Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stream/Download T.Shirt - The Loft Sessions EP

*Download In Full The Loft Sessions EP - T.Shirt

Read The Press Release

Stream here:

Megan Fox for Nylon TV

Disses me a little bit in the beginning but it's okay. So cute.

New Roots VIDEO "How I Got Over"

Great song + video shot by BB Gun.

Vans 2009 Holiday Switchback Sneakers

Oh shit, Autumn goodness. Get your money up.


Puff's looking for new talent..

Very interesting..

“I had started some previous business relationships with Jimmy Iovine. We had a great chemistry with each other. When I sat down with Julie [Greenwald, Atlantic COO] and told them that I had an interest to go sign with Jimmy and they didn’t make it rough for me. Lyor [Cohen, WMG Chairman] and Julie were nice enough to let me get my [Bad Boy] name. I was able to take the name over to Interscope and to still in stay in business with them. I am not abandoning any of my artists over there, I still have that imprint. But all my future recordings, including my recording contract, that will be at Interscope Records.”

According to Combs, the new Bad Boy label with Interscope will operate like a small boutique label, with an emphasis on signing unique talent.

“We are going to take our time with the amount of acts that we sign,” Combs stated, adding that the label will cater to “superstars.” We want to find those very unique artists. We want to build something very special that’s not already out there.”

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Ghostface Album Out Today, 247HH Interview + Bonus Record

I can't stress it enough. If you love these guys, if you feed off these guys, you want people to respect and get behind what you do, what you're about then please, support good music.

Download Do Over - Ghostface Killah

*An incredible interview YN put us on to from the guys at 247HH. I fuckin' love Ghost.

“I’m scared to be called a wack muthafucka."

Mos Def for Undrcrwn

This season, we’re bringing you the highly anticipated “Cut & Sew” range. Polished and mature, the new collection effortlessly blends collegiate athleticism and style. The “RBG ,” “RBG Patchwork” and “Brooknam” jackets are each peppered with plenty of clever details. Colorful hand crafted prints (mixed with hand drawings by Mos Def) are set against sleek monochrome materials; Pops of zesty yellow and blood red are used to accent buttons, zippers and mesh linings. The mixture of bold prints set against streamlined design creates a contemporary fashion sensibility throughout the entire collection.

Check out Undrcrwn

Consequense x Kanye West x John Legend Whatever U Want VIDEO

It's a bit better than the little preview I saw last week but my bad, lackluster indeed. I hope Cons diversifies his hustle.

KG Wightman Interviews T.Shirt

Read Interview here

"As you grow as an artist who are some of the musical influences you have admired, and have gained inspiration from?

I’m inspired by the classics. The Sade’s, Nas’s, The Beatles etc. When I was younger I was definitely more into Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop alone but having brothers and friends that put me on to Rock and Alternative Music and working in cafes with these kids from Texas playing Dylan, Cash mothafuckin’ Sufjan Stevens. There’s been moments you know? Moments that changed everything. There was Jay-Z and his “Streets Is Watching” shit for me. There was learning The Beatles were just fucking incredible and we’re over here rapping on loops, rhyming words together."

shout to KG !

The 99 most popular emerging songs in the world

I'm not on it which means I'm not doing my job. Gotta work harder.

Check full 99 here

The Beatles x COMME des GARCONS

I'll let Hypebeast tell you what's going on.

Linking up with Apple Corps Ltd. – the London-based company that manages the legacy and musical catalog of the The Beatles – Rei Kawakubo and her famed label COMME des GARCONS makes an official announcement of an upcoming bag project paying tribute to the legendary British band. So far, it seems like the collection will feature a selection of bags under The Beatles/COMME des GARCONS label with the first releases set to make a debut at Dover Street Market in London as well as Gyre in Tokyo, then followed by a wider release. According to the press, it seems like the deal between both parties will be a long-term arrangement, leaving the opportunity for future product open to interpretation. Stay tuned as further news makes itself available.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lil Wayne turning 27

I'll see you next year my nigga.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ubiq Fall 2009 Bo-Ro

These are very interesting. Classic silhouette and all + autumn colors. Ill rapper shit. Good to go.

*Learn japanese and buy em here.

The T-Mobile Dance

This really happened at 11am in Liverpool on January 15th, 2009. How cool is that? They show you the making of the whole thing right here.

Kid Cudi deletes his Twitter

I'll let him tell you why..

