Friday, April 30, 2010

Our President, Barack Obama

Found this photo on my travels and thought I'd share.

*New Video* Next Girl - The Black Keys

Broke Mogul just let this puppy out and it's a good one. Love the idea of an official video being wrapped up like a fan did it. You gotta watch to understand what I mean.

*Speaking of Broke Mogul.. got a little something about to drop that has everything to do with homie.

*New Music (Updated)* The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace - Jay Electronica feat. Diddy

Once again Jay Electronica drops something really dope. That voice, that delivery, that nigga behind him screaming it up. Shit is classic. Let's hope the boy makes this a trend. I think the main problem is he goes away too long and people have trouble getting him in the studio to work. I can see that. Man, summer's gonna be hot though, God damn.

Listen/Download The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace - Jay Electronica feat. Diddy (updated link thanks to NR)

*Great fucking beat produced by Quincey Tones.

*New Music* Stalley - Pressure (Produced By Michael Sterling Eaton)

We like Stalley over here. It's his time. The artwork is fucking awesome and the collaboration between him and renaissance man Michael Sterling Eaton is really warm and different. A short film and EP is in the works and should be seeing the light of day soon enough.

For now, download Pressure directly to your computer here

*Official Video* Fat Joe x Jeezy "Slow Down (Ha Ha)"

This brings me back to like a "Hate Me Now" type New York video. Shout to Joe for that. Parris handles the visuals, Jeezy never takes off his black shades, Joey's ex-girl sluts it up, Puff surfs a Bentley, you know, rap shit. Fat Joe's The Darkside drops June 22nd.

*I'll change players asap btw.

*Late Pass* Theophilus London's "I Want You" (Mixtape)

Still haven't checked this out yet but I will soon. Gotta support this brother. Plus, almost everybody I talk to tells me there's something special about this specific tape and the instrumentation is grand. I wouldn't expect anything less.

*Update* - Got to check out the tape in full yesterday and I have to say it's pretty dope. Theophilus London might just be one of the illest lyricists out right now and gets no kinda credit for it. The kid really spits, really paints you a picture. I hit him on Twitter and let him know how I felt a couple times and he hit me back, that was cool.

Download I Want You (Mixtape) - Theophilus London

*Mel D. Cole has a bunch of great photos from the Va$htie Bday Party/ Theophilus London Performance the other night at Santos. Check them out here.

The Sartorialist Hits Tokyo Streets

I love this. You go get em with the scarf girl, that's what I'm talking about. Fly shit.

stolen from

Jay Electronica Live At The Fillmore, NYC - Performs "The World Is Yours" Freestyle

The kid Jay Elect opened up for NERD last night at The Fillmore and did some Nas tribute shit. So ill. When Jay lets the crowd rap Nas' verse and he finishes it, you hear how serious Nas shit really was, damn. You already know man, I don't do these YouTube clips but for something as cool as this I had to let it slide.

*Buzz Music Video* M.I.A. - Born Free (Explicit Version)

This is the best quality version I've found so far. This video is raw. It is very powerful and a major reason why M.I.A. is so well-received around the world. I know too little about the real issue to give a better opinion than that but somebody school me.

Obey Pop-Up Shop Opening Tomorrow At 1PM

This looks like it'll be dope. Think I might stop by. Shop open April 30-May 16 at 151 Orchard Street, LES NYC.

More pics here - shout to Reed Space

Curren$y "Pilot Talk" (Freestyle)

Gotta love the kids' style. Comfortable. Gambling. Pilot Talk drops soon.

*New T.Shirt Music* Turf War (Freestyle) Off "After This, Shut Up!" Mixtape

My man over at YNotMyDream hit me a couple months ago to give him an exclusive track for his first ever compilation mixtape coming out. Being that he's a real dude, and an early T.Shirt supporter, I felt I couldn't let him down. Me and the kid TeV95 been cooking over here so I figured a light, shit-talking freestyle might be perfect. You know, something cool to get blood flowing haha.

