Monday, October 31, 2011

World's Population Reaches 7 Billion People

It's definitely crazy hearing these kinds of numbers. The world's growing so fast now and in the coming decades we will test the limits of Earth's natural resources. Is there fresh water for everyone? Will there be room to fit us all? These are questions that will need to be answered - if not in our lifetime, than our children's. Read this article over at Reuters and get connected.

"According to the United Nations, the world's population is expected to reach 7 billion on October 31, 2011. If current fertility rates continue at expected levels, the world's population should pass 8 billion in 2023, 9 billion by 2041 and then 10 billion at some point past 2081."

*Also a cool video here. What will the beaches be like?!

- Mahdude

Friday, October 28, 2011

*New Video* What They Said - T.Shirt

Let's slow it down some. Quite possibly the last video off I Should Just Chill. Connecticut casual. Huge thank you to Stephen for the hospitality and Ronin for the patience. just premiered it along with a new interview.

Samuel L. Jackson Becomes Highest Grossing Actor Of All Time

This is great.

"Game 6"

Gonna let Mahdude tell it:

Wow, what a game! Even if you don’t watch baseball, you gotta appreciate when a team comes back down to their last strike, especially in a World Series game. The Texas Rangers had two chances to put away the St. Louis Cardinals and win the World Series but each time the Cards picked themselves back up and fought on. The hero of the night? David Freese of the Cards. In the 9th inning he tied up the game with a triple to force extra innings and in the 11th he hit a walk-off homerun to force a game 7. By doing so, he joined an exclusive list: 

Walk-Off Homeruns in Game 6 or 7 of a World Series (All Time) 

David Freese 2011 St. Louis Cardinals 
Joe Carter 1993 Blue Jays 
Kirby Puckett 1991 Twins 
Carlton Fisk 1975 Red Sox 
Bill Mazeroski 1960 Pirates

Young Jeezy Drops "Niggas In Paris" Freestyle

So Jeezy spits the most natural sounding freestyle I've heard on this yet. Very interesting. Tags all over it but you didn't need this clear anyway.

Download here (NR link)

*New Video* Party - Beyoncé feat. J.Cole

This girl isn't human. This party is the richest backyard party in a regular size house I've ever seen. Cole world!

Complete Technique Previews Handmade New Era Charms

My man Osa teases us some more with a preview of his upcoming piece. Look at the craftsmanship! More awesomeness with Complete Technique on the way.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yup, @GaryVee Says, "Game Over For Publishers" (Video)

Look at me posting Vaynerchuk videos! It's a new dawn. Joking aside, this really is super interesting. Amazon jumping into the publishing game and selling over 120 titles this Fall directly to the consumer is a wild game-changer. Vaynerchuk saying the "middle man needs to bring value" is about to be my whole shit.

If you don't know who Gary Vaynerchuk is you're weird and I need to disassociate myself with you.

Pinned NYC Interviews T.Shirt (@sweatshirt) About I Should Just Chill & The "Human Condition"

I was saying on Twitter earlier how much fun I have doing these interviews. This is a good one.

T.Shirt is a songwriter, rapper and designer working out of New York City. Raised in Queens, he has lived all over the city, but one listen to his work will reveal how much attention T.Shirt pays to the human condition, beyond just city life. The tracks on his latest album, I Should Just Chill, make the listener ask important questions about how we interact with our world and the people in our lives. T.Shirt’s rhymes also provide insight into the trials of artists trying to make it in the music industry. Pinned NYC spoke with T.Shirt about these issues.

Go here

Liu Wen by Maciek Kobielski for Numéro China

Stunning prints. So my style. Not to mention Ms. Liu Wen is absolutely gorgeous. Pieces from heavyweights like Givenchy, Balenciaga and Jil Sander. More here

MTV UK Interviews Action Bronson

Gonna have to check this out later. Definitely one of the best rappers coming up in New York. Get familiar.

The Black Keys Drop First Taste Of New Album With "Lonely Boy" (Video)

Well fuck someone in the ass this is good! Video's eh, cool. It works. But that "ooohhhhooohh, I got a love that keeps me waiting" lyric is what really does it for me. El Camino, co-produced by Danger Mouse drops December 6th.

