This song is fantastic and I can't stop playing it. My man PM played it at the cafe and I put it on repeat 4 times. If you know me at all, you know I really wanna remix it but I'm trying to hold out. I'm trying.

Robust is an ill rapper from Chicago, Il and I caught his attention one day watching a skate video with my man Dred in the crib. This song was playing in the backround and I went crazy. 

Sia has an amazing voice and tamber and her music has me thinking beautiful thoughts.. plus me and my girl chillax to her goodness as well. I'm not gonna lie, Kanye West put me on.

Download my favourite from her  Sia- Soon We'll Be Found

Jadakiss "Letter To Big" Video Shoot

my man Kiss in the ill Coogi sweater throwback. I love this. I remember being at Art & Design listening to Big talk about Coogi on records and wondering how the hell I'm gonna get one of them joints. So rich, so colorful and lux. Niggas had them bootlegged all over but I just couldn't do the fake shit. I didn't have it in me hahaha. Nowadays their a bit too colorful for me but I don't know, you might catch me in a fitted black one or something, maybe navy blue.. we'll see. Can't wait till this video debuts. I hope it's not gawbidge.

13th Witness Photography

photographer/videographer Timothy McGurr updated his site with a great, very intimate photo shoot of Jay-Z, his Roc Boy band, and DJ Neil Armstrong as they rehearse for the Barack Obama Inauguration show they did. Check out his dope 13thwitness website. I like his style a lot.

Ricky Mothafuckin' Ross

Back in the Maybach with the curtains drawn playing some Mafia shit. Addressing a bunch of bullshit from the past year, this right here is the first official street single from the new album Deeper Than Rap .

Download the Ricky Ross new hot shit Mafia Music right here

Friday, January 23, 2009

Kanye West for Louis Vuitton

Kanye West is out doing what he's wanted to do for the last 20 years and that makes me happy. I didn't hear him say that but I know it's true. Here is the official and unofficial pics of his new sneaker for Louis Vuitton.  There will be 5 colorways in total and will retail for about $400. In my ill opinion these are wayy doper then the Air Yeezy's (his collaboration w/ Nike) . I actually might fuck with these. Unless all of you get at em' first. Then I'm gooood hahaha. 

also you can vote at Complex Magazine if you care that much. I definetly don't.

new Jimmy Mothafuckin' Jones boyyyyy

I have to admit. I'm feeling Jim Jones man. This record along with others I heard are just up there. Fly New York hip-hop shit. Driving downtown with the windows open in the dead of winter type shit. Head on the FDR type shit. Shore. Jimmy I give it to you. Sometimes you dress a bit funny and I think you probably still smoke too much but yo, I get it baby. Something to think about it you know? Your an ill rapper. Be good out there.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

O' Reilly, among others, simply do not get it.

I'm not mad at Bill O' Reilly and I think that's the problem with a lot of rappers when they come at this guy and defend themselves. We can call him all the names in the book a million times, but I think the most important thing we're missing is that unless your one of us, unless your in this shit everyday, you just don't understand. My president is black. Like, that shit is huge. Maybe not for you guys over there and maybe you don't think the man is qualified for the job but I do, and WE DO. And it's not a little thing. And when we talk to our peoples? We say "my niggas". And we curse when we wanna make a point, and we scream, and we act a fool to rile up the crowd cause we're rappers and we feed off the energy brought to these shows by our "niggas". It's weird cause I know I sound a bit ignorant, but trust me when I say this, I can switch it up and talk to you like an educated person. That's because I am an educated person, and I am rational, and I do have a good head on my shoulders but the footage you see of Hov & Jeezy on stage? That's that rap shit. And what they both said wasn't even that bad if you really wanna break it down. You can tell Jeez was excited and amped and mad at the legacy Bush left behind, and Jay? His part was clever and full of heart. Anybody watching it and feeling hate from these niggas on stage has it all wrong. It was love and happiness coming from these dudes, and as far as me and my niggas. We feel the same way. The mothafuckin' President is Black. And it doesn't feel like he has shady alterier motives, and it doesn't feel like he has ties to evil people hellbent on power and corruption. It looks as though there finally is someone up there, for our generation, who cares about us, all of us. It feels like the man is God fearing, and sincere, and heart rich. It feels like real change is coming. God Bless the Black Prez.

and to anybody else doing good for their niggas, and their chiks, and there kids, and their homies. May God Bless you too.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New T.Shirt Record "The World"

It's time I unearth this. One of my favourite records. It might get mastered again one day soon but for now this is what we gonna rock with. Produced by Krillz with my man Eric A&Rring the shit out of it. I fell in love with the music and just blacked out. I can't wait to perform this. Holla at me E !