Listen/Download Turf War (Freestyle) - T.Shirt

*There's a serious amount of quality music on this shit. The guys really did a great job a&r'ing the project. Artists I've heard of include Curt@!n$, Jared Evan, Theo Martins, Mike Dreams, Sha Stimuli, my homie The Illz and many, many more.

Download the full project After This, Shut Up! here

Again, huge shout to & for the love.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

*New Music* Eminem's First Single "Not Afraid"

I know, I know I'm late to post. Fuck it. It's not for any reason other than I was busy doing real work. But yo, THIS SHIT GOES. At first, eh, I was doubting it. I'm sure there'll be people confused on how to take the "new" Em. Drug-free that is. But how are you gonna hate on a man for finally becoming free from his demons? God bless homie. I must have heard this 20 times today. I can't wait to hear 80,000 people singing this huge chorus. That's what it was made for, no question about it. Recovery hits stores June 22nd and I really do think we have something serious here.

Listen/Download Not Afraid (Produced By Boi-1da) - Eminem

*Complex got a nice little write-up from a bunch of different popular bloggers, tastemakers, and writers. Good shit, check it here.

*New Video* Jeezy - Hood Politics

*I take back everything I said before.  This shit is dope. Exactly what Jeezy says is going on, is going on. Hood politics as usual.

Acne Plimsoles Sumer 2010

Feeling these as a nice alternative to just some regular slip-ons or something. Good details go a long way.

No link

*New Music* Drake - Find Your Love (Produced By Kanye West)

Jeez. That's not all that. Me and Chris Daddy agree that on first listen, out of laptop speakers, this doesn't really do anything. I'm optimistic it gets better? In the car, out of monitors, in Hawaii somewhere. Here, right now? Underwhelming. I personally believe the team of very talented kids maybe jus picked all the wrong music to leak for such a serious release. That can happen. Watch the album be laced with jewels. Only time will tell.

Listen/Download Find Your love - Drake (NahRight link)

*Second listen plays better. Still a very average track to me. Something like Fall For Your Type is a million times iller in my opinion.

Olivia Munn For Peta "Boycott the Circus"

Why am I posting this? She's really sexy. Hmm, maybe the circus isn't so dope for the animals. I can feel where they're coming from. Where's Olivia Munn from again?

*Let Elephants Be Free

Rick Ross Talks Jay-Z Collabo On Teflon Don

I don't do these MTV players, my bad. They're annoying. But Ross is an entertaining nigga and has some good things to say here so why not. Also, I'd like to use this opportunity to comment on that leaked/lost Hov verse for Maybach 2. Shit is garbage. Holla at me.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Day After

Thanks to everybody who walked, talked and wished me a happy birthday yesterday. I'm blessed. A lot to do this year, or accomplish I should say. What's making it? Being able to do what you wanna do. I wanna live an artsy life and laugh a lot. I wanna help make my friends happy. And have a family. And take care of each other. I know it's a lot to ask, but that is my wish.

Inglourious Basterd Art by Estevan Oriol

Quentin Tarantino along with the players from Upper Playground and SA Studios Global’s Film Marketing Division to create some art for the film. I'd usually just take a good glance and keep it moving but I just had to post Estevan Oriol's piece. He's one of my favorite vato photographer/designers out there and his shit is crazy. Take a look at the bunch and tell me his isn't the best. Go here.

*New Music* Nas & Damian Marley - Friends

Ohhh shit this is rich. And it's poor. So ill.

Listen/Download Nas & Damian Marley - Friends

Anna Wintour Covers First Issue Of Industrie Magazine

"When Editors Become Cover Stars" - I almost had the boys buy me a good expensive magazine for my birthday yesterday. Lord knows I can spend a lot of money on the international stuff. So much inspiration out there. So many good writers and photographers and my bad, I'm just not young enough to solely rely on my Mac. Fuck that. Being that this is there first issue, only time will tell what Industrie magazine has in store for us but a strong cover goes a long way. I'll try and hook up the inside story if it becomes available but seriously, support print.