The REAL reason i deleted twitter, in MY own words.. i wanted to keep my mind to myself again, u kno, like how it use to be. i put so much of ME into my music i gotta draw the line somewhere. plus my words fall into the wrong hands a lot. I’ll leave u with this cool quote i came up with
“Hear he, Hear he, no one shall ever get close to me, think of then and think of this, iam now the man the myth”….spread this quote to all u kno
To my fans, i do love u and ill see u at the shows and give up daps and pound when i can. sometimes shit can be crazy and i wont have time to stop and talk. with that being said dont ever think im turnin my back on u cuz id never. u never turned ur back on me and i wont forget that. everyone that has met me knows if i can stop and say wut it be, then ill stop and say wut it be…anywho, u like ME cuz im ME and this is ME taking control of my life again. THANK YOU to all who copped and supported my debut album. shit is still surreal to me but iam def on cloud 9. first weeks sales were 104,419 copies sold. iam very blessed to have so much support from all of u guys. for once in my life i finally feel important. goodbye, i love u all sincerely. til we meet #inthesestreets
peace and love
from ur bud, Cud

Saturday, September 26, 2009

J Crew's "Open Studio"

Contrary to what Nas has to say, ill rappers wear J Crew. I even got this nigga Dred fronting in some lambswool. Get with it, it's how men should dress. Doing something a little different and commendable in my eyes, they start this Open Studio thing which gives us an inside look into seven different artists workspaces as they share their thoughts and creativity and swag (kidding, they never use that awful word). It's pretty cool. Check it out in it's entirety here.

That's Painter/Sculptor Lucien Smith pictured up there. Thanks Leeezo.

*BTW, my friend Leeezo said I should be featured in one of these. She's so wise.

48 Hours w/ Raekwon

Following the Chef on the day the best Hip-Hop album of 2009 dropped all the way into the mothafucking night with Puff @ Santos.

Frances Tulk-Hart for Contributing Editor

Contributing Editor is a magazine of sorts and the focus seems to be fantastic fashion and photography. I'm with it. This series caught my eye because the girl is so God damn beautiful and dresses like a sk8er.

More pics from this series here

Shakira doing "She Wolf" Live w/ Jonathan Ross

I do love this song but that's not why I'm posting this video.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Boi x Too Short "For Your Sorrows"

This shit right here got some kind of bounce to it. Fresh.

Download For Your Sorrows - Big Boi feat. Too Short & George Clinton

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jay-Z x Oprah

The double R of 2009 takes care of us rip game proper. Click the link < back there for more.

*I feel like this easily adds another hundred mil to Hov's fortune. I feel like this is just something else right here. When Oprah says you good, you good.

*Hov's office >

Talking with Uncle Rus & Rick Rubin about the Hip-Hop Honors

"I don't remember shit" - Rick Rubin

Sick Neighborhood Jacket

Hypebeast shit of course.

*Buy it here.

Murakami Dred Back in NY

Just in time for Fall.

"Where The Wild Things Are" HD Trailer #2

I'm so extremely excited about this film. In GQ there's an article about Spike Jonze you simply must read if you know what's good for you. I'd have it up for you but I can't find it online. It talks about the years and dedication to making this film the right way. There a great quote I read that I shared on Twitter, that I'll share with you, "I didn't set out to make a movie for a nine year old, I set out to make a movie about being nine years old" -Spike Jonze

In theaters October 16th

*The song playing is so fantastic I just had to take care of you. I bought it, but you have it.

Download Wake Up - Arcade Fire

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gorgeous Amber Rose for Contributing Editor

Oh God. Ok I mean, I'm actually not sure how I feel about this broad. Sometimes I feel like she's so hot and so whore-like it's too much for me. There isn't anything sweet about her features really. Like, I need the sweet you know? Anyway, I'm sure she tastes sweet.

more here

thanks to williamyan

Triple C's - Go

Ricky Ross fucking kills this. The rest of the song ain't bad either. You know, somebody asked me the other day who my favorite rapper was and I must admit, I said Rick Ross. The nigga just delivers.

Megan Fox & Andy Samberg SNL Promo

ha !

Preview of Diddy in Blackbook

For now, a sneak preview. Check back next week for cover story and more pics.

*We love Puff forever over here.

J Cole Tribute to Jay-Z at Def Jam 25th Anniversary Party Showcase

J Cole is ill. We got some thangs coming up.

*He does a PSA cover too but this up top is better. Watch the other joint here.

*New* T.Shirt "Back To Basics (Live & Direct)"

New Music off The Loft Sessions EP dropping next Tuesday, September 29th right here. This joint right here features additional vocals from famous kids Acc's 2ESAE, Hot Mop Films's own Dred, & of course Miss. Lanalana. Eat your heart out boyyy.

Download Back To Basics (Live & Direct) - T.Shirt

*Photography by Ryan Brooks

*Bonus* If you missed it some posts back I gave ya a taste of this record with some behind the scenes footage shot in the Chinatown loft turned T.Shirt studio. Peep my editing skills nigga.

West x Gaga Fame Kills Promo Video

This is dope and just gave me a great idea.

Busy P x Skateboard P x N.E.R.D.

Coming Soon. If you don't know who Busy P is you've been sleeping under a Mcdonalds.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Darvin Silva X Will Divide This Thursday at Blick Art in Soho

We'll all be there in flood mode. Who's coming?

