Monday, August 31, 2009

Grizzly Bear bring Jay-Z & Beyonce to their Williamsburg Waterfront Pool Party

The beautiful superstars in Williamsburg jamming to one of my favorite songs ever from the boys of Grizzly Bear. So funny cause I just posted this song last week for you. I'm so up on everything wouldn't you say?
B looks so ill.

Why I missed this gorgeous free show is beyond comprehension.

props to BrooklynVegan

Estevan Oriol Spread in the new XXL

One of my favorite L.A.-based photographers, director Estevan Oriol did a photoshoot in his hometown for the latest issue of XXL Magazine faturing Nipsey Hussle, Jay Rock etc. I need pictures from this man. Get my Abuelita tatted on my chest from Cartoon and go see Estevan. Make a weekend out of it.

More here.

*Estevan is the one who shot this awesome photo. RIP AM

Drake X Trey Songz "Successful" **Official Video**

Finally, new emotion on Drake's face ! Anger ! Interesting. Umm, sorry Trey, your verse is really very weak.

Rhapsody Music Jay-Z Commercial

This is quite amazing right here. Recreating every Jay-Z cover since Reasonable Doubt.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'll Get You - Classixx

Darvin Silva put me on to this and it's definitely ill. Directed by Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter.

The Last Two

These three kill this shit.

New York Label SOPHOMORE Fall Collection

What intrigues me a whole lot more than the clothing is the photography by Cass Bird. I'm going to get in touch with this girl because she's that good.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Sep. 20th 9PM

Train station ads. I haven't sat in a chair for years but I've asked this exact question.

Blink 182's DJ AM Tribute

*DJ AM & Nas in 1994

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jay-Z on Bill Maher

Part 1

Part 2

Great interview.

*Props to YourAudioFix.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Jarbas Agnelli - 1974 in Super 8

Might have just passed me by but it's set to a gorgeous record by one of my favorites, Jose Gonzalez.

*Whattupp Will Divide?

New HBO Show "Bored To Death" looks pretty ill.

A new comedy series starring Jason Schwartzman,Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis. Premiering Sunday, September 20th at 9:30PM. Uh oh Blue. Looks like we got another one.

Fantastic ! Mary J Blige feat. Drake *Video*

Anthony Mandler on fire this month, shit ! I love the way Mary moves on this, and she looks great. Talk that shit babygirl.

Rest In Peace to Adam Goldstein DJ AM

Throwing the first pitch from Citi Field August 23, 2009
I wasn't too much of a fan of his besides the magic he made with Travis. What makes me sad is they're saying drugs played a role. Especially after God gave the man a second chance last year. Who knows what real happen but what I am absolutely positive about is this, the music, the fans, the money, cars, girls, lights, houses, none of it means a fucking thing. When you need help, you need help. May my man rest in peace forever.

Raekwon Beatles Style On The Roof Of EMI


*Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 drops September 8th.

ill rapper shit

BVLGARI Carbon Gold

Celebrating 125 years for $1450.


Drake Calls Drama

Thank Me Later on Valentines Day.

Drake x Andre 3000 x Sade.

Hov x Drake back-to-back verses.

Working w/ Timbaland & Justin Timberlake. Oh shit, this kid is on fire.e

Download Drake Calls DJ Drama 14 min.

*Bonus* Download Forever - Drake feat. Other Rappers

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Absurdities of War, Inglourious Reviews by Willa Cmiel

My good, unusually soft friend Wills talks about Quentin Tarantino's Masterpiece. For the record, I saw it the other night and thought it was pretty fucking ill. Read here.

*Views expressed by Wills & Company are not necessarily those of, ha !

*Bonus* What a beautiful logo these two have..

Visit Vol. 1 Brooklyn sometime.

Ghostface Killah is Ghostdini The Wizard Of Poetry

Album Cover. That all.

*In the words of my brother Chris Daddy, "ridiculous".

Shriiimp Comes To NYC

Peace to Tig ! & Dred What-A-Life !

Raekwon "Catalina" Produced by Dr. Dre

I've been waiting for this record to drop dirty for some time now. This beat takes you on a small plane with 2 polo duffels of coke and a bad bitch with you.