*New Music* Who Dat (Dirty) - J Cole

Cole world nigga. As much as we support the boy, it just won't stop. The kid is really nice, simple as that. The beat fucking knocks courtesy of J. Cole & Elite. Street single shit. Album this Summer.

Listen/Download Who Dat (Dirty) - J Cole

Dame Dash "Pilot Talk" Listening Party (Creative Control)

Dame is too funny. Who knew? Pilot Talk drops some time soon I'm sure. Until then, at events like the one up top and many more from city to city, Dame dances around smoking joints, bopping his head to Curren$y music. That's a mothafuckin' cosign right there. Not to mention the kid's nice of course.

*That reminds me, Curren$y just dropped his "Kong Kong" single off Pilot Talk and you really should support and buy it here.

Rudolf Stingel x Bernardaud Porcelain Plates

I do believe this is my first time posting anything quite like this hahaaha. When you find something this ill you can't pass on sharing it with your friends. We're all friends here. The New York-based conceptual artist, Rudolf Stingel, has collaborated with French porcelain company, Bernardaud, on a sexy and incredibly detailed pair of plates. Only 2,500 in both black and white were made and go for only, $98, which doesn't even seem to steep. I can't imagine eating anything off these but design-wise they're gorgeous. Owe me a house-warming gift? Cop here

Conan O' Brian On 60 Minutes This Sunday

There's a reason we haven't heard anything official from the big awkward man since things went sour and he made a lot of paper some months ago. An agreement made between him and NBC to not conduct interviews speaking on the matter is coming to an end this May 1st. So, on May 2nd, Conan O'Brien will make his first TV appearance since leaving his Late Night Show, on CBS’s 60 Minutes. Sure to be entertaining television.

*New Video* CurT@!n$ - Letter To The People, Pt. 1

I like CurT@!n$. This is not the illest song in the world but I can def feel where he's coming from and the frustration and such. I'd love to hear something radio-friendly, see where he can take being a mainstream artist.

Eminem "Despicable (Over/Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley)" Freestyle

Em's just warming the fuck up. The first single off Recovery called “Not Afraid” drops tomorrow on Shade45’s The Morning After show with Angela Yee. Eminem will be live on the air.

Listen/Download  Despicable Freestyle - Eminem (link jacked from NahRight cause it has 10,000+ downloads and I like that shit)

Fuck an intro man, let's just go

I come around like what goes around
what goes up must come down
anyone that comes up must go down
might as well go for the gusto now
better not let up, better not let them breathe
last shot give it all you got
trying to turn me down bitch
get fucked with a boil knob, fuck all you snobs
hoes out, oh boy you rot
2 bottles of lubriderm and box of condoms, is that all you brought?
and you wanna manag à trois you twats?!
fuck that I rather turn this club into a barroom ball
get rowdy as [incoherent] burger in a bathroom stall
like a leaf stuck in a vacuum ya'll
ain't nothing but a whole lot of sucking going on in rap
yeah, but I'm home
bad to the bone, back in the zone
mad at Malone, you don't wanna go egging him on
it'll never be  no [incoherent] that you own
flow so tight that it cuts off circulation to the brain
no oxygen, other-words there's no heir to the throne
when I die so does Hip-Hop, Hitchcock better shit bitchass doc
got a ziplock in a bag, you fags haven't been able to fade me
since Kid Rock had a high-top
keep blogging while I mind-boggle and I zone like I'm in the twilight dog
get off my bone, this is my mic dog and I like hogging it
flow so wet I'm a take this beat to bargaining, I'm water logging it
I'm [incoherent] it, pull your verse out the beat and stomp on it
suplex it it on cement, like I'm on some straight outta Compton shit
sink this dick and chomp on it
I'm so bad I can bitch slap a back-handed compliment
jackass eat a donkey dick
the game, I just about conquered it
like Donkey Kong, I'm bonkers bitch
I'm the king of this honky shit
I reign supreme in this honky shit
no sense screaming and arguing
makes no difference whether a Benz, a Bentley, or a Beamer's the car you in
you think you ball? well I palm it, I throw up balls when I vomit
boy I throw down in the kitchen, might hit your mom with my omelet
but you got egg on your face, now watch me drop an atomic
I should be strapped to the chest of a kamikaze bitch I'm as batshit as Ozzy
it's obvious you can tell right off the bat
no pun intended, but come any closer I'll bite off your head
trying to give me the finger's kinda like giving the spider the web
I'm just gonna spin and try and use it to my advantage
I'll catch a fly in that bitch, you think you fly, you just food
I give as much as a flying fuck as that Superman do
yes, I just do what you can't do
I'll make you look stupider than Bamboozle
confused as usual and you can get ripped
she can open the can too
but you better hope you can handle the heat or stay the fuck outta Hells kitchen
I came to cock block like stray fucking male chicken
yeah, it's shady slut, the rest can suck on a big one
cause I'm despicable, as Daffy Duck when I'm spitting

