Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drake Talks Last Song On The Forthcoming "Thank Me Later"

Drizzy has some words and I liked the poetry in them. I'll let him tell it:

The sun just came out. I mean I haven't seen it yet cause I am in the studio but I know it did. So good morning. I am working on the last song for Thank Me Later. What a different journey it's been this go round. I wish I could share so much more with you but there are just too many new people involved who have dedicated their time to "the reveal". Should I just post the entire thing up now and say no the methods and yes to the mayhem???? Ha. I'd love too, but this is something special that I feel needs to be delivered to you in the way you deserve it to be. Remember the days of well thought out visuals, album thank you's, funk flex rants, all the things that came with the release of a new album, the things we'd look forward to...well I hope I can make you remember. I've worked hard on this body of work and I feel like every artist involved has given me their absolute best. I cannot wait till it's yours. The relief I will experience on release day will be euphoric. I look in peoples eyes and see not so much the doubt, but the uncertainty, the question that looms...and whatever the answer is I think we're both ready for it. These overwhelming moments are to be cherished. On that note fond readers, I will see u soon somewhere along the way. Mr. Walters pull the car around front...its time to go home.

"History will be kind to me...for I intend to write it"
- Winston Churchill

(I heard J Cole was incredible at SOB's tonight...mazel tov and enjoy the high my good man! )

*Updated the post with the [Obama] Drake/Nikki Minaj XXL Cover

*New Video* Janelle Monae x Big Boi "Tightrope"

The dancing on this is some of the best I've seen in a hile. Great record, great look for Shorty, great video and vibe all around.

Terry Richardson x Ben Stiller

New Rolling Stone x Terry Richardson shit. I love how crisp and bright his photos are. Ben Stiller is a jackass haha.

few more here

J Cole At SOB's Performs New Song "Who Dat"

Fuck my never put up personal footage rule on this one. You can see and hear clearly how good J Cole is. He premiered his new track “Who Dat,” which was produced by himself & Elite to a very attentive crowd. Shit sounds great.

*I like what Miss Info's Mikey Fresh had to say;
As a weekly visitor to S.O.B’s in NYC, I can honestly say I haven’t see a New York artist or any artist for that matter get the spot rockin’ like it was tonight in a long, long time. (S.O.B’s employees said it was crazier tonight than when Drake performed last summer.) Real Talk, J. Cole murdered that shit. No album out… no singles, just mixtape cuts. I mean Nipsey and Pill can attest, they were there and didn’t go anywhere near a mic.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

*New Shit* Joell Ortiz x DJ Premier "Project Boy"

Finally Joell Ortiz gets with a Director that knows what the fuck he's doing. Shout to The ICU. Great record.

*Bonus* Listen/Download Project Boy - Joell Ortiz (Produced by DJ Premier)

CMYK VS RGB's New Profile Pic

The mind behind the filth and texture of my last few album covers has a new profile pic on Facebook I thought looked so dope. No links for you stalker types but you can see more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here. This to me belongs on a design site with a million comments for years to come.

Lacoste x Bodega Esteban Kicks

Feeling these gritty numbers right here. Embroidered Lacoste croc logo etc, etc. A limited run of 250 pairs will be launched at Bodega and other global locations this Saturday April 3rd, 2010.

(New Video) MGMT - Flash Delirium

This is pretty fucking weird but all in all it reminded me too much of The Royal Tenebaums to pass up. Plus, I have this eerie connection to MGMT as the years roll forth. Their new album, Congratulations drops April 13th.

*ILL Rapper Yelawolf Signs To Interscope*

Yo, there's few things that make me happier than hearing a dope, deserving artist signs his record deal. I was waiting till this was confirmed. I've been posting Yelawolf for the last year before any of the blogs were talking about him, before any of the famous rapper collaborations or packed SXSW shows. Late-nights in Spek had me showing Dredlife what the kid was up to in Alabama. That Box-Chevy joint on repeat had us going bananas. Wow. Let's get this kid some top-production up under him, a couple of huge records to warm up and a couple of heavy cosigns right now. This is so good to hear.

Miss Info has the details here. Huge shout to Yelawolf and his whole team.

The Sartorialist Vintage Photo Contest

Unfortunately I found out about this a little too late being that March 30th is the last day for submission. But still, what a dope idea. Just taking a look at the stylish folks of the past and seeing how far we've come and yet, how not so far at all, is a real trip. Pun intended. These are all real pictures people from all over the world have sent it.

