Monday, August 25, 2014

New Shirt Verse On Lauryn Hill's "Black Rage" Sketch

I'm sick 
Down goes another innocent kid 
I'm tired of this shit 
Now I heard some people say ahhh he was big 
Fuck that he was a kid 
18 years old, when I was 18 lit 
It could've been me, another brown boy hit 
I was walking in the middle of the street the other day with my brother 
Thank God we ain't have to take cover 
In a world filled with such violence 
How sad that we fear when cop cars behind us 
And we try and play it off but this fear live inside us 
And then it divide us 
Some people hands up don't shoot 
Some people like them pigs got guns we got guns too 
Some wanna pray, some people like fuck all that praying do? 
Up against more animals than a zoo 
Mike Brown I ain't know you but I feel like I did 
Especially cause you rapped 
And I swear my nigga if I live then you live 
Though I can't bring you back, damn 
We gon push this thing forward 
We getting stronger they don't even know it 
But I know we gon show it 
With the whole world watching 
This is my doctrine 
Put dirty cops under the jail but this ain't about them 
I ain't got beef with no watchmen 
This for my people 
The hate's all see through 
What's it gonna lead to?

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Daytona "All Love"

One of the best joints I ever heard from this nigga. Hook is dope. Produced by Harry Fraud.


Virgil Abloh Speaks To Fader

I like a lot of what he's saying. You believe him.

What’s next for Off-White? 

Right now, I’m designing my first flagship retail store in Hong Kong, which will open in the fall. I can use my architecture dreams to build out the space how I see it. I’m also working on furniture. I’d do anything at the right time and I would also do things at the wrong time, if they felt right. I just don’t want people to get it twisted about what really goes on in my head. You can look at it like, “Oh, he’s this black hip-hop kid that looks like he should be playing basketball.” I just love breaking down barriers and hitting people with the alley-oop when they think we're a stereotype.

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Taylor Swift Poses One Time For


"Baby Gangster"

"We had rules to the shit." This is hard.


Perfect Valentino Color-Block Stripe Leather Sneakers

Maybe the hardest sneaker I've seen in 10 years. I don't even know what that means.

$700, buy them here

ILOVEMAKONNEN "Tuesday" w/ Drake On The Remix

Club going uppppp. I fuck with this. Your man hit some new notes and made a new nigga famous.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Calvin Klein "Obsession" Sweatshirt

Need this sweatshirt up top. Calvin Klein makes it I believe. Someone find it for me. Hit me here.

Carhartt WIP x SUPER Sunglasses 2014 Collection


Few other styles here

Travi$ Scott "Don't Play" (Video)

Video is cool. Travi$ coming up.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SHIRT "All Praise Due (I Love Bitches)"

Produced by Britain's own Zygote.

Nigga Ye got the lambo murdered out, present for his bday from his bitch
Man, you gotta love some shit like that, or shit like this
Wasn't there a record called Perfect Bitch?
That's my shit now I took it from him
What the hell is a feminist?
Who the hell's not feminist?
I don't think men and women are equal either, nigga
I think women are better than us

Shout KL

"An Evening With Nas" Tour Announced

We in there. Dates just went up. Film comes to theaters October 3rd.

More via NR

Beloved Legendary Actor Robin Williams Kills Himself At 63

So sad. To me it isn't so much about how important it can be to reach out and ask someone how they're doing. It's about constantly reaching out and actually caring. A lot of people ask how you are everyday and aren't really listening when you tell them. I don't think it's even necessarily selfish. Everyone has issues. Motherfuckers are just trying to get by themselves.


Virgil Abloh Releases DJ Set "FLAT WHITE - TAPE ONE"

Never messed with any of Virgil's sets before this one. Got some shit.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Birdman (The Movie) Trailer

This shit looks mad dope.  

Watch trailer here

Pigalle x Nike Air Raid (Photos)

These guys in Paris are working hard. The back of these white ones up top are major. Great job.

Via HB

Lexus Commercial "Amazing In Motion"

So dope.

Kanye Interview w/ GQ (Archival)

Camel coat is $. Interview has gems.

Buy the magazine or go here

New SBTRKT "New Dorp, New York"

Get your girl to dance for you to this.

Via Huh

New Terry Richardson Work

Sometimes I see a few of the same kind of thing and gather them up. These are great.