Friday, July 31, 2009


Moving out this hell of an apartment and forward with my life.



Maino ! (OK You're Right Freestyle) *Late Pass*

Maino > Curtis. For real though, something serious.

Download BK BK BK - Maino

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things heat up- Eminem Disses the shit out of Mariah Carey

This is actually really good and hold up, is that Mariah Carey talking at the end? Oh man.

Download The Warning - Eminem

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inside A Change Premieres Tomorrow in NYC

Rik Cordero's Opus.

*Visit their very cool website here to purchase tickets.

*Bonus* Download the theme song by long time Cordero collaborator Cons to the Quence
Closer- Consequence feat. Band Camp

Billionaire Boys Club Hunting Pattern

I actually like this a lot. Refreshing take on camouflage. Great with jeans.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Speaking of Polaroids earlier..

Beautiful Jo

Birthday Blunt Shirt
My man Fern Rock is the King. When Polaroids weren't popular anymore he was up in all of our/his parties taking flicks that will forever haunt us. Up top ^ a couple of the infamous ones.

*Check out the rest of Fern's stash right here

Wyclef's Good Life Riddim (Remix)

New found appreciation for the nigga Clefo. This shit is hot right here.

Download We Made It (Good Life Riddim Remix)- Wyclef Jean

Ciara's got the Jeep I want smh

Lan and I have talked about it. If things don't go as planned soon enough I might just have to get a little something for next spring. I'm looking into something like this. Murdered of course.

Curtis on Entourage

I'd like to get the full shows HD every week for ya. Coming Soon.

Vintage scrapped T.Shirt Mixtape Cover for Volume 2

This never made the cut but it was brought to my attention and it's nice to see.

*I'm feeling generous so lemme show you where we were going this.
Download Down (Travis Barker Remix) - T.Shirt (Produced By Will Divide)

Shout to Ozzy with the find.

Million Dollar Baby (Produced By Just Blaze)

New Music from Weezy F. Baby sans autotune. Gotta love this mothafucka.

Download Million Dollar Baby- Lil Wayne

Tera Patrick for Supreme

Ronin's favorite porn star Tera Patrick does something g-rated, almost. Shot by Kenneth Cappello on now extinct polaroid film.

J Cole tells a story about he tried to hand Jay-Z a demo one night outside the Roc The Mic Studio but got turned away.

Story of my life my nigga, story of my life.

Everything, Everyday, Everywhere **Official Video**

A.K.A. 2nd track on that mixtape I made my girl a while back :0) Video from Fab on the day his album starts clockin'. I like Fab, support good music !

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The World

I put my first song on iTunes this Friday and it was a momentous occasion. Then on Saturday I went and played it for Wyclef Jean at his studio in New York. Although the song won't officially go on sale until September, you can have it now for free because I love you guys.

Follow me on Twitter here so you can find out when it goes on sale exactly and support good music !
Download it today for free - The World (Inhale The Culture) with Love, T.Shirt (Produced By Krill Krak!)

nice shoe from Tricker's nothing more

Tricker’s Wingtip Shoes in Scotch Grain. Gorgeous if you know what you're doing ;o) Available if you speak Japanese here.

Shakira & Wyclef Jean featuring T.Shirt

Clefo and I talk about different approaches to being well received by the opposite sex ;o) Shakira makes the world go 'round.

Download The Border (T.Shirt Remix)- Shakira & Wyclef feat. T.Shirt

*I put this out a while back but now I just feel it means so much more.

DJ Honda X Mos Def

First featured single off DJ Honda’s upcoming LP, DJ Honda IV.

Download Magnetic Arts - Mos Def

I realized yesterday with the man in the studio, Wyclef Jean is really one of the illest to ever do it hands down.

911, Jam Session Live in Madrid

Sweetest Girl, Live in LA with Akon & Niia

Touch Your Button, Official Video (maybe not considered a classic to anyone but the video is great)

We spoke, chilled, built, I played him music, we played eachother, and did a remix yesterday at his Platinum Sound Studios in New York. Footage coming soon courtesy of Hot Mop Films.

*Peace to mothafuckin' Clefo.