PF has some more info.

This Monday: @NinaSky's Halloween Party At Ajna NYC

We've been looking for something to do this Halloween and this seems kind of promising. Homegirls Nina Sky are doing their thing and the flyer's pretty cool. Both good signs.

Killspencer Releases Classic Leather Utility Backpack

Well shit, man. I'm trying to live here! Just when I thought I was done buying bags for a while, Los Angeles-based designer, Spencer Nikosey drops this damn awesomeness. Premium vegetable tanned black pebble leather with bullhide bottom. Lined with suede and padded, it also features two internal zip pockets as well as a hidden compartment for important documents. I'm in love.

Under $600 - cop/check out in detail here.

Jordan “Love The Game” Commercial (Video)

Ha! My man Do is in this. He passes the ball to Melo around the 1:08 mark. Great commercial.

Thanks to The Shapery for the heads up.

Monday, October 24, 2011


If I was in London some time in the next 2 months this is where I'd be. The first major retrospective of George Condo's work has just opened at the Hayward Gallery running through January 8th, 2012, and features 80 of Condo's paintings and sculptures, including nine portraits of The Queen. Wild stuff.

Huh's got a nice overview.

*New Video* Big Bad Wolf - Duck Sauce

This is fucking ridiculous. But of course it is. The guys just premiered the vid on Roliing Stone and had this to say:

"Big Bad Wolf" "is pretty simple, and it can mean anything, really, so we wanted the video to have its own narrative," says A-Trak, one-half of the dance duo Duck Sauce, along with DJ Armand Van Helden. "Remember when dance music videos used to actually be creative? Like when you think back to Aphex Twin, Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk… I don't know why the genre's videos became so generic in recent years. "When Keith [Schoffield] came up with this idea of 'crotchfaces,' we just thought it was hilarious," A-Trak continues. "He started coming up with all these gags and describing the characters living in this sort of parallel world, and we were sold. He wasn't sure if we'd be down to play the leads, but our take on this was, if we're going to do this, we need to go all the way. So we played the dickheads, essentially."

Saturday, October 22, 2011

*New Music* Party - Beyoncé feat. J. Cole (Official Remix)

The kid from Cole World adds a cooold verse to the official remix of King B's barbecue number. The official video's about to drop on Tuesday and everything. Family affair shit.

Download here (NR link)

The NY Times Reviews Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs "iBio"

Gonna be one of the first to read this for sure. It's interesting how the NY Times breaks it down and explains it might even read better years from now when looking back. With all the stuff I've read the last couple weeks about Jobs it's really such a shame we didn't have him on this earth longer. Guess it just wasn't meant to be. This should be the definitive life story written about the man that was. Pick it up this Monday, October 24th. Great design.

Read: Making The iBio For Apple's Genius

*Thanks to Mahdude for the heads up.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New T.Shirt Song "We Back" Premiering On CSI:NY Tomorrow Night! Listen/Buy Now!

Got another placement premiering on CSI:NY tomorrow night. The new song, produced by Maker, will end up on a new album coming soon. More info to follow. We back! Let's go!

Stream above only. As much free music as I've given you these last couple years I ask that you take a trip to iTunes with a dollar in your pocket for this one... Buy it here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kate Moss For Elle France

Married and beautiful. Soft and intimate setting photography by Sonia Sieff, with my favorite bitch in selects from Christian Dior, Alberta Ferreti, Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Lanvin, Balenciaga and others. More here.

T.I. Drops New Song w/ Pharrell "Here Ye, Hear Ye"

This is fucking dope. Never heard Tip rap like this. If he can keep it up he'll get right back where he needs to be.

Download here

*New Video* We Found Love - Rihanna (Vevo Update)

This is on some video of the year type shit in my opinion. So fucking good. Directed by Melina, with Ri out in Northern Ireland.

Minotaur Knit Down Vest (Winter Goodness)

Crack, man. I love that winter shit I can accessorize a hot chocolate with. Knit, down vest straight from Japan. Highsnobiety has the perfect look for it too.

