Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jay-Z Under Investigation From NBA, Wears Dope Ass Gucci Jacket

I think it's sooo ill they're talking about this dude in the same sentence as Michael Jordan, hahaaa. Wow. As far as what he did, fuck it, take the fine. It's policy a dude apart of the NBA cannot "visit" the kids from college, simple. What's crazy is it wasn't his NBA credentials that got him through the locker room door, it's the fact he's the biggest rapper in the world. RapRadar has the video.

*I actually answered some questions about Hov last night. AMK is doing her thesis on the man and wanted my opinion. Maybe I'll post it when she's done.

Kate Moss Covers British Harper’s Bazaar May 2011

As beautiful as ever. What a face. There's some other photos that just came out from a Vogue Japan issue but I think I'm gonna need a separate post... and a minute.

Biggie's Son Stars In New Will Ferrell Movie "Everything Must Go"

This is so good to see. Besides it looking like a pretty cool flick and kind of an interesting departure for Ferrell, Biggie's son co-stars in it. You know, everybody that knew Big said he was funniest, coolest brother and it's so good to think his son will live on and do shit in Hollywood and continue the name. Young C.J. Wallace. Movie looks good. Props to Nation via NYMag.

Beauty Inspiration (

One of the best photo tumblr's on the 'net still ridiculously popping.

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Talk Their Relationship On MTV's RapFixLIVE

Yeah, I can't call it. For as much g code talk this boy puts in his raps, we're pretty dumbfounded he'd wife Shorty up so quick. I commend him for being so open and honest about everything but maybe let some time pass before you jump out the window, boy! See someone's true colors and shit. Anyway, he's not wasting any time. Complex has the exclusive on the significant tattoo he just got and yesterday Wiz went on Angie's show in what should have been an interview about the album but ended up being a God-damn love fest, hahaha. Listen here. Pussy is one helluva drug.

*New Video* E.T. - Katy Perry feat. Kanye West

Trippy, out of this world.

*New* rehacer Deer Daypack

Crazy! Japanese brand rehacer released a great dayback, made from genuine deer skin featuring an awesome finish with padded straps, a large main compartment with zip closures and a smaller front pocket with an asymmetrical flap. Comes in black and brown, and it's available for pre-order now through If you know me you know my fascination with bags as of late. This is hot.

*New Video* Your Love - Diddy - Dirty Money feat. Rick Ross, Trey Songz

Vid's actually really dope. You never know with these Puff joints, hahaha. Ross in that triple black tux.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nike Air Royal Mid In Burgundy

My little bro just bought these and I'm kinda feeling them. Motherfucka. I can't front, it's nice to see him so excited about stepping his kick game up. I see you, Andyboy. Happy Birthday!

*New Video* Why Even Try - Theophilus London Feat. Sara Quin

Great video. I'm feeling the outfits, the concept of celebrity, the spinning chain and all that. It's good to see the London camp give a real push at having a big record out there. No matter all the cool stuff Theopholis has been doing as of late, to be that dude, you need that record. This is actually really fun.

Pitchfork Music Festival Announcement

Thought this was cool looking. Not to mention it sounds like a good weekend.

Go here for tickets and more information

Angie Martinez Interviews Lil Wayne (Video)

Cool, mellow interview with the voice of New York Miss Angie Mar and 28 year young, Weezy F. Baby. Up top, the video is only a preview of sorts but you can listen to the full audio here. And boyyy, seeing and hearing this man sober is something else, lemme tell you.

Interview Magazine Talks To Hype Williams

Quick sit-down with one of the biggest music video directors of all time. 20 years in the business? Damn.

Legendary music video and film director Hype Williams is the man behind the music video for almost every ass-shaking hip-hop megahit of the last two decades—starting in 1991 with BWP's "We Want Money," and continuing right up through this year, with Lil Wayne's video for "6 Foot 7 Foot," which premiered earlier this month. (We're so obsessed with the video that we created a guide to sampling its fashion.) He's a man with an inimitable style, and an enviable Rolodex—in '95 alone, he filmed nearly 30 videos for acts from Brandy to Boyz II Men to Outkast to ODB, and he hasn't slowed down since. We chatted with Hype about the "6 Foot 7 Foot" video, the directors who influenced him, being the last of the Mohicans, and the first time he met Lil Wayne—which obviously involved the Diddy Jet).

