Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Daft Punk Cover French Magazine OBSESSION, Full Interview Translated

Tirelessly watching these two, as they prepare to drop one of the most anticipated releases of the year come May 21st.

1993. An English journalist describes the music of Darlin’, a little French band consisting of 3 big rock fans, as “Daft Punk”. Not feeling spiteful, two of the musicians change directions to launch their new project, inspired by electro. This move sends them towards an undeniable glory...

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New J.Cole Music, "Cole Summer"

This is awesome. Verses crazy.

Monday, April 29, 2013

TV On The Radio Talk New Music w/ Spin Magazine

Hearing from these guys is a trip. Just the other day I was thinking about my guy Gerard.

Have you recorded new TVOTR material? 

Yeah, Kyp [Malone, singer/multi-instrumentalist] and I went to Dave's place and studio in L.A. the last week of March and we finished a couple of songs. I'm not sure what's gonna be out when, but there's new stuff coming. We're sort of collecting material for a record, but right now we're only thinking in terms of songs, smaller things we can put out regularly until an album seems possible. Which I love. It's not that you're less precious about the process, but I like coming in and saying, "Let's make a couple songs," not feeling any sort of pressure to lock ourselves in a room. [Laughs] I don't think anyone has the space [in their lives] to do that ever again.

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"Rain Room" Exhibit Coming To NYC MoMA PS1


The Random International design piece will be on show at MoMA PS1 from 12 May until 28 July and will allow visitors to enter a huge 1000 sq ft "rain room" without getting wet. As you enter, 3D depth cameras pick up your presence and track you across the room, turning off the water jets above you as you move.


Obama's Speech At The White House Correspondents Dinner 2 Days Ago (Video)

The way this guy brings the speech home in the last 10 minutes is fucking remarkable.

Beyoncé Looking Gorgeous On Vanity Fair Italia May 2013

Great cover.

No link. That's all.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

2 Chainz Verse On "U.O.E.N.O." Remix

Everyone's bothering this nigga Rocko because every week he puts out a remix of the same song. That song just happens to be one of the best rap joints of the year in my opinion. Still waiting on that Ye verse but Chainz kills the shit.

Thom Yorke & Nigel Godrich Talk To Rolling Stone

These guys had some of the best music of the year come out, in my opinion. This is still one of my favorite things out. In the talk below they drop some jewels.

Nigel, you're primarily a producer who works in a studio. How do you like performing onstage with this band? 

GODRICH: I decided pretty early on that I liked being behind closed doors and sort of in the laboratory in the middle of the night and able to fuck things up and try things. That's me. And that still is what I love to do. I'm not a natural performer. But it is fun to go out and confront the people who listen to things that you do, you know? The biggest shock of your life is when you first make a record and go to a show and then people start singing the words. Because it occurs to you that they've listened to it! 

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Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Black Toe”

Rarely sweat a Jordan release. These are great though.

HB predicts a soon to be summer release. We'll keep you posted.

Pretty Bitches w/ Freckles Starring Alexandra Agoston

As shot by Chris Colls.

Couple more here

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Styles P Interview w/ Combat Jack (Audio)

Respect this nigga Styles. Talking all the golden age days hip-hop fans remember and love.

Via NR

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NYC DJ Darvin Silva Releases 2013 Mix "Fuck Art, Let's Dance"

My man just dropped his first public mix in a year and change. 35 minutes of music you can rob a bank to. Shit is too tough. Connect with him here.

"Fuck Art, Let's Dance represents putting the work on hold for a minute and letting go. Fuck with me."


Friday, April 19, 2013

Daft Punk Finally Release Pharrell & Nile Rodgers Featured First Single "Get Lucky"

Maybe one of the coolest album lead up's we've ever seen. The robots had us bumping three different 15 second snippets of this shit over the last month. And only last night have officially released the "radio version". Incredible. Not to mention a great song.

Buy the song on iTunes here

J. Cole Breaks Down "Power Trip" Production, Shares Beat He Made For Jay-Z

One of my favorite records from homie. And the beat he plays at the end? Man listen.

I see you, Elite.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

7 Of The Best Comments/Answers From Louis C.K.'s Reddit AMA

6 days old. Sue me. This guy is the best.

What comedians today make you laugh? 
Hannibal Buress. Zach Galifanakiciksiswiwiwiww88899is 

Louie, what is pissing you off more than anything else this week? I hope it isn't this question.
Hope away, bitch. You just ruined my fucking month. 

Many comedians, including yourself, sometimes joke or fool around about certain subjects that many people think is over the line inappropriate, My question is, is there anything that you personally think goes over the line and you would never joke about or make fun of?
nope. I like joking about everything. This will sound too lofty because it is. This is going to an extreme to make a point: Saying a subject is too awful or painful to joke about is like saying a disease is too awful to be treated. Please do not take that out of context, the context being that I realize this is a crazy statement and I'm going to an extreme to make a point. 

What are the last 5 different websites in your browser history, excepting reddit?
good question! The ones I'm willing to divulge are... the onion cnn elton john lyrics ebay search "davenport desk" 

When and how do you plan on explaining your material to your children?
My kids know everything about what I do and about jokes and what jokes are and what comedy is. All we do is laugh and joke when I'm not raising them or feeding them or cleaning up after them or enjoying their company. 