Jay-Z performs "History" Live

This is beautiful right here. Hov performs his Obama inspired record "History" at the special Inauguration Neighborhood Ball. I love his tamber (shout to the sound guy for making that possible!) Click here to watch the President and his Wife have their first dance.

I just wanna say this because it's funny.. even the biggest rapper in the world forgets lyrics haha. This is for anyone that ever knocked me for fumbling some lines on stage. Es okay baby. Peep the first verse.

If you don't already have it, download the album version of History right here .. off that Blueprint 3 sucka.

check Puff out.. with Obama 5 years ago.

man I really like this right here. puff was right on the money. That guy Barack (The Black Prez) Obama was bound to be something huh ? Classic.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The President of America

Barack Obama gives his beautiful acceptance speech in Washington today. I was at the cafe and we tried to watch it on the big screen with everybody but the internet was moving slow and we had to watch it all chopped up. When I got home I was finally able to feel the magnitude of his words and his flawless delivery. I'm so proud to have witnessed this, and vote for the man, and be a part of his time, and this history. I feel brand fuckin' new baby.

My President is Black (Dirty w/Intro DC Mix) MP3

My president is black in fact he's half white
So even in a racist's mind he's half right
If you got a racist's mind it's alright
My president is black but his house is all white
Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther can walk
Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama can run
Barack Obama ran so all these children can fly
I'm a spread my wings, you can meet me in the sky
I already got my own clothes, already got my own shoes
I was hot before Barack, imagine what I'm gon do
Hello Miss America, hey pretty lady
Red, white, and blue flag, wave for me baby
Never thought I'd say this shit, baby I'm good
You can keep your pus, I don't want no more Bush
No more war, no more Iraq
No more white lies, my president is black


Download Jay-Z's My President is Black (Dirty w/ intro DC mix) right here

Monday, January 19, 2009


my man Dred and his Hot Mop Films present I_NY.  I feel proud in saying I was a part of this film. I must say the cast and crew were exceptional. Peep Dred wearing the LOVE FILM shirt by Deviant Arthouse.  whattup Eugene Michael Santiago you son of a bitch haha. Dred and the dude playing D.  yo Jazzzzz.. multiples baby.

if your cast or crew or just sheepishly intrigued 
download the entire set of pictures 

Young Jeezy X Terry Richardson Campaign

The ill rapper & ill photographer come together for a Belvedere ad and took some very fly photos. mothafuckin' Jeezy is really growing on me. America RebornTerry Richardson is just bananas for real. He came in to Think Coffee once and I made the flannel shirt wearing homie a latte.


My President is Black REMIX mp3 coming soon. These guys are really good haha. Young Jeezy & Jay-Z

TV on the Radio snubbed at the Grammy's?

number #1 record in the country everywhere, best album of the year in Spin Magazine, Rolling Stone etc. and yet word is, TV On The Radio was completely snubbed at the 51st Grammy's, not Nominated for anything. Straight out of Dave Sitek's mouth. 

Mad love to my homie Gerard Smith on the far right. This is very fucked up if it's true. These guys are amazing. 

some ill rapper type shit

ill unsigned rappers need packaging ideas all the time. This right here is pretty dope. of course, now that I showed you this.. you know i got my eye on some other shit.

Homemade Scrabble Keyboard made out of real scrabble tiles. This thing is really dope. Me and shorty like to play.. she's a little better then me sometimes I must admit. Hi love..

This is what 1 billion dollars looks like. Does anybody give a shit? haha couple stacks off the top I'll be just fine for a little bit. I wanna go snowboarding.

My President is Black, My Maybach, too.

"my president is black in fact he's half white
so even in a racist mind he's half right
even in these racist times we all right
my president is black but his house is all white"

mothafuckin' Hova boy gets em' out there.

wish I was in DC tonight man. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

How we do in New York.

zero death toll due to pilot's quick thinking, and pro rescue effort. I_NY

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wayne Goodness

Terry Richardson Photoshoot / GQ Devin Friedman Interview
This shit is funny crack. Does that make sense? It doesn't have to. It's Wayne.

full interview right here

Adam Tensta is an ILL RAPPER.