Continue reading here

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wiz Khalifa's Album Rolling Papers Officially In Stores Today

Watching all the tweets come in from the huge show going on at Roseland Ballroom at the moment makes me all the more proud. Jay-Z in the building, word? From the first time we were in the same space as homeboy, at some Nahright-sponsored thing a little over a year ago, the tattoos, the jewels, it was something that made us pay attention. Fast-forward to the biggest release date of his career thus far with the new major label album Rolling Papers which officially hit stores today. Whether you heard the leaked opus yet or not, make sure you go out and support your man the right way.

Harry Winston Project Z6 Black Edition Alarm Watch

Really nice. Limited to only 300 pieces, the Z6 Black Edition features manually wound 45-jewel Swiss-made mechanical movement with hours, minutes and seconds functions (small seconds), as well as an alarm function with a day/night indicator. Hand-finished sapphire caseback, produced from Zalium with a black DLC treatment is whooooooo if you know what I"m talking about. That Harry Winston name means the right kind of something. A release isn’t set until later this coming summer, but stay tuned.

Snoop Dogg Interview On Juan Ep Remembers Nate Dogg

As far as me? Taking nobody else's opinion in mind but my own? I don't wanna hear nobody talking about the late, great Nate Dogg except for Snoop. The Mr. Cartoon laced tattoo he shows off in the video and down below is fucking incredible. Long live that brother through his friends and family as well as in all his music.

Abbey Lee Kershaw Portraits By Hedi Slimane

Feeling the black & white photos and the fur and all that but Shorty looks dead to me, I don't know. You guys into it? Check out the full shoot of nothing but jewels and fur coats here.

Will Ferrell Joins The Office, Season Premiere April 14th (NBC Promo Spot)

I gave you a heads up the other day on our Twitter. Now with video.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lil Wayne Covers Interview Magazine, Paris Hilton Interviews Him

Gonna have to read this later so I figure I'll keep it righhhhhtt here. Ha! Great looking cover by the way. Paris Hilton (?) interviews the kid about it all.

*Read the full cover story here but still, support print. Especially when it looks this fly. Shout to Ice for the heads up.

Alexander Wang Opens His First Store In New York

If you know me, you know I'm a fan of what Alexander Wang is doing. Here he takes us through the creation of his first NYC headquarters with appearances and well wishes from everyone including Lauren Hill, Anna Wintour and Kanye West. The interior really is gorgeous and it's located in the heart of Soho at Grand & Mercer. My man is living a dream.

*New Video* tUnE-yArDs – Bizness

I can't get enough of truly special videos. The song is interesting for sure but the visual really takes it there. w h o k i l l, the second album from Merrill Garbus’ tUnE-yArDs project drops April 19th.

Twitter Universe Interview w/ Jeff Staple

Something different. I'm sure the brother didn't think someone would turn his little Twitter game earlier tonight into a real post but why not? People around the world are asking him damn interesting questions and whether you follow the man or not you might want to peep game. So read up if you care! I'm posting most of them but for a more complete run-down of questions go here.

