Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vibe Magazine Short Convo With Jay Electronica *Update* w/ Jay On Lip Service

Missed this little gem a couple days ago. One of my favorite rappers talks to Vibe and it's rich.

VIBE: We didn't think you would be down for this interview since you're so elusive.

That is a rumor. That I’m elusive. People say that because they are spoiled. They think if you don’t respond to them that you're being elusive. That is inconsiderate, for them to think that I should drop whatever I’m doing to answer them. You [remember when] you had a house phone and people called after homework, dinner or before dinner? Now folks call all times of the day and night and want a response. How you do know that I'm not in a good mood or tired? We can talk today and if you don’t get to me the next three days or week, people get offended. It's so insensitive to demand immediate contact. I come up to venues and people are surprised that I’m there. "Oh, we're so happy you came." Of course I'm coming. I booked the show.

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*That pic up there is great right? I'm fucking nasty at finding the ill photo for a post haha.

*Jay went in on Angela Yee’s Lip Service with Millz and got pretty heated, stepped to Kay Slay sort of, RZA, gives his Brooklyn home address out, wilds out, rips an Elvis poster off the wall? - Rap Radar's got the full scoop here.

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