Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Artists URNEWYORK Take Over Miami's Wynwood Arts District For Art Basel 2011

Just about time me and some of my closest ditch this weird New York weather for a few days to support my art brothers in their first solo exhibition Miami's ever seen. The dynamic duo, Fernando "Ski" Romero and Mike "2esae" Baca, are showcasing over 60+ original works varying in size, color, theme and technique, in conjunction with world-renowned gallery, POP International. In addition to the dope on the walls inside, you can see above they ran through the neighborhood a bit as well even going as far as transforming an entire building. That's what the fuck I'm talking about! Opening night, Thursday December 1st. |

*Shout to Hot Mop Films & Darvin Silva

Monday, November 28, 2011

*New Video* Work - Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross

I'm not gonna even front at all to you, this reminded me of the classic Biggie and Puff outing. I'll thank Ross for that. The young Meek Mill is putting in that work, though. Salute.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

National Geographic Photos Of The Year 2011

The fact it's that time of year, mixed with the fact it's a slow Sunday on the blogs, have sponsored this post. That and I love a good photo.

The deadline for entries in this year's National Geographic Photo Contest is November 30. Photographers of all skill levels (last year more than 16,000 images submitted by photographers from 130 countries) enter photographs in three categories: Nature, People and Places. The photographs are judged on creativity and photographic quality by a panel of experts. There is one first place winner in each category and a grand prize winner as well going home with 10k.

Find all 54 here.

Friday, November 25, 2011

New York Arthouse Tees Black Friday Sale! Hurry!

Save 30% off this weekend when you type in the discount code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout. Few sizes left. Go now!

Fuck With This: Kicks Deals

I'm a good dude so let me put you on. I came across these guys a few days ago and I gotta admit I got pretty excited. Dope kicks, really really low prices. Simple as that. These Haystack joints? $70 shipped. Can't beat that.

Reed Space NYC Progressive Black Friday Sale

It goes something like this, buy $500 worth of dope shit for $250. Easy-peasy? Buy less, save less, spend less, so forth so on. Shop smart. Tell 'em Shirt sent you.

*New Video* Dance For You - Beyoncé

Well God damn, that's how you feel, B? Happy Thanksgiving to us all.

Monday, November 21, 2011

*New Video* Not Enough Words - Action Bronson

Everyone's favorite new fat kid does more rapping and illegal living in another Tom Gould x Alexander Richter-directed Queens clip. Action Bronson & Statik Selektah’s Well Done album dropping tomorrow.

New York Arthouse *New Images*

Same product. New, clearer images. Still a few sizes left. Check out our Big Cartel store here.

There was talk of releasing a special crewneck for Black Friday but unfortunately time escaped us. Hopefully they'll be coming sooner than later. Either way, save a few dollars for when the time is right.

*New Music* In The Dark - Dev

Guilty pleasure shit. Don't judge me. The melody kicks in on this thing and it's so amazing.

Download here

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Burberry Prorsum Patterned Scarf

Good colors happening. It's gotta be the loudest thing you're wearing though. Funny because Selectism calls it something Biggie would have rocked, and says it's "straight out of an 80's Brooklyn brownstone." Not sure if that's the way I would've put it but I guess. It's just a great scarf.

Buy it here

Kendrick Lamar x adidas Originals 2011

Done really well. Kid's looking fresh, too.

Terry Richardson Shoots Lindsey Wixson In NYC

Love her colors. Terry knows what he's doing over there.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Benetton's Powerful, Worldwide 'Unhate' Campaign Featuring President Obama

A lot of times with posts like this it takes me a while to spit it out. I wanna get it right, get it all in the blogger box, you know? This is to me, the epitome of great advertising. Benetton's known for it, though took 10 years off from the game. Now they're very much back. In their own words:

The UNHATE Foundation, desired and founded by the Benetton Group, seeks to contribute to the creation of a new culture of tolerance, to combat hatred, building on Benetton’s underpinning values.

Balls this big are something special and should be dealt with as so. Cover the moon with one of these shits. Go here for the entire package; full briefs and press-kits, videos, jpeg packets and so forth.

New T.I. x Pharrell Song "Hear Ye, Hear Ye" Drops Officially

Was waiting for this to drop nice and mastered and all. Shit is tough. Thanks to Darvin Silva we have the Throne-esq artwork and everything. From what I hear there's a video that was shot as well.