Check some more out here.

*New Music* Diddy x Dirty Money x T.I. "Hello, Good Morning"

So far, Puff's 1 for 2 in my book. Yeah we love him over here but one of the joints he put out a few months ago just didn't do anything for me. Now "Angels"? That record is crazy. Hated on by so many bloggers and kids alike but still, it hits so damn hard. Now, it's new single time for Diddy and the Dirty Money Gang and man you can just hear what this is gonna do in the clubs of the world. Whoa. The Puff verse on the end is laid on top of a serious piece of music by Timbo's man Danja. I'm into this.

Listen/Download Puff & Dirty Money feat. T.I. - Hello, Good Morning (Produced by Danja)

*American Idol Performance this Wednesday Night? Yeah, that shit isn't gonna be so good.

Monday, March 29, 2010

"The Nakeds" By Victoria's Secret

Yeeaah sitting here, I saw this on the tube. "Completely smooth and seamless under clothes." I don't function well when cheetah panties come into play.

buy here

Erykah Badu x Fader TV Interview

I've been feeling ole girl lately. I like her style and after that last video, seeing where her head is at, seeing the things she's doing and who she's rolling with, I can really dig it. Love the top hat w/ the holy tee.

*Shout to my favorite Hip-Hop blog on the net, Young Kings.

Kid Cudi For Bape Summer 2010

You know we like Cudi over here. Here he is modeling some summer Bape shit and talking about having worked in Soho at the Bape store just a couple years ago. I know the grind kid.

You can read the interview here.
*Found these too, I like Bape Summer 2010.

How To Make It in America *Episode 7*

We call this one a bridge show of sorts. Still good shit. I can't believe next week is already the season finale. Let's hope they get picked up.

*Click the red and wait for it to turn green, then hit play.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Somewhere In Oakland, Dee Adams Has One Of The Illest Lofts I've Ever Seen

Seriously one of the most beautiful spaces I've seen in my life. Interiors consultant and senior producer at Yahoo, Dee Adams lives like a vagabond queen. She runs her own design blog on the side too, check it here. I can't get over how sick this thing is. I like to think I have a similar situation going on on a much smaller scale now but this is good living right here man. Something to look forward to.

More pics and Dee's thoughts here

Jeff Staple: Good To Great

A wise man once said, "To know Jeff Staple, is to respect Jeff Staple." Okay that was me, but respect my theory, have some lunch and check this out. Here's what the man himself had to say; "The same crew that recently interviewed DJ Neil Armstrong and myself in Paris, did an extended sit down chat with me on the topic of how lots of little things can make a big difference. I feel like a lot of people in this day and age want to hit that quick jackpot. Like they just meander through life waiting for shit to fall in their lap. I don’t know what it is…maybe the internet, maybe reality TV, maybe this notion of a celebrity that is famous for doing nothing…but it’s pervasive. So I was intrigued when these guys wanted to talk about this particular topic. Thanks to the Brand RMX guys for putting together this great 2-part piece."

You can watch the second part here

Saturday, March 27, 2010

*Roberu Leather iPhone Case*

Anybody that knows me knows I don't do covers for my iPhone. It's too pretty man fuck all that. But this is something else. Being released tomorrow.

more here

Official Nas x Damian Marley "Distant Relatives" Cover Art

It could have been a lot worse haha. Looking at cover art without new music is weird but I feel like the photo is that strong. Album drops May 18th.

Here's the tracklist:

1. As We Enter
2. Tribal War (feat. K’NAAN)
3. Strong Will Continue
4. Leaders
5. Wisdom (Sabali)
6. Count Your Blessings
7. Disappear
8. The Promised Land (feat. Dennis Brown)
9. Nah Mean
10. Angola (Friends)
11. My Generation (feat. Lil Wayne and Joss Stone)
12. Africa Must Wake Up (Feat. K’NAAN)
13. BONUS TRACK Ancient People (feat. Junior Reid)

Jay-Z x Swizz Beatz Live at The Staples Center

I usually don't post these concert joints cause the audio is so terrible but this is strong. It just shows a great angle of these guys. Professionals man. Makes me like the song more than I have actually.

Louis Vuitton Bag In Fort Greene

Saw this in a cafe today and I thought it was cool. I don't care about what season it is or whatever. Classic is classic. Not saying this is classic haha. Just making a point about the pieces I like. She was doing good things with the rest of her outfit too.