*Bonus Download one of my favorite songs ever from homie, 911- Wyclef feat. Mary J Blige (I just bought it)

Kanye West's FUSE TV Special

Jesus Walks, Heartless, Pinnochio Story & Touch The Sky

Flashing Lights, Through The Wire, Put On, Hey Mama

Great renditions of all his hits. I'm so glad he finally got into a groove performing 808's music.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Stop Hiding Problems

The advertising of Legambiente PIM: under the carpet. Very interesting. I've always respected the art of advertising and maybe if I didn't rap it would have been a career path I would have liked to explore.

DJ Semtex interviews Jay-Z two days ago

Semtex has a good voice for this shit and he asks relevant questions. It's official, MGMT is on Blueprint 3. I'm sorry if I seem like I have an agenda here but well, I do. Before Jim Jones, before Hov, T.Shirt was the first to do a record with MGMT. Just for the record so nobody gets anything confused.

Diddy on Letterman last night

Puff's cool forever in my eyes.

Jay-Z, Kanye West & Rihanna Run This Town

Scheduled to play on all radio stations this morning at 9:11.

Download Run This Town - Jay-Z feat. Rihanna & Kanye West

*Kanye kills this in a major way.

Madonna's Greatest Hits

It's called Celebration and it's in stores Sep. 28th.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

*Official Mastered Version* J Cole's Lights Please

I spoke about this joint some months ago and when nobody had it, I did. So exclusive I was living, the kid J Cole actually sent over a couple pretty cool emails asking me to take it down so he can master and such. So I did.

*If you don't remember, this is the song Jay-Z heard somehow, some way, loved and then signed J Cole as the first artist on Roc Nation.

Download Lights Please - J Cole

Hot Mop Films Reel 2009 featuring T.Shirt

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Jay-Z Now Headlining All Points West Music Festival

Due to Adam Yauch's scary, cancerous tumor, the Beastie Boys have backed out as headliners for the concert series taking place July 31-August 2 at Liberty State Park in Jersey City. This will be Hov's first American Festival. Tickets have more than quadrupled in price. That last part isn't true.
Purchase tickets here come friday morning.

*By the way. MGMT are reportedly guests on Blueprint 3.

Unreleased Nas - Colors

This song sounds so big and beautiful, my God. It's Produced by DJ Khalil and it was recorded around the time Nas was working on his Untitled project. I hope this finds it's way to our ears in it's entirety one day soon.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Boots ! Timberland Spring 2010 Collection

Very interesting stuff going on here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nas & T.Shirt go after Kelis

Maybe I told you a while back on my Twitter I was doing this. Anyway New Music Tuesday is upon us and I'm dropping this shit right now. I was gonna get it mastered and all that but fuck it, take it as is, ugly and all. I didn't like all the greasy talk about one of the greatest rap poets ever so I took it upon myself to think about how he must be feeling and wrote a rap as the nigga. Then me, as Nas, hit T.Shirt and told him to speak on everything going on in the rap game the only way T.Shirt knows how. Sound confusing? Take a listen.

Download You Know My Style (Letter To The Best)- Nas (As T.Shirt) feat. T.Shirt Ha !

Destroy & Rebuild X Hot Mop Films

My good niggas 2ESAE & Ski NYC show you how the fuck to do this graf shit. I believe that's music by Will Divide as well. "The whole crew up in this mothafucka, we spray corners, stand there like you got a cape on ya"

I'm Doing Polo Tyrek Boots for Fall

Earlier today I was talking to Cara about some fall looks and what we plan to do. Saw these a little later in the _________ store window. Ralph Lauren's Polo is easily one of my top 2 favorite brands of all time.

*Update* I held these in my hand. They're phenomenal.

Bike BBQ in Williamsburg (Unofficial)

I was there. I liked what I saw. I pulled out my iPhone and got some practice in. I call it unofficial because Hot Mot Films was on the scene shooting HD 3 cameras deep. Can't mess with those guys. Enjoy !

New XXL Cover

Young Jeez. I always liked XXL Magazine. Their shit is done well. Support print !

mothafuckin' Slaughterhouse is Cuckoooooooo

This goes very very hard. Go get 'em niggas !

Download Cuckoo (Produced by DJ Khalil)- Slaughterhouse

*Finally a reason to use the Brady Bunch album cover.

Nahright put me on.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Complete Technique X G Shock

Creative Director Osa of Complete Technique is my mothafuckin' man. He's seen here on one of his bikes in a G-Shock ad for Complex Magazine. We know Osa from way back when he used to get his precious metal from my brother Rosky in the Diamond District. Good to see homie moving forward.

You've seen his work before. My man's handmade jewelry is no joke.

