Saturday, February 28, 2009

VH1 Storytellers Preview

featuring Kanye West premiers Saturday 9pm on VH1. I'm excited to see this but I really hope he doesn't disappoint. This is homie doing Stronger and it's not that bad and actually does have some cool moments and melodies but look here's my thing; The man takes himself too serious and it makes me crazy. He's a very talented dude but he's up there like proving he's got a tough voice and moving so dramatically and uhh it's just tough. It's hard to explain. It would be more endearing and sweeter if he smiled more, laughed, showed a cute side maybe. No lol's.

Your already not the gangster killer type so fuck it, how about just be a good guy and make it hard for everybody not to like you instead of the other way around dicko.

Friday, February 27, 2009

dope ad campaign

Stella McCartney x Kiera Knightley photographed by Stella's sister Mary for the Red Nose Day T-Shirt. More info here.

fuck black and blue, I'm 'bout to make this bitch Chris Brown

sorry.. it's a funny line but I'm never gonna use it.

Hey I also wanna say this because I haven't spoke about it yet. Until the truth comes out, if it ever does, I won't judge these people. Famous or not, these are dudes and chiks and shit happens and things get blown up and the papers eat you alive any chance they get. I don't give a shit about any of it. I hope CB is a good man, and I hope Ri is more than okay.

Drake Interview w/ Vibe

I like Drake. I think he's gonna do a lot. We'll see.

Check out his Vibe Magazine article here.

We, at ILL RAPPER, don't post nonsense.

Your man's getting old and tired and I'm sick of it. When he comes back with some good music, then maybe. Until then, check out nahright, and 2dopeboyz. Leave me alone.

Killa Cam

I like this shit. My pretty girl won't but Killa knows that. This is just real, and smart for different reasons. "I rather be judged by twelve than carried by six."

*Download the mp3 here

Thursday, February 26, 2009

"She's a coke whore"

As told to illrapper by Sallymander. Lindsay Lohan x Hedi Slimane Photography.

Artsy Jimmy

The Deluxe Edition cover of Pray IV Reign, Jim Jones third album due March 24th. I'm kinda feeling the art direction and a bunch of joints I've heard. iTunes actually has a little countdown going too. On Feb. 17th they released the hot second single Na Na Nana Na Na Na. On March 3rd they'll release Precious, on March 17th they'll release the controversial Frenemies, and then on March 24th the entire album. I'm gonna support, you should too.

**bonus** Eskay has a Jim Jones x Complex Listening Party Video. Watch it here. I didn't feel like posting it.

Can't Stop Kiss homie

New Jadakiss video directed by Marc Klasfield. Can't Stop Me Baby is the second single. The Last Kiss in stores in April! Yeah nigga! Real videos with real people on real streets. Plus the boy is smiling. That's what I'm talking about.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rick Rubin x Clipse

My fav producer Ricky Ruby signed the coke rap niggas to Columbia in 2007. Recently, in Malibu the trio's been cooking something up. It's one in the can with a few more to go for the brothers. Till The Casket Drops album coming late summer. First single "Kinda like a big deal" drops March 9th right here and features Ye' Dog.

Cookies and Apple Juice

New Cam. Shout to Will Divide.

Download Cookies and Apple Juice - Cam'ron

even with the lights off, we on you fuckers.

hmmm flipping the script a little bit I see..

MGMT is suing the French Government! Apparently, the group's hit song Kids was used in a sort of rally on 2 occasions without permission. The French President Nicholas Sarkozy, and the French Government which has very strong rules about anti-piracy and illegally downloading music and movies from the internet, are now trying to apologize and pay the necessary royalties but the American band doesn't seem to be with it. Ha! I mean, yes it's petty sure. But funny nonetheless.

