Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nina Sky Release Wild, 'Day Dreaming' Official Video

Creepy in a good way. Twin sisters Natalie & Nicole drop their much anticipated new video for one of my favorite songs of the moment. Directed by Adam Sauermilch.

50 Cent On The Ground In Somalia w/ World Food Program

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
It's a special thing to see someone change and grow. I think whether the initial motivation is pure or not, sometimes along the way it can turn into something even you didn't anticipate. Maybe that's what's happening here. Let's hope one inspired man on a mission can make that much a difference.

*New Music* Hammer Dance - Slaughterhouse

Them boys have a hit rap record on their hands depending on which way they play it. This shit is tough. Beat is ridiculous, produced by araabMUZIK. Crooked I's on one.

Mark Ronson Teams With Coca-Cola For Olympics, 'Beat 2012' (Trailer)

Saw this earlier and let it pass me by. It's done really well. Not just what Mark Ronson's doing, which in my opinion is amazing, but what these guys did capturing the man at work.

Monday, February 27, 2012


More goodness out of our Reebok space soon come. Shout the players.

T.Shirt's instagram: sweatshirt

Thursday, February 23, 2012

*New Video* I See You (Black People) - Vado

This is dope. Haven't heard too much about homie in a while. Nice, solid comeback. Video directed by Jonah Schwartz.

Maison Martin Margiela Suede And Leather Bomber Jacket 2012

What's that jacket, Margiela? Combination of fine deer and lambskin leather, made in Italy. $2,125.

Buy it for me

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Artist Sophia Chang's (@esymai) Illustration Of Jeremy Lin

Shout to Sophia's many talents. Check out some of her extensive portfolio work here.


*New Music* Grew Up Fast - J. Cole

This shit tough. I love good rap.

Download here

French Montana Drops 'Shot Caller (Remix)' Video Featuring Diddy & Rick Ross

Yup. Directed by Colin Tilley.

Usher Drops The Fucking Song Of the Year Produced By Diplo, "Climax" (Late Pass)

Soooooo late on this but it's sooooooo good. Dropped on Valentine's Day. New Usher album this year.

Download here

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jessiann Gravel Beland for Lovecat Magazine #4

Puts me in the right kind of mood. Photographed by Pierre Dal Corso.

Full shoot with lovely naked thing here.

Complex Magazine Grabs The Best Of Kenny Powers' Soundbites

So funny. New season premiered this past Sunday and holy fuck is there a watchable show there. Danny McBride is pretty much that nigga.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Denham M65 Re-Cut Duty Camo Jacket

I like. Incredibly detailed and fabric made from vintage Dutch army ponchos flipped inside out. Yup, basically crack in a jacket.

Selectism has the deets.

Bon Iver at AIR Studios (4AD/Jagjaguwar Session) [Video]

One of the prettiest and most interesting things you'll see on the internet this week.

Recorded in AIR Studio's Lyndurst Hall - a building that was originally a church and missionary school designed in 1880 by the great Victorian architect Alfred Waterhouse (designer of the Natural History Museum) - Vernon was joined only by [Sean] Carey, with the pair positioning themselves opposite one another at two grand pianos. Although neither Justin nor Sean's first instrument is piano, they were able to remodel the songs in a way that showcases their complimentary vocals and, perhaps more strikingly, a seemingly effortless ability to experiment with form and structure.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New T.Shirt Record "Come Home With Me" Premiering On CSI Tonight, 2/15

Performing for roughly 10 million people tonight. We working.

Come Home With Me (Produced by Maker)
Download here

Supreme x Kate Moss Collab Spotted In NYC

Been knew. @WheresAmaya.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reebok Presents: Classic Sessions NYC w/ T.Shirt & URNEWYORK (Video)

We working over here, baby. Jeff Staple, Reed Space & Reebok approached me last month about taking part in their new Art & Music series and you know I had to accept. For the visuals, I was able to shift their eyes onto what my guys at URNEWYORK have been up to. The whole thing just clicked. Before I knew it, everybody got to work and the result was just stunning. Reebok let us live, man. We took over a modest spot on the Lower East Side, built a studio, I re-recorded a special version of Puerto Rican Rum, Ski and 2 did what I can only describe as a New York City mural on 80's crack, we had the whole thing filmed and documented, and to top it off we threw a packed ass party. Packed isn't even the word. We had that bitch turned out, with kids wiping the fog off the windows from outside to get a look in. DJ Soul spun some of my favorite records, I performed, paintings were auctioned off for charity, 100's of Reebok Classics were given out free, and no one was killed. Success to me.

