Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New SHIRT Video "Oakland Bitch (Left My Heart)"

Song not going on the new album. Visual interlude if you will. Directed by Dred for Hot Mop Films/By Any Means.

Shout to Pusher.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

JAY Z To Premiere "Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film", This Friday, August 2nd at 11PM, On HBO

Jay's the greatest for shit like this. Not to mention the video looks amazing.

*Sitting with Bill Mayer the same night, an hour before at 10pm. Shit.

Emily Ratajkowski With a String In Her Ass Playing a Boxer + Naked In a Field (Photos)

Pretty much.

More here + here

Big Sean Releases "Fire"

Not a single supposedly but off that new album. Hall Of Fame out August 27th.


Found the watch I need. Fuck.

Photography in New York Takes Center Stage in "Everybody Street" (Trailer)

"It's the only tool that stops time."

Directed by Cheryl Dunn. Set for release this Fall.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

New SHIRT Music Featured In National TV Commercial For GoPro

You see this on TV before me I need you to turn the shit up dumb loud. National spot, babyyyyyy. Shout to Flume, Rockwell, and the whole team for making this happen.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New SHIRT Music, "24/7"

Produced by MMacBeats. Off that #SmashMouthMentality Vol. 1 dropping July 29th.

You know the beginning part of this hook is inspired by 2ESAE, right?

JAY Z x NY Mag article, ‘Oh, I’m So Good at Math’: Lessons From the Jay-Z Business Model

Incredible piece.

Last week, the twelfth solo studio album by the rapper Jay-Z, Magna Carta … Holy Grail, burst forth from a cloud of calculated obfuscation. The release came with little of the usual promotional buildup: no radio single, no Rolling Stone cover. Instead, it was announced via a three-minute commercial during game five of the NBA Finals. Shot in vérité style, the ad purported to show the artist in his studio, his Brooklyn Nets cap slung backward, as he made ­gnomic pronouncements to producers Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beatz, and the graybeard Rick Rubin. “We need to write the new rules,” Jay-Z declared. 

Continue reading here

Sidenote - Art critic Jerry Saltz wrote another great one about literally being face to face with Jay-Z at the Picasso Baby video shoot and how ill it actually was. You might care. Go here.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mr. Oizo's "Amicalement" EP Cover + New Music

Cover is ridiculous. So ill. The shit written in lipstick is perfect.

Listen to the Marilyn Manson-featured "Solid", off the upcoming EP here

Shout to DS for the heads up.

2 Chainz Talks That Shit To Hot 97's Morning Show (Video)

This guy is one of the best to ever do it off this interview alone.

Nike Air Force 1 Downtown Hi Spike Black Leather

Hardbody. Fuck whatever you say.


Cop here


I usually don't post "leaked" shit but I'm not even sure that's what they meant by this. News on Gaga's ARTPOP coming soon.

You might've seen this floating around too.

Bullett Magazine's Kendrick Lamar Feature, "Straight Outta Compton"

The kid that has the whole world's ears right now.

Kendrick Lamar realized his life had changed while backstage at one of his sold-out shows. “Let’s see,” he says, trying to paint the picture. “Dre’s there. Snoop is in the room. Beautiful women are in the room. Homeboys are in the room, and everyone’s just mingling, man. It’s one of those moments when you’re like, I’m really a rapper now.” He laughs to himself, the way one does when describing the convergence of fantasy and reality. “Shit like that trips you out,” he says. “Even just walking onto your tour bus and seeing a full-blown studio in there, you’re like, Damn, I’m really doing this shit.”

Continue reading here

Barbour x Norton & Sons For Saville Row Collection

I know I know, if you're in NY right now you don't even wanna look at extra fabric. Fly shit for Fall though. Barbour makes those perfect men's coats that will last you forever. Some of the new knitwear is great too.

Check it all here.

Arca Self-Release New "&&&&&" Mixtape

My brothers had a surprise when they looked at Yeezus production credits and saw the familiar name of a kid they did a bit of music with a few years ago. Alejandro Ghersi, the brooklyn producer Arca, has been at this for a minute. I'm In It and Send It Up are probably a couple of the illest records on Ye's new project. You can thank this man.

Friday, July 19, 2013

New Dom Kennedy, "ERICA PART 1"

New Dom shit means you turn it up.

Get Home Safely coming soon.