I, ronically < (spelled this way on purpose andyboy & lan), own the song in question and love it very much. So much so, I want you to illegally download it from me. You can do so here -

***French Government Approved ha!

Monday, February 23, 2009

ill rapper goodness

Download T.Shirt - Real Hip-Hop or just hit play to listen you crazy internet kids.

still rapping that good shit/ still I'm backing that hood shit/ bring it back to the hood bitch/ can't deal
with that fake shit can't get it for self, so you take shit/ basic, lazy bitch/ get it up out my face, shit/ I
work too hard my girl tell me I work too hard/ I ain't work enough/ I got shit to do, I be stressed as fuck
and you wonder why I curse so much/ first, lemme see, I got verses, what?/ rent due, Mercer stuff
Shirt's in love on top of that/ Marc Jacob purses cost too much/ add to that, even if I make it, what's
it for?/ big house over by the shore?/ the whole world to explore?/ yo, wak rappers get me so mothafuckin'
pissed off/ wonder how I get off?/ real love for this rap shit/ niggas bumping my classic/ yeah, the
money's attractive, but that's it./ as a kid, you should of seen the dreams that I dreamt/ all the places I
went/ some of the memories that I kept/ and I bet you ain't never seen no 9 year old that can do that/
"oh cool, you rap?"/ "yeah son, true that"/ too bad./ as I got older I learned this/ everybody wanna chill,
but chilling don't make you rich/ and I wish this, niggas went as far as how hard they worked I know
some hardworkers that get jerked/ I know some dickheads that get perks/ man, it's bullshit./ fuck you even,
play the odd/ I rap sick and dress ill baby/ that's my job/ and I swear to God, you can chill with millionaires
and hotshots/ but you can never, will never do a thing to my props/ I can kick it./ yeah, I can kick it, not a
penny spent/ a real ill life won't cost you a red cent./ so I be getting it

-shirt (in the car, on the way home from Pittsburgh)


stolen from The Sartorialist

***NEW*** Kanye West x T-Pain

hahahaha.. that's not T-Pain up there but how funny would it be if it was? no no, that's Ye's new fuck buddy Amber Rose. You understand now. I don't post tagged up music that's bad quality (unless of course it's something unbelievably hot to death). This is illrapper you sons of bitches. When I get it, you'll get it. This one by YePari and Pain just hit and I like it. Pretty melody. There's talk of another rapper jumping on the end there too. It's not gonna be me. Ha! I don't think.

Download Flight School - Kanye West & T-Pain

interview with the rapper that looks like me!

Drake in hometown, Toronto being interviewed by Eighty81.

"Wayne called while I was getting my haircut, flew me out to Houston"

wow. It's just that easy.

the Beatles were the ILLEST.

okay, supposedly, this is an unreleased version of "Revolution 1" which can be found on The White Album. It is over 10 minutes long and it's called "Take 20". It sounds like it could be the missing part between Revolution 1 and Revolution 9. Around the 4 minute mark, the song becomes very experimental and there's some interesting dialogue between Yoko and John towards the end. It has not been confirmed, as of yet, that it is in fact an official Beatles recording, but for Andyboy and Chris Daddy we hope.

wtf is up with this guy?

Joaquin Phoenix has been milling around town just bugging the fuck out lately. I've taken an interest. He says he's quitting acting for good. He says he's been making "hip-hop" music. I don't know. I think he's just making fun of us. Furthermore, check this out, Casey Affleck has been following him around with a whole camera crew filming his whole life. Huh? Check him out on David Letterman here, and read this Newsweek article here and lemme know what you think.

**bonus** peep Ben Stiller at the Oscars doing his best Joaquin Phoenix impression

I've been watching since I was a little kid..

SlumDog Millionaire Wins Eight Oscars, Including Best Picture and Best Director for Danny Boyle. Sean Penn takes the Best Actor Award and says "commie, homo loving sons of guns" twice, while Kate Winslet takes Best Actress and her father whistles super ill and loud. The Late Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor for his amazing Joker. Jennifer Aniston was right in front of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt! Hugh Jackman was pretty good. Tina Fey and Steve Martin were great together. Ben Stiller was very funny. A Japanese guy thanked "all his stuff". Mickey Rourke lost but we salute him.

Rob fell asleep on the floor. I broke Lan's mother's lamp into a million pieces. I almost went home to help Will Divide but PM came through. Darvin and Ro fronted. I went to sleep at around 1:34 am.

***Bonus*** Amazing, and I mean amazing photos of this years top performers by Paolo Pellegrin

Sunday, February 22, 2009

yo Dred watch this..

