Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bouncing Cats (Trailer) by Nabil Elderkin

This is really nice and no where near what I expected it to be. The film/documentary takes place in "one of the worst places on earth to be a child", Uganda. It tells of the children raised there in a hip-hop, b-boy and breakdancing culture, using it to inspire communities through a special project called, Abraham “Abramz” Tekya’s Breakdance Project Uganda (B.P.U.). Crazy Legs, of the legendary Rock Steady Crew had been invited some years back and upon traveling throughout Uganda, discovered such a love of the culture he helped create, such a positive light. Bouncing Cats follows Abramz, Crazy Legs, and Breakdance Project Uganda on a journey to use hip-hop for positive social change. It's just really very interesting to me. You see and hear the influence Hip-Hop has every which way you look but you never really know. This is incredible to me. The film features narration by Common and interviews with Mos Def, Will-I-Am, and K’Naan.

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