Download here

Penfield Sample Sale In NYC

Starts today. Got to check it out last night and it's official. Little advice though? Stay away from the red plaid shoulder thing you see everybody rocking.

*New Video* F.A.M.E. - Young Jeezy feat. T.I.

Favorite Jeezy song in a while I can't even front. You gotta hear this thing loud. The new album, TM103: Hustlerz Ambition, due December 20th.

*The much anticipated 3 Stacks and Jay-Z feature just dropped with Flex bombs all over it so as soon as we get a nice clean/dirty version we'll be sure to get that up for you. It's a cool record.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beautiful Unpublished Marilyn Monroe Photos In, “Picturing Marilyn”

Gorgeous shot. One of several previously unseen photos in a new two-day photo exhibition at New York’s Milk Gallery Nov. 10 to 13. There's but a few here, although this might be one of those things you go see in person. The Talk Of Hollywood.

William Yan Shoots T.Shirt In The Street!

Looking like a silly son of a bitch that can't open his eyes in the sun (I really can't). Thanks to Will for the kind words and the exposure. Go here.

*Fuck with William Yan, legend in the making.

Icon x Bronco x Nike

Perfect, only $150,000 and exactly what I want parked outside. No fucking frills.

"We looked around the country and bought ten of the nicest virgin Broncos that we could find – all original paint, known history and no modifications, so that in essence it's the best blank canvas we can find."

Go here

*New Video* Sweet - Common

My man, Philly god, Phil.the.god. kills this shit. Shout to you my brother, great work. Com delivers a couple of his hardest rhymes in years and takes a crew to Haiti for the matching visual. The Dreamer/The Believer, drops in December.

Fragment Design x Nike ACG Zoom Meriwether

Got to see these up close and personal on the feet of my guy Nico at Staple Design and lemme just tell you, I'm jealous as fuck. They're really dope, haha. Shit! From what I'm hearing there's no US release. 21 Mercer has regular Meriwether colors I wouldn't recommend. That's all I have to say about that.

Shout to Hiroshi Fujiwara.

Complex Puts Drizzy Drake On Their Dope New December 2011 Cover

Complex guys are nasty for this cover. Such great art direction. Click here for the full Drake cover story and gallery of photos. They really went all out on this one. Even with the photos, they're careful choices. Print's alive and well.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Go (APP) - "It's Go Time"

So after being a bit confused as to what exactly the Go App did, I asked co-creator Jeff Staple himself to share in his words what his new creation was about. His answer, not surprisingly, was simple as can be. If/when you find yourself witnessing an interesting event, be it a long line for new sneakers dropping, the landing of another plane in the Hudson, #OCCUPYWALLSTREET adventures, something serious, something fun, something wild, take a photo and share in real time with everyone that's a "fan" of your feed. Get it? Unlike other photo sharing apps and programs, Go App does not allow you to upload a photo you've taken last month, or even 10 minutes ago. It's right there and then or nothing at all. The cool thing about all of it is if this thing gets big enough, we'll essentially have "eyes" everywhere. The world becomes our backyard.

Get the GO APP here.

The New York Arthouse x Big Cartel Online Store

You can now order one of the two new tees A LOT easier than before. Visit - limited quantity.

Should you find yourself in NYC though, do head down to Reed Space and check them out in person. Bare with us while we get things nice and settled. More dope shit to come.

Steve Jobs' Final Words Were, "Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow."

The combination of me just about finishing up the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, and taking the 5 minutes to read his sister's eulogy to him proved a little much. What she said about her full blood brother was just beautiful. Really touched me. I urge you to make the read.

A Sister's Eulogy For Steve Jobs

Steve worked at what he loved. He worked really hard. Every day. 

That’s incredibly simple, but true. 

He was the opposite of absent-minded. 

He was never embarrassed about working hard, even if the results were failures. 

Novelty was not Steve’s highest value. Beauty was. 

For an innovator, Steve was remarkably loyal. If he loved a shirt, he’d order 10 or 100 of them.  

He didn’t favor trends or gimmicks. He liked people his own age. 

His philosophy of aesthetics reminds me of a quote that went something like this: “Fashion is what seems beautiful now but looks ugly later; art can be ugly at first but it becomes beautiful later.” 

Steve always aspired to make beautiful later. 