The Kickdrums are a production team out of Cleveland. The new EP Just A Game is coming soon. This is the trailer video Directed by Donnie Pagel. It looks really dope and I'm sorry I wasn't up on this sooner.
Thank You Santo

*bonus* download full song The Kickdrums- Just A Game

Pete Doherty - Last of The English Roses

1st single off his Grace/Wasteland album dropping March 24th. The video is good, I like it. Thanks HERFECTION

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Conan's Last Late Night in New York

Conan O'Brien is the best. He moves to prime time baby, in L.A. on June 1st. Please send cookies.

btw, this last show is mad funny. Thank you HULU

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jimmy Fallon's 1st Guests

on March 2nd, Jimmy Fallon replaces Conan O' Brien on NBC's Late Night while Conan kills LA in place of Jay Leno. I'm into this stuff. Robbie De Niro and Van Morrison will be the first to grace the stage and show love to Jimmy & The Roots. Good Shit. Time to get cable back.

psssst. Conan is crazy and I love him. Definitely ill rapper shit. His last show in New York was tonight. Watch it here Thank You HULU.

Kanye West is Walking On The Moon.

con The Dream. I kinda don't care though, the song isn't that good. Well, it's borderline I'll say. 'Ye Dog has his moments.

download Walking On The Moon - The Dream ft. Kanye West

Thursday, February 19, 2009

CuDi outshines Yeeezmeister.

Sorry but it's true. What a thing to say. "Don't clap while I do mine, so you hear what I'm saying" C'mon man gimme a break please. + Plus the outfit is bad.
CuDi's good though. Talks good, sings good, black shades, red loueeeys good. Oh boy, stay tuned.

P.S. On 106 & Park 'Ye? Talking mad reckless sex shit for a bunch of high school kids? Tuff Daddy nigga.

sick tattoo idea.. might have to copycat.

Lily Allen needs you to hush hush. This is too dope I can't take it.

Chif Chify in New York

Here's London's own Chif The Clown Prince doing it up with his New York band. The video was shot in 2 days all over Williamsburg, Brooklyn by Parris from Goreela. That is PM (on the snare) & Chris Daniel (on guitar) with him just so you know. The song is called Favourite Girl and it's available on iTunes as of February 16th. Download it now!

Big brother T.Shirt invited Chify to the studio for a late night session the night before he left. Peep Results.
We KILLED it. Download Press Record (International Bounce)- T.Shirt & The Clown Prince

Very Interesting

by photographer/artist Simon Berg. Pair w/ black shades your good to go.

stolen fashion

the gray pants on this guy below. wow.
ha! thank you to The Sartorialist for this great fashion. I post this stuff because I want you to learn, like I constantly learn, how to mothafucking dress. Holy smokes this is dope.

new Ricky Ross

Not beef shit neither, this is that Maybach music I like so much. Off that Deeper Than Rap LP from the boy Ricky Bawse.

Download Top Of The World - Rick Ross

Original Day -N- Night Video

Kid CuDi finally releases the the video he shot last december. I think it's okay hahaha.. it might sound sometimes like I'm such a hater but the truth is I'm just very sure of my own opinion. When I like something I will praise it to death, when I don't, I will crucify it. Truth be told.

Topless w/ T.I. & Nas - produced by Dr. Dre

Doesn't have Dre on it and I'm not even sure if it will. Sometimes these guys think it's cute to put there name on it just because they produced it and shiiittt..

Download Topless- Dr. Dre featuring T.I. & Nas

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Friends in dope places..

Darvin Silva+Ferola hurt the scene baby.. so if your in, or around the city tomorrow night and you wanna be fucked in your ear by a couple of famous kids.. you have somewhere to go.

Kanye "Concept" West at it again..

I dunno. Maybe I'm old fashioned. I just love 35mm, filmed in New York, downtown, sunsets, a beautiful sky, beautiful cinematography, buildings, real people, emotions.. all the things this video lacks. I get it though, Kanye is all about pushing the envelope and doing something never done before. Cool. I think this video could have been better. They "had to drop it today because there's another video out using the same technique".

Directed by Nabil Elderkin, this is Kanye West's Welcome To Heartbreak

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New T.I. Video w/ Justin Timberlake

I like this a lot actually. I'm so into grown, black shades, hip-hop music.

Chris Daniel x T.Shirt Parody

Chris Daniel is a great kid and very talented musician all around. Besides his endearing solo stuff, he also plays lead guitar for newly formed super group The _____ ______ ___________. No link. Ya not ready. This is a parody/loving rendition Chris did of a vintage T.Shirt intro from a few years back. I think for the final mix we're gonna do some kind of hybrid joint mixing the original beat with what mothafuckin' Chris Daddy did.