Download Catalina - Raekwon feat. Lyfe Jennings

What if I bootlegged I_NY?

Shirt got the goods. Holla at me.

Kid Cudi Album Preview by Snark Jacob's Own

The incomparable Miss Kathy Iandoli walks you through Cudi's thesis. Read here.

Hey Kathy !

Courtesy of Snark Jacobs

Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem - Forever (Produced by Boi-1da)

Oh God, Drake >

Download Forever - Drake feat. Other Rappers

*Picture up top^ courtesy of Nah, Right? This song is actually off that Lebron James Movie Soundtrack.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ghostface Killah "Baby" **Video**

What a great video from Ghost.

Video >>>>>> Song .. so much so.

Jay-Z "Venus VS. Mars" Produced By Timbaland

For real though, the only songs that leaked were produced by Timbaland. Either the guys in control have the whole thing and are only letting these go and Timbo's camp really fucked up. Either way, this shit is really good.

Download Venus VS Mars - Jay-Z (fresh zshare link from me to you)

Blueprint 3 will be bananas.

*YN you sonofabitch

Nike Air Zoom Toki Quickstrike

I'm always looking at new kicks as you should you bum.

J Cole Back To The Topic Freestyle

Little nigga growing on me. Plus this beat is so sweet.. *sidenote* Happy Birthday to Cassie. We saw you naked baby.

Download Back To The Topic - J Cole

I...NY (Directed by Daniel Marques)

Tonight is the premiere, dress sharp. Arrive early for seating is limited, The White Rabbit on 145 E. Houston St. 7PM.

*haha, sum guy?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A-Morir Barracuda Studded Shades (Rihanna's in "Run This Town" Video)

I see most girls making bad decisions in trying to pull these off. Might as well pull them off ! Crafted by hand, the Kerin Rose-created shades are completely covered in hand-painted and hand-distressed pyramid studs with comfortable visibility. Very interesting. For $350, buy them here.

Lil' Wayne, Drake, Eminem, Kanye West This Friday.

New song, Forever off a soundtrack for the film above starring Lebron James.

*A lot of big names going on up there. Let's hope this track is worth all the commotion. Actually, check YN out to learn a little more. His insider connects are absolutely not to be fucked with.

Rest In Peace Babygirl..

There's just too many beautiful pics of this girl it was so hard to choose.. at the end I had to go with that natural, around the way girl look because that's what Aaliyah was to me.

Aaliyah Dana Haughton 1979 - 2001

Monday, August 24, 2009

More leaks ! ..a little Jay-Z "Reminder"

Alright this is pretty good. That kid Hov still got some spit to him eh? I'll give you a couple one liners once I hear this a few times.

Download Reminder - Jay-Z (Produced by Timbaland)

*Bonus* New York Magazine has a little piece on about to be 40 year old Gray-Z smh

T.Shirt's Monday Massacre w/ Mr. Oizo

A monster of a record produced by Darvin Silva at the infamous Blue Room.

Download Monday Massacre - T.Shirt + Mr. Oizo

"Upstairs, doors locked, smells like weed, call the cops
nah that's just T.Shirt, soda pop, holding my..
get em off e, go get coffee, mothafuck em all Blue
remember what I told you, your destiny is all you
scented candles, game on, blunt going, flame on
apologies to other rappers parade but I get my reign on
Shirt without a stain on it, nothing but my name on it
that's my DJ, look at that, his shirt it got the same on it
so I'm saying love, what you trying to get into?
she started asking questions, bitch this ain't no interview
I don't feel like talking, tell me how you feeling
wait, hold that thought, I'm hungry, lets go get Brazilian
I know I'm so bananas, my mind's a blank canvas
paint some stars on me, I'm out this fuckin' world
what the fuck was that? Oh, I'm coming back
I took a little trip, yeah it's a fucking wrap
my legacy is hard body rip apart the hardest beat
I remember back in the day in the studio on Hart Street
coming off the train at night, walking past these funny niggas
looking at me sideways, yes I'm wearing fuzzy slippers
I don't give a fuck at all, chiks can't get enough
I had this one girl tell me I hate you so much
then she sucked my dick, but she wasn't happy
she only swallowed a little, eh not too shabby"

I murder records, get a load of me baby ;o)

Jay Rock X Glasses Malone *OFFICIAL VIDEO*

I'm feeling that bullet hole on the bottom left oh shit. This goes pretty hard. Jay Rock is doing one of those 30 day/30 joints thing to by the way. Gotta love that Cali shit man.

