Thursday, September 30, 2010

*New Music* David Hasselhoff (To My Brothers) - T.Shirt

Ok I decided this Life Series shit is gonna be very, very real now. Here's the 2nd joint so far. The music is produced by my man B Ski and once again the artwork is a collaborative effort between myself and one of the most talented guys I know, Reno Msad for Spek Studios, (he was late to Twitter, get your follow on here). Enjoy!! Hats off, we blast off with the mask off...

Listen/Download David Hasselhoff (To My Brothers) - T.Shirt

Previous: End Of The Summer (ft. Ronin) - T.Shirt

Yelewolf Fader Magazine Cover

We support the shit outta homeboy, and Fader does the game justice. All praises due to a sick cover. Hitting newsstands October 5th.

Brand New Audi e-Tron Spyder

WHOA. Front grill mania, man. This shit is craaazzy. Must work harder. Literally just debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. More photos and info here.

Billionaire Boys Club "World's Fair" Down Vest

This is pretty interesting design-wise. Not to sure about actually pulling it off day to day but I'd at least try it on. There's a photo of Pharrell wearing it, looking extra silly here. Pinpointing the World's Fair on the map in the back is a nice touch. That all down neck line does look pretty warm, too.

I know they're not the same brand but down below there's an ill Silly Bape Thing lookbook video you should check out.

Constance Jablonski For Vogue Germany (September 2010)

Really feeling the overall feel of the pictures. They're tinted blue in a way and high fashion. Real clean. The styling by Christiane Arp is quite remarkable, being able to have everything stay classic and yet be so up-to-date. Gotta love a high-quality Vogue shoot.

take a look at the series by Alexi Lubomirski here

Kanye Suspends G.O.O.D. Friday Track This Week Due To Music Leaking

Ye took to Twitter just as we were getting home earlier and expressed his feeling on the mothafuckas leaking unfinished music. He pretty much says as punishment he's not gonna be dropping one of his popular G.O.O.D. Friday tracks this week. Sucks but it is what it is. As you know, the biggest artist can have their massive record drop undone and I won't even mention that shit on here. Fuck that. You can get it on every "hip-hop blog" out there why on earth would I need to join the fun? You stand out more by not in my opinion. Not to mention I'm an artist and this shit's gotta suck.

The tweets read something like this:
"Due to blogs leaking unfinished songs from my actual album I've decided to pass on Good Fridays this week. It's messed up that one hacker can mess everything up for everyone... I love to take a year to finish my songs and deliver them ... to you guys in there most completed form... It would have seemed like since I give free music every week even the lowest form of human being would respect that enough not to leak unfinished songs from my real album... I'm in the studio or editing suite every night to 3am finishing the film and the album or practicing for my SNL performance. We've got 4 engineers mixing the album to finish it as soon as possible"

N.E.R.D. Album "Nothing" Dropping November 2nd (Official Cover Art)

I've been meaning to post this. I like it a lot. Everybody got the low-quality cover up, this is the hi-res. New album Nothing drops November 2nd.

*Honestly looks like Terry Richardson photography but I don't know for sure.
**Watch a performance of the new single, "Hypnotize" performed at David Letterman the other night here

Halle Berry’s “Reveal" Commercial

This is so nice. The beautiful and classy Berry opens up about her new fragrance. Gimmick x 1,000 but I love it. So sensual. Shot at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, where it seems a lot of famous art is taken.

shout to Ice, no homo

Yelewolf Talks To Karmaloop TV At Rock the Bells

On his Rock the Bells look the kid sits down and talks Hip-Hop for a little bit. I like what he says a lot. Dred has me really paying attention to this kid. Still waiting on something official from his debut. I remember he was talking about working Anthony Keidis and that's something else right there. Shout to Karmaloop for always having their ear to the street, too.

*New Music* 5 Senses (Remix) - Jeremih x 50 Cent

This is some ooootttthhherrrrr shit. No homo just in case but these guys did this thing right. Jeremih has some serious melodies throughout. So I understand this is a remix? Well the original must be dope. Sex with your lady should sound something like this sometimes, don't lose focus.