Download T.Shirt Intro- The Chris Daddy Parody

***Bonus*** T.Shirt- Intro (original recording)

Because he raps ILL

new shit new shit Joell Ortiz street single yaaaoooo. Yo I like this guy. I know he's a probably a funny dude in real life and I respect him. I hope somehow he learns how to make my girl's girlfriends love him. Until then..

download 'Bout My Money - Joell Ortiz

also check out homie's site here Interesting.

Monday, February 16, 2009

summer goodness pt. 1

The Edison Marine Electric Classic Cruiser is super dope for a little over 100grand. Hand crafted in solid African mahogany, the 17ft. cruiser can reach speeds up to 40mph. Now get this, ZERO EMISSIONS. Rechargeable batteries use a standard AC/DC 110/220v outlet and fully charge within 3-4 hours. Now that's ill. "Do a couple shows, I hope you niggas is saving up"

Couple blunts rolled, creme boat shoes, hot chik not included. I show you how to do this son.

Best Show on the Televison babyyy

Great Episode. Thank You HULU

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Drake's So Far Gone

I posted a funny little something down below about how homie kinda looks like me and I'm better and all that. I just wanted to clear something up. I listened to this album over the last couple days and I pretty much enjoyed it. His voice sounds a little like Wayne, his beats and song structures sound a bit like 808's, and every song is sort of about the same thing but besides that.. hahahahaha.. I'm terrible. No really though, the kid is very talented. If I could talk to him I'd tell him this; Yo Drake Drizzzy, diversify your writing. Understand your not just doing joints for your niggas and your girl anymore and there's a bigger picture. I think your gonna be alright. Come into your own baby. Regardless, So Far Gone is hot.

Download Drake- So Far Gone

the huge nice guy that comes into the cafe!

Turns out, he's a pretty big deal. He also has a very interesting voice. Antony and the Johnsons new album The Crying Light is out right now so go pick that shit up. Sorry, that sounded mean. Anyway, Antony's a sweet guy, loves his medium decaf americanos.

Dope Cam'ron Preview

I really like this right here. I don't like much he does, but I must say every now and then he comes out very, very strong. This is a prelude to his new video "I Used To Get It In Ohio". We'll have that posted as soon as it drops baby.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

(the rapper that looks like me) Ha!

His name is Drake and he doesn't really look like me, but that's what me and Dred joke about. I've been following him for awhile now and I have to tell you. I'm better hahaha. I am though. He was recently signed by Lil Wayne so.. he's in a better spot then the kid but we'll see what happens. This joint is off his new So Far Gone mixtape due out tonight actually. I'll update a bit later with that.

for now download November 18th - Drake It's definetly smooth. Good shit.

*Bonus .. here it is. Better late then never right? Drake - So Far Gone

T.Shirt's Wild Thing

Collection of Remixes, B-Sides, & Previously Unreleased Music from the unsigned rapper T.Shirt.

available for download right here
for all inquiries contact

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inglorious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino (Trailer)

I don't know too much about this film but it does look crazy. Check the official trailer.

Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright

on our way back from Pittsburgh we stopped at this beautiful piece of American Architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright and we broke the fuck in ill rapper style. It's called Fallingwater and it was built partly over a waterfall. I mean, come on. Read more about it right here I included an official pic as well the one I stole. Enjoy.

Miss Bar on Sports Illustrated 2009

She's bad boy cot damn. Her name is Bar Rafaeli.

Chris Earl Photography

This guy is truly great I must say. I checked out his site right here and I really enjoyed homie's style. I'm gonna try and contact him and see what we can do.

Hyden Yoo Goodness

from his Spring/Summer 2009 line. Very ill.
check out Hyden Yoo babyy.

Steven Alan goodness

very nice.. I'm looking for some new summer shit. check out what else Steven Alan can do right here.

Radiohead & Thom Yorke are amazing.

Here they are at the Grammy's 2009 doing 15 step from InRainbows with a backing High School Marching Band. This is great right here.

so this is what Kid Cudi does

okay I get it now a little bit. He's definetly bringing a different sound into Hip Hop. For this I *applaud*. I still think the young rapper can flow better. My bad. Kid Cudi can be iller still. Come with it homie.

Check out I Can Be by Kid Cudi produced by Ryan Leslie

**NEW** Robin Thicke

yeah we like Robin Thicke. He has a sweet voice. ill rapper's admit this. This is his official video for Dreamworld.

