Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is dope.. Disturb Me - The Popcorn Makers

Interesting. Performing at a house party with this going on behind you? Look into it Blue !

Oh My Lanta Miss Adriana Lima poses for ILL RAPPER or GQ Russia- one of the two I can't remember which..

she's looking right at me son..

Birthday Sex *Video*

I'm feeling this song. If you know how to sex your girl you know what the fuck I'm talking about.

Deeper Than Rap (Lost Intro) .. sorry Lan ;o)

The big nigga Ricky Ross takes the shades off.

ill summer goodness Part One

Moscot Originals/Common Projects Matte Black Shades

Half Nike Blazer/Half Air Force 1

Hypebeast put me on.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

T.Shirt's "The World" up to 3,000+ downloads !

hahaha feels good. Let's go get it !

Download The World-T.Shirt Produced by Kril Krak !

**OFFICIAL** Paranoid Video Pics- the other one isn't real or finished.

Crazy. I told Dred it didn't look right and/or it wasn't finished. This kind of stuff kills Ye' haha.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Once Upon A Time In America

Lyrical Onslaught. Can I keep it One Hunnit with ya? I've seen this joint around the internet a little but this picture really did it for me. Somebody at Hypebeast knows what they're doing.

"interviews from whiteys, yeah my favorite is Jimmy Leno" hahaha

Download Once Upon A Time In America- Raekwon

YN meets Drake (stolen blog title)

YN King of RapRadar caught up with the rapper that looks like me, Drake, last night backstage at SOB's. Your man is "100% Jewish" ? Interesting. For some reason the show looked a little light if you ask me. I heard girls went crazy as usual but guys weren't really buying it. Weird. Still just watching the Drake thing ride out.

**Bonus** If you don't have it, you should. It's a great mixtape and it'll really give you an idea of what started this Drake Phenom.

Download & Enjoy October's Very Own Presents So Far Gone (The Mixtape Album)- Drake

****FUN FACT**** The first picture you see when you come to up there is me, and it was taken @ SOB's when I opened a couple years ago for Peter Hadar.

Paranoid by Kanye West

featuring a gorgeous Ri Ri. Watch before they snatch it up!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pharrell talks about Rob Dyrdek's new film

We love Rob over here at ILL, and Pharrell too. The two came together for Rob's new "No Hollywood Allowed" feature about a skater. It's called Street Dreams and Pharrell did some music for it. Looks pretty ill.

with love, Nah Right?

T.Shirt's Electric Feel LIVE @ Fat Baby NYC

Cool videos keep surfacing from the fly event we threw. Stay tuned for more. We had a great time :0) I just wanna say something for those who think it's weird I did "so little" on this one. The original "Electric Feel" by MGMT kings is one of my favorite songs of all time at this point. When Ferola first put me on I literally went bananas and took it from him right away and started writing. I "remix" songs by doing them the way I would if I was in the studio with the artists while they created the record. You don't put your big, stupid voice all over this beautiful music, you just don't. You practice poise, you sprinkle, you wait for your moment. Either you love it or you don't. Michael Motherfucking Crowder gets it and that's good enough for me.

**BONUS Download Electric Feel (Remix)- MGMT feat. T.Shirt

**BIGGER BONUS** Download T.Shirt's Wild Thing

T.I.'s Swan Song, Don't forget to "Remember Me"

I've been hearing about this for a little while but finally got around to listening. I like it. I like mature Tip. The man supposedly goes to jail today.

Download Remember Me- T.I. feat. Mary J Blige

Monday, May 25, 2009

Birthday Sex Live Acoustic from Jeremih

I'm feeling this song.. very pretty. This is an acoustic version brought to us by Rawsession.

Download Birthday Sex- Jeremih

Thanks H.E.R.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Should I enter this Myspace/Toyota Contest?

Toyota Music - Rock The Space with Quddus

Leave comments !

Jimmy Jones does a great Remix of "Piano Lessons"

I'm kind of impressed I'm not gonna lie. I applaud him for just going about it the way he did.

Download Piano Lessons (Remix) - Colin Munroe feat. Jim Jones

T.Shirt Live @ Fat Baby NYC "Real Hip-Hop"

with the young king PM on drums.

Be a subscriber of my YouTube channel here !!

mothafuckin' Lebron James with the game winning fadeaway 3 pointer.