Up top is our mini-doc. Huge thank you to Reed Space, Jeff, Nico, Anna, Justin, David, my brothers Ski & 2, Kim, Soul, Darvin, and every single kid that came out to show love.

Nike Air Force 1 Low 30th Anniversary Series

Wow. These are disgusting in a good way. Man. 30th anniversary of the iconic Air Force 1 sneaker model this year. To the left, the black option featuring a denim construction with black nubuck leather across the swoosh, heels and piping details.

Hitting select shelves early March 2012.

Adele's Perfect Performance On The Grammy's + 60 Minutes Interview

Incredible. I've seen her perform this live maybe 10 times and this one takes the cake.

Full 60 Minutes Interview

*New Video* MMG Untouchable - Rick Ross

This is rap shit, man. You're not gonna like it unless you're into rich nigga, I love my life, fuck you haters type-shit. I'm saying.

Model Camille Rowe Gets Naked For Terry Richardson & Purple Magazine #17

Goodness gracious, Terry has the best job in the world.

Go here for the full spread.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Go Behind The Scenes: Nina Sky "Day Dreaming" (Video)

The kid Dred of Hot Mop Films gets behind the girls new video about to be released. Song has grew on me maaaaaaaad much. Listen/Download here. Excited for this.

*New Video* Another Night Out - UNKLE

Such an ill video. Song's a little slow. I'll always be checking for new Unkle. This is off last year's extended release “Where Did the Night Fall: Another Night Out”.

Directed by Toby Dye.

Jay-Z & Blue Ivy Carter (Family Photos)

This just makes me happy. I know it's just a guy and his daughter, but it's a guy we've been growing up with for 15 years.

The Carters put up a tumblr.

Bing Originals: Wiz Khalifa (Commercial Spot)

This shit is done super well. Great look for Wiz.

Kanye West Wins Four Grammy Awards

What you need, what, what you need. I got it.

Best Rap Album (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
Best Rap Song (“All Of The Lights”)
Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (“All Of The Lights”)
Best Rap Performance (“Otis”)

Snubbed on the coveted Record and Album Of The Year categories, but Adele deserved it all anyway.

The Talks Interview Francis Ford Coppola

Dred put me on and I like this. Just a kind of conversation with the man.

Mr. Coppola, you once said that it is very difficult to be a good artist if you are rich. Do you still think the same way? 

These days I think that it’s good to be rich because you are not going to make any money making personal films. (Laughs) Nobody will go see them. If you want to make money in the movie business you have to make the kind of movies that the biggest audience wants to see, a film that’s like some other movies they’ve seen. That’s why they make so many sequels. For them to create one movie is a risk and they don’t like risks. No business does.

Continue reading here

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kanye West & Jay-Z Release Trippy Ass "Niggas In Paris" Video

So this finally came out. I like it. Wish it was a real video type thing but it's all good. The extra instrumentation on the thing sounds sick.

*Consider the epilepsy warning a little bit of a joke but I def have a headache I can't shake after watching it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reebok & @Reedspace Present Classic Sessions NYC! Tonight! (@jeffstaple, @sweatshirt, @URNEWYORK) #weRnyc

Originally wasn't supposed to blog this but I figured a little "night of" action couldn't hurt, ha. Officially partying tonight with the crew. Performance by T.Shirt & Darvin Silva, music set by DJ Soul, gorgeous murals and art by URNEWYORK, friends, special guests, free beer etc. LES, 7-9pm. Don't hit me for the address...

Big thank you to Reebok Classics and Jeff Staple for the opportunity to do some cool shit in our city. We're not done neither. Mini-doc coming soon.

The Source Asks T.Shirt (@sweatshirt) To Contribute Some Words About Big Pun

My man Nate at the legendary magazine asked me, along with Term & Emilio Rojas, to contribute a few sentences about what Pun meant to us, as rappers coming up. Rest in peace to pana, check out what we had to say. Big up to The Source for the opportunity.

