Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shirt Releases Personal "Bengal Tiger" Video

Watch this shit big and put it up loud.

Song produced by United Crates.  Damn near producer of the year in my book.

Kenneth Goldsmith In The New Yorker, "Something Borrowed"

People hate this guy. I think he's a treasure. Long live Marcel Duchamp!

Goldsmith’s book “New York: Capital of the 20th Century,” which will be published this month, is a portrait of New York City. It is based on “The Arcades Project,” Walter Benjamin’s portrait of nineteenth-century Paris, assembled mainly during the nineteen-thirties. Benjamin relies heavily on passages taken from other writers. “New York” is half a million words long. Goldsmith spent ten years in libraries copying sentences, which he organized into two categories, concrete and abstract. Concrete subjects include Times Square and the World’s Fairs of 1939 and 1964. Abstract subjects include “grid” and “loneliness.” Baudelaire is the protagonist of Benjamin’s book, in the sense that he seemed to typify the period. Robert Mapplethorpe is the protagonist of “New York.” Whereas Benjamin wrote commentaries on the passages he copied, Goldsmith did not add a word of his own to “New York.”

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Rick Ross (@RickyRozay) "Black Dollar" Tape & New Verses

Your boy stays killing the verses and progressing. You just gotta be listening.

Download the Black Dollar tape free here

NR has new shit produced by Jake One.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Self-Made Billionaire @UnreasonableEli Opens Maybe Illest Contemporary Art Museum Of Its Kind In Downtown LA

Need to get back out West if just for this. You gotta fucking love shit like this. The collection is unmatched by any standard and even works not up for display are in a special room able to be viewed by the public.

Not to mention admission is free.

COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT x Supreme x Timberland

If I don't one day finesse an official COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT x SHIRT collab, feel free to call me a failure. These are crazy. September 24th.

Via HB

Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Weeknd Video "Tell Your Friends"

Song produced by Kanye. Swag on this on 1000. One of my favorite things out. Off the new album everyone's going crazy for.

New Palace Clothing Dropping September 9th

Fucking with the gear heavy lately. Web shop back open next Wednesday.

Via Palace

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shirt Drops "Hurt My Heart (Freestyle)" About Drake/Meek Mill Battle

It's Hip-Hop, it gotta mean something...

Produced by Steel Tipped Dove

Instagram Beauty @ElizabethSmart_ Pregnant & Naked

Creepy post aside, I love everything about this. Taken over a year ago but Kim-inspired to post today of course, and gorgeous nonetheless. Shout to momma's everywhere.

Via IG

New Kaws Print "You Should Know I Know"

Drops tomorrow at Pace in NY. Only 250 made.

Via ArrestedMotion

Dr. Dre Releases New "Compton" Album

Detox is never coming but goddammit the Doc hasn't missed a step. I heard someone say there isn't a wak verse on this shit and I might have to agree.

P.S. Was almost a part of history.

RIP Sean Price

P was one of the first guys I found through Nahright and really fucked with. I always thought to get a little bit of money up and reach out to do a record. For all the guns and bully talk the man brought you into his Brooklyn world masterfully. This hurts.

Help donate to P's family if possible, as set up by Duck Down Records.

Photo by Alexander Richter


Robin Williams // "Make your lives extraordinary."

Meryl Streep // "It's amazing what you can get when you quietly, clearly, and authoritatively demand it." 

I like this site/instagram. Nation put me on.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

New Shirt "Cuba"

New shit. New everything on the way.

Produced by United CratesBass Estrada
Photo by Brook Bobbins