Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke Vachetta Leather

Once again, fuck my entire life. These are too gorgeous. Vachetta options now available with the Air Force 1 Bespoke line. Laces are hand-rolled and stitched. Smh.

21 Mercer in NYC to make your own.

Apple Files For Hydrogen-Powered Patents, Incredible

This is some other shit. Small insight into what devices in the future might be like.

From the looks of it, the patents will allow Apple devices to be powered by hydrogen, meaning they could go for weeks without charging. Named "Fuel Cell System to Power a Portable Computing Device" and "Fuel Cell System Coupled to a Portable Computing Device", these patents are essentially the same technology used by satellites to remain charged and powered.

Thanks to HUH for a great post.

Opening Ceremony Gets Chloe Sevigny To Explain Some Of Her Personal Photos

I like this so much. I think it just has to do with my thirst for a fulfilling life. Photographs and colorful rugs on wood floors and such. I never particularly like Chloe but I wish her the best.

Only the latest in the series you can watch in full somewhere here.

Mercedes Benz' Tactical Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Print Advertising

This is genius. And I love genius. Literally flipping the competitors logos into a successful marketing campaign essentially putting themselves in the drivers seat. Just my style. Applaud these guys.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Angst (Essay) + Mp3 Download

Download ANGST

Fuck, shit, ass, bitch, cunt, fuck your mother / fuck that bitch and fuck you motherfucker / fucking shit, this bitch won't shut the fuck up / damn, bitch, what's up / get your whole fucking shit bust up / I don't fuck up bitches so fuck / I should just chill / smoke some shit and take advantage of the fact I still fuck ill / and damn bitches love me / who the fuck knows how long these bitches will love me  / bitches are funny / pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy on my mind / pussy so fucking good you can't one fuck one time / but fuck, I'm fucking busy / bitches make me fucking dizzy / on my fucking grizzly / these niggas can't fuck with me / meet me in the fucking city / the dreary, shitty, fucking city / these motherfuckers fucked up what a pity / all I want's a fucking knish / just a knish! / I don't give a shit about your shit / fuck, shit / the balls on this rapper, the gall on this nigga / I be cursing like a sailor, cursing like a sailor / my wife left me, all my kids / fucking shit / this fucking bitch left me and fucked up my shit / and fuck I can't get it back / I can't get it back / I want this bitch dead / run and tell 'em that / fuck getting mad at little shit, I need a cigarette / my shit is fucked up, fuck me / I gotta live with it / all I do is walk around like fuck this world / I can't just be lucky / this fucking world fucked me / hm I need a coffee / when the Hindu fuck at Dunkin Donuts serves me he better keep his brown hands off me / yeah I don't like brownies / yeah I don't like whites / yeah I don't blacks / and yeah I don't like dikes / and straight people suck too, so fuck them too / this whole world is filled with dumb fuck heads like you / bitch-ass, gay-fuck, dick-loving cowboys / stay the fuck away from my coat tail in town, boy / my own kid said fuck me, he never knew me / I never liked him anyway, his mother was a groupie / wait till he grows the fuck up and gets his bitch knocked up / and she bounces, before the kid pops up / and this is not just some rap song, you fucking jerk / it's playing around with my life to get that shit to fucking work / and fuck you, you don't like the curses / I curse cause I'm cursed, and this life is the mothafuckin worst / the balls on this rapper, the gall on this nigga / cursing like a sailor, cursing like a sailor  / the balls on this rapper, the gall on this nigga / cursing like a sailor, I'll be cursing like a sailor

Watch the video, shot in NY, here.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

New T.Shirt Music/Video "Angst" Off New Album

I wanted to talk about angst. Two specific scenes inspired this record. One was in Home Alone 2 when Kevin is walking around New York at night for the first time and a homeless man walks past him cursing furiously under his breathe to himself. That exists here and it's scary, and sad at the same time. The other was the hateful-to-every-race rant Edward Norton gives himself in the bathroom mirror in 25th Hour. That's where I went lyrically. As far as the feeling, what it took to get to this place, that's my father and some of the ills he's described to me. Life beats you down. The shit kicks you in the shins and sometimes you wake up with a wife taking you to court, your kids thinking you're a piece of shit, your landlord banging on your door, and shitty rap music playing out of someones car outside your window. This record is about getting to a point you dread your existence and how that might feel. It's Old Man Angst and for some reason it needed to come out of me.

New full-length album of all original music coming soon.

The Fuck.

