Monday, May 31, 2010

*Complex Consensus* The Internet’s Top Tastemakers React To Kanye West’s “Power” Leak

The internets weigh in on the new Ye record and I didn't know this but it's unfinished! Like I'm sure all fans of Hip-Hop music, we've been debating and talking this record all weekend. One of my boys doesn't like it and he's the only one and we're pretty much burying his stupid opinion haha. On the real, I think the record speaks volumes about the genius of Kanye West. I think that shit bangs so hard and now to hear it's not even a final mix? That's phenomenal. Still, who am I? Complex got together 20 of the internets biggest influencers and had an email round-table of sorts. I like when they do this actually. Shout out to my man Paul Cantor.

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