ILL Rapper shit.

Friday, May 22, 2009

You Know What I'm Thinking. This is Postcards from Italy..

Absolutely gorgeous melody/lyrics/visual experience. The type of music that truly drives me.

wait for the 2:03 mark in the music, my God.. then again at 2:55..
Directed by Alma Har'el

Murdered Out Matte Black Phantom Rolls Royce.

One of the reasons I work so hard- this is one of the hottest cars I've ever seen. Supposedly, Lindsey Lohan has one. SMH. Made for an ill rapper.

T.Shirt Photoshoot w/ Ferola from last November

Recently surfaced. Enjoy !

**Bonus** If you like the record playing in the backround, it's the "Almost Cut My Hair (Remix)" off T.Shirt's Wild Thing available for download here

That's Jay-Z and that's Doug Morris, Head of Def Jam.

Mothafuckin' Hov. While I was out being a bit of a fuck up today but cooking something nonetheless, rumors swirled around the world that Jay-Z had bought out of his contract with Def Jam which means his 10th and final album, the eagerly awaited Blueprint 3 would now be owned independently by Jay-Z himself. Huge if true. Contacting YN directly, Hov had this to say;

"I can honestly say, working with Doug Morris and LA Reid has been a unique and fulfilling experience and I respect them immensely. I've been in the family for almost my entire career.

Doug and I spoke directly and had one of the most unique "negotiations" ever. Doug won the toss but, we both won in the end..

I thank him for allowing me to be a completely independent artist. Not every artist can say they own or are given the opportunity to own all of their music."

YN: What is this coin toss about?

Hov: That takes a phone conversation, I'll save it for our interview... classic.

Sounds juicy. Jay-Z, has, and continues to break down so many boundaries and really go get it. Priceless.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Young Jeezy & Maino - All The Above (Remix)

What a sick album cover from Maino for If Tomorrow Comes in stores now. I really am pushing for this nigga to win. I think everybody is. Dred loves this original song as well as I do but this remix is pretty ill.

Download All The Above (Remix) - Maino feat. Young Jeezy

Unreleased Videos from Kanye West Flip Camed out

The Dream feat. Kanye West "Walking On The Moon

Kanye West feat. Rihanna "Paranoid"

I usually don't post unofficial stuff like this but I like what these guys at Soundoff did with the whole flip cam shit. That's L.A. Reid announcing the Spring Line Collection of artists for Def Jam. The "Paranoid" video with Rihanna gets a big applause and she looks fantastic. What an event.

Snoop Dogg is an ill rapper.

Going on tour with Long Beach Native's Slightly Stupid who sounds great on this.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wyclef's Facebook Concert in Studio

I really love this shit right here. Very personal and beautifully recorded. Mothafuckin' Clef. We recently spoke on Twitter a little bit and I was trying to get him to come meet me in Soho for a cappuccino but he's a little too busy and I'm still a little bit nobody haha. It's all good though. I'll see homie soon.

***Bonus*** Download The Border (Remix) - Shakira & Wyclef feat. T.Shirt Produced by Timbaland

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"..tells me I work too hard, I don't work enough.."

Dred caught me on the train a couple mornings ago. Posted to Facebook quick fast too. Son of a bitch.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Again, this is why YN is so ill.

A mothafuckin' 20/20 Hip-Hop Special from 1981. WOW.

"Never thought that Hip-Hop could take it this far" What a beautiful thing.

Jay-Z is about to be a Billionaire from Rap.

Huge Shout to YN@RapRadar

Amerie called. Said she needed a couple verses for her new hit record.. Amerie & T.Shirt *WORLD PREMIERE* Why R U (Remix)

She's way prettier than me but shiit I can rap my mothafuckin' ass off huh niggas? hahahaha. I love being such a bad ass ill rapper. Yeahhh baby ..

Download Why R U (Remix) - Amerie feat. T.Shirt

Kate Moss again and again

I hate when I post the same stuff a bunch of sites do but these are to ill to pass up. Forgive me if you've seen them everywhere. Kate Moss for UK Vogue shot by Craig McDean.

These Era's are meeeeeeean. You know I like Vans.

Ye' put me on. I need these.

They call Kanye West one of the best Label Owners in the game. Here's one of the reasons why.