*Bonus* Osa's laced me more than a few times. Whattttup boyy.

Kid Cudi's Stage Design

Kanye posted a few pics from Cud's stage and it really does look great. I love those two light fixtures behind him.

Drake X Fabolous

An official remix from the two rappers and I'm posting before I hear it. From what I understand they dropped the real Dream on the chorus but sampled an older Dream song? Okay. Critique to come.

*Using this Fab picture cause I don't like the pic everybody else is using.

Download Throw It In The Bag- Fabolous feat. Drake

**UPDATE** Drake needs a new flow/video/promo pic asap. ASAP.

In a New York Minute

French Montana & Jadakiss kill this mothafucka. Directed by Fafu for Crow Magnum Films. Very interesting.

*Bonus* Download New York Minute - French Montana feat. Jadakiss

HOV Day Coming Soon

Read the full Billboard interview here.

Rumor mill spinning.

1. Jay-Z's first single "Run This Town" coming this Friday featuring Kanye West & Rihanna

2. On September 14th, Jay-Z will perform on Jay Leno's Prime Time Premiere as his first ever musical guest.

3. MTV Awards performance.

4. Hov will hand deliver his album to his Atlantic Records affiliates next week in London in fear of tracks leaking.

Vintage Levi's Heath Denim

These are pretty ill.

Make Her Say Video Premiere

Make Her Say (Video)>>>Best I Ever Had (Video) I like Cudi.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vintage T.Shirt Freestyle over Jay-Z's "A Million And One Questions"

There was a trending topic on Twitter that was "In 1998 I" and I got inspired to let you guys into what I was doing over 10 years ago in Queens. I don't have a picture on my computer from back then so here's the lyrics to the second verse of a freestyle I did with the kid Spinnmaster.

I run around but I'm never rushed
talk loud but I'm never hushed
you? you like committed
you look but you never touch
I can say this anyway you want me to say it
look, we gon play the way Style wanna play it
you ain't fuckin' with me
even your son looks up to me
money, you ain't raising a man
you raising a fan
you play on these streets but you'd break in the can
and yo, any questions, raise your hand
it's been, get some dough
I ain't change the plan
no, chilling in the Range, ain't the same in a van
niggas wanna bomb your ride
I'm calm, I survive
and they never let you be till you hit that swan dive
play that back and tell me, it sound like real fear?
I've been astounded, surrounded
and look, I'm still here
I don't walk with my head down or talk lower
in fact, I walk slower, through your whole crew
I don't ride the front of the bus
or cross the street
how it look to the workers if the boss is sweet? Blaaow !

Download A Million- Cris' Style A.K.A. T.Shirt

*I started with "Shiiit, you telling me ?! When the fuck I'm supposed to ready ?!?!" because right before Spinnmaster hit play he asked me mockingly if I was ready. I spit the whole fucking thing in one take.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Drake Featured in L.A. Times

If you're interested in Drake and how he's gotten where he is right now, this is a great feature. In detail it describes how the kid went from being "basically a zero in the music world, unsigned and virtually unknown" to "working on his debut album, "Thank Me Later," with Justin Timberlake".

Read the full article here.

* I need a number of plans on top of the ones I have in place now, and I need them quickly.

Eminem Interview w/ 101 BarzTV

I've been watching a lot of interviews lately getting our first one with Adam Tensta ready for you guys. Should be nice, my vision for the project as a whole is a lot different than most of what I've been seeing.

These are the meanest Yeezy's out period.

Some recent chatter about these within the camp made me go back and revisit these specific sneakers from Louis Vuitton and Kanyeezy. These two color schemes are undoubtedly my favorite. They can be mine or yours for one of them $1000 dollar bills my Abuelita got stashed for the kid. Yes they exist.

*Bonus* I hate posting anything poor quality but I saw this picture on the Lifefiles and I fell in love with it. Nothing like holding your beautiful bitch just like this and sharing a few secrets from the world. I'm thinking about you Lan.. Anyway, peep Jay's feet to see the connection.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I love this for some reason .. Cassette Summer Surf.

Beautifully shot on film by Peter James Lee of Cassette. I want a video that looks this. The House Of Cassette is an independent clothing brand from downtown, Los Angeles with a strong creative background I can really get behind. Great stuff guys.