David Blaine Swims With Great White Sharks, Smokes Cigars Underwater Etc. For Adam Kimmel In "Dressed For Dinner"

What the fuck, man? Really?

Andy Samberg Interviews Drake On SNL (Video)

Forgot to post this a couple days ago. Funny as shit.

Performances of 'Headlines' and 'Make Me Proud' w/ Nicki are pretty good too. Go here.

Visvim 2011 Fall/Winter SERRA BOOTS (Crazy)

You know me and texture though right? These are great. Distressed cowhide leather and Okayama denim detailing in the side panels I'm really into. Available in various colors including black, navy, brown and burgundy. Get right this Fall.

Hit visvim.

ASAP Rocky's "Trill" (@LIVELOVEASAP)

Came across this thing somewhere on the vast interweb and the shit is crazy. Produced by Beautiful Lou.

Great photo by CrookRobbins.

*Perfect time to report to you that ASAP recently signed a deal with Polo Grounds Music/RCA under the Sony imprint. 3-months heavy on the radar out here and boom. He had this to say:

“I feel great about the new deal; I believe it was destined and with a label like Polo Grounds & RCA behind me I don’t see anything stopping us. I wanted to go with the right partner that can help get a bigger platform to get me and my A$AP crew’s music and movement out. I expect to be in the same league as today’s most relevant artists, and there are just some things you can’t do on your own. The plan is to not only release great music, culture, and style for myself and A$AP worldwide, but to also be the next major artist/exec in the business and make great businessmen out of my brothers.”

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Foreign Tides Release Their New EP "Animals" For Free

Big, classic music from an upstart rock & roll band in New York right now playing the circuit. Nice to hear guys still making shit like this. No gimmicks. Well, the bass player Chris and drummer Andrew are twins so no gimmicks besides that, ha. Just caught their EP release party and show at Drom Saturday night. More cool stuff on the way from these guys so get familiar.

Download the EP Animals in full on their bandcamp here. Listen to one of my favorite joints, "Stay Alive", down below:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Producer @JahlilBeats Signs With Jay-Z & @RocNation

Some of you that fuck with T.Shirt music might remember this kid unofficially produced "Get Off Me" from I Should Just Chill. Beats are ill and crisp. Hov & Co. caught wind and snatched him up. Huge congrats in order! Kids making their dreams come true.

Spike Jonze' New Short Film: Mourir Auprès de Toi

Man, incredible. MissInfo just put it up and it made my afternoon. So good. Spike Jonze is possibly top 3 directors for me. Here, he's collaborated with Filmmaker and Designer Olympia Le-Tan to co-create the piece.

"People inspire me. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim [from Opening Ceremony] and the confidence and creativity in how they run their business. Pixar’s really inspiring, they make films in the best possible way. They’re always focused on story. I could list a million people that inspire me all the time. David Bowie’s music, Charlie Kauffman, David Russell. A lot of people that I work with too, just conversations I have with them about what we want to do."

He speaks to fashion-centric blog Nowness about his creative process here.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rick Ross Suffers Two Seizures In One Day, Doesn't Seem To Fucking Get It (@RickyRozay)

I won't act for one second like this shit doesn't bother me A LOT. One thing that makes me happy is when rappers I like make smart decisions, rise above nonsense, and pretty much rise above any of that rap shit that might've made them famous in the first place. I don't know how best to explain it. Basically, keep that rap shit in your raps. In real life, keep your fucking head on straight. Why is it starting to feel like Rick Ross is about to be the next rapper dead? Suffering two strokes in one day yesterday reports are now pouring in that the biggest bawse in the biz is heading to North Carolina to continue on with a performance scheduled for tonight. I'm not into the fake cool shit, man. Slow down. Your body is obviously telling you something. Get that blonde bitch GQ wrote about to massage you for a few days and do nothing but eat fruit and write rhymes. That's cool and smart. Chill poolside, maybe put down the weed. Please, big homie. The money and the "lifestyle" isn't worth dying over and you'll damn sure get to enjoy it all more if you stay alive another 50 years.

