Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bill Murray In, The Mind Of Charles Swan (February 2013)

I don't know how good this is going to be but they have my attention. I believe this is the film dropping starring Charlie Sheen playing a slightly more normal than real life Charlie Sheen.

Fast Company Magazine's "10 Conversations That Changed Our World"

Super into this mag as of late and this month's issue focuses on something I've learned to put a lot of importance on. Let some words swirl around a subject for a little bit and you never know what'll happen.

The spark for what turns out to be a big idea rarely happens in solitude. But the dialogue that inspires innovation rarely looks all that world-shaking at first glance.

Continue reading here

40oz Van Speaks to BLOWHIPHOPTV About Putting Up Real Numbers

The kid with the name coming up in all the meetings. Got to respect it crazy. NY shit.

Currently My Favorite American Apparel Bitch

One of my favorite new ads from some of the kings of marketing themselves. AA.

Art Basel Crew 2012 (Photo)

Found this on the homie Will Yan's newly designed blog. Respect the shooter.

From left: Dred, Yours truly, Ski, Col, & 2

Noah Lambert Uni Fold Wallet

That's a good looking wallet I've got to say. I love little leather accessories and shit and this is good one. The Uni Fold is made from a 5oz piece of vegetable tanned bridled leather, and stitched using Barbour’s Red Hand 5 cord linen thread.

Selectism has more info here.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DONDA-designed Lil Wayne "I Am Not A Human Being 2" Album Cover (Photo)

These guys understand simplicity being the highest form of sophistication. I dig.

Rick Ross Sits & Talks To Peter Bailey About Acting Debut, New Endeavors etc. (Video)

Ross expanding his increasingly popular empire. Much, much respect. Watch here.

*I just want to talk about the Ross shooting for a second. There's been a lot of shit said, jokes and all, about an apparently serious attempt at killing this dude at the top of his game. Lest we forget, a drive-by is how they took Biggie's life. This shit is weak.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OBEEZY Sweeps Michelle Off Her Feet (Photo)

Love this photo.

Speaking of the Inauguration, this whole Beyoncé lip-syncing mess is bothering me. This isn't about whether or not anyone doubts she can sing, and for that matter, sing exceptionally beautiful. I just wonder why then not go for the glory and kill it live, imperfections and all. Just my thoughts.

Read about it here, from the best source I've found thus far.

*Actually can't find credit for the photo.

Behind The Scenes w/ Beyoncé & Terry Richardson For GQ

God help us all.

*GQ just put up some amazing outtakes from the interview.

Like this:

"Here's the way it works now: If MTV or Access Hollywood or anyone else wants some footage of Beyonce and Beyonce thinks it's a good idea, Burke shoots it and lets them borrow it. "It's a win-win," Burke says. "They get better access—that's what we tell them—because I'm in the dressing room, where they would never be," he says. But Beyonce owns the footage. Same with still photos."

More here

Monday, January 21, 2013

Alec Baldwin Talks To Super Talented Lena Dunham, Creator Of 'Girls' (Audio)

You know how much I love these talks. Lena's killing it right now. Watched the 2nd episode of the new season of Girls last night and it's just as raw and refreshing as you'd hope. I see big things for shorty.

Via HeresTheThing

*If you get a chance, and care, listen to the Judd Apatow interview too. He's a producer on Girls, directed the films Knocked Up, 40-Year Old Virgin etc. Great stuff.

Mike Tyson Talks That Real (Episode 4 w/ Jeff Staple)

Tyson talking that gospel. Real shit.

See the full series here.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Contra TV Spotlights @ReedSpace, "Create & Influence" (Video)

This is dope. Extended family love. Shout to Bucci on the V.O.

Liberty of London x Nike Air Force 1 Downtown

These are fresh as fuck.

Featuring an asymmetrical floral Liberty print fabric on the upper, accented with metal studs on the medial and lateral sides

Dropping January 19th here

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Armed w/ Wifi On A Plane, And A Penchant For Inspiring, @jeffstaple Answers Some Twitter Questions

I went in and mined for some jewels. It's a tedious thing to do but I think it wields some good results. Always cool to get into the head of one of the guys you respect. And nothing better sometimes than real people asking real questions and receiving quick and concise answers. Enjoy.