Kanye Interview w/ Big Boy

Kiss My Ass

ill mothafuckin' rapper Jadakiss drops his new mixtape Kiss My Ass. Not to be confused with his official album The Last Kiss in stores March 10th. Just so you know.. we like the nigga Kiss over here.


Monday, February 9, 2009

MIA x Kanye West x Jay-Z x Lil Wayne x T.I.

For the first time ever the boys and a pregnant MIA perform "Swagga Like Us" at the 51st Grammy's 2009.

thank you again to worldstarhiphop

Coldplay X Jay-Z

Chris and Hov do their remix at the 51st Grammy's. I still think I did a better version of this, I'm sorry. You can tell Jay didn't write to the beat and I don't know.. it just seems forced.

*Updated video w/ Coldplay Performance

huge Thank You to worldstarhiphop

T.I. X Justin Timberlake

Timberlake and T.I. doing a big joint. My man goes to jail for a year in one month. Looks like the nigga is growing up. Grammy's 2009

Thank you worldstarhiphop

Robin Thicke X Lil Wayne

Weezy and Smooth Rob do a fucking classic. Grammy shit 2009. 

Thank you worldstarhiphop

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Remember Rob & Big??

Peep what professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek is up to nowadays. 25,000 square foot funhouse shit. This looks pretty funny right Dred? I understand why they keep giving this guy shows. This is Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. Premiers Sunday, Feb 8th. 

ILL Rapper Shit a.k.a. My Next Purchase.

Solo/610 Classic Vacuum Tube Mic Pre. I need this in my life. The all-tube solo/610 provides the silky vintage warmth of the original UA 610 console used by artists ranging from Sinatra to Van Halen. The Solo/610 will flatter the cheapest to the most esoteric microphone with it's signature sound. Once I get this, it is fucking on for real, I can't wait. Gimme a little bit and I'll post a picture of it in my room bitches. Thank you mi Dorian.

Francis and the Lights X Kanye West

It is a Can't Tell Me Nothing -Cover- and it's absolutely amazing. Just beautiful hip hop music man. It is available on their Guilt By Association LP and it was produced by Francis and Jake Schreier. Their website is right here. Just wow. I didn't want it to end..

Here's the deal.. I normally would just give it to you to download free but I really think you should buy this one. I went to iTunes exactly 45 seconds after I heard it. You can listen to the record here. Please, please go buy it. Support good music.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Nike does Chukkas!

My favourite shoe shape.. I went crazy some months back and bought a bunch of Chukka Vans you've never seen before. Always evolving Nike does their take on the sneaker, the Air Zoom Toki Lux. Offering a few nice color ways I'm into, they drop February 13th and I'm not gonna tell you where to get em muuuahahahahahahaha. Okay, I actually don't care.

Buy them here
ALIFE, New York City
Bodega, Boston
Darkside, San Francisco
Dave’s Quality Meats, NYC
Goods, Seattle
Huf, San Francisco
Nike Sportswear @ 21 Mercer, New York City
Nike Sportswear @ The Montalban, Los Angeles
Shoe Gallery, Miami
UNDTFD, Santa Monica
UNDFTD, Los Angeles
UNDFTD, Las Vegas

Swagger Like Us Grammy Performance?

I wanna watch this but I might be on the road Sunday night. Either way.. get Ye' outta Paris, Wayne off the mothafuckin' magic bus, Jay off B, off the yacht, keep Tip outta Jail and let's do this my nigga.

Grammy Awards Sunday Feb. 8th 2009

Snowboarding on the East River

16 of the world's best snowboarders had crazy fun at East River Park the other day. The Red Bull Global Team including  Shaun White, Travis Rice & winner of the 50 grand prize $$, Shayne Pospisil came off a nine stories tall drop, hitting an 80-foot-long hip jump with the best city in the world as a backdrop. Me and Dredlife were gonna hit this up but we were busy busy this weekend. Sorry I missed what looks like a dope event.

Future Of Books. Say it ain't so..

Kyle Bean predicts the future of books. Cool but not so much.

I'm riding with the Bawse.

Fuck it. I wasn't gonna get involved with this monkey fuckery but fuck duckin' every other blog suckin' 50 cent motherfuckin' got nothin' he done in. I'm riding with the bawse Ricky Rawse. It's so disrespectful.