- Shirt

*Updated* Download ANGST

Friday, December 23, 2011

Meister Stingray Ambassador Watch (Perfect)

The right watch, man. 100% Stingray leather band, 6-hand Swiss Ronda Quartz Movement. $500.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Great Artwork For Big Sean's "Keep it Gee" w/ 2 Chainz

I'm posting this for one reason and one reason only. The artwork, I love it. Song's not terrible I guess.

Download here (UHTN link)

Action Bronson x Frank The Butcher

Funny as shit. We like this kid over here.

Gary Warnett's Hate List 2011

This guy, whoever he is, kills it and says all the things I love to think. I'll post a few of my favorite lines down below if you're too busy stupid to press continue reading.

I like stuff but it doesn’t make me qualified to consult on things. I drink several glasses of water a day, but I’ll be damned if I understand what water is made up of — I’m guessing it’s atoms or some shit — so why does time spent relentlessly tweeting a prop-hunting list of @ brands or names after everything you do with the same thirst that I approach those pints of H2O make you some kind of social media guru? It makes you look lame. Same goes for hashtag hunger. There’s far more to social media than being a gobshite. 

Your Lookbook is Terrible  

Skinny dudes with side partings walking around a park in Obey hats, Vans Eras and chinos! Now I hate your store even more. And that Penfield lookbook of the cheery couple? Lame. If you haven’t got an original idea for your showcase of styles, don’t bother. Lay them flat on the ground. This is what happens when Streetwear Dave consults for a project and brings his fellow Streetwear Daves into the fold. But seeing as taking an Instagram shot, writing a tweet and getting dressed in the morning could be enough for somebody to claim that they’re a multifaceted creative with photography, journalistic and styling experience, nothing should surprise you any more, and at the current rate nothing is liable to ever surprise you again. 

Engaging in overwritten explorations of how influencing operates? Give it up. Just enjoy the fact that people throw money at people for doing very little compared to anybody that works in the public sector, doing a proper job. In the event of a dirty bomb and the subsequent rebuild of mankind, you’re going to be low down on the pecking order. What we going to do? Painstakingly “blog” a teaser of the crude rebuild of a health centre onto a piece of slate with a rock? Let’s enjoy this nonsense while it lasts. 

If you’ve ever emailed anybody asking for advice because you’re “…thinking of starting a blog” then you’re already lost. The tools are out there, yet you’re pondering something you could set up in minutes? What’s that all about? Just go out and do it. Fill it with talk of “fits” and some kind of quest for “fresh.” Call yourself an online lifestyle magazine. Just go and do it. If you feel the urge to amass a team of “content creators” do it, but remember that 70% of them will post two things before giving up, because their real world enthusiasm isn’t matched by their blog work rate. So to speed up the process, just do it yourself. What’s so hard about that? No need to ask advice. Just go and do it. 

Continue reading

Louis CK Announces Beacon Theatre Special Hits One Million Dollar Mark In 10 Days (Jimmy Fallon Show Video)

Greatest. Everything about this interview, what he's done to this point, his delivery, everything.

*NY Times breaks down the numbers. Shout to Mahdude for the ears up.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

*New Video* Common Knowledge - Asher Roth

I love this. Everything about is fresh and done with some taste about it. Directed by my man Aristotle for By Any Means. I see you, homie. Just getting started.

Lindsey Lohan Poses Nude For ILLRAPPER.COM

Kidding. My favorite of the Playboy series they reportedly paid one million dollars for her to do. Question, cause we were talking about it and I'm curious what you think. Desperate attempt at staying relevant and getting her bread up? Or is she simply chasing iconism and could care less what you think?

More photos to those who search. Google is your friend.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"How To Dress Better" By Some Guy For ILLRAPPER.COM

I'd like to preface this thing by saying there's definitely a major part of me that says fuck fashion and who cares. Actually I have this personal rule: Once you learn to be a good person, learn to dress well. I have a problem with people that do that shit backwards. Once the important, good-for-real-life stuff is well and settled, teach yourself how to put on clothes.

Not sure this is in any particularly order. Just some guidelines, if you will:

Stick to one 'loud' piece per outfit. That almost always should mean a pair of sneakers, or a scarf. Not a polkadot pair of jeans. 

Before you commence experimenting, buy and own some good, solid pieces. You need some classic, everyday kicks before you need those Jeremy Scott Adidas with the bear ears. 

Flip through a men and women's fashion magazine every now and then. Every couple months is fine. Do it while you're taking a shit if that makes you feel more like a man. What'll begin to happen is you'll start to refine your eye. You'll retain the information and make better decisions when getting dressed without even noticing you're any different of a dude. 

Not everything that 'works', works for you. Also, a lot of those things that work, only work when paired with other pieces you may not own or can't pull off anyway with your gumby ass. 

Don't wear sunglasses at night and/or in the dark unless your net worth is over 50 million.

