Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cons to the Ye to the Legend - Whatever U Want

Cons reaching. Ye letting him. Legend going along for the ride. GOOD at best. My bad.

Cons TV coming soon.

Download Whatever U Want- Consequence feat. Kanye West & John Legend

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ma$e is Back

with Drake at that. Yes, weird. This came on the radio driving home last night and I couldn't believe it.

Download Best I Ever Had (Remix)- Drake feat. Ma$e

*I couldn't even find a decent updated picture of homie.

**Bonus** Mase calls up DJ Self to explain the record. Jimmy Jones calls in to say whattup, squashes any past beef.

Kanye West X Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 09'

You've seen pics of them all over the place but never like this. Photoshoot by La MJC of Ye's wayyy iller sneaker with Louis Vuitton. Those black on black are too bananas I can't take it.

Check out the whole photoshoot here.

*Sidenote. Yeeezy wore the classic yellow timberland boots on the red carpet at the BET awards. ILL RAPPER shit. P.S. That's his hot bitch with him in the pink heels.
*Once again. BET Awards= Fail

Jay-Z's Death Of Auto Tune **BET Performance+Video Premier **

and now for the main event:

BET Awards tonight were terrible. Can't wait for MTV and The Grammys to do it right.

*Hov playing cards with Harvey Keitel is classic. The nigga is too cool.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

50 Cent saying smart things to XXL

I can mess with him when he's in this state. Lay off the fuckery and you have a home here brother.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson is forever an ILL RAPPER.

You cannot put numbers to the amount of people, artists, entertainers, musicians etc etc that were influenced by the King Of Pop. Still, Hip-Hop claimed him for their own. He was ours. No matter how thug, how trill, how pimp, or how much of a cold killer you were; you took your mothafuckin' cool off and you danced with Mike. His energy, sound and soul will forever be a part of us. Sometimes you're listening to Mike and you don't even know it.

Download a few of my favorites:

Ghostface - All That I Got Is You

Jay-Z - Izzo

LL Cool J - Hey Lover

Kanye West - Good Life

Hip-Hop loved you Mike. Everybody did.

“Same sword they knight you/they gon’ goodnight you/with, shit, that’s only half if they like you/that ain’t even the half what they might do/don’t believe me, as Michael.” — Jay-Z “Hot 97” Freestyle

The Beatles Rock Band Intro

looks fantastic. On some Gorillaz type shit.

Kid Cudi LIVE at Paper/Ray Ban event last night

We were somewhere in the middle over there. I was trying to get my own personal video but mothafucking Dred called and interrupted my iPhone from recording SMH. This footage will have to do. Don't get me wrong, I thought Cudi was great and very personable. It just didn't sit well with me that the majority of his set were songs that weren't his. Cudi's last mixtape and recently released freestyles are done over other peoples incredible music. Sound familiar? I can't front, it bothers me a lot. Even more so that now because of his popularity, it'll most likely look and feel like I'm copying him? Please don't get it confused, I was the first. And I'm the best. My opinion. He can sing a beautiful hook though I'll say that.

Form your own opinion. Download T.Shirt's Wild Thing !

Anyway- it turned out to be a gorgeous night with a beautiful girl by my side, good music and I mean, did you see the sky over the city last night?

*Before the show I had the opportunity to speak and give my music to Plain Pat, Kanye West's and Kid Cudi's manager. He was mad cool and one of, if not the most important dudes I've ever given my stuff to yet.

Michael Jackson - You Rock My World

One of more recent visuals from the King featuring Chris Tucker, Marlon Brando & Michael Madsen. I love how normal, and everyday he seems in this. Great suits. Too cool.

*Bonus* "The Mike Jordan of Rap/Mike Jackson of Pop"
Download You Rock My World (Remix) - Michael Jackson feat. Jay-Z

One of the Greatest to ever do it.

First of a small series I'm putting together.

*Late Pass* Chester French is dope !

yeah yeah whatever. Anyway I saw these guys perform at the South Street Seaport last night and they really put on an amazing show. After listening to some stuff this morning though, in my opinion, their live performance doesn't quite translate into studio recordings as well as you'd hope for. Too bad. They're incredibly talented and the single "She Loves Everybody" is great. Buy it here ! and support good music !

Here's the Official Video

*Did you know Chester French are signed to Star Trak?

Jay-Z's D.O.A. Video Trailer

Something about this seems very unofficial. Regardless, someone edited it, put it together and posted it. I can't tell you where I got it.

*Update* Definitely Official. Video premiers right after B.E.T. Awards Sunday Night.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Better On The Other Side (Tribute To MJ)

Puff, Game, Chris Brown, Usher, Polow Da Don, Mario Winans & Boys II Men made a beautiful track well into last night. Produced by DJ Khalil with props to DJ Skee.

Download Better On The Other Side (MJ Tribute) - Hip-Hop

*The Game kills this by the way.

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

You leave a world of sadness behind..