*New Album* Phoenix - Live In Sydney

These guys are great and the internets buzzing with the fact they just released their "Live In Sydney" album for free, download here.

Miguel Paredes x 2ESAE x Ski "1 Brush, 2 Cans"

The other night, downtown on the east side, the sidewalk was littered with the best kind of slackers New York has to offer haha. Inside and out of the bar-turned-gallery, friends of friends of friends and artists alike mingled for a few hours admiring the gorgeous and fierce collaboration between the vivid (and cool as fuck) Miguel Paredes from Miami, and my good friends, street-art famous kids, 2ESAE and Ski of URNEWYORK. If you missed opening night, you're a punk but you're not lost. The show runs March 24th through April 12th, at Gallery Bar NY on 120 Orchard St. Hot Mop Films was in the building covering the festivities so expect something sweet and official dropping soon.

*I should figure out a better way to post a whole bunch of pics. Gimme a little bit on that. "I thought I told you cats I'm not a blogger!"

*New Creative Control Video* Erykah Badu – Window Seat

I haven't posted any of the new music from ole girl because my bad, it's just too weird and not that good in my opinion. I admit I haven't heard much though. I promise to give it another chance. Now this up-top is a treat. Them boys at Creative Control have done it again and as much as the flack these guys get you really have to applaud the art they're putting out. If just for their eye alone! Great video. Erykah's New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh) will be in stores March 30, 2010.

*I admit when I posted it I didn't watch till the end. Wow. I can't believe she went through with this. So bold.

*New Music* Rihanna x Rick Ross - Rude Boy (Remix)

Mothafuckin Ricky Ross has a couple very memorable parts on this, and it's probably my favorite Rihanna song ever.. maybe haha. I really like it, mostly because of that video.

Listen/Download Rihanna feat. Rick Ross - Rude Boy (Remix)

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (Teaser Trailer)

This starts really ill and then gets kinda weak. Just my opinion but we love Aloe Blacc over here.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Astor Kings Turn 23 Today

Chris gave the card up top to Andyboy haha. I helped. More photos to come.

Hit the boys up today and wish them the greatest.

Vintage Kate Moss (Vogue Paris)

It's not even that she looks so hot in this picture, it's just that thigh and ass look like some girlfriend shit I don't know how to explain. Almost like the beautiful girl you get naked in a car in your mid-twenties while doing laundry and by the time them sweatpants hit her knees you're just as ready to go as you ever were in your life. In a vintage series of photos all the way from the 90's by photog Mario Testino. A Kate Moss like I'm sure you've never seen. More of the collection here.

Sean Price Does Figure Four (Live @ SXSW)

I usually don't put these up but P goes off something bananas on this shit. You gotta real love rap to like this nigga.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Legendary Photographer Jim Marshall Dies At 74

Though I wasn't too familiar with his work by name, you look at some of his iconic pictures of everybody from the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, the Who, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, and of course The Beatles, and you realize you've known Jim for quite some time. There's a quote he once said, of how he could "see the music" in his photos. That to me right there, sums up his greatness.

Remembering Jim Marshall

A Conversation with A-Trak

I was just talking about A-Trak with a friend of mine yesterday. Not many people know how deep the kid's dope runs. I need to watch this thing a little later. The guys of EIKNARF, and Asian Dan in collaboration with Media Contender & Kloud had the opportunity to be invited into Alain’s apartment/studio and have a good heart to heart.

Acapulco Gold x Mark McNairy Collection (Preview)

I look at the items above and I just think quality. The rich leather, the good, hard denim. Who knows, there's a good chance I put the boots on and it just doesn't work for me. Or the jeans fit tight on the thighs or something. I need a bit a ghetto in my look at all times haha. Anyway I was feeling the aesthetics from the guys at Acalpulco. This is merely a preview of an upcoming collaboration with J. Press creative director Mark McNairy and a collection of American-made denim hitting stores next week. Niice.

*New Video* Kid Cudi "Soundtrack To My Life"

Not sure if this is official or what but it made me smile a bunch and flat out laugh out loud a few times haha. Cud seems like he's really a trip man. The quality of the thing isn't so great but fuck it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

*2 Week Anniversary* Of The Tan-Face Children EP

2 week anniversary time haha. Forgive me for pushing the issue but we're no where near stopping promotion on the project so I really wanna get this on as many ipods and iTunes as I can. If you haven't downloaded it yet, if you frequent the site, if you know me personally, I know there's a barrage of new music coming at you from all angles but please, take some time out and support us with a free download. We did it up, you won't regret it.