Mr. Hudson has numerous music credits and I'm sure money coming in from a many avenues due to his very famous, very talented boss over at Good Music, Kanye West. His new single "Supernova" introduces him to the world via a huge stadium filling chorus. I heard it once and didn't quite like it but I'll take another listen soon.

Download Supernova - Mr. Hudson feat. Kanye West

Ricky Ross on Letterman

Performing one of my favorite cuts off Deeper Than Rap, "Yacht Club". featuring Magazeen. Studio version > Live version but fuck it. This song is party mode and I love it. Also, if you bought into the whole "Rick Ross wears bootleg LV shades", you were bamboozled. All it was, was that they had custom details on them. Fly shit. Read the full story here you knuckleheads.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Border (Remix) Shakira & Wyclef feat. T.Shirt Produced by Timbo The King

Brand new remix with some T.Shirt on it. Wild Thing Deluxe on the way.

Download The Border (Remix) - Shakira & Wyclef feat. T.Shirt

*I spent some time looking for a sick picture of one of the hottest women in the world and you know, it wasn't the easiest thing to do. Believe it or not she dresses like a non english speaking spanish chik who shops at Mandees in Queens and it was hard to find anything interesting. I finally settled on the image above because her body looks amazing and she's wearing a cheetah bikini. Yesssa.

great photography of Drake in Toronto last night

Ajani Photography looks pretty ill. Definitely check their site out. Last night Drake performed for another sold out venue in his hometown, Toronto. The kid is truly on fire and I can't wait to see how his buzz plays out.

some ill Tony Yayo shit directed to "comments"

Who would have thought? Nah but for real I never hated Yayo. He's a personality and he seems real. This is a Radio Planet joint so you already know the quality is gonna be bananas.

The Andy Frames

Selima Salaun is inspired by Andy Warhol with the new frame for her eyewear label Selima Optique. Under $300 and hand made in France.

Buy them here.

Hypebeast put me on.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Joell Ortiz Covers the Classics

New Mixtape from The Bushwick Kid and his hyper flow. I'm not the biggest fan but this is ill rapper. Your man fits the description. A.K.A. I'm posting this for my nigga Dred.

Download Joell Ortiz Covers The Classics

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby, Baby, Baby.. oh my.. Make The Girl Dance.

Straight out the city of love. Definitely ill rapper shit.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I tell people the honest to God truth every single day of my life and get shitted on for it every single day of my life. I am not alone.

There is an article in the new Esquire Magazine called "I Think Your Fat" written by A.J. Jacobs

"This story is about something called Radical Honesty. It may change your life. (But honestly, we really don't care.)"

Here's an excerpt:

What I mentioned to my boss was this: a movement called Radical Honesty.

The movement was founded by a sixty-six-year-old Virginia-based psychotherapist named Brad Blanton. He says everybody would be happier if we just stopped lying. Tell the truth, all the time. This would be radical enough -- a world without fibs -- but Blanton goes further. He says we should toss out the filters between our brains and our mouths. If you think it, say it. Confess to your boss your secret plans to start your own company. If you're having fantasies about your wife's sister, Blanton says to tell your wife and tell her sister. It's the only path to authentic relationships. It's the only way to smash through modernity's soul-deadening alienation. Oversharing? No such thing.

read the full article here.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

This is just unbelievable. Mothafuckin' Drake in Houston doesn't have to say one word.

The crowd just raps and sings his songs for him. These are arenas of people do you understand that? The kid doesn't have an album in stores. He has 2 songs on the radio, a fire free mixtape online, Hov, Weezy, Flex and the whole world cosigning and he doesn't even have a fucking record deal. This right here is something else. Stay tuned.

hahahhhahahaaha "Mother Lovers" by Justin TImberlake & Andy Samberg

Hilarity. NBC wins all day.

Happy Mother's Day Love, Jae Millz

I'm happy to post from dude. I went to High School with the kid and I remember him well. Him and his boys thought I was from Harlem the way I wore my fitted. Yessa, nice record right here. Honest, sweet.

Download Mother's Day - Jae Millz

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Kaws tee Em was wearing on the German TV Show

Sans the Nike hat, Nike jumpsuit, thick silver neckchain & wearing a Kaws tee? Word? He looked pretty cool doing an entertaining interview on German television. Good shit ! Still waiting on an email btw.

Buy it here.