Listen/Download 5 Senses (Remix) - Jeremih x 50 Cent

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moncler Vintage Leather Walking Boots Fall/Winter 2010

God damn, more boots! I was recently in Soho and peeped the new Moncler store by Amk's Apple Location over there and wanted to go in but we were running late. Not sure if they would have had these but I'm psyched about checking them out asap. Vintage Leather in a dark brown with funky laces. Cheers to the Fall.

Cop 'em here

Random Goodness

Feeling the design of this a lot. Love the texture. My kind of art.

*New Music* Blow Your Smoke (Dirty) - Jim Jones

Jimmy got a good one. It was bound to happen haha. This is smooth.

Listen/Download Blow Your Smoke - Jim Jones (Yk2 link)

*Official Video* Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitars

God damn there's a reason these two have such a huge buzz. This shit kicks ass. The video, shot in Brooklyn of course, (looks like Red Hook) is equally as awesome. Directed by the visionary Phil Pinto. Give it up for professionals.

*Might have to take a crack at that beat.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

*New T.Shirt Music* End Of The Summer (Life Series 01)

Why not? Something new from the kid all ill and official and shit haha.  My man Ronin is the one crooning throughout while we peace out the Summertime together. I'm feeling the artwork by Reno Msad and I so much I really might fuck around and do a whole series. We'll see. In the meantime, bump this while you're getting some head, works like a charm.

Listen/Download End Of The Summer - T.Shirt

Maison Martin Margiela AW10 Incognito Assemblé Shades

Seen these around a few places and the thing is, I can respect the design a lot. I don't think they'd particularly look hot on me but I'm sure covering the right bone structure they'd be quite beautiful. What a crock of shit, right? Word. Made in a collaboration between the brand Hov put us on to and reputed italian company Marcolin, the line of 8 hybrid shades pick up on the classic aviator style and come in both black and tortoise shell.

More pics here

*Official Video + Mp3* Beautiful Music - Freeway (Prod. by Jake One)

Sort-of feeling this but I think more than anything I'm impressed Free's still going. Mad respect right there. Nahright got to premiere both the mp3 and video of the first offering from Free's Diamond In The Rough dropping soon. Dope beat by Jake One. Video Directed by Jimmy Giambrone, co-directed by SetFree.

Listen/Download Beautiful Music - Freeway (Prod. by Jake One)

*Official* Barbra Streisand - Duck Sauce (Armand Van Helen & A-Trak)

Feeling this cause it's so God damn free. The kind of video you have to live before you can shoot. Cameos from everybody and I don't know the stories behind each but these aren't just regular famous people sightings. You got DJ Premier scratching throughout. You got Ryan Leslie playing a serious lick toward the end. You got exclusive footage of Kanye West on a photoshoot for one of those colorful chairs he likes. I mean, this is serious business. Into it.

Directed by So Me

R.I.P. Brandon Gutierrez

Yo, for real a huge shout to this kid. It's the young guy you might have seen me talking about on Twitter a couple weeks that took his own life. Just kills me. I have special place in my heart for a skater kid, too, I can't front. Shout to his family and friends and people who miss him. The wake was something else. Brandon really had touched good peoples lives and for that he will be remembered. R.I.P. my man, really dope shot up top.

(Official Video) New York Is Killing Me - Gil Scott-Heron [Directed by Chris Cunningham]

Caught this earlier before a lot of the rap blogs got wind. It's a pretty interesting look into a nighttime New York I don't think even I've seen in many, many years. It just isn't dark like this anymore on a normal way home. Turns out it's Chris' first new video in four years and he' s been confirmed to be working on his first audiovisual album ever. Exciting shit from the once-wildly popular Director. Wish they included Nas' verse. Debuted last night at The MoMa.

