Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jay-Z recently signed this kid to his RocNation label.

I'm sort of lost for words. His name is J.Cole and he definitely has some spit to him. I'm not going crazy or nothing but, well now I don't really know. I feel like I should post this though.

Download Grown Simba - J.Cole

*Terrible title definitely. Oh, you know what it is also? J.Cole is not a good name for a rapper.

**Just heard a bunch of songs on his myspace here. Very interesting.


Lil' Wayne Introduces Young Money

It's interesting to see them all like this, especially Weezy.

Great Article about 50 Cent.

Combat Jack kills it right here.

Cudi doing what I do although not as good as I would do it.

My bad. It's true.. I know Sally I'm such a hater right? Nah.. I'm keeping it real. This is my website you're on. Ha! In all honesty, I'm starting to like Cudi and I understand he very well could be the next big star out here. Plus, I think he is being genuine to himself and that I respect. I think he's gonna get better quickly which I'm excited about.

Download She Came Along - Kid Cudi produced by Sharam

great pictures off the video set for "T.Shirt's Real Hip-Hop"

Ryan Brooks is a great photographer coming out of Brooklyn, New York. He is currently documenting graffiti culture worldwide. Check more of Ryan's work out here.

Ricky Ross is one of my favorite rappers hands down.

Nas does alright on this. Great writing but I don't think he wrote it to this piece of music produced by The Inkredibles. Maybe, but it doesn't work well. Ricky Ross though..

Download The Usual Suspects - Rick Ross feat. Nas

*Looking bananas in the above picture.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Lenny Kravitz took these pictures for Vogue

The Jay one is the best not because it's Jay.

There's more here. Thanks LifeFiles.

sick camera work oh boy

Beanie Man sounds like he's killing this shit. I don't speak crazy ill reggae nigga so I couldn't tell you. Beautiful camera work done here.

Little New York

by: Nick & Chloe

Kanye says "This is why the fuck I blog"

Click Here najle/iDaft

It's not why I blog but it's pretty cool yes.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Young Jeezy Don't Do It !

Great video for Jeezy's kite. Directed by Gabriel Hart.

Great shorts.. sagged a little bit, creme vans, maybe something linen on top..

Will T.Shirt be the best dressed rapper ever ? Trouser shorts by LOVA. hits Vegas **SPECIAL LANA EDITION**

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

SantiGold x Mark Ronson x Lady Gaga

Perfoming live for free at the Topshop Opening Launch party April 1st in Soho. The house Kate Moss built. I'll be there. Who's coming with me?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"I listen to a couple new rappers every week.. "

Checking out Curren$y. I hear a lot about this kid everywhere but he hasn't impressed me too much just yet. It seems though that he could get better quickly. I'd love to do a joint with him. I'd need to mix it though. Whoever is mixing his shit is not doing his voice any justice. Somebody holla @ me.

Pharrell rocking out on Jimmy Fallon

N.E.R.D. doing their new joint Soldier featuring SantiGold & Weezy who were unfortunately not in attendance. Great shirt boyy damn. Songs a little much though. Let's wait for the mp3, cool?

Art Gallery Boys

one of the many events I missed while I was hightailing it in Mia. Shout to Hot Mop Films ! PM Music ! Chris Daddy ! Spek in the house ! Willy D ! my mothafucking family.

photo credit: Julian Mackler

Last night a Twitter saved my life..

from a broken heart.

Follow T.Shirt on Twitter !

Spike Jonze filming next Kanye West video for "See You In My Nightmares"

This is good. Spike Jonze is one of my favorites. Last time these two came together they brought you this..

spend a few minutes with Lil Wayne

Usually these random Weezy jawns are all trash and I can't even listen to em but these are pretty dope. Enjoy !

Download He Raps, He Sings - T-Wayne *this one got Pain on it but it's ill I promise.
Download It's Been A Week - Lil Wayne *love this beat.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wanna Make Out ?

New T.Shirt music produced by StupidNyce. Off that Demo Collection. This shit is gonna kill just watch.

Download Wanna Make out - T.Shirt **UPDATE** ugh sorry, you're too late.

Follow T.Shirt
Follow StupidNyce

"I'm the shit"

DJ Class gets his anthem poppin' even more then it already is and gets Kanye West on it. Now watch this. Class himself is a huge B-more DJ/Producer and has a new album coming out called Alameda and Coldspring.

