Sunday, August 12, 2018

New Shirt x SOPHIE Remix "Straight Men Suck"

New thoughts over beats by SOPHIE. One off her new album Oil Of Every Pearl's Un Insides and the other the song "Yeah Right" by Vince Staples and Kendrick that I hadn't heard before. You know I have to keep you on my journey.

Straight men suck I can't say enough
If you ain't man enough to say get your weight up

Full lyrics on Genius 

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Kenzo World Short By Spike Jonze

This is mad good. My guy Michael D Linares put me on.

Rapper Shirt Makes New "Not At Complexcon" Tees Available

It's bigger than what I'm letting on but we'll get there soon enough.


Saturday, November 5, 2016

Independent, Fly Rare Car Dealer, Arthur Kar Talks To Ssense

This guy's life and work is something else. When thinking about people who freaked their whole shit, you gotta bring Arthur up.

Ssense: How does a 16-year-old kid get hired at Porsche? 

Arthur Kar: I got the job through perseverance. I visited the owner of the garage in Paris six times in a month telling him, “I wanna work for you, I wanna work for you, I wanna work for you,” until I got the job. I was at Porsche for four years, and then at age 20, I stopped because I realized I wanted to own cars. I couldn’t stay working as a mechanic if I wanted to do that, so I left and decided to buy and sell cars, little by little. 

Ss: You did what you had to do, and it paid off. 

AK: Well, I enjoyed being that 16-year-old guy washing the car. I still am that guy. I have just as much respect for the guy that changes the tires, the oil, that washes the car, as the guy who sells or drives the most beautiful car in the world. They’re all the same people because they all have the same passion and essentially, they do the same work. 

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Watch Brooklyn Rapper Ka Talk Life And Rhymes At Red Bull Music Academy In Montreal

Real shit, Ka's important.

DJ Rude One Drops New Rap Album Featuring SHIRT, Conway & Westside Gunn, Your Old Droog, Mr. MFN esquire, More

Beats and rappers on here are A+ and I'm not just saying that cause I found myself on it. Peace to Rude, Chicago Sessions, and everybody involved who helped make this happen. A special and for real shout out to DJ Rude One once again for making the album it feels like he wanted to make and being true to himself and us.

ONEderful is streaming and available everywhere.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Best New Video Out "Blood Orange - I Know"

So so so so serious.

Kilo Kish Talks To Ssense

If there's an artist nowadays taking them fucking pics and doing her damn thing out here, it's Kilo Kish.

The tendency to be easily distracted is a trademark of our generation. And so few of us value alone time or understand the benefits of it. 

Alone time kind of fucks with you if you're a millennial. You have this crazy fear of missing out on things. When you're alone all you have are your own opinions and we're such a groupthink culture. You need to ask yourself, "Wait, how do I actually feel about this?" What I grapple with now is the other extreme. I spend so much time alone that I have to force myself to live within reality. I have to force myself to be like, "Oh, fuck. I need to do social media.” It's really strange. What I like to explore in art is, what's acceptable to the public? What's not acceptable? What are the different ways I can get around this stereotypical way of presenting myself? It's a never ending conversation.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Pusha T Video + Song "H.G.T.V."

Shit. Yung Jake getting better. Pusha that nigga.

Nike Beautiful x Powerful Collection Is Really Just That

Got a chance to see these in person and wow. Can't find them online so do a search or get to a Nike store.

Vince Staples Raps On Flex, And Dog...

Verse of the year shit, fuck your opinion.

Ava Duvernay's "13th" On Netflix

Ava is brilliant. We saw this a couple days ago and it's incredible. I'd ask you please to take the time and watch it.

No link, go to Netflix

Watch The Solange Videos Now, Stop Playing

Thank you Solange. A Seat At The Table is gorgeous.

Another video "Cranes In The Sky", off the album is here

Heron Preston Collaboration Items With NYC Sanitation

I'm late but I really like what Heron did for NY fashion week. You think about all the corny shit someone so affiliated could be churning out and there's something very noble and special about going another way instead. Still infusing taste, meaning, quality goods etc. I'll spare you the details here but if you enjoy the aesthetic and care about the why, go here.