R&B chiks with camera phones in a little medley I'd like to call.. 4 titties by Miss Rihanna & Cassie

There's a bunch more of both beauties from a whole lot of angles but you won't find them here. No link, no nothing. We at illrapper must reserve some type of class. I hate when people try and over analyze this kind of thing. These are regular young girls with lovers and good times and there's nothing wrong with pictures like this existing. I wish people would leave them the fuck alone.

Ricky Ross in gorgeous Colombia.

*Late Pass*
For "All I Want" featuring The Dream off his Deeper Than Rap LP, Rick Ross gamed everybody in thinking it was safe for them to go out there because he "had people there". Gotta fucking love it. Ricky walking through the streets giving women roses, eating watermelon? Classic. Plus, the boy dresses mean. Big niggas take notes.

Colombia is one of the most beautiful places in the world people disappear.

Do I Look Like I Sell Drugs? "Dope Boy" T.Shirt Remix

Feels good to finally be unearthing this. I just recently got it mastered and performed it for the first time at the great party we threw Thursday night. This will probably be appearing on that Wild Thing Deluxe that's coming soon.

Download Dope Boy (Do I Look Like I Sell Drugs) - T.Shirt

Thursday, May 7, 2009

T.Shirt Second Round Video for Eminem/Vibe Contest

Fucked up the last line but what are you gonna do? I'm doing too much right now and I wasn't fully on. Still probably gonna take it though.


lyrics Coming Soon

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

T.Shirt featured on Impose Magazine as "The Good" in Eminem/Vibe Contest

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

T.Shirt is now #1 in the Eminem/Vibe Magazine Contest.

I have to upload a new video of myself murdering a new Em beat by Wednesday, 12 midnight. This time around he's judging the rhymes himself. I'm wet right now. Let's get it !

Go here.

Keri Hilson & Kanye West on David Letterman

Kanye finally seems comfortable performing and rapping. On a lot of the 808's stuff he' stuffy and too much. Plus, my God, he looks down to earth cool as opposed to almost everytime I see this nigga.

Great song btw. Download Knock You Down - Keri Hilson feat. Ne-yo & Kanye West

Twitter is bananas. If you promote yourself, or anything you do and your not on Twitter, your an old fool.

I personally love it and it as helped me exponentially. I've gotten feedback from numerous blogs, fans, famous people, artists, producers, friends and family all because of Twitter.

Join & Follow T.Shirt on Twitter today.

Beautiful new Chanel No. 5 Film featuring Audrey Tatou

Click here to watch in all it's HD GLORY.

selectism ftw !

"Weekend Trips, Armed Robberies" Play Cloths Dirty Duffel by The Clipse

It's gorgeous I can't front. Lemme find out the boys really got something going on over there at Play Cloths. Good gracious.

Nothing beats the kid's Good Money Duffel though. Coming Soon fuckas.

Kanye thinks these are alright but I'm really into them.

These are sweeeet. Ubiq eL Canvas Collection.

Monday, May 4, 2009

T.Shirt makes it to the 2nd round of the Eminem/Vibe Contest. I am currently number 1 on their Top 10 because of this video down below.

Maybe the contest isn't so shady after all.

They've given us a new beat and Eminem himself will judge this one. I'm wet right now. I got this. Stay tuned.

go here and check it out for yourself.

my Daytona post for The Engine.

I got some feelings about homeboy. I'm not gonna write it all here but I'm sure I'll end up speaking on it somewhere one day. All I'll say is that some years ago as we were all coming up, my team and I gave his manager some material and all of the sudden my man was rhyming differently, over rock music, that sort of thing. You gotta know the full history of everything to understand where I'm going with this. On top of it all, I'm a hard nigga to impress and I just feel like, my frustration about where I'm at currently mixed with dude's questionable style leads me to some times really wonder who the fuck is cosigning the kid and why aren't they cosigning me. Whatever though. Truth is I don't think he's terrible on records at all. A couple of my friends do haha. They're probably just being loyal to me though. I recently asked him to do a joint with me and he kinda ignored my question which I thought was corny. I was really just asking for some help despite the way I feel about everything. I guess this is how these beefs come about.

Anyway, I just heard this record he dropped today. The link seemed to be a little faulty so I'm giving it a new one.
I like it, it's chill and as usual Day sounds good money. It's his visual game that's really a problem for me. Download The Engine - The Kid Daytona

..for Old Times Sake.