More info here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

(William Yan Exclusive) COA X Goodwood Presents: Da Bears

This is crazy! Will Yan says blogged how he ran into a friend of his, Daymon Green who's just collaborated with the folks over at Goodwood. This is pretty sick but I can see it getting played out pretty quickly haha. You gotta either be the first to wear it or never pick it up! It's a shame cause it's that dope of a design. Maaan, Polo over everything yo.

The One Of A Kind Aston Martin One-77

This is something else. Pretty sure Rozay's got one but these are the new Aston Martins with the sweet name of One-77. Yeah I'm a fuckin' sucker for this stuff. There's a seriously in-depth video introduction to the gorgeous car as well as more info available here.

TwentyFour/Seven™ — Team That Never Sleeps Limited Edition Fitted

Maaan I'm feeling this. 27 is my fucking number and I just got into fitteds again something heavy so you know I need this. The hats are a tribute to New Yorkers and their heavy-weight baseball franchise and the fact that 2009 marked our 27th Series win. Not to mention these are dumb exclusive at a limited edition of only 100 on sale for $50. They should be ready to go from The Reed Space now and you can follow the guys at Twitter for updates, too. Get some more info on the project here.

Diesel’s Only The Brave Campaign Featuring Vado

This is actually done really well. Made me kinda like the kid Vado like I never did before.

*Our boy Nipsey got one, too. Watch here.

Support Print, Buy Magazines

I look up to guys like Kanye West and Jay-Z, and I enjoy reading and learning about better money management. Who knows, maybe you like knitting, fucking caramel apples and Oprah, I don't care. Either way, support print. Keep the medium alive.

Kennedy Family Portraits

This is pretty wonderful. Richard Avedon’s photo session with the Kennedy family taken in '61. Kind of eerie. Some more information and sets-of-photos here.

Brand New Sunday Night Television "Eastbound & Down" & More

Got to catch this with Darvin and the boys last night and we laughed like crazy all the way through. Thanks to our friends at Strike Gently, you don't need the friends, blunts, flatscreens, snacks and general feeling of community. You can watch Sunday night television on Mondays while you should be working. Be my guest here:

Bored To Death Season 2 Premiere (great fuckin' show, excited about the new season)

*New* Boardwalk Empire Episode 2 (haven't seen it, heard good things)

Family Guy Season 9 Premiere (soooo dope)

*There's others I could careless about as well as a bunch of other weird shit you can also find at StrikeGently. Say hello for me.

*Late- Pass New Music* With You - Lil Wayne feat. Drake

Couldn't forget about this damn record. It came out around the same time Kanye dropped what's probably the best G.O.O.D. Friday release yet and got lost in the mix. I personally didn't hear till the next day or something. Anyway, it's pretty dope and you should have it. Once again, Wayne's new I Am Not  A Human Being LP drops tomorrow.

Listen/Download With You - Lil Wayne feat. Drake

*Not to be confused with the terrible Gonorrhea joint I refused to post.

*Must Read* Combat Jack Presents: True Stories Behind 25 Rap Classics

There's a reason Complex' website is # 1 with a bullet and this is the kind of feature that makes it so. Combat Jack, though not a household name by any means, is the kind of storied Hip-Hop guy you gotta respect purely for how many years he's been doing it and the experiences he holds. As present-day blogger/radio personality at Daily Mathematics and one-time entertainment lawyer for the likes of Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Public Enemy, LL Cool J, etc., the guy's been there, seen that repertoire is just that dope. If you care about the culture in the slightest you're gonna find something interesting in his article.

He sits down with Complex to discuss the details, from his angle, of 25 Rap classics and their aftermath. Nothing too crazy or drawn out here, just fuckin' great if you care.

Hit up: Combat Jack Presents: True Stories Behind 25 Rap Classics

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Memovox International Colette Edition

Damn, I love watches. I usually know how to pick 'em, too. 3 pieces available  through colette. Just so sweet. More here.

Jim Jones In New Converse Commercial (Directed By Antoine Fuqua)

This is fuckin' great. Saw this during the new Family Guy and we were all impressed. If only this kind of money and talent went in to homie's personal projects.