"There's nothing better than making something with your friends. Sometimes, I just gotta forget about the outside world listening in and remember who I really made this for first and foremost. When I've rapped for myself in the past I never got the kind of response I wanted.. it's only when I rap for us.. when I take how I feel, what Darvin goes through, Dred, how Ronin's felt, my brothers.. I'm just trying to tell our story.. and I'm just trying to get it right.. inspire us. I think J Cole said it best, "My story ain't the only one I'm trying to tell" - that shit just rang so true to me. We are the tan-face children. We are the pioneers. Maybe you have to know all of us to understand.. maybe it gives you a familiar feeling."

Download The Tan-Face Children EP

The Tan-Face Children EP is being presented in a first time ever collaboration with The Connoisseurs Of Culture, a progressive media collective comprised of, Different Kitchen ( and - shout Stone, Ian and Benhameen for all the dedicated promo on this. Much respect guys.

A huge thanks to Dred (of Hot Mop Films) who took the photos, and my man Fern, one of the illest designers and color specialists in the game (not the rap game, ha!). Fern actually has a couple of crazy before and after shots worth seeing here.

*Music Mastered by Julian Silva for On Air Mastering in Brooklyn, New York.

And finally, last but not least I wanna thank Blue for real man. You have an incredible ear for awesome music and impeccable timing. People have no idea what they're in for when it comes to what Darvin Silva can bring to the table. I'm in it for the long haul my nigga ! I couldn't have done any of this without you. Remember.. you beat me in handball once in your life, by two points, and it will never happen again.

Nike Air Toki Canvas Summer 2010

I just helped Dredlife buy a pair of these Nike Air Toki and we both agree they're a dope new style, especially for summer summer time. These above are a bit different in canvas and I love them. The Vans Chukkas I went crazy for in previous years don't really age well, let's see if these can do better.

*That blue to the left are great man. More styles and colors here.

Snoop Dogg x Nipsey Hussle "Upside Down" (NSFW)

More than this is a fun, tittied-out video experience, it's really a very strong record. Snoop raps with a purpose and young Nip Hussle who I've come to really, really enjoy does his thing.

Gorillaz x Complex Magazine

Sick cover man. I love this type of shit. They even have the full interview with animated band here. Read up. Down below is the premise of the interview which is really quite interesting.

"So four freakshow rockstars walk into the music industry and sell 15 million records. The punch line? This happened in the 21st century! LOLZ! But after two absolutely gangbusters albums and a handful of mind-blowing videos, the Gorillaz fell off the face of the earth. Some of us didn't think the disappearance was all that strange; after all, it was just a bunch of animated characters who were the brainchild of Damon Albarn and comic artist Jamie Hewlett. But those of us who thought that were wrong.
See, a little while ago, we got a letter at Complex HQ with a postmark we couldn't quite decipher. The letter (which smelled like lighter fluid and was dusted with a powder that was decidedly not anthrax) said only, "Wish you were here! Not really! Plastic Beach is done, though!" But instead of a signature, there was only an international phone number and the inscription "M." Turns out it was from Murdoc Niccals, the Gorillaz bassist (and, to hear him say it, the band's only significant member), who had been holed up on his garbage island for nigh on three years—possibly by himself. The ensuing conversation was odd, but we managed to chop it up and find out what's been going on with the rest of the Gorillaz, what we can expect from the new album Plastic Beach and their headlining appearance at Coachella on April 18, and why we think Murdoc might just want to remain in a non-extradition country."

Esquire Magazine's Top 50 Songs Of 2010

Their tag line is "From country to Clipse and everything in between, discover new music that will make you feel better in 2010". I can dig it. You never know the gems coming off this. Esquire is one of the best.

Check out here

*New Video* Meth x Rae x Ghost "Our Dreams" (Directed by Rik Cordero)

Rik Cordero commented on this site on Thanksgiving last year and had me bugging out. I let him have it a little tough for that Clipse "Popeyes" video. Fast-forward to now I wanna make this official when I say, the growth coming off this video from Rik is undeniable and inspiring. This up top, is excellent. Not to mention the three top form verses from the legend ill rappers of course.

*New Music* Method Man x Raekwon x Ghostface - Dangerous

This song is such a beast oh God. Whoever thinks these guys aren't doing incredible music again in 2010 can eat a dick.