Shit, man. Pun dying was such a loss. Kids took that shit hard. Hip-Hop took that shit hard. It might sound corny or what not but hearing Pun say, "I just lost 100 pounds, I'm trying to live!" was wild inspirational. Then boom. So unfair. I like the classics, the joints you can throw on to this day and whether you were a die hard fan or just from that era, you still know what to do. "100%,” "Still Not A Player,” "Twinz (Deep Cover),” and "It's So Hard" were some of my favorites. Kills me cause you hear the type of party/pop records Pun could make and they felt so organic. He never forced it yet the man rapped so well. Has me believe he most likely had so many good years [left] in him to make music. We really lost something special with Big Pun. May God rest his soul. 

Continue reading here

Artist David Choe Speaks To Howard Stern On 200 Million He Made From Facebook IPO (Audio)

There was no way I was posting the 17 YouTube clips this interview spans. Hypebeast did the dirty work, go here.

That motherfuckin' batmobile he's hopping out of up top, though? God.

RubyHornet's New Closed Sessions Series "Dear Heather" Featuring Action Bronson, Rockie Fresh & Macie Stewart

This is cool. Shows a little bit how Action works and introduces me/us to a sweet voice named Macie Stewart.


Jay-Z Murders Carnegie Hall, NY Times Report (Photos)

To quote the Times article, "Whatever that guy paid, it wasn't enough." In true Hov fashion, the rapper brings down the house at one of the world's most prestigious halls.

The Politics of Infiltration, on Display for Charity

Various photos and videos are all over the internets. Get your google on.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Terry Richardson Shoots Lindsey Lohan Being A Whore In The Chateau Marmont

Everyday there's a new iconic photoshoot Terry gets out of his system. Ms. Lohan doing what she does is no different.

Terrysdiary for the full spread.

Monday, February 6, 2012

*New Music* One Million Clementine Rinds - Steel Tipped Dove

New shit from a kid quickly becoming one of my favorite producers making interesting rap records. You need to watch those credits off my albums.

The album is $3 and I guarantee worth the $0.15 per beat. About time we learn to pay a little something for music on the internet.

Download One Million Clementine Rinds - Steel Tipped Dove

Lana Del Rey Spoof On SNL (Video)

I like that SNL did this. My bitches new album just hit #1 in 15 countries.

.@RoHotMopFilms' Jordan x Spizikes (I see you, nigga)

Little bit of sneaker envy was had early Sunday evening when Ro showed up wearing these puppies. Much better in real life than on blogs. Damn near took 10 years off the kid's life.

Find me on instagram @sweatshirt.

*New Music* Curren$y Releases 5-Track EP "Here" Out Of Nowhere

Haven't got to check this out yet but that photo alone makes it worth the download.

Download Here - Curren$y


Friday, February 3, 2012

*New Video* Bad Girls - M.I.A. (Fucking Incredible)

Video of the fucking year. So ill. This is what the fuck you do with a big budget. Wow.

Black Scale x A$AP Rocky Collection + Complex Interview

You really never know what these collaborations will look like but thankfully Blvck Scvle knows what the fuck they're doing. The aesthetic is killer. I'm gonna need that Anti-Industry tee ASAP. See what I did there?

Complex has the interview and full collection here.

Drake's New "Practice" Video Is Perfect

Like this a lot. Great concept for a video. Less is almost always more. Make sure you watch till the end.

Lana Del Rey Performs "Video Games" On Letterman

Get 'em, girl. I heard the album and she's got some joints on there. Born To Die in stores now.

Kate Moss For Mango 2012

Love how comfortable this feels. Shot by Terry but of course. Another pic and video here, though I wouldn't care too much if I was you.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

T.Shirt (@sweatshirt) Puts Two Verses On "Yonkers", We Don't Know Why

Shits and giggles. That's all, back to work.

Download here

The Sartorialist Throws His "Lunch For 25" In Florence, Italy

Pretty much just a meeting of G-birds. Inspiring. Watch the tweed.

Eastbound & Down Season 3 (Trailer)

Funny. as. shit.

*New Music* Nina Sky Release "Day Dreaming"

A couple of old friends drop their brand new single from a new album coming in May.

*Nicole also recently spoke with for their "Hey Mr. DJ" feature. Read it here. It's pretty telling about where the sisters are in their career, currently, and I can tell you from personal experience Ni is one of the best DJ's I've ever had the chance to party under.