Download I'm The Shit (Remix) - DJ Class feat. Kanye West


I don't particularly like GLC but this song has grown on me and now this video is great so fuck it.

"Babygirl your dangerous"

go ahead, sweat Shirt

This is a Deviant Arthouse thing. No link. It don't even exist anywhere. There's pieces all over the world, on famous people, regular folks, ugly dudes, hot chiks. But it's not available anywhere, there was never an official launch and you can't buy it. Ha ! Created just for me, the "sweat shirt" sweatshirt retails for about $700. Eat that in bad Miami pizza bitches.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I love this beat so much..

These rappers don't do it justice I'm sorry. With the exception of Joell Ortiz they don't know what the fuck to do with something so laid back, so summer. Even Ortiz is fair on it. Somebody get it for the kid. This video is Directed by John Columbo btw Dred.

Where The Wild Things Are

I know I'm late with this.. my bad. It looks great. Directed by Spike Jonze.

hmm Very Interesting

I like these I think. I'm not shore though. I'd have to have them on to really tell. Footwear brand Gourmet love to experiment.

Terry's the best doing it.

Terry Richardson is my favorite photographer right now. Here's some work he did for Vogue Homme International. Love that gold on gold rolex. Hmm.

Thank You Hypebeast you fuckers.

great record right here

We Fight/We Love Remix with Q-Tip, Yeezy, & Cons. Good Music indeed.

Download here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Back Bitch

T.Shirt comes hard in this promo video for "Real Hip-Hop". Directed by the homie Dred for Hot Mop Films and featuring the young PM. I'm posting this thing from the hotel lobby in Miami as they're getting my room ready. Sheeesh this shit is hot. We killed the bathroom @Mercer with layers of elephants, exclamation points and graf shout outs and throwies for daysss. Huge shout to Darvin Silva on hand, and Ryan Brooks trying to shoot stills while I black out and do a dozen takes of this shit. Also, thank you to Think Coffee NYC.

**Watch T.Shirt perform this live Right Here

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dred says "I would fuck Kanye Up" hahahaha

Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo. Really dope video for "Knock You Down" and good verses from Ye'.

! It's Almost Time Baby !

12 hours & counting.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

pictures of people in bathtubs.

Hayden Panettiere for the UK InStyle Magazine. Whatttup Dred?

this looks pretty dope.

Ryan Leslie & Jimmy Jones with an ill little preview for the joint "Precious" off Pray IV Reign. I like this a lot actually. Great look. Great tie, jacket.

I think I'm ready for some New Balance..

These are really hot. More about them here.

hypebeast shit. you know what it is.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fed got some cool shit going on.

my good friend Ferola is an ill DJ.. Here's an event he's a part of.

! Wahttttuuuppp Fed

Wale gets Lady Gaga on a record before me..

I still think I'd use Gaga better. She has a crazy site, check it out here. Let's Dance is one of my favorite videos. This is alright. I don't think we're gonna hear about it much after this though. I could be wrong.

Download Wale feat. Lady Gaga - Chillin

props to nah right

Friday, March 20, 2009

another Past Tell x Kanye preview

I approve how the boy's been dressing lately too. The jacket right here is his clothing label Past Tell Museum. Judging by the prices of the Louis sneakers he made, this shit is probably gonna be priced bananas.

crazy *New* Fat Joe leak

Shout to Nahright. I like this shit right here. Especially the second verse. We like Joey over here at illrapper.

Download Joey Crack - Hey Joe

Thursday, March 19, 2009

perfect house for Darvin Silva

..because he loves the color blue. The Munston Street House by Fox Johnston Architects.

I need this is in my life.

it's actually a girl's watch. don't care. Nixon's The Kensington. I'll feel like an aristocrat.

Carson Daly x Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi gets a big official introduction on The Carson Daly Show.

**NEW** Snoop Dogg Shit - Millionaire

This sounds pretty crazy actually. Snoop still got it.

In his words..
“Snoop Dogg Millionaire” was produced by Wild Animals and Chase & Status; it also features the Hustle Boyz on the chorus. Los Angeles’ Wild Animals (John Legend, Kurupt, Murs) is one of music’s hottest up and coming production duo. UK’s Chase & Status won the Best Album Award at the 2009 Drum and Bass Awards.”