If you find something you really like and see yourself getting a lot of use out of, buy two of them. 

Own a good denim button-down shirt.

Generally stick to a 3-color rule from ankle to neck. I say ankle to neck because this rule should not include footwear or hats. 

Invest in a watch made by a company that makes watches. Levi's makes jeans. Don't buy a Levi's watch.

Forget about trying to match. Find color schemes that work and you enjoy. 

Buy a good pair of jeans. Good meaning well-made denim. Don't wash them for a long time (like a year), and when you do, be prepared to then buy another pair. If you're a regular person, don't worry about getting them dirty. Just shower daily and wear them like a human being and you should be fine. 

Fuck trends. Stick to classic. Think about the type of stuff that's never gone out of style. Blue jeans, wheat boots, white tees, brown belts, black jackets. 

Know your size. Nothing looks worse than someone who's a 2X trying to fit into a medium. Just own being a 2X. Your legs have committed, you should too. Big people can look absolutely great in clothing that fits right. Or they can look fucking terrible. 

Care. It's one thing if you're reading this and you're on a farm somewhere squeezing milk out a teet, but if you're a human trying to make something of your life, the way you're dressed is going to directly affect how people perceive you and your work. Sorry, that's the way it is. 

You know how they say to never order seafood from a diner? Yeah, don't buy a suit from H&M. 

If you're dressed casually, wear your pants a little lower than you normally would. If you're in a suit, pull them shits up as high as possible. 

Never roll up the sleeves on a sweatshirt. Luxuries such as these should only be reserved for button-ups.

Iron stuff. Wrinkled and shitty excudes your life is out of order. 

For God sakes, dry clean the good stuff. 

Shop sales. There's no good reason not to. Everything goes on sale in this world except Apple products.

Essentials: (If you can't afford them all at once, do what you can.)

a 100% cashmere black crew neck 
a brown leather belt
one pair of dark raw denim jeans 
one pair of light distressed denim jeans 
a cream waffle-knit thermal 
a pair of boots 
2 pairs of gently-worn sneakers to rotate between 
a bright, solid color beanie 
multiple white and black tees 

Dope shit you don't need but should want:

100% cashmere sweatpants 
a $1,000 plus watch, something you can pass on to your kid 
things from Bergdoff 
a black card 
yearly vacations with lovers and/or friends 
multiple suits, sport coats

Love you guys, Happy Holidays.

Action Bronson Drops Dirty Rhyme Over The Beibster's 'Mistletoe'

This is pretty ill. Little Christmas time joints can be tricky but Bronselino does his thing.

Download here

Monday, December 19, 2011

URNEWYORK Setting Up Basel Show "Breaking & Entering"

You may or may not have seen these when my guys were putting them up but I urge you to take a few minutes one of these days and check them out. People can talk about how much work they put into something, all the dedication it takes, money, sweat, how many crackheads you have to pay, but these guys are really doing it. The proof is in the pudding. Merely an account of the days leading up to opening night of Basel. It's not all glitz, glamour and tequila punch, baby. Shout to the extended family at 004 Connect.

Watch the Throne(s) Class Photo 2011

A photo like this surfaces it's almost mandatory you put it up. Nothing crazy, just a whole lot of money in the room and young faces. Nobody seems to know who the girl is.

AMK Lands Supreme

Congratulations is in order for our friend and sis AMK (not pictured up top) on her new job. Who gon run this town tonight?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

*Dope Music* Paradisco - Charlotte Gainsbourg

Once again in my life my guy Darvin Silva puts me on to some fly shit. Song is great.

Download here

Friday, December 16, 2011

Frank Ocean For L'Uomo Vogue December 2011

Every now and then a true original comes along. The word gets tossed around a lot, original. But in my opinion a major chunk of what's left out usually is any real substance. Frank Ocean is a true original, and hopefully this year we were introduced to only the beginning of a long and substantial career. Italian Vogue take photos (not the one up top) and say nice things.

Prince once sang about Dorothy Parker, a waitress who worked the night shift, dishwater blonde, tall and fine and how they took a bubble bath, with his pants on as Joni Mitchell played in the background. The midtempo ballad proved that r&b, like hip hop, is capable of telling a story with a novel’s attention to structure, plot and detail. Well, Frank Ocean is the best r&b lyricist since Prince.

Continue reading here

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

*New Video* Born To Die - Lana Del Rey (Official Video)

Well shit. Guess who got some money behind her? A couple of the moments in this are amazing. Her debut album, Born to Die, drops January 30th.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Watch the Throne Tour Hits Chicago And The Guys Go Back To Kanye's Childhood Home For VOYR (Video)

This is doooope. From my understanding there's a lot more where this came from, for $4.99 an episode or something like that. Little pricey if you ask me but a great concept nonetheless. I've already seen a few different episodes and it's just a really interesting way to view these guys' journey into each city. I'm hoping it all culminates into a DVD one day.