*Official* Forever Video Directed by Hype Williams

Drake featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem shoot a video with Hype Williams for the Lebron James film "More Than A Game"

Is This Okay?

New York Magazine asks, Who Is Barack Obama?

*I can't find the cover high-quality can somebody help?

*New* Jadakiss Freestyle - Take Me To New York

Sampling Estelle's American Anthem, Kiss touches the town.

Download Take Me To New York - Jadakiss

shout to these guys

Lyor Cohen in the NY Times

North American Chairman and CEO of Recorded Music for Warner Music Group, Lyor Cohen is legendary for Hip-Hop. The NY Times do a little Q+A with big homie.

Read here

The Loft Sessions EP has been pushed back to next Tuesday, September 29th

I'm depressed about this I'm not gonna lie. I know what needs to be done, I do as much myself as I possibly can so I don't have to rely on other people but in the end, I rather it be complete and precisely the way I intended before I put something out half ass. If you were waiting for this today, my apologies but no matter what I'm dropping it next Tuesday. Now I'm off to make the release even bigger, being that I have an extra week of promotion. Everything happens for a reason. Stay tuned.

President Obama on David Letterman Last Night

Just an excerpt but a damn good one at that. I'll try and get some more HD quality joints.

Young Jeezy X Espo for Complex Magazine

That's a fly cover I can't front. More my speed than that Clipse X Kaws shit.

Read Jeezy's feature article Back To School here

Monday, September 21, 2009

Unreleased McCartney II

Darvin Silva ran this across me a few hours ago and it was crazy. There's a couple of records that sound good money right now today which is wild when you think about McCartney recording this in his basement in the late Seventies.

My brothers at ilictronix have more on the project here

*I took the liberty and put together a nice direct download for you here of what's available.

Rihanna looking bananas with her tits showing.

She's so bad oh God.

H by Harris Quilted Leather Bookbag

This thing got me wishing I did bookbags. I might after this. Buy it here

Complex Cover Story- The Clipse

Read Confidence Men, the article on the ill rapper brothers.

Great *New* Entourage Episode 10 Season 6

Gotta love this show. We were talking about it last night, how dope it is that they're exploring each character all the way. We're not just getting full Vince all the time now. Everybody is getting their time to burn. Ari made Lloyd a beast. Can't wait to see how this goes. Turtle's about to get his spin-off popping just watch.

shout to Yardie.

Jay-Z does an Acoustic set on BBC Radio

I've been looking for this for a little bit and come to find out it's been a bit overlooked. These is great. Jay does "Encore" into the excellent new "Thank You", as well as "Roc Boys" over live instrumentation in the lounge with Jo Whiley. I love how the new interviews and stuff coming out are different and they're making Hov stretch a little bit. Letting him answer the same questions over and over again is so corny.

Download Encore/Thank You (Acoustic) - Jay-Z

Download Roc Boys (Acoustic) - Jay-Z

T.Shirt's Real Hip-Hop Official Video

The infamous Dead Prez Cover I wrote in the back of a van on the way from Pittsburgh. I had to repost this shit in high quality. Shout out to Think. We murked that bathroom boooyy.

Justin Timberlake's Sony Commercial w/ Peyton Manning

Justin seems mad cool. The kid's a star.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our House w/ Nina Sky X MadeMe

This Tuesday, September 22nd is gonna be a good day.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hov Across The Pond w/ Jonathan Ross

This footage is too crispy and Hov changes his verses up too smoothly not to show you. You'll see it on other sites but sometimes I don't give a shit. Enjoy !

Friday, September 18, 2009

*Murdered Out & Gorgeous George*

I will not be telling you where to get this so don't ask. This, is my next watch.


Olivia Wilde for GQ

I love this bitch's last name so much. Sorry. Um, it's the hot chik from one of my favorite shows House, she um, cleans up nice? I took Dred to the airport for his hiatus this morning and did what I love to do at airports which is buy magazines. This is a great one. Support print/naked chiks, whatever.

Jay-Z Defends Kanyegate

Let's clarify, even though I think Kanye was very much in the wrong, rude, drunk, and depressed, I also believe he was very sincere in his many apologies. I agree with Hov because people are so quick to drag you through the mud, so quick in their extremely sober state to remind you they hate you, they think you're terrible, and you should be punished, that I wonder everyday just who the crazy ones really are. If you don't know what it's like to be a passionate person, one- I feel bad for you, and two- you should know, we're the type of people that will give it to you straight no chaser, and just as quick as we're capable of hurting you, ain't nobody can make you feel as good as we can baby. I promise you that.

Listen to Hov defend his babe bro

Kevin Cyr Paintings

Brooklyn artist Kevin Cyr paints the big things I hate driving behind. Here's more.

*Funny Fact. That's my man 2ESAE's throwie on the bottom Blue Truck.