@raleighfelton: What is the best way to get capital for starting a brand? 
@jeffstaple: From rich friends that don't care about losing money. 
@His_Sakness: What are your top 3 goals for 2013? 
@jeffstaple: 1. Be happy everyday. 2. Be happy everyday. 3. Be happy everyday. 
@enomis_DIY: What advice would you give to your younger, freshly-starting entrepreneurial self?
@jeffstaple: Find your unique angle. Then bumrush through that opening! 
@SMElovich: What's your favorite cereal? 
@jeffstaple: I don't eat cereal. Carbs are the devil. 
@tito_sheppard: Swishers or dutches? 
@jeffstaple: These are drug references? I been clean 18 yrs mang. Not a sip of alcohol or a puff since. 
@MakBorro: Advice for starters in clothing line? 
@jeffstaple: Ask yourself seriously (and often) why you want to get into this. 
@DanielFreshBot: If you could have one superpower, what would it be? 
@jeffstaple: Time travel. 
@TheIconicNC: New boutique in a smaller market in NC. Best way to market ourselves for collabs?! @jeffstaple: Don't seek colabs. Let colabs seek you. 
@JoshBeFresh: Best advice you can give to someone who wants to be a Creative Director one day? 
@jeffstaple: Read about these people: 1. Tibor Kalman 2. Saul Bass 3. Stefan Sagmeister 

More here if you care
*Photo by Trashhand

Beyoncé HBO Documentary Looks Dope (Trailer)

This should be all the good it's cracked up to be.

New Banksy Works On Canvas, Sort-Of

Shit. This guy is so good. Like, the best maybe.


NY Times Feature "The 46 Places To Go In 2013"

This is awesome. Set some goals of seeing some things this year if possible.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Artist Stephanie Rew Speaks About Some Of Her Stunning Paintings

Stephanie Rew from DX Films on Vimeo.
I thought this was very beautiful. Never mind me, go about your day.

Shout to JJJJound for the heads up.

Rihanna Gets 7 Different Complex Covers, Here's My Favorite 2

Sigh. More bad bitch covers to start the new year off right.

Via Complex

Conan O' Brien Sits And Talks To Jack White Of The White Stripes For A Really Long Time

This thing now where celebrities I enjoy literally just sit and talk to other celebrities I enjoy is probably some of the best internet stuff happening in a long while. I'm super happy it seems this is becoming a thing. No matter where this goes, Conan is steering and I'm on board. Boom motherfucker.

Conan O' Brien's "Serious Jibber-Jabber"

New Future Feat. Drake Song, "Fo Real"

I kind of like this record.

Justin Timberlake Drops First New Single In 6 Years, "Suit & Tie" w/ Jay-Z

I like that your man isn't chasing what sound is hot right now. This is kind of classically him and new sounding all in one. I like it. Produced by Timbaland.

Buy it here

*He also wrote a letter to his fans and revealed the title to his new album.

Friday, January 11, 2013

#URLIVING - Street Famous Artists @URNEWYORK Run Through Miami's Art Basel 2012 Living The Life

Basel 2012 - #URliving from HotMop Films on Vimeo.
The mothafuckin' family. I love the life.

Two of New York City's infamous Graffiti writers turned legitimate Artists, 2Esae and Ski Mst of UR New York, set sail yet again to Miami Art Basel continuing to uphold the reputations they've created. Represented by Pop! International Galleries in Soho NYC, the collective took to the streets of Wynwood with various expressions, including; covering the 200 foot wall of "Play In", a Children's Center in the community, partnering with the C.B.C., Children's Bereavement Center and holding a workshop with 30+ kids for a little Graffiti 101, customizing and auctioning off a one of a kind "Nemo" chair at the Anima Domus showroom in the Design District to benefit charity, participating in the star studded Art of Basketball event curated by Billi Kid, as well as showcasing many new works with Pop! International. What a trip. Join us in watching 10 special days as seen through OUR eyes. 

