Monday, May 24, 2010

*New Video* Addeboy vs Cliff feat. Eboi & Adam Tensta "Sinner"

My homie Tensta just put this out over his Twitter and it's fucking bananas. Here's what  he had to say:

Ever since me and Eboi recorded this track in Umeå more than two years ago, it’s been a part of my live set. In fact it’s been around for so long that I think both me and Eboi, in turns have recorded three verses each on it. Just because we thought it needed a “make-over”. In the end we decided to go with some of the earlier verses. Since premiering this on Swedish national television a while back, people have been asking WHEN or IF it’ll ever be released. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the date has finally come. This is Addeboy Vs. Cliff’s third single “Sinner”

You can buy the track on iTunes here.

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