Gracioso 2.0

Slovenia-based Acoustic Preference releases these gorgeous speakers. The rich hardwood make for excellence in both performance and design. 2-way/bass reflex system, frequency response of 35 Hz – 20 kHz, a 6.5” woofer and matched 28mm silk dome tweeter. Completely hand-made. Wow.

*Unless you're an ill rapper, or an ill artist in general, these don't mean shit.

Kid Cudi's "Make Her Say" (Trailer)

Very cool. The rooftop balloon shot? Amazing. So simple, so cheap, and so creative. This thing looks great. Should be up in a couple days.

*Bonus* Interview w/ Karmaloop. That t-shirt with the moon of his face is definitely hot.

Martin Scorcese Directing Frank Sinatra Biopic

Now you see, that's what the fuck I'm talking about. Marty Scorcese makes classics. Some of the biggest, most cinematic visions of people's lives in the history of the genre. Now he has been handed the reigns of a biopic about legendary singer Frank Sinatra. No casting decisions have been announced as yet, but it looks like Leo is being considered something fierce.

I wish someone spoke up about giving some (not more than a couple actually deserve it) of these rappers the same kind of respect.

Big Pun "Legacy" (Trailer)

I can't sit here and pretend like I was the biggest Pun fan. I can't rap along with most of his shit but I'll tell you this. I completely respect what the brown nigga did, and I think he was incredible. This is just some documentary type thing they're putting out but I'm not sure how I feel about these "Feature Films" about rappers. There's no respect given to what these guys did. I didn't even see Notorious. Don't talk to me about that shit. As a matter of fact, peep my next post to understand what I mean.

Rest in Peace Pun baby.

New Version of Heartless at iTunes Festival 2009

Kanye West & Mr. Hudson do a beautiful acoustic version of one of the best songs of all time. Yeah I said it.

*Ye's outfit is great.

NO ID on D.O.A.

Zach Wolfe is the man. No ID is that nigga. Hov is the greatest with the greatest people around him.

"At the end of the day, we all just gon sit back and eat breakfast in Hawaii"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Despicable Me, Pharrell & T.Shirt

This is the title track of the new Steve Carrell Movie coming out soon. They got a version of this floating around everywhere. Not like this though.

Download Despicable Me - Pharrell Williams feat. T.Shirt


*Picture up there of Pharrell taken by Terry by the way.

Nas' 1991 Demo Tape

I've seen this a few places and it's funny cause it didn't really mean much to me. Lemme explain. Nas is one of my favorite rappers but off the bat I felt like this couldn't teach me anything because of how long ago it came out. Damn near 20 years ago things were a lot different and the music business was a different place. Anyway, I decided to download it myself because regardless of anything, it's an incredible thing to own. Put it on and think of what this little nigga Nas was up to, thinking about, getting into while writing and recording these joints. Was he scared he'd never make it? Was he excited and confident? Word is, Nas took this tape to Faith Newman-Orbach and David Kahne at Columbia Records after getting deaded by Russell Simmons at Def Jam the same day.

*YN found this quote and I thought it was fascinating.

"He sounds like G Rap, and G Rap don't sell no records. I'm not fuckin' with Nas."— Russell Simmons

Download Nas' 1991 Demo Tape

*The above picture was taken in the summer of 94' in Astoria Park under Hells Gate Bridge, 2 blocks from my crib. That year I rapped my first verse on a mixtape by a young, DJ Money.

Cudi on the radio with Angie Martinez

We like Cudi over here I can't front. I felt, and still feel he can be a huge star.

Listen to Part 1 & Part 2

*Bonus - Heart Of A Lion Live in NYC

Colette X Timbo

I'm trying to figure how to pull these off best. Still interesting though.

A minute with Jeezy.

A Kanye-produced Young Jeezy album? That's what the fuck I'm talking about.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Seap Cut for Kid Cudi

Not yet anyway. Cudi in the new GQ looking clean.

Eminem is Obsessed with Mariah Carey

Ecstatic Gucci ain't on this one.

Ye' & Jeezy Drunk in London

Still kinda ill though.

Free Q-Tip X Chester French Show in Central Park

This Saturday, July 18th at 2pm on the Summer Stage.

*Chester French were really ill last time we saw them at the Seaport with Cudi.

Lady Gaga making history

This week the new Madonna will make Billboard history when her song "LoveGame" hits number 1 on the Mainstream Top 40. That will make three No. 1 singles from her debut album, The Fame, which already sold 1,162,000 copies. I love this bitch. She's crazy and she can really sing.