BBC's Zane Lowe Full Interview w/ JAY Z (Video)

One of the best interviews with old boy I've seen in a minute. Since I'm so late posting, the full interview is up now.

Part II | Part III | Part IV

New By Any Means Summer Collection Available Now

The extended family dropped off their new lookbook last week shot in Chinatown, NYC.

The collection, designed by By Any Means own Aristotle, features original artwork by prominent NYC visual artist, Serban Ionescu (

Shop the full line here

Thursday, July 18, 2013

David Letterman On Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (Video)

Had to catch up on a few of these from the new season. This Letterman one is probably my favorite from the group. Just great.

Watch it here

Via ComediansInCarsGettingCoffee

Art Collective URNEWYORK Hold Scavenger Hunt For Jay-Z-Approved #URMG Lyric Sheets (Video)

Congrats to everyone involved in this shit. Such a beautiful thing.

Shot by DredHotMopFilms

Kanye West Collaborates With A.P.C. On Essentials Collection (Updated)

How dope would it be if the jeans were like $100 or something? Jeans are like 2 something and pretty much sold out everywhere. The collection consists of a pair of denim, a couple plain tees, and a hoodie. I fuck with it. They focused on cut instead of design, which I'm all about.

*Some kid at Guardian put up a nice little gallery you can look at everything.
*Founder Jean Touitou talked to GQ a little bit about how the collaboration came about. Go here.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Steel Tipped Dove Talks To MTVHive About New Album, New @SHIRTNYC Music "INDUSTRY"

My dog Steel just dropped his new album. Fuck with me you know I got it.

The mixtape opens with “Industry” by a rapper named Shirt. What sort of vibe were you going for with that? 
Shirt and I have been working together for a few years now, actually — I first produced a track for him on his album I Should Just Chill from like two or three years ago and then I did a few tracks on his next two albums after that, The Fuck and Rich Hours. I would describe the vibe of “Industry” as, um, hard as fuck! Does that make sense? That beat is tough as hell, and after I made it I had it for a few days and sent it over to him and he absolutely killed it.

Stream the song, and continue reading here

Kanye's "Black Skinhead" Featured In Dope Ass "The Wolf Of Wall Street" Trailer w/ Leonardo DiCaprio (Video)

Maybe the illest trailer I've seen in a minute.

Someone Told Me Lady Gaga's Back (Photo)

Well shit.

Props to my nigga Safe.


Album is ridiculous. In case you were wondering, it's a real fucking Jay-Z album. Almost what feels like his first in years. Beats are vintage at times, and next level in the same breathe.

This all has been feeling extra special. About a week ago, Roc Nation held a scavenger hunt for fans to find a limited # of specially made lyric booklets. My brother 2ESAE of art collective URNEWYORK was one of those fans to retrieve a copy by pure chance. Naturally, him and SKI decided to take it up a notch, painting over and creating individual work on top of the 20 hard sheets in the book. They actually called me and asked if I thought it was a good idea. I said yeah definitely. 4 fucking days later word had gotten to Hov himself and the guys were invited to the official release party. 4 days from dream to reality.
Anything in this world is possible with hard work and some imagination. Today, the duo are giving back 5 of the original lyric sheets in a city-wide scavenger hunt of their own. Follow @URNEWYORK for more details.

M.I.A. - "Bring The Noize" (Official Video)

Shit's toooo dope.

Shout to Yells for the heads up.

New Drake Shit, "The Motion" & "Versace (Remix)"

Couple of our favorite joints out currently. Mad burn in L.A. Versace remix especially is fucking ridiculous.

Versace (Remix)

The Motion

Album out Sept. 17th. More shit here.

The Daily Beast Interviews Rick Rubin About Yeezus, Being The Greatest To Ever Do It Etc.

This guy just had another incredible year. This makes something like 20 years of excellence.

So how would you describe your role as a producer, in general?

Just as fan. Making music that I want to hear. You’re so close to something when you write it that it’s hard to have any perspective on how it hits someone else. My job is to be a professional version of the outside world—a listener who is not attached to any of it, who doesn’t know the story of how it was written, who doesn’t know how it works, who doesn’t know why this is important to you. Every record producer does something different. A lot of them are former engineers who come at it from the technical side. 

But you’re not twiddling the knobs and positioning the mics ...

I come from more of the fan side. It’s not so much how we’re going to do it. Instead, I become a partner with the artist in trying to realize the best version of who they could be.

Continue reading here