RSVP To Fools Gold Holiday Party Nowwwww, DJ Sets By Nick Catchdubs, Just Blaze

A-Trak & friends back at it. Like we always do it this time!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Louis CK Live At The Beacon Theater (Fucking Incredible)

Dude! This is insane. It's so good. Don't be an asshole, if you like the guy, and you most likely do, spend the $5 and buy the 1-hour special. There's so much genius in Louis' comedy one minute you're laughing like a fool and the next minute you're like holy shit I never looked at anything like that. Not to mention the material is completely new, every single time. The jokes here have never and will never be said again. Shame, and not. Don't miss it.


*Rolling Stone has a great article about the man, currently, the best he's ever been. Read it here. Shout to GoodsonNYC for the heads up.

NIKEiD Air Force 1 Bespoke

Yikes, these are ridiculously good. I want to look down and see them on my feet right now. They retail at $800 USD, and for the first 30 customers they come inside a wooden box complete with laser etching and a custom seal. I'm sold, man, sign me up.

Hypebeast has a few different angles to get off to.

*New Video* Houseparty - Meek Mill Feat. Young Chris

I gotta just keep it all the way real. Meek Mill is growing on everybody. On this, him > Chris. It just is what it is. Clip directed by Maybach's gun for hire, Dre Films.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lana Del Rey Drops Title Track, "Born To Die" Off New Album

I'm in love with Lana. ;o) - this song is eh, not as good as her others imo. I can tell it's gonna be an album I fuck with musically though. Now as far as artwork (i.e. above), imagery, presentation and such, shorty's killing it. It looks like something you need to like. They say her album Born To Die is coming at the top of next year.

*Didn't feel like putting up the whole clip. It's not the official video anyway, which they say is coming. Go here to check out what's in place.

Acapulco Gold 'Paradise' Crewneck Sweatshirt

I just wanna take some time out of my busy day to give some recognition to whom it is due. The guys at Acapulco Gold are really killing it. I've been watching quietly for a little bit now. This could be the dopest hypebeast crewneck on the market currently. Don't dare ask me why.

Only available online in black for $104, though I'll tell you a secret; Reed Space has them in grey as well. Carry on.

Lady Gaga's Epic (And I Mean The Word 'Epic') 14-Minute Short Film/Music Video For "Marry The Night"

I couldn't look away until the music started which is many minutes in. Mint will be big next year. And that is my review.

*I know I'm a whole 7 days late on this.

Jay-Z News: Carnegie Hall Shows, 2nd Watch the Throne Album Etc.

Maybe you heard. Hov held a press conference just a couple days ago to announce two of his "most intimate shows in years", February 6th and 7th, at NYC's legendary Carnegie Hall. I was just there a couple weeks ago (a whole 2 months before Jay I might add, ha). The aim is to benefit at-risk and low-income students in New York’s public school system, with all proceeds going toward his Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation and the United Way of New York City. Tickets are said to be sold privately and will range from $500 to $2500. There's also a super limited amount of single public tickets hitting January 30, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. That's all us. Go here.

The blogs also lit up when Jay sat with MTV on the same day and let some choice words go about a possible Watch the Throne sequel, in addition to new solo albums by him and Kanye. Fucking crazy. Go here.

Friday, December 9, 2011

My Trip To Miami's, Art Basel 2011

Last week I had the pleasure of being in the thick of things out in Miami for the yearly art party in the streets. Work from kids all over the world crudely graced just about every nook and cranny you can think of, food trucks took up whole blocks, DJ's spun music loudly from open warehouses and backyards into the night, artists climbed and covered whole sides of buildings with paint, put murals on cars, danced, made money, lost money, learned some of the business and networked the shit out of their brand. It was one of the most expressive 5-day scenes I've ever seen. Pure expression I might say. The special kind. Wynwood is something. You get the feeling another 10 years at this pace and you might really have an artistic mecca of a neighborhood like none other in the world. It was all very exciting to say the least. On one level I went out to experience it, take it all in, take a break from pushing myself so damn hard and watch others take the reigns. On another level I went out to support my brothers in crime and art, URNEWYORK, for their first ever solo showing at a gallery. We're friends, man. It was dope. We'd eat together and travel together and laugh and smoke and vibe and watch out for one another and wild out and wake up and do it again. Now most of us are back in New York, scattered about our city, but ask anyone part of the crew and I'm sure the answer will be the same; we'd wake up and do it again. Until next year, players.