Lil Wayne's "I’m Not A Human Being" Album Scans

This looks pretty ill. Great colors going on. Low got the album scans from Wayne's I’m Not A Human Being dropping tomorrow.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thom Browne Fall 2010 Brogue Shoe

Oh man! These are shoes for a man. Gorgeous across the board, do take notes. I can't wait to have a place to go in something like this.

Pictures by Jules at Streething, cop here

*New Video* The Flaming Lips - See The Leaves

Have you seen this? I'm all about doing different things and thinking out the box and all but I'm not sure what the underlying message is in this one. What mess is Shorty spewing exactly and do we have to call this art? Just asking. Kinda interesting I guess.

*G.O.O.D. Friday Music* So Appalled - Kanye West x Jay-Z x Pusha T x RZA x Cyhi The Prynce

This is something else, man. I mean, the shit is fuckin' ridiculous.

Listen/Download So Appalled - Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz, Pusha T, RZA, & Cyhi Da Prynce

Tanner Goods Exclusive (A Coastal Caravan) Belt & Keychain

Fuming at the bullshit belt I recently bought which broke after a month. I pretty much swore off any other brand but Ralph Lauren yesterday on Twitter haha. You get what you pay for, man. Gotta remember that. This is nice but it's only available on a traveling van currently stationed in LA. If you care to read more about it go here.

3 years..

"her strength was different than mine, she built the castle, I was the brute fucker down below with the lasso"

Friday, September 24, 2010

Paris (Volume 5) By The Seventh Movement

My man Dred put me on to this. It's just one of those incredibly well done overviews of the whole damn city of Love. I mean, read just a snippet of what these guys did:

We had never shot a time-lapse before, we had never put one together. We were just two guys who came to Paris to photograph. To make beautiful images. And we did. And we didn't stop. It became a battle against our batteries. " Why take one when you can take one-thousand" we'd laugh. Sometimes staying at a spot all day. Biking or walking from place to place. Mispronouncing words we didn't know. Two more packs of Camel's gone. We shot and shot and uploaded wherever we were. Even ran through the terabyte we brought with us and had to buy another one at Rue Montgalet ( nightmare ). Fell asleep on the Alexander III bridge while the clicks of our camera shutters became an urban lullaby. Wandering around the streets of Paris armed with $20,000 in gear, we took Paris head on. -

now go here and read in full. Serious work.

30 Rock & The Office Season Premieres

Seriously some of the best television out there. Still haven't watched either so I shall hit up my own site on and get it in.

Shout to my connect at Strike Gently

Terry Richardson Shoots Kim Kardashian

I normally could give a fuck less about the adventures of Kim but paired with the maverick that is Richardson I've let down some of my defense. Not to mention that crushed blue velvet chair is to die for. I understand this is something shot for The London Times at The Chateau Marmont.

Do check out Terry's Diary where there's all sorts of fun times chronicled.

Big Sean In The New [Kanye West] XXL

Gotta give it up for the outfit, man. Sean wears it right too, can't front. Picked up the new XXL yesterday and was instantly really impressed with Ye's layout. It's just super clean and ill looking, with details seriously on point. Them boys from NR have the full post here.

Joaquin Phoenix Talks "I'm Not Here" Mocumentary To David Letterman

One of my favorite things to watch are actors or music people I like sit and kick it with Dave Letterman. Dave is just a class act, there's none better. You might remember last year when Joaquin announced he'd be retiring and pursuing a rap career? Anyway, hilarity ensued and he hit the famed Letterman show in a truly bizarre showing. Fast-forward to present day, it was all a hoax and the two champs live to talk about it.

Props to Ice

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Runaway - Kanye West feat. Pusha T (Mixshow Version) + Official Artwork

Low put me on to this. Still don't think the official album version is out but this one has the robot-sounding hook 'Ye performed on MTV. Also gives me a chance to put up the interesting accompanying artwork.

