Wednesday, May 19, 2010

*Official Video* Wiz Khalifa - The Statement

Wiz right now is one of our favorites. Here he is running around Hollywood in the middle of his sold out shows across America. BlkDmnds Films and director Alex Nazari put the camera on him in a couple of key scenes where he's wearing cool clothes and it just works. Kush & OJ was very ill and you should have it by now. If you don't, pick it up here, courtesy of NahRight.

*Really cool little addition to this story if you don't mind. There may be only one person who really feels me on this, and that's Will Divide. What may be 10 years ago at this point, he produced a beat using this same sample as used in Wiz's joint up top. The beat was never "done" as producers like to say haha, but I fell in love with it and wrote a full song with 3 verses and a chorus. I wrote the chorus part with Natalie from Nina Sky in mind, who back then was just my childhood friend Nat. Sadly, we never got to finish it and to this day I have the joint with full verses on it and a missing hook.

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