Monday, November 30, 2009

Underground Vibes by 13th Witness

Shingo Iwasagi skates through Tokyo at night in this fly clip from homie 13th Witness. I love shit like this.

Official Married to the Mob x Lacoste Hironia Sneakers

I posted a little preview of these a couple weeks ago. They're incredible. They're women's if you didn't know that already. There's another color you can check here. Step your foot game up ladies. Make me happy.

hahahhaa Freddie Gibbs Infomercial ill rapper shit

This is great. Whoever handled this right here is on the money. I fucks with Gibbs all day. We're actually sitting down in December, here's the little preview interview I put up a couple weeks ago. The Labels Trying To Kill Me drops  tomorrow and is an 80+ tracks deep extended internet edition mixtape. That's huge. Team Gibbs nigga.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tom Ford's "A Single Man" Trailer

I've always respected the shit out Tom Ford's style and watched his moves from afar. This is his directorial debut getting some great press here. It looks interesting and not surprisingly shot beautifully.

*Opens in Select Theaters February 12th

Bapesta Holiday Evening

I never like the kicks these guys put out but these can probably work on the right day.


Joe La Puma Talks To Combat Jack About Early Jay-Z, Dame Dash & Rocafella

I'm reading this and it's crazy insight into what the early Rocafella boys were up to and how they moved. So far it seems what Jay had is, in my opinion one of the strongest teams and movements going on behind him I've ever heard of. These guys thought Jay was the GREATEST RAPPER ever and worked to prove it every single day. What I would do for that kind of support.

Read the full interview here

*Clark Kent, Dame Dash, Jay-Z, these were young men that believed more in how Jay-Z was the greatest rapper of all time than they were sure that tomorrow would come. On top of that, Jay, Clark and Dame both have some really BIG personalities, especially the combination of Dame and Clark. They “Knew” that the entire industry had not yet heard what they were hearing with Young Hov. They felt that every other artist, every executive in the industry were corny. With regard to Jay, they were right. All the rejections only made them work harder, push further.

*Official* Wyclef x T.Shirt Session At Platinum Sound

There was so much footage that after 3 previews, a full #warriors cypher and my nigga Nate leading a rendition of "Sweetest Girl", I finally present to you the official full session I had at the end of the summer with big homie muuhhfuckin' Clefo. We had fun, check it out.

*Shout to Dredlife of HotMopFilms who shot this pretty thing. Shout to everybody at Platinum, every single #wyclefwarrior in the world and of course, Clefo. Whhaaatttup Blood?

Levi’s Ranchero Collection

Designed by San Franciscan Skater/Musician Tommy Guerrero in collaboration with Levi's, the mexican inspired color detail is ill. Don't wear more than one piece at a time though, don't be that guy.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

*2006* Drake Mixtape "Room For Improvement"

I hope one day people look for my vintage mixtapes from years before. I've got a few you might enjoy. For now, the game loves Drizzy. From what I remember about this one here is the boy kills it. Probably even more than what he's doing now. You know the whole "ummmmmmmmmmmmmm"... yeah not into it.

Listen/Download Room For Improvement (2006) - Drake

Mos x Ski x CreativeControlTV x Dash

I love all of this. I slept on this track but it's beautiful and compelling and the filming is effortless. Shout to Dame doing great things.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

*Ye Freestyle* - "I'm So Appalled"

We feigning for new Kanye music over here. Supposedly this is off Puff's Last train To Paris.

Listen/Download I'm So Appalled - Kanye West

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2010 Pirelli Calender by Terry Richardson

I posted a little preview of this a few months but now the time is upon us ! Terry kills this stuff man. Darv and I saw him in the vill and I was to scared to cross the street and go talk to him smh. I swear I would have if he was on my side of the block ! haha. We'll be talking soon.

Check out the rest of the shots here 

*I can't front.. I'm crushing on the black girl a little something.

Ed Templeton Cheetah Fur Emerica Kicks

If you know me, you know how I feel about anything in a quality Cheetah print. I'm into these.

*lots of great pieces up cop here 

Mel D. Cole Pics OF Wiz Khalifa From Highline Ballroom

Watching Wiz. As Mel says, "the kid is a fuckin' star". Support homie. For $10 keep his new album Deal Or No Deal on top of iTunes Hip-Hop.

*there's more pics here

*Marc Jacob Parka*

This is fly. A good medium long khaki raincoat by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Love the yellow drawstring.

cop here

*New Music* Bobby Ray x Bruno Mars "Nothing On You"

This is the first official single off B.O.B's debut album The Adventures of Bobby Ray coming in Spring 2010. I've been waiting for something solid to drop from this kid because I think he's talented and has great potential. This is a great beginning. Give the boy some marketing dollars, get this all over radio quick-fast and watch it go. Mark my words.