Dangerous - Meth, Ghost, Rae

Respect to
Low "I'm about to become cool with T.Shirt" Key

Naomi Campbell For Vogue Russia

The forever beautiful Miss Naomi Campbell wearing baubles by Simon Robins.

Great shoot here.

Nipsey Hussle's Top Ten Records For V Cast

Wow, much respect to Nip for this. In a very forward-thinking move, the kid shot a promo with V Cast and talked about his favorite 10 Hip-Hop records. I swear to you most rappers can't do this with the style and authenticity homeboy comes across with. Give this to someone like Wale and it won't work. It just won't. It's a little long to really run anywhere but great online content and a nice plug for his debut album dropping.

The Black Keys x DangerMouse

Great music from the guys. The progressive shit people are making nowadays is so dope. Music is exciting as it ever was. Props to the Broke Mogul.

Listen/Download Tighten Up - The Black Keys

*For those of you that don't know, Broke Mogul is Scott Vener who picks the music for Entourage and How To Make It In America on HBO. He has a great ear. Hit him up and tell him you wanna hear some T.Shirt sometime.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Jay -Z in "Ny-Z" An ABSOLUT Collaboration (Full)

This is shot so beautifully by a guy named Danny Clinch. It's a great behind the scenes look into New York's own Jay-Z on stage, backstage, hopping out of big Benz's, in nice hotel rooms etc.

Nike Air Royal Mid VT

I was thinking about posting these when it was just a light purple available. Now cool mint and black too! I'm hooked. These are great. Supposedly they're available at the Nike Mercer joint.

Murs & 9th Wonder ft. Sick Jacken & Uncle Chucc - The Problem Is

Besides Murs I'm not sure who's who but homeboy with the baldie is nice. I'm also not sure what made me click this thing here but when I did I heard and saw a well done song and video about something. For that alone, much respect.

Props to Eskay at NahRight

*New Music* Angeldust Freestyle - Sean Price x T.Shirt

I possibly sat on releasing this for longer than I've ever sat on releasing anything. I  just don't want no problem with Sean Price, simple as that. But I had something to say. I dunno.. I get in these moods sometimes where you really can't tell me shit. I hated that "kill your mother" thing at the end of his verse. I just did. Sue me. And I like the nigga. I think he's a real dude and I saw something on A-list radio he did and it was just bananas. All these bullshit young rappers can't spit with the comfort and honesty this guy can spew with one line but I just didn't like that thing at the end. Anyway, there's only a line or two about it, the rest is where the beat made me go.

Listen/Download Angeldust Freestyle - Sean Price x T.Shirt

"On the flip side of things, on the rich side in Queens,
these kids in a black pick-up picked up some thangs
$60 dollars down and the shit sniff of dreams,
and it's weed but the shit stench drips out the seams
crack something else man, what's bad is the fiends
the drug itself is more pure and pristine
niggas piss on dreams, get rich on schemes,
do dirt, turn around snitch on teams
fuck are you talking 'bout Shirt? pussies at 16..
watch rappers, get a .38, wanna spit a 16
fuck does this mean? it means
that while you talk, these kids like machines, which means
a whole fucking mess of them like pissed-off teens
making they Momma cry and don't care if the bitch screams
I like P, but here's what's wrong with his scenes
they hopeless, fuck that, I don't believe in these things
.. on the road to the riches and rings
the opposite of all that harsh shit is kids and they dreams
we gotta inspire, 'fore our talent expire
what you trying to water a flower with fire? 
it's fucked  up, people in the hood 6 months behind..
and pigs stop you when you run a stop sign
niggas front with fake jewels on like they got shine,
and think they can rap better than the new rapper the Roc signed..
damn shame and it's not mine
your Momma praying to the sound of the sirens, please not mine
the coolest drug dealer got time..
the biggest thug sleeps in a box of pine"

How To Make It in America *Episode 6*

I'm gonna need to watch this in a bit my damn self. They got me last week, I'm hooked. Great show.

Yardster got us, of course.

The Greatest Living Inventor, Dr. Nakamatsu (Preview)

Jeff Staple just put this up and him being such a creative, smart, street guy, I listened up. It's about a Dr. Nakamatsu who according to his own accord, is 144 years old and currently holds 3,357 patents compared with Thomas Edison's 1,093. Great little look into the life of the World's greatest living inventor, that is all.

