Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shirt Drops "Hurt My Heart (Freestyle)" About Drake/Meek Mill Battle

It's Hip-Hop, it gotta mean something...

Produced by Steel Tipped Dove

Instagram Beauty @ElizabethSmart_ Pregnant & Naked

Creepy post aside, I love everything about this. Taken over a year ago but Kim-inspired to post today of course, and gorgeous nonetheless. Shout to momma's everywhere.

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New Kaws Print "You Should Know I Know"

Drops tomorrow at Pace in NY. Only 250 made.

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Dr. Dre Releases New "Compton" Album

Detox is never coming but goddammit the Doc hasn't missed a step. I heard someone say there isn't a wak verse on this shit and I might have to agree.

P.S. Was almost a part of history.

RIP Sean Price

P was one of the first guys I found through Nahright and really fucked with. I always thought to get a little bit of money up and reach out to do a record. For all the guns and bully talk the man brought you into his Brooklyn world masterfully. This hurts.

Help donate to P's family if possible, as set up by Duck Down Records.

Photo by Alexander Richter


Robin Williams // "Make your lives extraordinary."

Meryl Streep // "It's amazing what you can get when you quietly, clearly, and authoritatively demand it." 

I like this site/instagram. Nation put me on.