*There's more coming but I need sleep.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sounds Like Paper

Paper Magazine & Ray-Ban Present Sounds Like Paper 2009 at the South Street Seaport June 26th 5:30-9:30 with Kid Cudi, Chester French & T.Shirt !

*Free Event.

*Vans Vault 2009 Fall Zapato Del Barco*

Boat shoes to die for as my Aunt Dana would say haha. These are beautiful. If you're too cool to wear something like this, move somewhere cold.

Don't buy them before me here.

*Everybody wants a Nike contract. I'd take a Vans deal over anything.

Nas X Damien "Jr. Gong" Marley

Here's the EPK shot by Nabil Elderkin, for the upcoming studio album by the two legends entitled, Distant Relatives. I love this shit right here. From what you can hear playing, to how it looks, it really could be something epic and special. I am eagerly awaiting.

*Bonus* Download As We Are (Snippet)- Nas X Damien Marley

***T.Shirt Bonus*** I'll be recording a little Nas tribute in the next couple days due to all the fuckery he's going through with his girl. I'm not playing sides but I'm also not a Kelis fan so what the fuck do you want me to do?

Ricky Ross on Cover of Rap-Up

Looking so mothafucking dapper nigga. This cover in general is great by the way, color scheme and all. Support Print !

New Inglourious Basterds Trailer

Soon to be a cult classic for sure, Directed by Quentin Tarantino, Starring that sonofabitch Brad Pitt. In Theaters August 21st.

*Rated FB for Fucking Bananas

There Goes The Fucking Neighborhood

Rebel8 & Famous Stars & Straps host an event in LA. Live art, music by Alchemist, Travis Barker, Estevan Oriol, Mike Giant etc. Damn I wanna be in Los Angeles for a little while.

ill BENZ commercial

Definitely ill rapper shit. Life Files put me on.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Great Style.

Stolen from one of my favorite sites, The Sartorialist.

Clipse X Kanye West "I'm Kinda Like A Big Deal" Official Video

Great song and video from Yeezy & The Twins.

The Clown Prince @ Atmos NYC

Big up to Chif Chify, Tom, Chris Daddy & PM ! Whatttup boys !

*Bonus* PM recently killed a Purple Haze drum remix live from his studio in Williamsburg- check it

**Behind The Scenes** T.Shirt & Adam Tensta in New York

Yesterday I got to sit down and kick it with ill rapper from Sweden, Adam Tensta. From having dinner with Nelson Mandela, to doing tracks with Kanye West and Norah Jones, we got into Adam's head a little bit to see what makes the kid tick. On a familiar rooftop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in between weeks of rain in New York City, here are some of the behind the scenes pics.

Shout to Cybille for the pics !

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Look **Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland**

Looks incredible. Starring Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, & Anne Hathaway. Supposedly it's more of a sequel then a remake.

*Alice, 17, attends a party at a Victorian estate only to find she is about to be proposed to in front of hundreds of snooty society types. Off she runs, following a white rabbit into a hole and ending up in Wonderland, a place she visited 10 years before yet doesn't remember.

In Theaters March 2010

Best I Ever Had by Drake now on iTunes

#3 on iTunes as of right now, Drake continues to dazzle expectations. Support and buy in here.

New Nas Joint "Film"

I'm feeling this joint. Love when Nas paints you that picture. Produced by my man C-Sick, the kid who won Big Tune 2008. Read more here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Joe Budden's Girl, Tahiry gets her first Benz

I'm posting this because I'm happy for babygirl. I bought my first suit yesterday and that felt great but this, this is something else. It must be such an amazing feeling.

Check out JoeBuddenTV

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Dodge Challenger Vapor by the US Air Force

Murdered out war machine, the Dodge Vapor is half car, half spaceship and completely real. Radar-absorbing stealth-black paint, silent mode, biometric verication to enter the cockpit via gull wing doors, night/thermal vision projections on the windshield, over 500 horsepower, and who the hell knows what else.

T.Shirt interviewed on

For a very cool thing Will put together for his site called Project Profile.

You can check out my interview here

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh My GOD Busta Rhymes & Big Tigger

One of my favorite directors of the moment, BB Gun creates an amazing, beautifully shot video experience while both, BOTH Big Tigger & Busta Rhymes KILL THIS TRACK.

Busta's Back On My Bullshit in Stores Right Now. Buy it here.

Kid Cudi wears a great t-shirt

No pun intended. It's a great fucking t-shirt.

Check out more pieces out of Last Rights here. and check out their gangsta ass website here.

*also, because I'm feeling nice and he really does sound cool as fuck, follow Cudi on Twitter why don't you

New N.E.R.D. Website Cosigned by T.Shirt & all his Friends

..and get this, I don't know if my friends have even seen it yet. But when they do.. Nah, but seriously I think it's great that these guys have taken their sound and image so consistently to the next level. I truly respect what they do.

*The pic above has nothing to do with anything except for the fact I kinda like it.