- Shirt,
all photos taken with an iPhone and edited with Instagram (@sweatshirt)

Terry Richardson Shoots Action Bronson Dead In The Street

Terry is the latest major player to jump on Action's nuts just a few months into his career. The photog legend took some very cool shots you can see by scrolling through his own Terry's Diary. Shout to Bronson though, on the real. In Miami last week we had a few cuts steadily on repeat for the ride around. Kid spits crazy.

Common Projects Crocodile Achilles Trainers for Cabinet de Curiosit├ęs

These are fucking fly. Expensive, and understated. There's a bunch of words on the Highsnobiety post I don't care about but read them if you like. All I care about telling you is how they fly are and how you just need to think of what wearing these means for the rest of your outfit. Do you understand what kind of pants you need to wear with these? Do you understand the level of watch needed? Word up.

Buy them here

*New Music* Talk To Me - Young Jeezy feat. Eminem & Freddie Gibbs

This one went largely unnoticed when it leaked out some days ago. It's at least good enough to have in your Jeezy collection. TM-103 dropping December 20th to a loud and deafening silence. Eminem on the hook and everything.

Download here

Pirelli Calendar Out Now (Preview)

Well shit on me and call me slim dick, the Pirelli calendar dropped? Excuse my language, let's get to some girls. Mario Sorrenti behind the lens, Huh's got the rest.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jeff Staple Partners With @TruthOrange And Stores Around The Country To Take Down Big Tobacco In, "Truth1585"

Happy to announce my involvement in a great campaign bigger than anything one of us can do alone. Jeff Staple and the anti-smoking company, Truth, have embarked on sort of a head hunting mission to outbrand big tobacco. They approached him, he did his homework, and the rest will be written about in the history books wikipedia page, and hopefully save lives. It's simple as that. As part of the efforts, Jeff has approached some industry friends for help on the front line. Specifically a t-shirt collection centered around the conversation. In conjunction with streetwear heavyweights such as Alife (New York), Bodega (Boston), Goliath (New York), Ubiq (Philadelphia), Burn Rubber (Detroit), True (San Francisco), Major (DC) and of course Reed Space (New York), each outlet has designed one t-shirt, which will be sold in their respected markets. That's where I come in. I designed the one for Reed Space (pictured below). Yellow teeth aren't the business, "All that glitters ain't gold".

Learn in detail what's going here on Truth1585.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bad News

I'll get right to the chase. My computer, hard-drives, camera, and pretty much everything I've been working on for the last year and half was stolen out of my rental on Miami Beach a few hours after we landed last week. It was terrible. My best friends lost stuff too. Like, stuff we can never get back, in addition to stuff that cost a lot of money. Yeah. That's why there hasn't been any posts this past week. That's why posts will most likely be sparse until I'm fully back on my feet. Forgive me. I'll/we'll be back better than ever. I'm sure of it.

If I can give you a bit of advice...back your shit up. Back everything up and keep copies in multiple locations. I've heard this before but of course I didn't take heed, and now I have to start from scratch on damn near everything. Don't be like me.

Aside from the wak shit, Basel was awesome. My account to come. Shout to URNEWYORK.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Artists URNEWYORK Take Over Miami's Wynwood Arts District For Art Basel 2011

Just about time me and some of my closest ditch this weird New York weather for a few days to support my art brothers in their first solo exhibition Miami's ever seen. The dynamic duo, Fernando "Ski" Romero and Mike "2esae" Baca, are showcasing over 60+ original works varying in size, color, theme and technique, in conjunction with world-renowned gallery, POP International. In addition to the dope on the walls inside, you can see above they ran through the neighborhood a bit as well even going as far as transforming an entire building. That's what the fuck I'm talking about! Opening night, Thursday December 1st. |

*Shout to Hot Mop Films & Darvin Silva

Monday, November 28, 2011

*New Video* Work - Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross

I'm not gonna even front at all to you, this reminded me of the classic Biggie and Puff outing. I'll thank Ross for that. The young Meek Mill is putting in that work, though. Salute.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

National Geographic Photos Of The Year 2011

The fact it's that time of year, mixed with the fact it's a slow Sunday on the blogs, have sponsored this post. That and I love a good photo.

The deadline for entries in this year's National Geographic Photo Contest is November 30. Photographers of all skill levels (last year more than 16,000 images submitted by photographers from 130 countries) enter photographs in three categories: Nature, People and Places. The photographs are judged on creativity and photographic quality by a panel of experts. There is one first place winner in each category and a grand prize winner as well going home with 10k.

Find all 54 here.