Do you ever sleep? Da Vinci said 4 hrs a day is all thats necessary. 
Favorite restaurant in NY? Changes all the time. Roberta's in Bushwick right now. 
After manufacturing, what's the next step in developing an apparel line? Find business partner to manage the books. 
What was the last thing you paid retail for? Snowboard bag. 2 hours ago. 
What do you think of Odd Future and Lil' B? Def the future. But not in my iPod for some reason. #tooold?
Where would you be without the Pigeon [dunk]? Where would Nas be without Illmatic?
I'm a Documentary nut. I think they are extremely educational + motivational. Do you have any faves? The Kids Are Alright. 
Favourite NPOs?
Have you ever crowdsourced any of your designs. Or shown the entire process online of designing? Working on that right now! 
Why are you only following two people on Twitter? Enjoying the silence. 
How much did it take to open up your first Reed Space? (Trying to finish up a business plan) $100k 
Did you go to business school before you started Reed Space/Staple design? Nope. Learned by fuckin' up!
What's your best advice for dealing with negative people in a business aspect? That's how you know you're doing a good job. 
What was the hardest part in starting a retail spot? It actually was quite easy. I had a razor sharp vision. 
What do you think about the state of 'streetwear'? It's evolving. Just like Hip-Hop.
What product would you like to do in the 'Pigeon' colorway, that you haven't done already? A school.
Who's your favorite photographer? It changes all the time. Right now:
How many pairs of Nike SB Pigeon Dunks do you own? One. No lie. 
Should I stay at small place and gain better experience knowing it won't be forever? Definitely.
I saw that you DJ, what type of music do you like to spin? Everything but country!
Where have you gotten your greatest inspiration from? Hip-Hop.
What appeals to you with a new/unheard of brand? A complete story. 
If you were starting a new t-shirt line, would you start with a logo tee or an original graphic design? The latter. 
How do you choose gear for the shop -- organized process or random? Organized Confusion.
When did you realize you no longer had to work a 9-5 job? You never know for sure. I had to take the risk.
What should design community do to boost positive Social change? Government should support designers more.
Where do most of your ideas come from? What sparks your creativity? Travel and meeting people on the road. 
What are your thoughts on the future of retailing? I think going more local/specialized is the future.
What do you value more in your success, your design or business skills? Or both? 50-50. Equally important.
Favourite movie? The Shawshank Redemption 
What is your all time favorite quote? Be formless. Shapeless. Like water. —Bruce Lee. 
You're one of my inspirations, how much does it cost to hire you in some form of advisory role? Best bet is to come to one of my talks. 
If there was another streetwear/clothing brand you could own, which would it be? Good question. I think Undefeated. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy 24th Birthday To My Brothers!

More photos from the crazy night on the way! Right now I wanna wish my brothers and best friends in the world, Andyboy and Chris Daddy, the best of birthdays you can have. Although they absolutely killed it with their new band "The Grand" last night, they'll always be The Astor Kings to us. 24 years young! Oreo mousse!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Google Presents: Google Goes Gaga

I actually watched a bunch of this. If you're interested and have a few, why not. Her answers and general persona are incredibly inspiring for anybody creative. "Honor creativity". 

*New Music* If I Die Tonight - Lil Wayne feat. Rick Ross

So I'm hearing this is second single status off the ridiculously hyped-up Carter IV supposedly dropping in like a month and a half. On first listen I liked it. The rhymes throughout are really strong. Ross kills it. However, I can't believe Lex Luger didn't produce this shit. It's Polow Da Don or what he's called, in what to me is probably the biggest bite in years. Plus! The most obvious thing is that it utilizes the same hook Ross did on his amazing "I'm Not  A Star" record. So at this point I'm on the fence about it. Judge for yourself.

Download If I Die Tonight - Lil Wayne feat. Rick Ross (NR link)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

*New Video* Will Do - TV On The Radio

This is so fucking good. What a video. And I like the song a lot more now. Directed by I don't know. New album, Nine Types Of Light drops April 12th on Interscope.

Creative Dancer Wanted For Hip-Hop Artist Live Show

Up top is just a photo of inspiration courtesy of

Hey! Good afternoon. We're looking to do something creative and interesting to combat the tired bullshit you're used to seeing at Hip-Hop shows. We're looking for the perfect female dancer doing an eclectic style all her own. An interpretation and fusion of sorts between modern ballet, classical, and whatever else you think is appropriate. It's to be performed on stage. First, at small venues around New York and then further. You'll be an attraction on your own, off to the side of the main artist throughout his performance. The music you'll be dancing to is classic Hip-Hop, but our artist is by no means ordinary. He wants to bring something totally different to the table and this is only the beginning. We're all very excited.

There will be a casting call announced in the next couple of weeks for everyone chosen to come and audition live for a few of us but for now we need the following: Please send one *clear* full body photo attached in your email. Include your name, age, current occupation and dream job. You must be located in New York City and no formal dance experience is necessary. We're going off a gut feeling more than anything and someone with a creative and passionate interpretation of dance will absolutely be chosen over someone boring with a great resumé. On the other hand, professionalism is a win so please be prepared to show up with your A game.