10 Bricks by a few ill niggas.

Can't get enough of this shit. Produced by the incredible late J-Dilla.

Download 10 Bricks - Raekwon feat. Cappadona & Ghostface Killah

A Bathing Ape Pirate Shop

If you really know how to dress you know different season shit doesn't matter. The house Nigo built opens an outlet style store in NYC for a limited time from September 3rd till September 7th featuring marked down clothing and kicks from past seasons. This is cool. Don't get nothing too bright, you can't go wrong with something well made, simple and classic.

It's The Real provide commentary for Jay-Z's Run This Town

I never really mess with these two but this actually pretty funny.

"I wonder if Memphis Bleek really does rap to push a Rav 4"

T.Shirt Interviews Adam Tensta in New York *Part 1 + Part 2*

We almost there people- Part 3 where we trade bars, Coming Soon.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Epic Leak: Jay-Z's "Off That" feat. Drake

First and foremost, props to Onsmash. Wanna know something else that's epic? This record is an epic fail. Probably could've been an epic with the talent of these two. I feel bad. Oh and Drake is left to hook duties. It's a tough world kid.

Download Off That - Jay-Z feat. Drake (Fresh, link)

*Will the Blueprint 3 in fact be really wak? Damn.

Rodriguez Handmade DJ Booths

My friends could use a couple of these top of the line booths designed and hand built by Reynold Rodriguez. Completely custom, these puppies have seen some of the biggest music venues all over the world and will run you about $3,000 to start.

More pics and info here

*Can't you just picture my man killing it behind one of these things.
*Darvin Silva pictured above taken at last night's successful shindig. More pics on the way.

Ready, Able by Grizzly Bear is absolutely gorgeous.

I know a couple of these guys from Verb Cafe in Brooklyn where we worked together a few years ago. Obviously, we've all moved on for the better haha, some better than others ! Anyway, I know they've been an amazing band for a while now but this song recently has struck me as just gorgeous. It's off their Veckatimest album which I encourage you to buy and enjoy throughout. This is eerie and musical and sweet and all that.

Download Ready, Able - Grizzly Bear

*Love that picture up top btw.

Retro Super Future Matte Black boyyyyy

The Ciccio

Flat Top
These are very fly. I didn't know a whole bunch of famous people loved this brand though haha. This changes things ! No but I saw a guy in a cafe wearing these incredible big black shades and I just had to ask. Handmade in Italy, just great.

A million other styles, pricing, and purchase here

Memphis Bleek - Run This Town Freestyle

Valient effort young Memph Man. Actually, Nation over at nahright has some interesting words about the situation with Hov's little man. Still, this shit right here isn't all that bad.

Download Run This Town Freestyle - Memphis Bleek

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Darvin Silva's Retro Electro Party TONIGHT IN NYC

We'll all be there acting paid and shit. Come through Las Chicas Locas, 160 West 25th Street, between 6th & 7th Avenue. 10PM !

*Ferola will be there slowly taking the pants off your chik.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Yes, this is real.

Annie Leibovitz in New York Magazine

“Photography is not something you retire from”

Read Here: How Could This Happen To Annie Leibovitz?

Rest In Peace brother.. Carlos Alvarez 1980-2009

A kid I used to know passed away over the weekend. His heart failed. I knew him a few years ago when I was in the Williamsburg thick of things and he practiced jujitsu with a good friend of mine. We were always really cool and the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Carlos is every time we saw each other we tried to sneak up on one another. It's a jujitsu thing where you try and catch the other person. I caught him a few times haha. Handsome kid, great style and from what I hear, he was one hell of a dancer. You will be missed boy.. now go fly.

*Bonus* All of Williamsburg is throwing a party in Carlos name. These kids do what they know how to do you know? Go if you can, show support, dance your ass off.