Listen/Download Nothing On You - B.O.B. feat Bruno Mars

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

*BlakRoc Camaro*

Oh shit. Dame is a genius.


Rihanna x Angie Martinez Interview

Rihanna has the sexiest, cutest voice I've ever heard one of these pop chiks pull off.. hmmmm, hey Ri..

Great interview, listen courtesy of the RR Mansion

BlakRoc LP In Stores This Black Friday

I'm very excited about this shit right here. I purposefully haven't downloaded any of the leaks. Sounds like great music if you ask me.

Pontiac Firebird Variations (Trailer) by NewYorkIsDead

Good friends of mine over at AztecEconomy have a new viral web series coming out soon. This is the official trailer.

Vintage Rosa Acosta Pics

Found these throughout my travels. This is the famous Rosa before she started to "look like a man". Haha, the girl has talent.

thanks to Studio 1

Public Release Vinyl

I love record art. These are dope. Long live vinyl, word to my niggas.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II *Black Friday Sale*

Happy Thanksgiving Week, cop the best Hip-Hop album of the year for $5 bucks.

Just Might Bring The Elephant Back

Deviant Arthouse. No link.

Who's coming to see Wiz Khalifa with me tomorrow night?

Kid's got something.

*Album release party tomorrow at Highline Ballroom.

Whhaaaaaattt? Hand Made Wooden Mouse by Alest Rukov

For $1281 Alest Rukov will make you the coolest guy in the office. This is mad ill. Hand made from natural materials.


Daft Punk 2010 World Tour Hitting Yankee Stadium

Whatttup D? Wanna hit the Bronx in 2010?

Leaked dates include:

Paris Le Zenith (July 30)
Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall (August 1)
Munich Allianz Arena (3)
Dublin O2 (5)
Nice Parc De Sports (7)
New York Yankee Stadium (15)
Sydney Football Stadium (22)
Melbourne Olympic Park Stadium (28)
London Wembley Arena (September 3)
Manchester MEN Arena (6)

more info

?uestlove x Nike Air Max 90 Interview

I need to check this later so if you don't mind I'm gonna. put. it. right. here.

Good looking Low !

Ole' Ralph Lauren Kills This Shirt

I'm into this. So classic.


Ma$e's *Public Apology Ladies*

I don't give a shit what you guys say ! haha this is vintage Mase right here. Best song on that mixtape he just put out.

".. right now, all I need is Diddy to go "that's right".. "

Listen/Download Public Apology Ladies - Ma$e

Snoop Dogg *I Wanna Rock (Mixtape)* w/ DJ Skee x DJ Whoo Kid x DJ Scream

I haven't heard this yet but I'm throwing it up for our enjoyment.

Download I Wanna Rock (Mixtape) - Snoop Dogg

I see you Radio Planet

*Season Finale* Curb Your Enthusiasm

Best show on television by the creator of one of the best shows on television, muuuhhfuckin' Larry David's Curb goes out in style.

3D Graffiti Animation Outside Serge Gainsbourg's Home

This is pretty wild. It took 5 years and thousands of photographs to create and the result is an interesting look into the graf and culture. The piece is done outside Serge Gainsbourg's home in Paris.

My Dream Loft by Cristina Rodriguez

Oh God, Lan and I are drooling over here. This woman Cristina turned an old textile factory in Barcelona into a gorgeous, sprawling live-in loft completely redesigned. This is by far one of the most beautiful spaces I've ever seen and I will work hard throughout my life to live like this, I swear to you.

Read about it here + more photos

*Here's the bedroom:

Kobe Bryant's $25,000 *Nubeo Black Mamba* Watch

Another little detail that caught my eye in the latest GQ. This is pretty remarkable. Inspired by Kobe you're looking at 131 parts hand-made from ceramic, rubber and titanium.


*courtesy of GQ

Beanie Sigel's "Think Big" Freestyle

I wasn't gonna post any of this new stuff but more then this is a "diss record", it's an incredibly strong Sigel record period. If I was Hov I'd sign this nigga one last time and help him become one of the best rappers out. He's like really, really ill.

Listen/Download Think Big - Beanie Sigel

*My New Favorite Kicks* Nike Air Max Skyline

Daddy's got a brand new pair of shoes, literally. I love these. I got them in Miami and I haven't taken them off since. Can't find them online anywhere baby.

*SuperHeadz* Harinezumi Digital Camera

Read about this in the new GQ and found it interesting enough to share. They say captured video has a few distinct qualities about it that make it worth the $170 - lately I've been really into the idea of making these great little viral videos (see below) so it'd be cool to see how this stacks up next to my little Canon. There's no sound and it looks like 8mm, sweet. On a side note, I hear the boys at Hop Mop have a couple slightly bigger Canons they're working with. Crazy.