Rihanna Takes Us Behind The Scenes In New Video "We Found Love"

Ri makes this whole behind the scenes thing really something special. I'm not just saying that either. I could give a shit about most of these things but I can watch this girl dance around and be a hot bitch with a killer smile all day.

Perfect OriginalFake Cotton Puff Shirt

This is where I'm at right now. Though this specific one is a little pricey ($320), the style of which the puffer shirt takes is perfect for the season and fly as all fuck. The water-repellent piece is detailed with a quilted pattern and signature KAWS buttons. Offered in three colors, including beige, navy and black.

Buy it here.

*New Video* The Monkey - Adam Tensta

Video's dope. Shout to my man Tensta. Directed by Marcus Lundin.

The Foreign Tides Perform Tonight At Drom! Release Their Free EP At 11PM

This is where we're at tonight. Friends and family of illrapper in the highest regard. Follow suit if you wanna be cool, though I suggest buying tickets in advance for $10, rather than $20 at the door. I'll say this, watching these guys come up has been a pleasure.

Fuck With Jason @Goldwatch's Reel (Video)

Feeling the brothers work. Follow him on Twitter.

Complete Technique Making New Era Fitted Hat Pieces

Looking like my guy Osa's up to something cool. This is some behind the scenes type ish but get familiar.

*New Music* Make Me Proud - Drake feat. Nicki Minaj

Earlier last night Flex premiered the joint along with a real life Drake in the hot seat answering some pressing questions. He doesn't have a problem with Pusha T, he admires the Wayne/Hov beef from afar, and is super excited to drop his sophomore LP, Take Care, November 15th. I suppose we care. Song is cool.

Download here

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

T.Shirt x Red Door "Control" Making Of (Video)

Always wondered what would come of this record. Earlier tonight on CW's The Ringer, we got to see a little bit of what that might be. Dred met me out in a L.A. studio and caught the magic.

BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher 2011 *Shady Edition* (Video)

This is all you care about...admit it. Go here for the others.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

*New Video* Nasty - Nas (Official)

Been waiting for this for some time now. Filmed 3 minutes from my hood by one of my favorite street directors right now. Ugh, nasty.

New T.Shirt (@sweatshirt) Song "Control" In Tonight's Episode Of CW's "The Ringer"

Someone holla at Sarah Michelle Gellar for me and tell her I just got my first music placement in her new show. Ha! Props to Red Door for the love and music out in L.A. where we made this happen. Huge shout to Mix Mason and everybody at Rockwell for the hard work. Just getting started. Tune in tonight at 9pm Central.

*Might get an iTunes link as well as a behind-the-scenes vid later on.

Rihanna Drops New Album Covers + Gets Naked For Esquire (Videos + Photos)

That talk...yeah. One of my favorite bitches gets naked for Esquire and drops her new album cover for lonely nights.

*New Music* Call Of Duty - Jay Electronica feat. Mobb Deep

Jay kept the internets ridiculously abuzz throughout the day yesterday with talk of dropping a new track. He finally did just before Midnight complete with a Prodigy hook. His fansite RapRadar has the lyrics in case you cared.

Download here

Apple Pens Letter To "The Crazy Ones" Circa 1998

Pardon me. I love this. Think Different.

Photo Opp: T.Shirt & Ronin At Hot Mop Films In NYC

New ventures coming up with one of the most talented guys I know. We not letting up.

Follow @sweatshirt & @RoHotMopFilms

Carhartt x Burton Fall/Winter 2011

Anything Carhartt right now is dope to me. Especially snowboarding shit. Double layer Gore-Tex Performance Oxford shell and all. Classic, though don't do the entire outfit at once. Pick a piece, pair it with something black. Look good out there. Available from today at Carhartt stores and select retailers.

More angles at Highsnobiety.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

*New Video* Dart School - Raekwon

Fly shit. Stars the Chef's 9-year old son.

Rick Ross' "I Love My Bitches" Mastered + Available On iTunes

This shit sounds crispy as all hell. Wow. Huge difference between this and what came out a couple days ago.