Check out the new N.E.R.D. Web Experience here.

Slaughterhouse & MOP "Woodstock"

I'm feeling this shit man, joint goes hard. Woodstock, hood hop nigga.

Download Woodstock - Slaughterhouse feat. MOP


hahaha that is my good friend Chad up there giving a lecture a.k.a. stand up routine at Ignite NYC IV. The idea here is that you have 5 minutes to give a presentation in front of hundreds of people, with a slideshow of pictures being controlled so you don't know what's coming next. Nobody can do it like the Executive Director of Emerging Platforms at Organic, mothafuckin' Chad Stoller.

*Organic is a leading Digital Marketing Agency, and Chad has helped me much. Thanks buddy.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jeezy Just Fine Nigga

*Rumors all over the place saying they got Jeez. Questions by B Dot:

Early this morning, rumors hit the world wide web that Young Jeezy was stabbed at Luckie Food Lounge in Atlanta and later checked into Grady Memorial Hospital. Although two people were injured, Mr. 17.5 phoned in with Rap Radar to address the allegation against him. Jeezy ain't nigga's just lying.

Rumors are swirling that you and members of your CTE camp were hurt early this morning at Luckie Lounge in Atlanta. Care to clear it up?
Ah man, shout out to DJ Trauma. His 10th anniversary party was crazy. That was the most broads I seen in the city in a long time. The baddest broads I ever seen out in a minute. The party was off the chain.

Do you know what transpired?
At the party? We was at the bar. I know they said something broke out, but we ain’t catch nothing. We got up out of the building and we left. Headed back to the studio and kicked it.

Folks are saying that you were stabbed.
Someone like who? Something happened to me?

Uh, yeah.
Hell no! Niggas stab me? Ain’t no one dead is it? [laughs] Nah, we one hundred, quit playing. I’m a tell you something too man, you better quit listening to them TMZ-ass dudes, man. Com’on man. These internet gangstas—I mean, bitches. Nah, we good man. We one hundred. Everybody we left with was good. Club pretty much closed after that. I ain’t see nothing so I can’t tell ya. We had a ball, man. We got up outta there.

So I take it you didn’t check into Grady Memorial Hospital.
Me? I checked into a broad's house. [laughs] If that’s the hospital, then we we’re playing doctor. I’m quite sure there’s some records, you go and check 'em. We good, all bullshit aside. Shout out to DJ Trauma for real. That was one of the flyest parties I been to in a while, man. That shit was crazy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Preview of 2010 Pirelli Calender Shot by Terry Richardson

ILLRAPPER loves Terry Richardson. I see the man all the time in Soho and he looks ever so cool -usually carelessly riding his bicycle down the street. Here are some titresting behind the scene photos of Terry frolicking with a few models from the popular Pirelli Calender he's shooting quite graphically.

*Terry made the Italian Vanity Fair cover as well. Good Grief.

LED wall perfect for an *ill rapper.

*T.Shirt. An Illuminated Bottle wall by Alex Beim. There is a controllable LED light in each of the 253 bottles on this mobile wall which will be taken around to festivals all this summer.

*Watch a video of the different stuff this can do here.

**Mean & Ice Cold** DJ AM X TRAVIS BARKER @ Coachella 11

My friends in Members Only better hurry the fuck up. The competition is fierce. This is the boys mixing Rage Against The Machine, Fatman Scoop, & Jay-Z.

Download Coachella 11 (Mash-Up)- DJ AM & TRAVIS BARKER

*Travis's shirt is crazzzzy.

War Angel LP

50 Cent back with some ill nigga rap shit.

Download War Angel LP- 50 Cent

J Cole's Last Call *Live*

I like this right here. I wish they would of sliced in some of the real audio but fuck it. Go get em J !

Shutter Island preview looks crazzzyy

New Martin Scorcese flicko Shutter Island in theaters for Halloween. Not the one starring Vince but the one starring Leo.

Pharrell's Crazy Custom Watch

Bape & Casio G-Shock DW-6900 encrusted in gold with a rainbow logo. 1 of one. That's the way you gotta fucking do it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

T.Shirt chosen as one of the winners of the Wyclef Jean Remix Contest !

Everyone had to send in a little 30 second video clip (called a Bubble Tweet) rapping or singing a "More Bottles" Remix verse to Wyclef through Twitter. You can check mine out here. I did at about 2am in the morning just playing around with the beat, having fun sitting on my bed. I don't know exactly what's about to happen but I think Clef was saying he's inviting the winners into his Manhattan Studio to record a full "Twitter Remix" haha. Very cool. I'm excited. If you know me, you know it's not about this contest but really about the chance to go, talk to the Refugee and show him what I can do right? Yeeaahh.

Follow T.Shirt on Twitter here !
*Once again, watch my 30 second Wyclef Remix audition video here.

*That's T.Shirt with the red hat by the way, and the famous Director Daniel Marques on the left.