*Official Video* Shake - The Game

I swear this is one of the best videos I've seen all year for real. I laughed all the way through it, Game looks fucking cool, the song is great, the girls are baaaadd, cameos from The Clipse, Stacey Dash, I mean.. really dope video. Actually brings me back to like a "I Just Wanna Love You" video from Jay or something. Just a lot of smiling and having fun and jumping outta dope cars and such. I think this is what the game needs right now, pun intended. A big, playful rapstar doing his thing. Everybody's so angry.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Helmut Newton Photographs **

I talked earlier about it being official, I want Helmut Newton shooting my Classic album cover. These up top are just a few incredible ones. I think it's the texture of the photograph for me.  The colors are so hot and real on my eyes. I'm not sure how to explain it further than that. Who is Helmut? Somebody talk to me about I just read he was dead, tough. Awesome photographer.

*New Music* Curren$y x Ski Beatz "Role Model"

I've probably played this 10 times since I got it a couple hours ago. Great little record them niggas got here. Somebody said it on Twitter and I agree 100%, Curren$y raps on the best beats, man.

Listen/Download Role Model - Curren$y

*Record Club* Beck & Friends INXS “New Sensation”

This is crazy interesting. Let them get to the end. Being a recording artist I was so inspired watching these guys. Mothafuckin' Beck and friends doing it up.

“Record Club is an informal meeting of various musicians to record an album in a day. The album chosen to be reinterpreted is used as a framework. Nothing is rehearsed or arranged ahead of time. A track is put up here once a week.”


Man, this is living. Plus I'm listening to Wiz right now.

ffffound and inspired by homie Nah

Happy Birthday To Me

Photo taken by Chris Daddy.

*Personal wall Art by Fern Rock.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Air Force 1 Bespoke Designed by David Margolis

Birthday shit.

21 Mercer

Wiz Khalifa Talks To Complex Mag

A really nice sit-down with one of my favorite MC's in the game right now. It's so weird how these things happen man. I had heard about these guys for a minute now, and then I went to that NahRight sponsored thing with D-Block and Wiz was there with Curren$y and Dame and those guys and I wasn't even too aware of who they were. Then there was a song off Deal Or No Deal I really fucked with and after a couple interviews I was really put on to just cool the kid was. Now, Kush & Orange Juice is like my favorite shit. He just seems fresh and he writes really well.

*Complex: You’ve sampled songs like Alice Deejay’s “Better Off Alone” and Frou Frou’s “Let Go.” How much non-rap do you listen to?

Wiz Khalifa: Oh man, it’s like 60% other music and 40% rap music. Everything from like Kool & the Gang to Journey and the Police. I watch a lot of late night VH1 music videos. [Laughs.] Those songs inspire me because they’re so well-written, just like the format and how they’re put together. I think part of the appeal of my music is that I format my songs in different types of ways so that it’s not just a rap song. It’s rap music, but it’s got more range. I like to add different stuff to it because I listen and learn from other shit and then I go rap.