There will be pay, including travel compensation to and from performances and bonuses, however not until a few shows in. There will also be mandatory rehearsals once we choose the right girl and have our ideas fully fleshed-out. Anxious to see what kind of response we get before we move any further. Thanks so much for your time.

Send emails to:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gisele Covers Muse Magazine Spring 2011 Issue

Nothing more, just thought I'd share. Stunning cover series for the Muse Spring issue. Curated & styled by Luigi Murenu. The other 7 covers can be seen courtesy of Jeremy Danté here.

[Long Lost New Video] Pimp Or Die - T.Shirt

Long story short, this was supposed to drop a long time ago. The song was a favorite off the Life Series: 01 album released in November 2010, but Director Kris Layng hadn't returned any emails in months and I had no idea what happen. Out of the blue 3 weeks ago I see 2DopeBoyz post it, and then a slew of other sites. It was literally the same day the 24 Frames video came out and I wasn't gonna confuse people with a second video coming out of nowhere. I'm not mad. To be honest, it just sucks cause this thing isn't even bad. I actually really like it and hope you do, too. The beginning titles could be better but what are you gonna do.

Thom Yorke DJ'ing At Low End Theory In LA

Dude is fascinating to watch and there's no denying it. I was curious to see what kind of music he plays when he does these unique gigs from time to time around the world. Just dope shit. Just dope shit. Here he does his thing at a Low End Theory showcase in Los Angeles. God damn I can't wait till ya'll get to see/hear my man Darvin Silva.

*New Music* Decorum - Polar Infinite

My man Steel Tipped Dove's latest project with MC Cutty Carmichael. I actually fucked up and misplaced the email with more information on it and Google isn't letting me be great today so all I have is a download link, haha. That, and some commentary of course. I think the cover art is great and actually a big reason why I gave this thing a chance. Bad cover art is death for indie artists.

Get your listen on at

"Lundberg Loses It"

Amazing filmmaking and an equally awesome skater. One of those day-in-the-life things but really, really fly. Props to Highsnobiety. 

"Hello. The idea behind this shortflick was to give the viewer some surreal insight into the mind of professional downhill sk8ter Erik Lundberg. He starts his day by waking up in Encinitas California. After a nutritious breakfast he begins a journey on his bike in search of a sick hill where he can be free and lose himself by sk8ting it before the sun sets. While biking to this hill he daydreams about the time he lost his balance at 70mph from a crack in the road in Brazil, along with losing the final race to Mischo Erban in the US Nationals. Shot in monochrome and with appearances by Jeff Budro, Evren Ozan, Mischo Erban & various IGSA riders, “Lundberg Loses It” is a story about a skater with a goal. His goal is to utilize the multiple ways he’s lost it and apply those lessons to skating this hill the best that he can. But can he lose himself before the sun sets? This shortflick is dedicated to all the shredders of the past, present, and future. Enjoy the show.”

Wiz Khalifa & Danny McBride Cover Complex 9th Anniversary Issue

Um, the whole interview is about weed. Young Khalifa won't shut up about it. My bad, enough already. We get it. In all seriousness though, Complex' clean covers are the shit. If it wasn't for a boring ass interview this'd be classic. Great cover is all.

Smoke something and read the joint Q&A here

Monday, March 21, 2011

T.Shirt's '24 Frames' Video Hits 80,000 Views In 3 Weeks

Talk about great numbers. The grind hasn't stopped yet on this thing with opportunities presenting themselves everyday. Truly happy with the amount of love from old friends and extended family to newfound fans and supporters alike. Couldn't have done any of this without ya'll. Staying inspired and building new product and big ideas coming sooner than later. Do stay tuned.

Shout to HotMop Films! Welcome back Dredlife!

Alexander Wang Shit

I've never used the word before in this way but fuck it. Black mink hammock at the Alexander Wang flagship store? Swag.

*New Music* Rooftops - Wiz Khalifa feat. Curren$y

I'm hearing this is the safest joint to post from that leaked Rolling Papers. I'm sure the album will still do well. Die-hard Wiz fans won't let it not. I'm also hearing it's not all that. I'll review it when it drops officially on March 29th.

