Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple Leader Tim Cook Talks To Charlie Rose For 2 Hours (Video)

JEWELS. Watch part 2 here.

#BEEN TRILL Let's You Make Custom Tees Using Official Graphics

This is cool as fuck. Good for them.

Create your own tee, or shop the feed of designs created by other users and the Been Trill crew. Shirts are printed to order + arrive in 1 week. Original authors earn $5 every time someone else purchases your shirt.

Go here

Jay Z & Beyoncé Perform "Young Forever" With Home Movie Montage (Video)

Show is mad dope. This is def one of the illest moments.

Two @ShirtNYC Interviews w/ AllPureMusic & WorkingEstate

Four questions via WorkingEstate.

What is your creative process from idea to finished product? 

Ahh that depends. Ideas are all around. Sometimes they don’t come for days, and I live and wait for them. Sometimes they attack me and I rush to write it all down, and I can’t write it fast enough. The oven is set to this very loud timer, and when it goes off I just walk over and bring them out.

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Via AllPureMusic

Introductions are unnecessary when it comes to the versatile New York rapper "Shirt" who has consistently released quality hip hop tracks with creative visuals to accompany them. Scroll below to read about his views on today's culture of hip hop and his famous stunt faking a New York Times article.

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Pharrell Drops Leather Trackjackets & Stan Smith's For adidas Originals

This blue one is my shit.

See the full first drop here

Jeff Staple x Clarks Collaboration (Video)

So classic.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ron Finley For Becks 2014 (Artist Labels)

If you can believe it, I caught this before watching a Youtube video. It was a 3 minute ad I watched till the end then googled about. How crazy is that?

Calvin Klein "Obsession" Tee

Yeah. DSM stores shortly.

Via HB

PaperMag Presents "Meet The Original Gangsters"

This is great. Quick interviews with 37 of the world's illest.

Squeezing all 37 of these artists, visionaries, icons and iconoclasts into our September 30th anniversary issue was about the best birthday present we can imagine. (Shooting everywhere from Wyoming to Tokyo was a sweet party favor.) But as Patti Smith suggests in this feature, this is no exhaustive list. OGs are everywhere: some have already changed the world, some are building toward their moment and some are reading this magazine right now. So to the OGs featured here, and to all fierce, fabulous trailblazers out there, this one's for you.

Read here

New Yelewolf "Till It's Gone"

I can't tell if this is song of the year or just mad good.

Buy it

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rick Ross Drops New Single "Elvis Presley Blvd"

Shit's hard. I don't wanna hear it. New album Hood Billionaire out Black Friday.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Apple "Perspective" Commercial

My bad, I think Jobs would've liked this.

Including the copy because I like it so much:

Here's to those who have always seen things differently. The ones who follow a vision, not a path. Where others perceive first as valuable, you value the first thing that actually matters. While others are distracted by the new, you focus on the significance of a whole new take. Even before you could see how to change things, you never doubted we would. And we did. Together. Again and again. Relentless optimism is what moves the world forward. So keep seeing things differently. Keep trusting there's always another way. A better way. A bigger way. One that lifts up humanity. Breaks down our barriers. And heals the landscape. You are the difference between the world as it was and the better place it will become. And different is the one thing about us that will always be the same.

GQ's Inside Story Of Bad Boy Records

This is great. Bad Boy forever.

Jadakiss (rapper, the Lox): Getting on Bad Boy was like being the top pick in the draft, going to play with the Bulls when Mike was there. It put the battery in our back.

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Beyoncé For CR Fashion Book Issue 5

The online photos don't do the book justice. Check it in print if you get the chance.

See the full shoot & read her Forest Gander remixed poem here

Banksy Website Awake, Things To See

I'm like 3 months old on this news so bare with me. But I found this new "Pictures of walls" thing interesting.

New SBTRKT "HIGHER" (feat. Raury)

This is dope. SBTRKT toooooo nasty to me.

New album Wonder When We Land drops September 22nd.

Andre 3000 Interview w/ NY Times

Something like 2 weeks old at this point but great.

What’s your creative life been like since that era? It’s mostly been out of view. 

I write ideas, I write thoughts. Melodies come more for me than raps. I sit in my house and just play. I’ve been drawing and painting a lot more. I’ve always drawn costumes, things I was going to wear onstage. Seven and I hate folding clothes, so we’d always take all of our clean clothes and just put ’em on the table. One day, I was like, “Man, we living like college students.” I got so fed up with [the mess]. I drew it. [He pulls out iPhone and flips through some sketches.] I see me moving into a visual space.

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Apple Changes Game With New Watch

Yeah, no, I need it.

Snoop around some  and watch the video here

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ralph Lauren Interview w/ Style

Jewel or two from the god himself.

RL: I’ve always done the style that I loved, so I didn’t mind sending an old pair of jeans down the runway. It’s about that style. It’s not Hedi Slimane. You know, I’m not all that familiar with his thing—I really don’t look. I certainly know who he is. But it’s funny how people will recognize what I do, and when I’m doing it they don’t get it, and then after, all of a sudden when other people start doing it, they get it. So I’m designing what I want. If it’s a man’s coat with a pair of skinny-leg jeans, I’ll do that. It’s whatever my mood is. But it’s about style, and it’s about an understated taste that’s cool.

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"Luisa Via Roma: The Stendhal Syndrome"

Super dope.

Via Nowness