Continue reading the article here

"WET YOUR LIPS AND MAKE LOVE TO THE CAMERA" - Photography By Paola Kudacki

Gorgeous, slinky, naked Brazilian women para me for my birthday.

go here

*Official Music Video* I'm Back - T.I.

This is so good. LV hoodie, blacked -out Ferrari, black ice on the jewelry, hot fire everywhere, stacks of paper everywhere. I'm fucking ecstatic for homie. T.I.'s always been about more than all of it so why not let the nigga ball crazy a month outta prison. King Uncaged in stores 8.17.10

Dame Dash x YRB Profile

Speaking of Dash. YRB took a little trip to DD172 and chopped it up with the Big Homie. Speaking candidly about where he's headed and why, for those of us who know the "Jay-Z Dame Dash", hearing him say shit like, "You’re allowed to make mistakes as a young’n. But I would probably get offended if I watched somebody pour champagne on a girl’s head right now, and I was the main motherfucker who was doing that. I know the disrespect that I was committing.." this is a pretty interesting piece. I don't know why I don't just walk into DD172 and introduce myself. This is ridiculous. I wanna kick it.

Read YRB's Dame Dash profile here

All photos by Jason Goodrich.

*Official Video* Theophilus London x Jesse Boykins III – Life of A Lover

Maaaan this kid is dope. Everytime I hear something else I'm impressed that much more. Plus he can spit? Niice. Great video, too.

*New Mixtape* The Red Room - The Game x DJ Skee

I'm expecting this shit to be real dope. Game talks a lot of shit but he's a beast.

Listen/Download The Red Room - The Game x DJ Skee (Premiered by XXL)

Dame Dash In Jamaica With Sizzla (Creative Control)

Set to the nigga Curren$y over one of the illest Skibeats I've heard in a long, long while, Dame Dash gets up with Sizzla in Jamaica like fuckin' gangstas.


Speaking of Ye'. From the ridiculous blog of ridiculous shit Kanye West is exposed too. And I mean that with love.

Much, much more over at

*Also, it's official. I want Helmut Newton shooting my Classic album cover. Don't bite.

*New Kanye West Music* Fucking With Me (Snippet)

"This is doing pretty good as far as snippets should go" - We just got confirmation from Cudi about where this song comes from so now that that's settled, can we talk about how cool it sounds? Great melody. Hopefully the new album drops this Summer as expected.

A Souljaboy produced Ye' cut for Big Sean - Listen/Download Fucking With Me

*We don't do snippets.

[New York Times] Style Magazine "Women’s Fashion Summer 2010"

Coming across a great post, you gotta give it up. I'm not a woman and I can appreciate the guide here. I'm hoping you find it does the same for you.

"It’s all about … undone beauty.." -  I suggest taking your time with the links and really delving into what they've put together. Some great content.

*Up top, Rick Owens Customized Chanel Bag.

Alfa Romeo Pininfarina Concept

It's rare you'll see such an outrageous car on this website but I had to express myself about this one. Go ahead and google image search this bitch till you fall asleep. You won't find an ugly angle on it. It's gorgeous, straight up. They call it a concept so I'm guessing there isn't too many of them. My God.

Jasmine Solano x Tone

Shorty's likable. And I like the things she's saying.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vintage Michael Jackson Photo

Ran across this pic from back when he was still black and cool. Smh, rest in peace MJ.

Summer Goodness w/

Great stuff right here, I just had to make a collage thing happen. First off, my birthday is this Tuesday, April 27th so you know I'm in beast mode right now. Need a cheap gift for the kid I'll really appreciate? I love that Pigeon Keychain from the boys at Staple Design and The Reed Space. It's like the best way I can think of opening the door to my new crib. Now, I don't think I've ever really fucked with Adidas so much but I do like these. They're the Eric Bailey x Adidas “Wood Rich” and you should cop. Seriously. Next up there's the Stampd’ Dope bag which I think is really great for the right girl, cop here. Speaking of the right girl.. that Stussy tank top.. on the right night.. with a no kinda bra situation maybe.. yeah, we should hang. Hit The Reed Space and make all the right decisions baby.