He was willing to be misunderstood.

*New Music* Talk That Talk - Rihanna feat. Jay-Z

Something about this guy's verse is funny to me. Unlike Hov to be so blunt about the sex-scapades. "I be trying to chill, bitches wanna fuck me, every other city I go, fuck me". You already know this is gonna be another huge album for Ri. We love her over here. Talk That Talk drops November 21st.

The Right Card

Previewed a new business card I'm making on my Instagram this weekend. Find me at sweatshirt. Design is there but the paper was entirely wrong. Problem will be fixed this week.

Leica Interviews @JonathanMannion

This guy is the man and the best at what he does. We've spoken before and he's also super cool.

“I’m just a messenger,” he observes, “and I’ve been given a talent to document an extremely important era of music history."

In addition to the video above, read the full interview on Leica's blog here

Introduced (to us): White Mountaineering

Found a brand I really like. Highsnobiety put me on to their new Fall/Winter collection, but I dove a little deeper and as it turns out they've been making a collection of great stuff for a while now. Still haven't found a way to actually make purchases through their website but at least it's well stocked. Go here.

*The shorts are incredible but I'm wondering about fit.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Terry Richardson Makes Out With Chloe Sevigny Dressed As Terry Richardson

Fucking incredible. Buy the 386-page book here.

GQ Magazine Talks To Drake's Producer/Engineer, 40

"He says R&B a lot. At least they know." - My man. Drake & 40 come under so much scrutiny about the watered down hip-hop they've come to create but I for one like it the most from these guys. I was just saying how, melody-wise, "Shot For Me" is my new favorite song off Take Care. "Marvin's Room"? C'mon, the shit's great. GQ does a good job of getting down to the bottom of the super engineer and rapper's relationship both in and out of the studio.

I had a very distinct taste for R&B music, growing up listening to it my entire life and I love producing it first and foremost. It was everything from SWV and Jon B to Silk and Playa and any you could possibly think of... We're always surrounding ourselves with music like that. Even on Take Care you'll see a lot of '90s R&B samples, you know? A lot of different artists from the R&B world of the '90s—we're trying to keep that prominent, like the last album with the Aaliyah stuff. I've been an Aaliyah fan since I was a kid—me and my sister—so that stuff comes up as well. That Timbaland/Ginuwine era, too.

Continue reading here

Jay-Z & Kanye West Perform At Victoria Secret Fashion Extravaganza (Video)

Gothamist has photos.

Terry Richardson Shoots Tyler The Creator

What can I say? I find these two funny as shit together.

Loads more here

Karlina Caune for L’Officiel Paris

Love this. Clean and perfect. There's adventure on her mouth. More here.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rap Legend Heavy D Passes Away At Age 44

Shit. I credit this man with everything, all this music shit I do. Heavy D & The Boys' Peaceful Journey was the first rap CD I ever bought. I learned that thing like the back of my hand, I'll never forget. It's sad, I guess I haven't thought about the dude much in the last 15 years but seeing him pop up every now and again you couldn't help but notice the positive spirits he was always in. Checking out his twitter for the first time is kind of wild. Just a few hours ago he tweeted, "Be inspired". Always, my man. R.I.P. to a legend.

*There is no cause of death confirmed at this point.

Photo courtesy of UPNORTHTRIPS

Complete Technique x New Era

My man Osa has been updating us as he went through the necessary steps to create his new collaboration piece with New Era. The pendant is now complete, as the super limited release finds it's way to the openings of the brand new New Era stores in Chicago and L.A. The craftsmanship is ridiculous. Such detail. Ro has video. Stay tuned.


Take Care Album Review/Drake Interview With Stereogum

The album it seems everyone was waiting for sprung a leak a couple nights ago and sent the internet in a frenzy. First it seemed every single link was fake, then every single link was real, and boom that bitch was in my iTunes. I immediately liked it, prompted by standout verses on the intro and so forth. On 2nd and 3rd listen though, things got a little muddy. A few songs sound like exactly the same record on different beats. Then I released the hyped up Rihanna-feature was actually a word for word rip of my favorite Gil Scott-Heron song over Jamie xx production. That bothered me a lot. Mostly because the original song flew so far under the radar I'm almost positive this will be the first time a lot of fans are introduced to it now through Drake. It's just not right. I listened to it a couple more times and it's not so bad so whatever. Solid effort on Drizzy's behalf overall. Kid's got a lethal pen and a bunch more years in him making great music.

