Friday, February 28, 2014

Jordan Future Black/Infrared Drop March 1st

I'm pretty sure I'm fucking with these hard.

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Rihanna Goes Clubbing With Her Tits Out

Well shit.


GQ Talks To Pharrell, New Album "G I R L" Drops Tuesday

Guy's on fire.

He stops just as abruptly, and says again: “You know what I’m saying? Inject purpose. Inject purpose. Inject purpose.”

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (Behind The Scenes)

Most anticipated, my nigga. In theaters March 7th.

Part 2 here

Dapper Dan Talks To Vice

Ill talk with a Harlem legend.

Who do you think bit you off the most? 

The other guys, you can understand. They were established already. But Tommy Hilfiger, his whole style was off our backs. The other guys were already in business. All they had to do was change a little. Tommy Hilfiger, he came in with the whole nine. His whole platform began when he started sending his brother Andy to rap clubs. So he built everything on that. I pick up the paper and I think, Oh ,God, if I was white… 

Can you talk about how your story would be different if you were white? 

If I was white? Oh, man, I didn’t have to be all the way white; I could have been Jewish... I would have had a clique. [laughs] The only thing that ever held me back was… Actually, my color didn’t even hold me back. My perception of my color held me back. Reverse prejudice held me back. If I had been more open to dealing with white people and Jewish people, I would have been more successful today. Back in the day I stayed angry, and I didn’t even realize how angry I was. But anyway, that’s my problem. That’s why I’m so happy about my son. He’s growing up in a different world. Do you think the same limitations are there today for a young black man that were there when you were growing up? No. First of all, the white guys coming up today are different. The large majority of them are not like their parents. They just have that subliminal prejudice; they don’t even know they’re prejudiced. And some of them have even overcome that! And a lot of the young black guys coming up, they’re not as angry as I was and as distrusting as I was of white people. So it’s a big difference now. 

Why do you think you were so angry? 

I got tricked. I have to admit it. I got tricked in the sense that those demagogues who needed us to think that the white man was such a devil exploited us to the point where it stunted our growth. I’ve seen guys where it had a more detrimental effect on them than it had on me.

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Supreme Accessories Summer/Spring 2014

Perfect actually. Not for sale just yet.


Rick Ross feat. French & Puff Daddy "Nobody" (Video)

This shit crazy. New Ross album drops Tuesday.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

De La Soul Give Out Entire Catalog Of Albums Free For Valentine's Day

This is fucking great. Don't sleep.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Shirt (@SHIRTNYC) Album "Rap" Available Now

Yeah.  Executive produced by Shirt & Darvin Silva.

DL here

TAKE OFF (Produced by Zygote & Jazz T) 
NIGGAS ON COKE (Produced by David "Leggo" Rojas) 
TUSCAN LEATHER (Produced by Noah "40" Shebib)
NEW BITCH (Produced by Beat Ventriloquists) 
LIFE AND ART (Produced by Simon Green) 
EITHER YOU HERE OR YOU WITH GOD (Produced by David "Leggo" Rojas) 
DRUGS (Produced by HighFrequency) 
UNDERSTATED (Produced by The Letter L)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

NY Times Interview w/ Rapper Shirt

With a new album dropping in  x  days, Shirt takes his favorite writer from the Times for a spin.

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Jerry Seinfeld Talks To Howard Stern In Season 3 Finale Of "Comedians In Cars…"

Filmed at one of the diner's we've been going for years. Damn near up the block from the crib.

Watch here

Rick Ross "Oyster Perpetual"

Dope shit. Mastermind coming March 4th.

Nike 2014 Spring Flyknit Lunar2 Collection Available Now

These are fly. Spring fresh.

$150 right now

Combat Jack Gives TED Talk On Hip-Hop In America (Video)

Been following Combat's work for years now. This is great.

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