How sad is this song? Why is he only rhyming as Triumph The Dog now? So many questions I have.

Listen to once, do not Download Old Times Sake - Eminem feat. Dr. Dre

**Update** Here's a excerpt from the Vibe interview. This explains to me a bit more why he sounds the way he's been on tracks.

In the new issue of Vibe, Em speaks more on his drug usage and music addiction.

" 'My doctor told me those mysterious new pills were methadone, which is used to wean heroin addicts off dope. Had I known it was methadone, I probably wouldn’t have taken it. But as bad as I was back then, I can’t even say 100 percent for sure. My doctor told me the amount of methadone I’d taken was equivalent to shooting up four bags of heroin. Even when they told me I almost died, it didn’t click.' After detoxing, Eminem suffered a knee injury that required surgery, but because of his recent drug abuse, he was not prescribed painkillers. He recalls, 'I started looking around my house to see if I had a stash box of Vicodin…I’m ransacking my house, finally find something in the basement, in a little napkin, seven and a half Vicodin—the big extra strength ones—and a few Valium.' The rapper soon relapsed for the second time and finally admitted to himself he was an addict. 'It never once hit me that drug addiction runs in my family. Now that I understand that I’m an addict, I definitely have compassion for my mother. I get it.' ”

“ 'I wanted to make an overall statement—I’m back. It was a slow process. You gotta remember I hadn’t recorded a song sober in seven years. So it took me awhile to even feel like I could record a song sober…I don’t know the last time I shot a video sober, without drinking or taking anything. It’s been years.” He continues, 'I almost feel like a little kid again with rap. I wanna play around with different flows. If I don’t feel like it’s what I’m fully capable of, if there’s one weak line, I wanna change it. Rap was my drug. It used to get me high and then it stopped getting me high. Then I had to resort to other things to make me feel that…now rap’s getting me high again.'"

Sunday, May 3, 2009

aww suki suki now - Silky Cam (No Homo)

Great record from Cam. I like to think I had a hand in niggas rapping like this over this kind of music. Shout out to Unsigned in New York Volume One ! Changed the game. "Classic, should of went triple"

Download Silky (No Homo) - Cam'ron

Mike Shane Photography

Eminem Epic- 3AM.

Gruesome & cinematic. Relapse in stores May 19th.

got the game On Smash

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chris Daddy & PM doing Fast Asleep LIVE in New York.

Showing real promise throughout but it gets incredible after the 2:00 minute mark. A stellar performance by the handsome twin boys. With art on the walls behind them, button downs and ties on, my brothers.

"This is how it feels being young"

"If you took the L train, my bad, your not gonna get home in time"

WOW- font & typography by Sebastian Lester

Some of this stuff is just gorgeous. I need script like this tattooed on my body. Check out more work by Sebastian on his ill site

This is why YN is so ill- Vintage Jay-Z at the Apollo

In 1997 doing Classics like :

Can I Live
Feeling it
Can't Knock the Hustle
verse from I Don't Wanna Be Alone

mothafucking Hov.

Shout to YN@rapradar

Friday, May 1, 2009

Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the world.

This is not a list of the most powerful, or smartest, or richest. This is a list of scientists, artists, thinkers, leaders, and visionaries from around the world influencing a multitude of others. Oh yeah, I hope to someday be on this. Every year, no fail.

A few names we at illrapper enjoy..

Brad Pitt
Barack Obama
The Twitter Guys
Tina Fey

Check out entire list here.

Chris Daddy says him and AndyBoy will be on this list next year.

Kiss & Cam together on a track? Let's talk about it.

Ha! Eskay calls this Black Republican 2.0. These niggas go in on this shit. This is like mixtape heaven shit right here. Off that Crime Pays out May 12th.

Download Let's Talk About - Cam'Rom feat. Jadakiss
All praise due to the NMC. Sure why not?

"Treat my dick like a Sprite, Obey Your Thirst"

Lil Wayne pulls a fly little Beastie Boys joint.

*Late Pass* but this is pretty dope. Off that Rebirth. I really wonder what this thing is gonna sound like.

Download Fix My Hat - Lil Wayne

Ramp House built for a Skater

Located in Athens, Greece, the "client requested a skateable habitat" and Archivirus went to work. More info here. This is supper ill. Dred and I want a halfpipe in our next crib what's good?