Download Rooftops - Wiz Khalifa feat. Curren$y (NR link)

Christina by Greg Kadel Studios

Take a minute...

Wiz Khalifa's SXSW Tribute To Nate Dogg

This plays out really nicely. Nice tasteful job well done on Wiz' behalf. Once again, RIP to a legend.

Project X British Military “Stealth” Rolexes

Yikes. Super gorgeous. The custom Rolies are a take on the classic Submariner models. Three Submariners mods are part of the series: the Mk III, Mk IV, and Mk V, with the Mk III paying homage to the timepiece worn by Sean Connery in the 1950s Bond movies. The Mk IV comes in a black carbon casing and blacked out face. You already know how I must surely feel about it.

Selectism has some more looks here

*New Music* Fear Of God (Mixtape) - Pusha T

Surely one of hip-hop lovers most anticipated mixtapes of the year thus far. Production from Kanye West, The Neptunes, Hit-Boy, Tha Bizness, Nottz and The Inkredibles. Not to be confused with the full-length G.O.O.D. album Pusha's dropping later in the year.

Download Fear Of God (Mixtape) - Pusha T (UHTN link)

*Went with the artwork up top, rather than what may be the official.

Jonathan Mannion Exhibition At La Bellevilloise For "Back In The Days!"

My man. Legend photographer Jonathan Mannion chops it up with the annual Hip-Hop festival, Back In The Days!, and gives them a quick tour of his Gramercy Park, NYC studio. The amount of stories and recollections this guy has of all the work with artists over the years is so ill. He's taking part in the festival that showcases photography, music, graffiti and print graphics from rap’s golden era during the 80s and 90s this Sunday, March 27th at La Bellevilloise in Paris. Wish I could be in town.

Scarlett Johansson For Vogue China April 2011

Doing beautiful things in photography by Peter Lindbergh and styling by Nicoletta Santoro. Dolce & Gabbana freak 'em dress and all. More here.

Mel D. Cole's Photos From Good Music SWSW Showcase

One of the best sets of photos I've seen on the internet of the historic night in Austin. Standing on stage in masks behind Mos Def is kind of crazy and wild looking. The big "Good Music" in lights looks like an army print. This is just really visually ill.

Go to Mel D. Cole's flickr - shout to

*Miss Info has a rundown of what they all performed here. I wish they debuted something new like they might of in the old days.

Young Clint Eastwood

Really dope photo. Hasn't even gone up at yet.

Brief History Of Title Design

This is awesome. Seen at Staple's. Iconism is da best.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wyclef Jean Gets Shot In Haiti

Clef is a good dude and I know him personally. We got word he was shot in the hand earlier in Delmas, Haiti. He's fine though and in a hospital recovering. If there's any place in the world Wyclef shouldn't be getting shot, it's in Haiti. Election day tomorrow. God speed, my brother.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

T.Shirt Talks To Pigeons And Planes In New Interview

Cool and telling chat with the luminaries over at the popular Huge shout to site director, Confusion, for the nice words and all the love. The boys chop it up about everything current, with Shirt even letting go the name of a new record on a new album dropping soon. Chunky stuff.

"I went from not knowing who T.Shirt was to becoming a fan within the span of listening to 3 songs. I don’t consider myself “easy” like that when it comes to music, but Shirt doesn’t seem to have a weakness. He has managed to stay ahead of the curve musically (just read on to see the music he’s into), while still maintaining a true hip-hop appeal. Mix that with intelligence and style, and you’ve got T.Shirt. You should probably get to know him."

Read full interview here

*New Music* Rolling In The Deep (Villa Remix) - Adele

Please journey with us for a moment while we borrow a page out of my homeboy's book. has been putting us onto interesting art and gadgets, in between some of the best underground dance music in the world, for some time now. The new remix from Villa, of Adele's, 'Rolling In The Deep', is fucking fire. If you're a frequent of Darvin's blog you damn sure know about the girls the partying and so fix your face.

Download Rolling In The Deep (Villa Remix) - Adele (DS link)

Crockett & Jones Weymouth Shoe

Do things like a man should. I've said it before but I can't wait to have somewhere to go in all this mature shit, haha. Like multiple places I need to be and people I need to sit with for an early brunch. Oxford whole cut. Oak bark leather sole. Step your life up.