Check out some more info here

*American Music Award Performances* Courtesy of Yardie

Jay "The New Sinatra" Z x Alicia Keys

Ri Ri

Alicia Keys

Eminem x 50

Sunday, November 22, 2009

L.A. Love Affair Trailer

Music by the boys of Chase N. Cashe. 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Guilty Pleasure: muuuhhhfuuckin' Wiz Khalifa

I've been toying with the idea of liking this nigga hahaha. Fuck it, it's official. I really like this nigga. I dunno you know me, you don't have to agree with me at all I could careless. Something about the way he carries himself, the tats, something. Dred and I ran into him at that Better Recognize showcase and ever since then I've had my eye on the boy. Not to mention the fact I haven't been able to get this song out of my head for the last two weeks.

Listen/Download Goodnight - Wiz Khalifa

*Homeboy's album Deal Or No Deal drops November 24th on iTunes.

Nirvana "About A Girl" off Bleach Deluxe *Remastered*

Came across this on my travels. Do enjoy.

Listen/Download About A Girl - Nirvana

*Watching 50 Move*

So there's a few things going on with my man I could talk about. This morning I listened to that Interview w/ Flex he had last night that was mostly about Hov and it was great. Like I said on Twitter I love hearing guys talk Hip-Hop shit. Especially Flex and the big dogs. You should check it out over lunch or something, here are the links courtesy of NahRight.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Another thing is umm you know his record sales? Yeah supposedly the boy tanked. NahRight has a nice little write-up about it with a few key quotes. Tssky tssk Fif. You've set yourself up for hardcore ridicule at this point. I'm interested to see how you come out after this project goes away.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The *Victoria Secret Show 2009* that I didn't attend.

There are certain people in this world who had a very tough decision they had to make tonight. I am not one of those people. While "lucky" ones had to decide either to go to Puff's secret birthday party at (shhh) The Plaza, or the aforementioned Vicky Secret show, my pretty cousin and I closed a Panera Bread down over conversation and the new mac and cheese. Ha !

more info + photos

*Oh, hey what's up, I'm T.Shirt..

_Somewhere In Miami

I'm not sure what this is for but the boy dropped it off and it looks interesting.

_______________________ coming soon.

Maestro Knows *NYC Edition* feat. Jonathan Mannion

Hip-Hop photographer damn near historian Jonathan Mannion seems cool as fuck. Homeboy Dred and I went to his photo gallery this past summer to see some of his exceptional work and I've been following his moves ever since. Here he takes the kid Maestro on a little tour of his Manhattan studio and lets him know a few things.

Married To The Mob x Lacoste 2009 Preview

No further details available just yet. Babygirl these are soooo fly.

Ricky Ross x Puff "Angles (Remix)"

Man, put this nigga Ross on everything that's my word. Oh and as far whatever you have to say about this record, fuck outta here. This is gorgeous george baby.

Listen/Download Angels (Remix) - Puff feat. Rick Ross

*New Video* Snoop Dogg's "Protocol"

This goes pretty hard. I've always enjoyed Big Snoop Dogg. His new album Malice In Wonderland drops December 8th.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

*FULL* Rihanna Rated R Launch Party In HD

Here's the coming out party Babygirl put on Overseas with guests including Hov & Jeezy. Sit back for a little over half an hour and watch a professional at work.

but of course, Yardie

Sweeet Penfield Fall/Winter Coats

Damn you Penfield. Twelve hours after I put out my Autumn Goodness post, the guys over there put out a few pics of their dope Fall/Winter collection coats. I love these. Especially that black, with the black leather? Whaaa ??!? ?? Yeah, I'm into it.

Check more styles out here

Jay-Z's First Number One Single On Billboard Top 100

For the first time in his 15+ year career, the man who has had the most #1 albums for any solo artist, the richest man Hip-Hop has ever produced, the only artist to ever perform at a baseball stadium during a World Series Game, the dude hitting off Beyonce, the king of New York etc. etc. etc. etc. hahahaha - that's enough right? My bad. Come tomorrow, Jay-Z will finally have his first ever NUMBER ONE TOP 100 SINGLE, Empire State Of Mind feat. Alicia Keys. The thing I love most about this is the lyrics and flow the song boasts. With lines like "I'll be hood forever" and "I'm the new Sinatra", it's gotta feel incredibly good to achieve this type of thing doing exactly what it is you do, with nothing held back. Very, very few artists can claim the same. Hats off my nigga !


Ye x Common x Cudi x Big Sean x Cons x John Legend *Whatever You Want (Remix)*

Cons blowing his twitter the fuck up about this calling it the biggest remix of the year. Now so much my brother but pretty cool indeed. Cons TV coming soon.

Listen/Download Whatever You Want (Remix) - Consequence feat. Kanye West, Common, John Legend, Kid Cudi & Big Sean