Listen/Download Runaway - Kanye West feat. Pusha T

Golden Bear X Unionmade Varsity Jacket

Feeling the Varsity jacket look this Fall. Might just have to get one and do a little something to it to make it my own. These guys did it right in a few different. Here's what they had to say. "Made in San Francisco, California. - We teamed up with local sportswear company Golden Bear (est. 1922) on a new set of cotton varsity jackets. Made in San Francisco’s Potrero district, the jackets feature timeless styling with a contemporary twist featuring tartan plaid lining and leather pocket details." 

Cop here

Rick Ross' Aston Martin & Four-Finger "Rozay" Ring

I can't watch this and feel crazy at all haha. I just fuckin' love it. The ring at the very end is pretty dope. Whatever, materialistic goodness.

*New Music* Right Thru Me - Nicki Minaj

Actually pretty happy about this whole thing. Nicki 86's the characters and the crazy voices but instead goes for something a little realer for the first official single off her Pink Friday debut dropping November 23rd.

Listen/Download Right Thru Me - Nicki Minaj

*There's also an interview Drew Money gave to Vibe about producing the record you can check out here

Wiz Khalifa x Karmaloop Interview

Quick interview with one of our favorites as he plows through Rock The Bells.

Devon Aoki for Russh Magazine By Will Davidson

A beautiful dress by Dolce & Gabbana and strong and inspired pose for Devon Aoki at the grounds of the iconic Hollywood sign found on the top of Mount Lee. There's some others with clothing privided by Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang and Gucci you can find here. Love this girl. Her and her brother just killing it.

Staple Design Yacht Sailors Bag (Fall Collection)

Seems like the boys at Staple are starting Fall off right with a few pieces Jeff put up today from the new collection. Happy plaid carried over from the last few seasons. It really just depends on the color patterns you're going with. I'm into the cinch sack as they call it, pictured above. Probably better for Springtime but a great looking bag nonetheless. Couple of light jackets that are nice, too. Check out the full post here.

*New Music* Mean Mug - 50 Cent & Soulja Boy

This is actually entertaining as fuck. Feeling the flow, the hook, everything really. Shit, I'm just as surprised as you. NIGGA FUCK YO MEAN MUG.

Listen/Download Mean Mug - 50 Cent & Soulja Boy

*Don't even act like I haven't defended this kid in the past either. Everyone wants to talk so much shit about him like they'd do any different if they were a super rich rapper at 16 years old. I don't wanna hear any of it.

*Fif says he's not cutting his hair till he finishes the new album.

Jon Furlong Interview For Obey Clothing

This is crazy well done. One of my favorite blogs of the moment, everythingyoulovetohate, is friends with this guy Jon who's a mean photographer and funny ass motherfucker. He went around with Shepard Fairey a bit and he's the featured artist in their Limited Tee Series that are available here.

*New Music* The Plan - J. Cole

This got me crazy excited for his debut album coming soon. Rhymes are super dope and the beat is produced by the boy himself. Problem.

Listen/Download The Plan - J. Cole

Air Jordan 2010 Fall Winterized 6 Rings

Never been too into Jordans myself but as I get older I can appreciate the hood classiness of a pair haha. These are something else entirely but they maintain a Jordan-esque look for sure. They're a rugged remake of the brand’s 6 Rings hybrid sneaker. Great assortment of premium textiles and a solid construction. I'm definitely feeling the all black joints over the latter.

There's some pics + info here

Gravité By Renaud Hallée

This is so dope. Another great example of using your brain and imagination to create something that doesn't cost a lot of money to produce. Montréal director Renaud Hallée must of had some fun that day.