Buy them here

*New Video* Perfect Day - Jim Jones

This is kind of an interesting look for Jones. The song is catchy and the video is straight MTV all day.

NEIGHBORHOOD “You Are Not Alone” Charity Tee

Feeling these. Even nicer that they're made for a good cause but definitely well-designed. The bright blue across the boxed-out white is perfect. I know that didn't need explaining but I went for it. The guys at NEIGHBORHOOD don't really tell you how they're contributing to the disaster relief effort in Japan, haha. It's kind of just that you have to trust them. Oh well, I would. Worst case is you're paying for a cool tee.

Cop here

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cassie For CK One Commercial (BTS)

Cute vid from behind the scenes on the Calvin Klein ad. Irrefutable proof that a girl's cool-ass personality far outweighs her looks.

"Cassie, 24 - New York, USA. Get in the ck one box with Cassie at"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Ode To Raekwon" Coming Soon

Shirt put this up on his Tumblr last night and nobody knows why. A birdie tells us he's been recording a new album. 

*New Video* Just Can't Get Enough - Black Eyed Peas

Actually a really ill video. Song isn't bad but an amazing visual can go a long way. Japan is so beautiful. Shout to one of the greatest cities in the world.

Odd Future Perform On MTV's Woodie Awards At SXSW (Video)

First OFWGKTV post on Incredible performance as always from these kids. Taking notes.

Derek Jeter Covers GQ | Photos By Terry Richardson

Not entirely sure why I'm putting this up, haha. Jeter seems like a class act though, so why not support. My man, Terry handles photography duty as GQ gets hip to an online world and makes the interview live:

"Derek Jeter is not a victory robot. He knows his last season was rough. And yeah, he's pissed at the Yankees about that contract negotiation. The most famous player in baseball sat down with Seth Mnookin to talk his private life, the press, and the specter of his final years in pinstripes"

Continue reading here

*Regardless if you can read online or not, go out and support print.

*New Music* Jump (Freestyle) - Wale

This is actually pretty good. Lemme find out I become a fan of MMG Wale. Most likely not, though.

Download Jump (Freestyle) - Wale (NR link)

Happy St. Patrick's Day From New York City

It's that day again, haha, when the city comes alive with pride. Whenever St. Patty rolls around I remember working in a bar in Union Square some years ago. I might have come home with $1,200 that night. So crazy. Be safe out there.

*New Video* Cook It Down - Pusha T

Not sure why he did a video to this one and not "My God" or something else. Whatever. For a rich guy he's a little too enamored with the Aston Martin, haha. Big deal.

*Official Video* Annie Leibovitz Shoots Rihanna For American Vogue Cover

Girls will dig watching this. Fuck it, I enjoyed watching this. Ri gets her first American Vogue cover. Kind of a big deal actually. The video is shot pretty nice, too. Nice to see Annie still working and doing big things.

Converse Star Player 75 Deluxe Pack by Ronnie Fieg

I respect what Fieg's been up to as of late but I haven't found anything I can actually rock until now. Working with Converse, the brother designed a Chuck Taylor with a leather wrapped midsole, perforated calf-skin leather lining, leather laces and tabs, embossed logos and all tonal premium leather uppers. There's only 300 pairs made per style, with the sneakers being released at David Z March 18th, both instore at the Broadway location and online at Summer shit. Folded, with the right shorts? Yeah.

There's some more angles here. The high navy blue >.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

*New Video* Rick Ross & MMG Vegas Takeover

Straight up, nobody's doing weekly videos like this guy. Shout to Dre Films and everybody involved. The ending with the $500 blunt is priceless shit. MMG's Self Made album drops May 24th.

Rihanna For Vogue Magazine By Annie Leibovitz

Yeah, I was expecting more from the powers that came together on this one. Up top is my favorite shot. Maybe you'll think differently. You can check out the other photos here, while the full interview can be read here. If you don't care I wouldn't blame you.