Do I look like I Sell Drugs ? I swear to God this song is amazing and this kid is 
bananas. Adam Tensta is an ill rapper from Sweden with a couple of big records, 
clever writing, and just an overall crazy new vibe. I know I'm probably maaad
late with this shit but I don't care. I completely cosign all the way. There's not
much information on him so get what you can. Check out his myspace .. and 
his manager's youtube channel.

Also download the shit outta my personal favorite

mothafuckin' Jimmy Jones PRAY IV REIGN cover

Your looking at Jim Jones Pray IV Reign Cover to be released February 24th.  In my humble opinion this shit is fucking fantastic. Classic, rich and cool without trying to be. Good stuff Jimmy.

Peep the official first single Precious feat. Ryan Leslie

1st Review of Wild Thing by Willa Cmiel !

Monday, January 12, 2009

Here We Go!: "Wild Thing"

T.Shirt is a rapper from Queens.   He's got younger twin brothers, Christopher and Andrew, and his mother is lovely.  In his spare time he paints with chocolate on top of the crema of mocha lattes; his steamed milk is phenomenal.  His real name is…nah I'm kidding.  T.Shirt is a very ill rapper.  And he has a recently released album of remixes, Wild Thing.  Here we go!   Woo!

"Mother-fuckin' Tim Dog!"  

Those who work with the frenetic hip-hopper will understand this characteristic outburst at the intro, but for those who don't: it isn't supposed to be user-friendly. 

On the one hand, Wild Thing plays as a collection of personal essays, or vignettes. The two most affecting remixes are "Something about Us"(Daft Punk) and "My Friends"(Unknown).  During these songs, the original music and the artist's added verses coexist most triumphantly.  It helps, of course, that the original songs contain significantly less lyrics than the perhaps more exciting, but far less thematically stable,  "Electric Feel"(MGMT) and "Golden Age"(TV on the Radio). Because adding lyrics to someone else's song is tricky.  And, if only for the sake of artistic continuity, original intent should be considered (not to mention, for courtesy's sake, credit given).  In this respect, T.Shirt's songs sometimes fall short. 

"Electric Feel," MGMT's transcendent, metaphoric anthem, is vague and ephemeral, and naturally timeless.  Shirt leads his part with "Hey, put the phone down" and in an instant launches his listeners from ethereal images of MGMT's Amazonian goddess "with the voltage running through her skin," into modern-era big city life, which takes a much different, and ever less romantic, electric charge to function.  Later, "on a night full of stars," the fitting question "Is it really you or is it a mirage?" is marred by a reference to electric cars.  With the addition of T.Shirt's verses, a larger meaning is pushed aside and listeners forget those surreal charges of excitement don't come solely from love, lust, and sexual attraction, but also from music, art, strange encounters, the natural world, or, even, the vastness and mystery of New York City.  The song should stir anything that charges and motivates in sublime, unexplainable ways.  In the end, Shirt's lyrics don't add to it the sweeping magic of "Electric Feel," they pigeonhole it.

"Golden Age" follows a similar pattern, perhaps even more tragically.  To be brief, TV on the Radio's optimistic paean to an approaching epoch, superior in all ways to whatever it is we've got now, is not about sex.  And even more, it's not about taking advantage of the moment to have sex ("like a one-day sale"...really, T?).  In fact, it's not about taking advantage of the moment at all, no matter how you might choose to spend it, but it's about the approaching moment.  And it's a glorious sentiment.  And this, I imagine, is Wild Thing's biggest hang-upthe artist's inability to incorporate his lyrics into the songs he uses to frame them.  Passionate and well-written, with an impressive sense of the fleeting, his words are clever and intelligent without appearing too overly thought-out.  But songs used for remixes should be firmly viewed as foundation—something to stand upon— and not a means with which to propel yourself into outer space.

And in many ways, Shirt does this in a truly ill fashion.  With "Something About Us," Daft Punk's love song circa 2005, T.Shirt's lyrics are sincere and startlingly proficient as they weave seamlessly between the beats of DP's epic electronica.  T.Shirt raps personally and specifically, but all-encompassingly, in a way the listener, any listener, could relate.   Similarly, "My Friends" is about that choice to live that Artist's Life (you know the one).  Obligingly, this is where the rapper's art shines.  For this unsigned rapper, it's the importance of friends that carries him through his fierce desire to succeed artistically (and in true hip-hop fashion, monetarily): "People don't get it / me and all my friends / took the road less traveled / to ball out in the end."  Once again, Shirt's lyrics are nimble and despite his specificity—this is the song with perhaps the greatest volume of personal shout-outs—the listener relates to a greater picture.  "My Friends" is sincere, passionate, questioning, complexly simple.

