Monday, May 24, 2010

M.I.A. x Complex Magazine Interview

Shorty is one of those artists you really gotta keep your eye on because if you blink, you'll miss something amazing. The cover up there is beautiful. Much respect to where Complex has taken things.

As a mom, do you hope for struggles for your son in his lifetime?
M.I.A.: I don't hope for them, but he's probably going to have them. I think their generation is probably going to have the craziest, you know?
In what respect?
M.I.A.: Any kid being born in these times is gonna have to be resilient to a million and one things. We thought we'd seen it all, and our parents thought that they'd seen it, but every generation it gets more and more intense.
Do you think our grandparents would think we have it harder than they did?
M.I.A.: Yeah, I think so. When I look back on my grandparents' time, there was no rush in their lifestyles. More family values, better food—I'm assuming everything they ate was organic because it was grown really locally—local culture, and all of that is gone now. My baby's generation, in his lifetime everything is gonna be a struggle to gain all the things they took for granted: privacy, good food, and time to spend with family. It's gonna become more isolated and more technology-based.

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*If you didn't catch M.I.A.'s reintroduction to the music world a couple weeks ago, you have no idea wat you're missing. Go here.

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