Check out some more of her work here - props to Jeff Staple

Jay-Z & Warren Buffet Cover Forbes 400

This is soooooooooooooooo dope. Listening to Warren Buffet talk about he came to be the 80 year old man he's become is so mothafuckin' inspiring. Don't over-state things, don't over-promise. Be humorous, be truthful with yourself and those around you. Stay the course on the things you're good at and stay clear of the things you aren't. I mean as simple as some of this stuff sounds it's that good to hear. I watched this whole damn thing twice. For me it's not about the millions you want to make for whatever reason, it's just about being able to wake up and be happy in your life, be happy working. That's the dream I've had since I could remember and to this day I'm chasing that shit. So proud of big brother Hov over here. It takes him a while but he gets into his own groove. I'm sure it's nothing short of a trip sitting next to Warren Buffet even for the king of New York rap. I think one of the most interesting things about this from a guy in music's perspective is the sad truth that there is no great answer to the problems Jay speaks of in the business. It really is changed forever and what people need to realize is that the staying power and succession an artist has comes from being the best damn artist around. The guy who could put on the "once in a lifetime experience every single time". There's so much in that. Anyway I'm sure people from all walks of life can benefit from watching a lecture as diversified and wealthy in knowledge as this. Don't be crazy, click the thing.

Go here

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

*New Video* Love & War - Neil Young

To quote my man Ro: Old man Young doesn't miss a step.

New Neil Young album, "Le Noise", Produced by Daniel Lanois in stores September 28th.

Swagger x Alpha Plain MA-1 Flight Jacket

Love a solid flight jacket. I had one back in the day I tore up and rebuilt and it was my favorite shit I owned. It's long gone now and I think it might be time for something new. The guys at Swagger have collaborated with Alpha on their classic MA-1 jacket. It comes in black, military green and white, and features some small added details that just do it for me. However, when it comes to flight jackets, it's all about fit. We'd have to see.

cop here

*New Music* The Message - Jon Connor

It's amazing to me how certain guys are just fast-tracked. Almost like, almost like... they have a team behind them! Ha! All jokes aside though, homeboy can really spit. This is only the second time I'm hearing about him and I'm impressed. First Lowkey put him up and was talking about him and about how he's next, now Nahright's all over it. His mixtape Jon Connor as Vinnie Chase: Season 1 drops next week. Looking forward to hearing what this kid could do.

Listen/Download The Message - Jon Connor (Prod. The Optiks)

The Social Network (Review)

They say it's ridiculously good and I'm very much looking forward to seeing it asap. Quick but potent review by the NY Post here.

The brilliant opening scene utterly nails the source of Zuckerberg’s drive and insecurities, as he tries to impress a girl he’s been dating (Rooney Mara, star of the upcoming English-language version of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy).
When he promises her that his skills as a computer programmer will ultimately allow her entree to Harvard’s elite social structure, she witheringly replies: “You’re going to go through life thinking girls don’t like you because you’re a nerd. It’ll be because you’re an a - - - - le.”

props to Low for the heads up

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

*New Video* Militia Gang - Cory Gunz

This shit is mean, man. Not to mention it's a great hat by Rocksmith the kid is wearing throughout.

*ILLRAPPER Premiere* Louis CK - Hilarious

While we won't be getting any more Louis shows on FX until next April, the new movie Hilarious of all new jokes is in select theaters now and all over the internet. I searched high and wide for it and you can watch it here hassle-free. I'm just that awesome a blogger. Filmed on April 18, 2009, Louis recorded the special and it's actually the first stand-up comedy film to be accepted into Sundance. Pretty sweet. Mad I missed the screening at the IFC Center in NYC. Need to get better at these sorts of things.

Follow my new favorite comedian on Twitter here

RZA x Mason Aguirre Freestyle For Nike 6.0

Feeling this mostly cause I have the utmost respect for RZA's moves as a producer and just humble dude, but the look into his studio here is just not to be messed with. Maaan, it must be nice to work like that. Here, Nike 6.0 has him freestyling about professional snowboarder, Mason Aguirre.

*New Music* 50 Cent – They Burned Me (Final/Mastered)

In my humble opinion this is the type of record Fif thrives on. Detailing his pain all while holding a gun to your mothafuckin' temple. Anxious to see/hear the man win I can't front. The blogs leaked this out last week and 50 went ahead cleaned it up, finished it and sent it to mastering, then he leaked it his damn self through his Twitter.