"My brain is very important"

Health Care Bill Passes

"This is what change looks like".

*I admit I'm green as to what exactly this means but as soon as I find a credible source I will update this post.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

*Beautiful New Music* Drake - Fall For Your Type

It's just a reference joint but wow, this is beautiful. No bullshit, when the kid sings shit like this it's never a fail. Just beautifully written and sung from somewhere deep. Drake singing > Drake rapping. It just is what it is. I mean, it's a a minute and 50 seconds and you never want it to end.

Listen/Download Fall For Your Type - Drake

"I. always. fall. for. your. type."

Dame Dash's America Nu Magazine (Creative Control)

A quick look into each and every asset going into Dame's Magazine which I imagine is either still in the process of getting funding or just outside of my wealth of street knowledge. Is this out yet? I'm needing to know, yeah. Looks great.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kate Moss Covers Hommes International Vogue

My Kate Moss appetite is nearing unhealthy heights. I need the hi-res photos from this shoot asap. *Got em* It's her eyes, I know it's her eyes.

A lot more pics here

Rick Ross's Verse From The T-Pain/Freaknik Show "That's How We Do It"

We were in the Blue Room just flipping out about this joint right here. This one down below starts from Ross and skips the Young Cash nigga from the show but it's cool with me. It's really just that Ross verse I needed.

Listen/Download That's How We Do It - Rick Ross x T-Pain

Spike Jonze "I'm Here" (Full Film)

There was a beautifully done trailer for this floating around a couple months ago and I didn't even realize that it wasn't the full thing. Take a little time out and watch a master filmmaker at work.

No embed, watch the film here.


Happy Birthday from yours truly to my pretty homeslice from the Bay bitches. She was cool even before she became La Familia. May she laugh forever.


Stussy New York World Tour T-Shirt

I actually really, really like this tee. Don't ask me why.

You can buy it for me on Saturday, March 20th at Stussy Downtown NYC (176 Spring St.)

Last Rights SXSW x The House Fire Part 1

Just a little look into what's going on in Texas right now. Rowdy, Hip-Hop loving people in the streets, well-organized rap shows deep cover, highed-up rappers in good clothes etc. I usually don't post up previews like this but I'm feeling the appearanes by the young J. Cole, Curren$y, Bun B, Pill, and Freddie Gibbs. Go get 'em got there boys.

Tan-Face Children Live March 31st @ Public Assembly

This is the first of many posts to ensure you all come out for this one. Save the date! It's gonna be a small, early, Wednesday night performance and you get The Astor Kings too. All I need is like 25 of ya, front and center, nothing major. Come out and have some good times.

*This was some last minute shit and we didn't design the flyer so yeah.

K'naan Official World Cup Anthem

K'naan deserves this post right here. What an amazing achievement and international honor to have the official song of the World Cup. Very cool. My man Cisco was telling me about this kid 3 months ago and we were watching shitty YouTube clips, now this. Much respect. Video is Directed by Nabil Elderkin.

J Cole Interview w/ Levi's/Fader Fort At SXSW

Great, quick interview with the folks over at the Levi's/Fader Fort. Cole looks cool, comfortable.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tina Fey In Esquire

We love Tina Fey over here. Not only is she very, very smart which is very, very sexy but she's damn funny and seems very much on the opposite end of your typical Hollywood chik.

"I got an e-mail [from Esquire] with a list of the potential setups, and my e-mail back was like, Well, I need to decline being handcuffed to a bed. I won't straddle anyone. I won't make out with a cop. There are certain things, I totally get them as a premise. And they're all good fun, and if I were a young single model, they would be appropriate, but, you know, I'm a mom. And my kid's going to find this someday. I don't want to be handcuffed to a bed in Esquire."

I'll try and get the whole interview once it's up but you can read a few great excerpts and see some great photos here when you get a chance.

Pharrell x Moncler Collection Preview

Wow, the colors on this pieces are so dope. You hear about these celebrity collaborations and really never know what the outcome is gonna look like but I should have known Pharrell would come with it.

More pieces here

Travis Barker x A-Trak Official EPK

I posted up a rehearsal pic earlier but here's the full, official EPK from the boys. The shit sounds great. I'd love to see this live and I'm sure it's even more phenomenal than we think. They perform at SXSW tonight so shout to everybody in Texas.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Morning Beauty | Laura Blokhina by Jimmy Backius

The title pretty much says it all. Happy 8am.

more from the pretty girl here