And so it is: the success of Wild Thing stems, ultimately, from the artist's sweeping lyricism.  Ironically, this is also where his problems lie.  If approached as a collection of personal essays ambitiously woven throughout original works, Shirt's songs become a practice in interpretation and careful rendering (where his songs are thrashing, elsewhere they succeed, and vice versa)—they are a translation of sorts between genres—and that makes them original.  Considering, even, that Rolling Stone called 2008 the Year of the Collaboration, it seems inconsequential that T.Shirt's artists were not personally involved, and the fact that Wild Thing functions as an amalgamation of guerilla "collabos" makes the album title appreciably apt (not that, for those who know him, the artist's intractability is in particular want of verification).   The point is that popular music, and popular art in general, is getting more interesting, and the crossing of boundaries much more culturally acceptable.  And with remixes of Coldplay, MGMT, TV on the Radio, and Nelly Furtado, among others, Wild Thing consciously avoids its own genre.  As long as he doesn't stray too far, who cares if T.Shirt's collabos are bootlegged?  "Fuck it," he says, "we gonna ride?  Let's get 'em from the inside." 

Download Wild Thing here, for free.

T.Shirt's website:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ferola The Rebirth !

Ferola is a good friend of mine and a very talented house DJ killer. He really fuckin' goes hard and makes you feel crazy. Then he'll offer you a cuddly teddy bear and take a picture of you. Check out his new music series. Gutta Strap shit and what not. Play loud.

Free Download Click Below

Darvin Silva It's About Time !

my man Darvin Silva runs the Blue Room in Queens and he's a bananas kid. We made a couple classics over the years and we plan to make some more. Check out his new mixtape of big, beautiful, delicious dance music.

Free Download Click Below

Friday, January 9, 2009

**edit** CuDi's not that bad after all.

so I heard some stuff and it's not that bad. What can I say? I have a bad taste in my mouth from all these terrible rappers with deals. Right place, right time, bunch of wrong niggas type shit. Whatever I'm sour. 

Yo CuDi  !
Stop breaking my heart and start doing what it is we came to do my nigga. 

Here's the problem with the Cudi nigga. I try to like this dude. I really do. Day -N- Night was really hard and for real, the joint put my whole team in the zone many times. But I'm saying like, let's keep it real. Besides that, what a nigga got? That's my main problem with these cats. Consistency is so unbelievably important in Hip-Hop, in music in general and most of the cats you hear about or really feel are a good 2 out of 10 with their records. I know why Kanye signed him. Shore. He's kinda fresh, got a cool haircut, couple cool sweatshirts, I get it. Big record, too. Huge even. But wait, there's something about that too. Let's go even further with keeping it real and say this, the "Crookers remix" is the real HOT SHIT. Did Cudi even have anything to do with that? I mean, I got the Crookers one and the Jimmy Jones remix and that all. Look, again, I know why Ye' signed the kid. I get it. But gimme a break. Everything else I heard from dude is trash. If this ever reaches the Kid please my nigga, do me this favor. Step your writing game up. That's all I ask.  Make some real songs with some real iconic writing and really come hard and make a dent in this game. Your all set up to do it and you running with the right people so please homie, no excuses. That's seriously all I ask. As for me? You'll probably talk shit about me before you try and feel what I'm saying. Depends what kinda nigga you are. It'll probably sound something like "Shirt? " "Who the fuck is T.Shirt!? This kid is a nobody." And you'll be right actually. I'm nobody. But I'm coming baby. And the goal is to make all you mothafuckas step your game up. I'm raising the bar period. Holla at me.

I'm sorry, what?

and Kanye will like me better!
and this is Ye' style blogging but fuck it!
and I like writing correctly! 

shirt 2009

and I sing better!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Photography by PM

here's what I did with my sunday afternoon. little photoshoot with the boy PM. download WILD THING!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

*T.Shirt's Wild Thing*

Featuring music from Nelly Furtado, Daft Punk and Alicia Keys to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, MGMT and Coldplay, this is very much T.Shirt's Wild Thing in all sense of the term. Dance around like nobody's watching baby.

Everybody Have a Happy New Year From Me and My Loved Ones

Willy Worldwide
Willy & Lan
Yen Doggles
Ro, Chris Daddy, & PM

Big Shout to Tone, Angelo, Leezo, O, & Rob.. I didn't get great pictures of you this time around so I couldn't post but thank you for being cool people and making this thing so dope. Niggy Nel boy damn. It's gonna be so ill when we do this shit. It's almost time     !!