Listen/Download They Burned Me - 50 Cent

*Official Video* N.O.R.E. ft. Flavor Flav – Nutcracker

This song didn't even hit me like that till a night a few weeks ago we were in the city and Flex was just going in on the joint. Fucking tough ass record. Nice to see Nore eating so well (hahahaha shots, why not) and getting the original Flava Flav and his face to pop up all through this.

Monday, September 20, 2010

*Mark Dean Veca*

Just put up a feature on Mark a few posts below and I ha to share one of my favorites. Brandon Shigeta's got some more flicks from the show here.

*HBO Original Series Premiere* Boardwalk Empire (Season 1, Episode 1)

Though we weren't too sure of what to expect, HBO delivers yet again on an interesting new original series with some very high-profile contributors. It starts a little slow but 45 min in you realize just how good the story being told can become. Not to mention it's produced and directed by a certain Marty Scorcese.

"You can't be half a gangsta" 

Paul Smith Chambray Polka Dot Shirt

I like this a lot. You gotta know what the fuck you're doing to pull it off but I'm thinking in the next couple months, with the right fitted and maybe a pair of Chuck Taylors you'll be straight. Don't be afraid to try new pieces of good quality and left-field style. Magic can happen. Upside down pockets, contrasting fabric on the cuffs and true Mother of Pearl buttons make this a go.


Mark Dean Veca Exhibition at Western Projects "When The Shit Hits The Fan"

I'm really into what Mark Dean is doing right now. Watching the intricate details with the fine brush warrants a great deal of respect. Artist, Tac, gives us an inside look into the last preparations of the show opening on September 18th, where Veca presents six new large scale paintings at Western Projects.

*New* G.O.O.D. Fridays Lord, Lord, Lord - Kanye West feat. Raekwon, Swizz Beatz, Mos Def & Charlie Wilson

Got caught up over the weekend and forgot to post the boys' G.O.O.D Saturday joint. I like it. Has a real dope, smooth ole-school feel to it. As much as I respect Swizz as a producer I think it's safe to say he has the worst verse on this thing. It's just simple-ass-rapper shit, my bad. Ye' kills it like he's doing with everything nowadays. Maan, music is good right now.

Listen/Download Lord, Lord, Lord - Kanye West feat. Raekwon, Swizz Beatz, Mos Def & Charlie Wilson

Nicki Minaj Covers Complex October/November 2010

What can I say? From being intrigued, to straight up hating, to being turned on, to being confused, to being blown the fuck away (i.e. her Monster verse), it's safe to say we're officially in love with Nicki M. The bitch just got it, simple as that. Complex wanted to go a different route than the usual colorful, animated direction most publications have gone with in the past so for their first cover with the girl from Queens they keep it simple in black & white. Do remember this is the flip cover from that controversial Kid Cudi joint that crash landed on these interwebs Friday.

Click here for the full cover story + photo gallery

The October/November 2010 Issue of Complex Officially Hits Stands October 5th.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

*New Video* Mala Reignz – DUM DA DUM (OMG)

While the pretty little girl fiercely attacked me in her last video and had me all Chris Breezy on that ass, this time she takes it back to simpler times. Times when men worked on big cars, and girls wore pink dresses. All jokes aside, this shit is done really well and we're all really proud of our homegirl Mala Reignz. Still hitting, still promoting her latest. Go get em, girl!

[CEBO] Bridle Climbing Boots

Saw these earlier at Hypebeast and being so big and chunky they kinda scared me haha. Saw them again and I realized how hot they can be if worn right. They're just great quality made from a cattle leather in a high top with a quilted throat, metal loop hole accents, and rugged rubber sole. You're gonna need a pair soon anyway so make a solid choice and go with something different and ill. Just my opinion.

$300, cop here

Friday, September 17, 2010

*New Music* Can't See The Stars In New York - T.Shirt

One of the coolest beats I've heard in a minute, last week I helped my man from Def Jam loop it for Ghostface so I just had to touch it myself. Lowkey just helped in premiering it. Artwork by yours truly (with a little help).

Listen/Download Can't See The Stars in New York - T.Shirt