Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jordan Brand Sends Derek Jeter Off In Style


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kendrick Lamar NY Times Profile "Hip-Hop’s Newest Old-School Star"

Dope article from this past Sunday. K gets it.

Everybody just wants to have fun, be with the scene,” Kendrick Lamar said when we met in his cramped quarters inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn last fall. “Certain people get backstage, people that you would never expect. . . . You ain’t with the media! You ain’t into music! You ain’t into sports! You’re just here.” The rapper, now 27, had just finished his set as the opening act on this stretch of Kanye West’s Yeezus tour, and he was sitting low in an armchair in his trademark black hoodie surrounded by exactly those people.

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adidas Originals Matchplay “Zig Zag”

Really dope.

$200. Via HB

Jeezy Drops Jay Z Featured "Seen It All"

This shit kind of goes. Supposedly made circa MCHG time. Produced by Cardo.

Jerry Seinfeld Covers Wired Magazine, Talks Internet Rules

Agreed, man. Wired gets one of the best.

Go here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Zane Lowe Sits With Rick Rubin For Hour-Long Interview At Shangri La (Video)

Incredible talk. Waited weeks for this to drop.

Keith Haring x Reebok “Crack is Wack” Pack

Why do I fuck with these so crazy. Never mind me.

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Dave Chappelle Radio City Show Vulture Review

Hearing nothing but amazing reviews. Here's a particularly good one from the guys at Vulture.

He's in control, I kept thinking to myself. The meaning is twofold. First, in terms of the fact that Chappelle is one of the greatest stand-up comedians ever. Sure, his punch lines are funny, but more than that, Chappelle is incredible at setups. He can create elaborate settings, like spinning a vivid description of going on a winter walk with his sister in full Muslim garb, and he can slow down his cadence and trick the audience into buying into a moment of sincerity. By combining the two, he's able to say the absolute silliest things and have them kill. (The person behind me has a proclivity for saying "He's so stupid" at all such punch lines. I love it.) The best example is during the LGBT chunk: Chappelle talks about a documentary showing a transgender person playing all these disgusting, hateful messages that he received on his answering machine. He goes on and on about how hard they are to listen to. But then, "It made me feel sad. It made me feel sad. Because, first of all, he still had an answering machine."

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NY Illustrator Sophia Chang Talks To Highsnobiety

The homie Esymai gives some great answers. Peep game.

How is it for a young aspiring woman to work in a scene that’s mainly dominated by men?

Not easy. You’re always approached as a female first, instead of a professional. But I believe that the way someone carries themselves shows how they want to be approached. So I make sure I act and dress like how I want to be treated. I dont walk around with my tits hanging out and my ass everywhere. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that but I present myself in a professional manner and wear appropriate clothing. I am told I have a good handshake. I make sure I keep eye contact. I speak firmly and enunciate my words. I make sure I don’t mumble and I try my best to keep track of my sentences and the direction of my conversation flow.

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JR & José Parlá Hit Havana, Cuba In "Wrinkles of the City"

I love what these guys do. You can see the good something like this could do in a neighborhood.

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Angie "The Voice Of New York" Martinez Resigns From Hot 97

Been listening to shorties voice for 20+ years. We caught her last show last week and damn near almost shed a tear for real. But I can't front it's nice to celebrate someone's work and accomplishments while they're still around. It was announced she heads to Power 105.  Here's video w/ The Breakfast Club.

Today I resigned from HOT 97. I am grateful to the Emmis family for my time with the company and the immeasurable way that it has shaped my life. We made history together in so many ways and I will cherish those memories and my friendships forever. This was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make but ultimately it is time to move on, to grow and to be challenged in new ways. Saying goodbye is always emotional and bitter sweet but I am extremely excited about the future. Thank you HOT97 and most importantly….the listeners… for an unimaginable journey. Today will be my last show ❤️ stay tuned….  Love,  Angie

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Terry Richardson NYMag Cover Story

Crazy story. I don't know the guy. But I love some of his work.

Terry Richardson, displaced from his old photography studio on the Bowery by a high-end fitness chain, was at his new space, an unadorned floor-through loft down the street. Wood floor, tin ceiling, brick walls interrupted by white swaths of Sheetrock. Four employees sat working quietly on Macs. Pandora was tuned to Elvis Presley Radio. “It’s insane, the internet,” Richardson was saying. “Totally craziness. Like a little cancer. People can just do whatever they want, say whatever they want, be totally anonymous. It’s totally out of control.”

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Jeff Koons Talks Ahead of a Whitney Retrospective (Video)

Guy's a beast.

Jeff Koons' retrospective opens at the Whitney Museum of Art In New York on June 27th.

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Jay Z "Jungle" Remix For New Beats World Cup Commercial (Full)

New Worldwide Hov. Watch the official commercial here.

The whole

"only lights is those from a Beamer/It’s nice to pray in front of Christ the Redeemer/If your God is bigger than my God up there/My God bigger than your God down here/Whom shall I fear? It’s foretold by Calogero, most Bronx tales don’t end well Especially when your own country treats you like an infidel There's odds against it ends well Don’t box me into the corner, I Float like a butterfly, sting like Muhammad A"     

is nasty.