Download Snoop Dogg - Millionaire

Kid Cudi x Little Boots

Pretty YouTube sensation Little Boots makes piano love to Cudi's classic. I might do something with the audio of this actually. Holla @ me.

coffee, groceries, tattoos & things on Bond.

Vintage feel, exposed brick, knick knack cafe tattoo parlor, The Smile just opened on 26 Bond St. Kind of tucked away and hidden down a few stairs, the country general store curated by Carlos Quirarte carries neighborhood favorites like cheese plates from Murray's and Ronnybrook ice cream. Sounds good. Dinner baby?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh My God Jadakiss is an ILL RAPPER

my bad had to just put that out there. Kiss is so bananas I can't take it. One of my favorites out here for real. The Last Kiss in stores April 7th.

thank you 2dopeboyz

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

T.Shirt x PM **Real Hip-Hop Live**

Here's a couple kids doing the Dead Prez classic live @ Think Coffee the other night. That's PM on drums tearing it up w/ T.Shirt just so damn comfortable doing his thing oh my goodness. Peep Chris Daddy on the side loving it hahaha. Also I wanted to ask. Would you want me to give away an mp3 of the live audio? COMMENT LEMME KNOW>

**Bonus** Download Real Hip-Hop (Dead Prez Cover) - T.Shirt
*Footage Courtesy of Hot Mop Films

! New Fabo

the kid Fabolous got some spit to him. I officially don't like The Dream though. His voice is just too annoying I can't get over it.

Download Throw It In the Bag - Fabolous feat. The Dream

hahaha Kanye as an old man w/ 88 Keys

In character as Rufus & Clifford, the joint is called "Stay Up!" (Viagra). Pretty creative. I like the idea.

Courtesy of Kanye West

***Bonus*** Download Stay Up - T.Shirt
.. it's unmastered and maybe not even done but good enough to bump. Plus it has nothing to do with viagra.

*sidenote* Daytona's video is undeniable proof he's not very good or fly. I gave it a chance.

Monday, March 16, 2009

ok I gotta hit you with a **NEW** T.Shirt Record

I just have to. Here's the deal. I can't keep this up too long so get it while you can. You can hear this and a lot more at my imeem page right here. You can also get into my head a little bit and follow me on Twitter here. This record is off the Demo Collection most of you can't have right now haha. Still I wanted to share. Produced by the very talented Midas who also produced my smash So Bad. I been working like a dog.

Download >sorry your too late<

I know I'm crazy late with this but it's CRACK my GOD.

Turn My Swag On is a crazy feeling lemme tell right now. I can't tell a lie. Soulja Boy went in. This is Jeezy's version tough. Had to. Just had to.

Download it here

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This looks absolutely bananas.

Here's the preview for the Mike Tyson Documentary that murdered Cannes. Standing ovations and all.

Oh yeah?

A-Trak shit. Thanks Fools Gold.

Joe Budden on huh

Ok I wanna say something. There was something I always liked about Joey. That's it I'm done. No I'm kidding. Here's the thing right.. this video directed by Rik off Padded Room had me.. I mean like really had me going for like 2 minutes tops. Then I fell asleep on the keyboard and when I woke up I had the letter marks on my face. Do I understand what I'm trying to say? HE FUCKING RAPS TOO MUCH AND IT JUST GETS SOOOO TIRED UGGHH. Get someone dope to sing something.. not like The Dream or someone, I'm talking about somebody crazy. Go get the bitch from Portishead or something. C'mon Joey.

Friday, March 13, 2009

T.Shirt & the Boys from earlier tonight..

Chris Daddy is endearing and we love him.
PM is a monster on the drums.
and the turnout..
Huge shout to everybody that came through tonight for real. Think Coffee never had it like that lemme tell you. My bad Sarah. We'll have some video and audio up soon people. Until then Goodnight! ill rapper goodness..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We love Rick Ross over here at ILL RAPPER

For real. Up top we got the romantic cover for Deeper Than Rap. Also we got the link for May XXL interview where he comes clean about being a C.O. in the past. Who cares? We don't. This is ill rapper bitch. Below is a joint featuring The Dream.

All I Really Want - Ricky Ross featuring The Dream