*New Music* Slangin' Game - The Game

Been meaning to put this new Game record up. Shit is crazy. No matter what you say about the boy he can rap ill yo I'll tell you that. The R.E.D. Room mixtape drops tomorrow by the way.

Listen/Download Slangin' Game - The Game

*Official Video* Jeezy - Lose My Mind

Feeling this Jeezy shit. Plies, not so much, but that's just me. I can see Jeezy taking cues from a couple legends when it comes to the fashion and going deeper on records, showing the pain aspect. It's always been apparent in his music but to watch it mature is something special. I think he's got a lot of good Hip-Hop in him and I'm excited as a fan for real.

*I never liked these MTV players but we'll make the exception.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Birthday Girls' Day

Although the actual date was April 22nd, the little housewarming/shindig goes down today. All my love a million times over babygirl. Bent over, sideways, off the wall sessions, sunroof open, wood grain on the Hyundai, red wine, white linen days ahead sweetheart. Now let's have Summer!

Paul Smith Swimming Trunks Summer 2010

We going bathing suit shopping on the first day of summer by the way. You're all welcome to come along.

*All of these are hot except those plaid at the bottom right. Look for these at Paul Smith retailers everywhere.

*New Music* Hot N' Fun - N*E*R*D* x Nelly Furtado

Eh, I've heard a lot better from these guys. Just last night we revisited the super dope, "All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom!" joint and if I had to compare the two it'd be pretty one-sided. Maybe this will grow on me. Also, I'm sure the new album is full of the ill N*E*R*D tricks they keep up their tatted sleeves. Nothing drops June 15th.

Listen/Download Hot N' Fun - N.E.R.D. feat. Nelly Furtado

*Link jacked from NahRight.

The Raven (Short Film)

Take 6 minutes out your day and watch a pretty cool action/sci-fi flick made for under $5,000. You'll understand why it's such a big deal. In the business we're in lately, stretching money is nothing short of an art itself so hats off to Peruvian filmmaker Ricardo de Montreuil, and all the people that can do it so well. The worst to me is these guys with significant budgets making terrible artistic choices and coming out with shit. Such a waste.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Louis Vuitton's "The Journey Of A Man's Wardrobe" By The Selby

The new interactive web experience from Louis Vuitton is up now. There's something really ill about being able to go through the different locations and points of play here. Although only the Paris spots are up, you can browse the family house, workshop, fashion show, or studio. I personally enjoyed the family house section the most. That's where I got those pics up there. Vintage Louis luggage is bananas, my God. All in all, it's a creative idea they're playing with and I'm sure when the New York (May 12), Tokyo (May 5th), London (May 19th) and  Shanghai (April 28th) sections of the site open up, it'll be that much iller. Even if it's just to keep the site open and let the amazing Paris sound design play on constant loop, it's worth checking out.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cookies & Cream x Hot Mop Films Present "The Stay True Campaign" w/ DJ Eht Mills

I saw this last night and I gotta admit it's done really well. I wasn't familiar with homie but he seems pretty focused. Apparel and Designer toys brand Cookies & Cream together with Hot Mop Films have launched a video series they're calling “The Stay True Campaign“. A little bit about the project down below.

"Our brand motto – Stay True, is more than just mere words to us. It is something that we live our lives by and guides the Cookies -n- Cream brand. Believing in yourself and doing what you do regardless of popular opinion is important to us. Living in New York City and meeting plenty of individuals in several different industries, we are constantly inspired and amazed by what people are doing. People that have chosen to chase their dreams and believe in themselves when everyone else does not. People that have taken risks that would scare the boldest risk taker, all in the hopes of living out their lives the way that would forever make them happy. People that are always on the grind, hustling 24/7 to make their fantasies a reality. People that are fighting their way through life to get that championship belt they deserve. People that refuse to settle for society’s standard. These are our heroes. These are the people that inspire us."

Get to know DJ Eht Mills here

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mollie Gondi by Benny Horne

Gorgeous girl, gorgeous tattoos. Just had to share.