Buy it here Releases Steve Jobs Soundboard Of Famous Quotes

Complex does one of their amazing soundboard thingies. My favorite quote is probably "I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good then you should go do something else wonderful and not dwell on it for too long, just figure out what's next".

Kanye's New "Yeezy" Logo/Necklace

Been thinking about this the last couple weeks. It's a great logo, though I'm not sure who designed it yet. Virgil posted the photo up top on his tumblr of all things Kanye-Behind-The-Scenes. You can see 'Ye already had the shit made into a little thing he can wear with sport jackets. I'm pretty sure I read an article somewhere saying the necklace said "Weezy". That's definitely not the case.

*New Video* Riesling & Rolling Papers - Fabolous

I like this shit a lot. Song is crazy.

*New Music* Muslim Wedding - Action Bronson

That fat white kid from Queens blesses the internets with another joint produced by his man Harry Fraud and switches up the flow a little. Tossing money like a muslim wedding.

Download here

Hong Kong Kid, Jonathan Mak Long, Designs A Steve Jobs-Infused Apple Logo

Kid's catching that internet fame right now. It is a pretty cool idea. 19-year old designer from Hong Kong. He has a pretty interesting site that isn't too popular yet.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New York Arthouse 'Delivery 1' Arrives In Stores

Press release as of earlier tonight:

Allow me to re-introduce myself. One of my favorite things to do, a little clothing line I started in my freshman year of high-school and have been building on for years has arrived. New York Arthouse is now available in stores. Well one store. One of, if not the dopest street-wear shop in New York. Huge shout to friends at Reed Space in the Lower East Side. 2 new tees for Fall '11 are available now.

- George Steven

*New Video* Countdown - Beyoncé

Video's tooooooo fly. B's incredible. Wow.

URNEWYORK Announce First Solo Art Basel Show "Breaking & Entering"

Yes! It's official. We'll be in Miami this December in support of my mans, artists on the cusp of greatness, URNEWYORK for their first ever solo Art Basel exhibit. After a couple weeks trying to figure out what to call the show the guys finally settled on the perfect title in my opinion. An ode to their past life while announcing their arrival to the next. So excited for them.

Opening night is December 1st with our partners at Hot Mop Films filming the event along with a music set by our homie and brother DJ Darvin Silva. Nothing like coming up with your best friends.

Nipsey Hussle Drops New Music "On My Fly Shit"

Kid's got something. Wonder what's happening behind the scenes. He dropped this new joint upon hitting that 160K followers on twitter.

Nike Vac Tech Premium “Medium Grey” Low Airs

Incredible looking sneaker. Vac Tech...future kicks. November release.

Fabolous Drops An Interesting Trailer For “Riesling & Rolling Papers” (Video)

Pretty artsy for Fab. I like it. Let's hope the video follows suit. Someone named Taj behind the lens.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs Passes Away, World Loses A True Visionary

He knew what the world wanted, and just got to work. Rest in peace to a true leader and original of our time.

Classy work, Apple.

*New Music* I Love My Bitches + You The Boss - Rick Ross

New sound ventures from one of my favorite guys. I want him to leave alone the bullshit and be the biggest star in the world. New album God Forgives, I Don't in stores December 13th.

Download I Love My Bitches

Download You The Boss feat. Nicki Minaj

*Flex premiered the records, then interviewed Ross, who went in I might add. I'll let Nahright tell it.

ANDROID HOMME Propulsion Hi Boot Holiday 2011

Interesting. The texture is what sold me. I couldn't pull them off personally but I can see my brother Andyboy or someone being able to do it just right. Will Yan shot them and notes the details - imported French navy leather with EVA outsole and double-stitched leather binding, eco-friendly non-carbon processed salmon fish leather and leather lined interior with custom light insole. Sounds expensive. Well worth it if you can swing it. This Holiday.

Blond Rihanna Kills It On The Cover Of The New British Vogue

Bombshell status. On newsstands now.

*This is hard hitting content by the way, if you were wondering.