*New SHIRT music snippet at the 4:13 mark. I'm saying...

Action Bronson Talks YouTube Comments While Backflipping Out Of A Moving Vehicle (Video)

You got to love this odd sonavabitch. Queens shit.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hi-res Beyoncé x Terry Richardson x GQ Photos Stop Internet/Entire World, Quote From Obama, "I Would Die For Dat Ass", Nation Agrees

Figured you needed these too. There's a couple more I still I can't find. BUT I WILL.

*GQ put up her interview today, too

Nas Talks To Angie Martinez About New Album, New Year

Says he's in a zone. Let's fucking go.

*He also just sat and spoke for over an hour on his whole career at the 92nd street Y. I posted about it on the other other blog I contribute to,

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beyoncé Covers GQ (February 2013) And Holy Wow

Well guess what. Fuck everything. GQ wins again.


Mothafuckin' Iron Mike Tyson For @StaplePigeon In Jeff's 1-2-1 (Episode 3)

Bong bong.

Beautifully shot by WANP.

A$AP Rocky Interview w/ Pitchfork


It's because I'm from New York, and my sound was fucking amazing, and I'm pretty; I made it acceptable to wear braids and play JFK. But there was too much hype-- even I felt I was overhyped. I hate the hype. When 50 Cent came out, people were saying that he was the best rapper alive: "Oh, he got shot nine times, he's better than Tupac, he's better than Biggie." That was all hype. When I came out, people were saying, "Oh, he's the best, he's fly like this, he's the new kid, he's the swag master!" My album was supposed to come out in March but it wasn't ready! And I was like, "You know what, I'ma let y'all calm down and relax, let all that simmer down." Now, everyone keeps saying, "We're going to see if you can do as well as Kendrick [Lamar] did." I'm like, "What the fuck? That's my brother, man, chill." 

Continue reading here

NYC's "Walldogs", Huge Building Mural Painters (Mini-Doc)

This is fucking awesome. One of those "Oh my God, this is one of the coolest jobs ever but I could never do it" type of things. At least for me.

Done for TUMBLR's STORYBOARD series.

adidas Orginals “Camo Pack” Spring/Summer 2013

I like some of this stuff. This little spring jacket especially, and a tee you can find here.

adidas Originals has been doing great things for some time now. No word on where/when these go on sale but I imagine it's soon.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

N.O.R.E. Is Now P.A.P.I. In New Single "Tadow" w/ 2 Chainz, Pusha T & French Montana (Video)

Good for the Lefrak nigga. This vid has a bunch of great moments. Song too.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rick Rubin Sits Still For A Minute On The Beach

Wish this was more but it's still nice. One of my favorite music guys around.

Via Nowness

Two Billion Pixel Interactive Photograph Of Everest

Pretty crazy.

Click here for the interactive zoomness of it all.

GQ+A w/ Kendrick Lamar + SNL Performance Info

Young K.Dot clears up some of the shit you might've misconstrued.

GQ: How do you get better at rapping?

Kendrick Lamar: You really have to travel. I could have told you, "You've got to write every day." Of course you've got to do that. But you really have to get out and see different things. I can't stay in Compton. Things get redundant after a while; that's not the lifestyle any more. You've got to get out and travel.

Continue reading here

*Just announced, January 26th on SNL.

Tits and Exotic Places In New Vogue Paris Calendar (Preview)

I pretty much only like this one photo I'm throwing up top but I'm sure there'll be something for everyone once the whole calendar drops.

More here

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I never spread this and I really wanted to. As part of Miami Art Basel's #planetext initiative. Look it up. Enjoy.


One of those I like art type girls.

Via JJJJound

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Watch: NY Kids Feed 500+ In 5-Boro Thanksgiving Food Drive "By Any Meals", Huge Shout @BAMupdates

I love this. The new family at BAM and the forever family at HotMop Films came together with the mothafuckin' neighborhood cook himself, Hood Chef, this past Thanksgiving to spread some incredible joy to those less fortunate. Nothing better.

Click here to find out how you can help a little something next year.