Nate Dogg Passes At 41 Years Old

Born, Nathaniel Dwayne Hale on August 19, 1969, in Long Beach, California, Nate Dogg was a true legend. Though the details are not immediately clear as to what happen, his health has been said to be in serious decline for some time now after strokes in both 2007 and 2008.  A sincere rest in peace to one of Hip-Hop's most unique voices. Down below, a classic in all sense of the word.

Alife Premium Footwear Collection Fall/Winter 2011

Though I don't wanna be thinking about boots right now I gotta admit these are great. I've been trying to mess with Alife shit for a while now. Highsnobiety talks about the quality of product going down in recent years due to the brand shooting for cheaper prices, but last season they introduced a more premium style in shoes, mid top boots, and hiking boots in a series of colorways.

Check them out here. Really nice stuff.

*New Music* Prelude To A Freestyle - Jay Electronica

Choice words from Hip-Hop's most elusive. When I saw he rapped over the Devil In A New Dress beat I was a bit disappointed but you gotta hear the stuff this dude says.

Download Prelude To A Freestyle - Jay Electronica

*New Music* Nostalgia, Ultra. (Album) - Frank Ocean

I'll be the first to say when I'm wrong. Though I've said I'm not messing with the shock rap kids of Odd Future, my brother told me to give the latest tape by singer Frank Ocean a thorough listen through and you know what? This shit is the best thing I've downloaded for a long time. There's seriously good music on this thing. No wonder he was just in the studio with Beyoncé. There's pop appeal bursting from the seams here. Very, very interesting. I'm gonna include the song that got me down below for stream. It's called "Novacane" and wow, man. The story he paints is incredible, with a killer melody. I'm deeply impressed.

Download Nostalgia, Ultra. (Album) - Frank Ocean

*Here, he talks to MTV about dropping the tape and not knowing what to expect.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pray For & Help Japan, Donate To The REDCROSS Using 90999

As terrible as the tragedy in Japan, some of the individual stories coming out of the country are inspiring me unbelievably. As always when I hear about great destruction, I force myself to focus on the strength of the human spirit and just how good people can be to eachother in times of great need. Still, it isn't easy. What's being called the largest earthquake in recorded Japanese history, with tsunamis re-carving the shoreline and nuclear reactors melting down, you can feel helpless in your cushy life millions of miles away. Please just continue to keep the land and people in your hearts and prayers, and if you can, donate to the Red Cross. Every little bit does help. Texting REDCROSS to 90999 will donate $10 to the relief and be charged to your next month's bill. There are more ways to help you can check out here. #PrayforJapan.

*New Video* We Keep it Rockin' - Maino feat. Swizz Beatz, Jim Jones, Jadakiss & Joell Ortiz

One of those forgettable posse cuts over a not-so-forgettable beat. Fuck it, Kiss rocking more jewels than I knew he owned.

Gerard Smith Of TV On The Radio Battles Lung Cancer

Got some sad news a little earlier. One of the main guys I know from TV On The Radio, Gerard Smith, is battling lung cancer. I bumped into Kip and Tunde the other day and when I asked about my guy there seemed to be a weird reaction and sort of hesitance. Now I understand why. The guys had this to say on their website;

"Upon the completion of Nine Types of Light, Gerard was diagnosed with lung cancer. As a result, he has been undergoing treatment and will be unable to participate in the upcoming tour. Gerard is fortunate enough to have health insurance and is receiving excellent medical care. Already we have seen dramatic results. Combine that with Gerard's legendarily willful disposition and it might just be cancer that has the problem. We appreciate your concern and support for Gerard and his family." -

Happy to hear Gerard is doing well but it's still a scary thing to be going through. It also sucks he won't be going out with his band on their upcoming tour. There's a link for the newly released, "Caffeinated Consciousness", off TVOTR's Nine Types of Light due out on April 12th, down below. Stay up, Gerard. We all love you, man.







Monday, March 14, 2011

UNUSED Black Stitched Lamb Leather Backpack

If you know me, you know my recent obsession with leather bookbags. Yeah I need one. Not sure if it's this one but it's close for sure. Features stitched lambsleather paneling and fastens with silver zips finished with a suede tassle. Lining of both compartments is a black and white houndstooth wool. That's fancy talk for the shit's dope.

It's a little over a Grand, and you can cop it here