Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Shirt Music "Poor People's March"

Produced by Trac-Quada. Photo by Julien Tell. Getting warmed up.


Everything right again in this. Out of nowhere, a day after what would have been Trayvon Martin's 21st birthday, and the day before her concert the NFL is playing their little game at. Masterful.

"Y'all haters corny with that illuminati mess"

Via Beyoncé

New Yorker Art-World Insider Article, "The Bouvier Affair"

This was so interesting.  Def one of the coolest stories you'll read in a while. Take some time, why not.

The Geneva Freeport, which may be the world’s most valuable storage facility, consists of seven beige warehouses and a large grain silo in La Praille, an industrial zone a short tram ride from the city’s lakeside panorama of banks and expensive hotels. One recent morning, rain was falling on the chain-link fence that runs through the property, and snow was visible on the mountains to the south. Iris scanners, magnetic locks, and a security system known as Cerberus guard the freeport’s storerooms, whose contents are said to be insured for a hundred billion dollars, but the facility retains a blue-collar feel. There were signs to the showers. Men stood around in aprons and smoked. Everything about the place tells you to look the other way. 

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Kanye and Tyler The Creator Make "Unauthorized" Rolling Stone Cover, Rolling Stone Deads Them

Oh. You know I'm into ideas like this. Even better when you're the most famous person on the planet.

*Ye tweet, Tyler tweet, Rolling Stone tweet

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Shirt Contributes "Top Ten" For Infamous Avant Garde Website Ubuweb

Shout to Kenny for the opportunity.

1. Trisha Brown - Walking On The Wall
2. John Baldessari - Some Stories
3. Yvonne Rainer - Hand Movie
4. Kenneth Goldsmith - Sucking On Words
5. Dustin Yellin - The Crack-Up
6. Kenny's bio (no joke)
7. Banksy - The Punking Of Paris Hilton
8. Jeu d'échecs avec Marcel Duchamp
9. Bauhaus Face of the 20th Century
10. Tracey Emin Collected Shorts

Go here

2 Chainz Surprise "Felt Like Cappin" Mixtape Too Ill

This shit hits. Chainz forever got it.

Listen/download here

Highsnobiety's 100 Best Netflix Movies Streaming Right Now

Literally could always use a list like this. If anyone has one better, tweet at me.


David Bowie's Final Video For "Lazarus" Is Incredible

Can't believe how ill this man chose to leave us.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Read @JJJJound Interview For Oak Street Magazine

Sharing for those who can't get their hands on one of these. Click images to zoom in and read. Always jewels from the man at

Support the art minded guys at Oak Street Magazine by buying an issue here

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jerry Seinfeld Picks Obama Up In A '63 Corvette For Talk

Legends for this. Season 7 starts now.

Watch here

The Kid @MaxoKream With That "Shop" Video

This shit too crazy.

Via NR

"Daze Sand" Casbia Boots Doing Good Things

I got a thing for good boots, let me tell you. I fuck with these and the price isn't staggering.

Via Highs

$378+ here

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

American Painter Ellsworth Kelly Dies In His Studio At 92 Years Young

Kelly's work has been some of my favorite over the last couple years. I'd suggest hitting your favorite googles to see more. As sad as this is, 92 years creating is one hell of a life lived. I remember chasing a building he painted and added a sculpture to in LA two summers ago. I waited an hour for a truck to leave just to get a clear photo of it.

There's all these great and detailed things you can read about Ellsworth's prolific life and career. Here's a couple of my favorite:

New York Times  
Artspace Q&A

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Killer Mike Sits Down w/ Bernie Sanders For In-Depth Conversation on America

Mike out here representing the culture so well. Take some time with this one and get hip. 6-part series starting with the first above.