Jealousy in comedy, how do you deal with it?
when i see someone else's great work, I feel a burning that is sometimes like jealousy. I wish I had done that. I want to be that good. that's all positive. Jealousy for someone else's success or opportunities: There is no greater waste of time. 

My questions never get seen/answered but fuck it… As someone who got success, let’s say… well out of his twenties (sorry)… how did you know this is what you wanted to do even when it wasn’t always working out that well? Like how hard is it to not just say FUCK THIS and just give up/try something else? I’m 25 and I wish I had as much motivation to get shit done as you seem to, but nothing really seems worth it. Sorry for being kind of a downer but I do think you’re great and if I ever run into you in New York sometime, I would be so excited to awkwardly shake your hand and not take a picture with you.
The reason you never get answers is because you kind of meander toward the point and everyone wants to kill you. also "How hard is it to not just say fuck this and give up" is about a quadruple negative so I don't actually know what you're asking. You'll be fine. you're 25. feeling usure and lost is part of your path. don't avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. take a breath. You'll be okay. even if you don't feel okay all the time.

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New Superman "Man Of Steel" Trailer Looks Crazy (Video)

This is for sure some go to the movies 25 deep at Midnight the day it comes out type shit.

Jay-Z Covers Time Magazine "100 Most Influential People In The World" (April 2013)

The journey continues for our guy...

As written by Michael Bloomberg:

Jay Z embodies so much of what makes New York New York. A kid from a tough neighborhood who grows up in public housing, overcomes lots of bad influences on the street, never lets go of his dream, makes it to the top — and then keeps going, pursuing new outlets for his creativity and ambition. 

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Mohzy x Opening Ceremony iPhone 5 Bracelet Charger/USB

Need this shit. Fly and genius.

Power and sync up your devices on the go with a micro USB cable patterned with custom OC prints. Sized for iPhone 5, the bracelets come with an adapter to fit a range of different devices.

$25, buy one here.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pharrell Talks New Daft Punk Material, Recording In Paris (Video)

Yup, more from these guys. This "Get Lucky" song they have coming any minute now is just incredible. We've been listening to the 30 second snippet all weekend. Pharrell just murders it with such style. As he goes on to explain in the clip above, he doesn't even remember the session...

CNN Radio Interviews Young Guru (Audio)

This guy talks and we all tune in. I can do without the CNN dude talking but watch for the jewels.

SHIRT's "Automatic" Debuts On Power 105.1 In New York

Shout to Jovonn at Power 105 for the love. Just getting warmed up.

Drake Releases New Music "Girls Love Beyoncé" + "No New Friends"

Heavy. If just for all the talk it will bring. This James Fauntleroy kid singing on this has seriously contributed to a bunch of great records this year.

The record Drake gave Khaled for his album dropped as well.
Here's "No New Friends", download here.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Staple x Puma Suede Pigeon's On Sale This Wednesday 4/17

These are so clean. And they feel great in person. Shout to Jeff and the whole Staple family.

Handmade in Japan and highly limited in numbers (about 500 worldwide). We have always had a history of working with the most iconic brands and the most iconic styles within each brand. The Puma Suede, in my opinion, is one of the most important silhouettes in sneaker history.

More info here

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Details Of New Daft Punk Album Revealed To Rolling Stone, New Music/Video "Get Lucky"

I'm so excited for this stuff. That definitely wouldn't have been the case a few years ago but here I am, genuinely hype over everything I'm hearing. At Coachella last night, they let go another preview (up top) of the song "Get Lucky" featuring Pharrell, presumably the new album's first single. The shit sounds amazing.

"After three records, there was a sense of searching for a record we hadn’t done," Thomas says. The duo were dissatisfied with early demos that leaned heavily on electronic equipment, feeling like they were operating on "autopilot," Thomas says. Eventually, a new approach emerged: "We wanted to do what we used to do with machines and samplers," he explains, "but with people." Except for a snippet of "an Australian rock record" that opens the final track, "Contact," Daft Punk foreswore samples entirely, and they limited the role of drum machines to just two of the album’s thirteen tracks. The only electronics come in the form of a massive, custom-built modular synthesizer that Daft Punk played live on the album, they told me, and an arsenal of vintage vocoders on which they manually manipulated factors like pitch, vibrato and legato. "There’s this thing today where the recorded human voice is processed to try to feel robotic," Thomas says, referring to the undying AutoTune vogue. "Here, we were trying to make robotic voices sound the most human they’ve ever sounded, in terms of expressivity and emotion."

Rolling Stone has a bunch more details.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Frank Ocean Releases Dope "Lost" Video

Probably my favorite song on the Ocean album gets a sincere and personal visual filmed around the world.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Banned American Apparel Ad (Photo)


Via Huh

Full Drake Interview w/ Elliott Wilson (Audio)

Ethers some guys, talks about the new album etc. One of the best to do this shit for sure.

Via OnSmash


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Staple Pigeon x Puma Collab Coming Soon (Preview)

4/17 at Reed Space NYC.