I'm including the big, ill Just Blaze-produced banger "Lord Knows" everyone's talking about down below:

*There's a super in-depth Stereogum interview that's kind of interesting too, if you care, where Drake touches on a lot of the process in making his sophomore album.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jay-Z & Kanye Fuck Up New Jersey

Had a blast last night in Jersey. While it was my 5th or 6th time seeing Hova live, and past performances were maybe a bit grander and drawn out, it was great to see the pairing of these guys doing what they do. The transitions were flawless. Daft Punk sampled in Stronger to Justice sampled into On To The Next One. Big Pimping to Gold Digger to 99 Problems. Just dope. Also gave me a newfound respect for all the massive hits 'Ye produced for Jay. Just a great time overall and I'm glad we got to experience it all over again.

Dropped a couple of these on Instagram earlier. Find me at sweatshirt.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

*New Video* I'm Flexin' - T.I. feat. Big K.R.I.T.

Love this shit. Tip's home.

T.Shirt's New Balance H574J “Present”

Had to spend green paper on these last week. There's a special pair of kicks each season and these were it for me. Premium goodness. Damn near a boot. Pretty much only available in select Asia locations and the basement of Reed Space.

Johnny Depp On David Letterman (Video)

Always enjoyable watching these guys talk. They mostly go in about Depp's new film, Hunter S. Thompson's The Rum Diaries, which we had the pleasure of seeing last week. Although it probably could have been an overall better film in my opinion, the story and writing made it totally worth the ticket price. Not to mention Depp's brand of crazy is a special one.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Phenomenon x MCM Tiger Camo Hat

Oh fuck, I need this. Most of you aren't gonna understand, and I respect your feelings on the matter, but I know exactly what to do with something like this. It's simple, this is some rap shit.

The 100% leather, limited edition cap will be available November 5th at The Contemporary Fix, United Arrows and PHENOMENON OSAKA with a price tag of ¥22,680 JPY (approximately $289 USD). Perfect Christmas gift for the kid.

Graffiti Artists URNEWYORK Hit The Streets To Promote Their First Solo Art Basel Show "Breaking & Entering" (Video)

My cohorts are followed by half-man, half director DredHotMopFilms, as they prepare for Miami's heat December 1st.

*Hit the blog for more updates and make sure you follow the artists 2 and Ski on Twitter as their lives literally change before our eyes.

Leonardo DiCaprio In The NY Times, "A Star Who Isn’t Afraid to Take Risks"

“When I can’t immediately define the character, and there’s an element of mystery to it and still a lot to be explored, that’s when I say yes.”

These days I'd watch anything by this guy. Unafraid to immerse himself in real characters, Leo's the real deal when it comes to seemingly pretty boy movie stars. I'm sure having a few of the world's greatest directors lining up to work with you doesn't hurt either. His next role will be J. Edgar Hoover, in a biopic directed by Clint Eastwood, about the famously secretive FBI director for 8 straight U.S. presidents. Times article is clutch. Sinatra biopic by Scorcese??! The Great Gatsby?! Awesome.

- Mahdude

Rick Ross Surfaces On 106 & Park To Talk About His Health, New Record w/ Jay-Z etc.

Rozay handles this perfectly. Really happy to see/hear he got hip to his condition and isn't fucking around. New album will be a monster. God Forgives, I Don't drops in December.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Buy New York Arthouse Tees Online (Limited Time)

Figured there was a few of you who'd like to buy a tee and couldn't get down to Reed Space in NYC to do so. Extremely limited quantity.

Arthouse Fall 2011
Choose a size

*The process up top can be sort of confusing. Choose which tee and size you want from the drop down menus above and click "Add to Cart". You can only order one tee at a time. Once it redirects you to the Paypal page, if you want to add a 2nd tee to your order, you simply have to click "Continue shopping", and do it again. It will then give you a total for both tees and you can be on your way. Email me at if you have any questions. Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

T.Shirt (@sweatshirt) Drops First Single "Southside Phantom" Off New Album

Produced by Maker. A&R'd by Mixmason. Mixed by Darvin. Mastered by Julian. Written by T.Shirt. New album coming soon. Shout the fuck out to Inf.

Download here

*Photo by Andy J. Scott.