Pusha T Drops Monster New Record "Numbers On The Board"

Record is STUPID. Smh. Produced by Kanye West & Don Cannon.

Kanye West: Our family Hov brought that real hip-hop shit this morning so me and Pusha wanna keep that feeling going

New Jay-Z Music "Open Letter", Addresses Rumors

Sheesh. Supposedly recorded last night in NYC, this debuted on Hot 97 this morning. Produced by Swizz Beatz & Timbaland.

*White House just responded.


I done turned Havana to Atlanta
Guayabera shirts and bandannas
everytime they think they got me I switch the plan up
bulletproof this, radio scanners
ballin' till they ban us
getting too much bread they try and jam ya
a boy from the hood but got White House clearance
sorry y'all, I don't agree with your parents
politicians never did shit for me
except lie to me, distort history
wanna give me jail time and fine
fine, let me commit a real crime
I might buy a kilo for Chief Keef
out of spite I just might flood these streets
hear the freedom in my speech
got a onion from Universal, read it and weep
would've brought the Nets to Brooklyn for free
except I made millions off of you fucking dweebs
I still own the building, I'm still keeping my seat
you buy that bullshit, you better keep your receipt
Obama said chill, you gon get me impeached
you don't need this shit anyway, chill with me on the beach

Ya gon learn today

... Idiot Wind, the Bob Dylan of rap music
you're an idiot, baby, you should become a student

Ets Callatay 2013 Spring/Summer Footwear

These are some living so Italian joints. Hypebeast has a few more from the collection but I don't care about them. These up top are it. Damn near $1,000.

"The Dirty Wisdom Of Louis C.K.", Rolling Stone Cover

Whooooop. Hits newsstands tomorrow. New HBO special "Oh My God" this Saturday night.

Jay's #BudweiserMadeInAmerica Festival Is Back, Set For The Last Weekend In August

Big $. Jay's not playing out here one bit. Tickets go on sale next Wednesday or something.

Lineup announced:

Nine Inch Nails
Queens of the Stone Age
Calvin Harris
Empire of the Sun
Wiz Khalifa
Kendrick Lamar
Public Enemy
2 Chainz
A$AP Rocky
& more

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dame Dash Interview On The Combat Jack Show (Audio)

I've come to really enjoy these sit down talks Combat puts together. I think these guys are on their way to a special brand of hip-hop interviews and I hope they keep going.

This one especially had me pressing play in bed the minute the shit dropped. The only thing I'd say is I would've liked to hear more stories from the era. It seemed like 2 hours wasn't enough. Your man dropped some jewels though.

Kate Moss Shot By Mario Testino For UK Vogue 2013

Might not be anything I love more than a stripped down Moss with her tits out wearing barely there make up.

See the full shoot here

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

J.Cole Releases "Power Trip" Video, Kills A Dude For Shorty

One of my favorite records out. Real talk. Directed by Nabil.

Born Sinner, drops June 5th.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Raw Leather Air Force One By Hender Scheme

Love these. I may or may not be able to pull them off, but I'd try.

The collection pays homage to a couple classic sneaker silhouettes you can find here. Crafted from raw leather.

Daft Punk Release Random Access Memories "The Collaborators..." Series (1+2)

Stupid excited about this. As my guy Darvin fills us in on what's coming next for the beloved group, they take a closer look at some of the collaborators chosen for the new album. Giorgio Moroder is a fucking dude my Dad was into in the 70's. Incredible.

More via

Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Rick Ross "National Champs"

Rozay kills this. Off DJ Scream's new tape.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NY Rapper SHIRT. Releases New Music/Visual "AUTOMATIC"

AUTOMATIC represents the last 6 months of my life. The not always clean journey, but the rich one. Most the photos I took myself, some I pulled along the way, all have inspired what I have in store. Video cut by me. Song produced by Supreme Breed. SHIRT. 2013. BY ANY MEANS.

Listen/download here

Jay-Z Starts Sports Agency, "Roc Nation Sports", Signs Robinson Cano

No ceiling. So inspiring.

Roc Nation, an entertainment company founded by Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z, announced Tuesday that it is getting into the sports representation business through a partnership with Creative Artists Agency (CAA). This arm of CAA will be known as Roc Nation Sports, which simultaneously announced that its first sports client is Cano.

More here

Drake - 5AM In Toronto (Video)

5am stumbling in and out the strip club shit.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Alec Baldwin Talks To Thom Yorke For Here's The Thing Podcast (Audio)

Caught most of this earlier and it's great. Might not have ever heard Yorke's speaking voice haha. Pretty normal. Great talk.


What Do We Think Of This Azealia Banks "No Problems" Video?

I can't decide if I like this or what. It isn't terrible.

Yoko Ono Tweets Photo Of John Lennon's Bloody Glasses


The death of a loved one is a hollowing experience. After 33 years our son Sean and I still miss him. - Yoko Ono Lennon

New Action Bronson "Compliments 2 The Chef"

This has some tough ass lines as usual from the Queens spitter. Off Rosenberg’s New York Renaissance mixtape dropping this Thursday.

*Photo by Aaron Richter