Friday, May 28, 2010

"Sex And The City 2" Review (No Spoilers)

I just wanna talk about this while it's still fresh in my mind. I won't give anything away just in case you haven't seen it yet. I saw it a little  earlier tonight with a couple of my girl friends and one of my niggas. He didn't really wanna see it and it was pretty obvious. I did though. I never saw an episode of the HBO show but the first movie was cool, and I liked this second one, too. Lemme explain. I'm not watching this sort of thing for the ridiculous fashion (there were some gorgeous, very wow pieces though). I'm not watching this sort of movie for the Oscar-winning acting, or incredible writing, or glitz and glam of it all. No way. To put it as simply as possible, I'm interested most in the relationships between the four girlfriends. I've always been enamored  by the psyche of woman in general, what makes you tick, how you think, etc. To me, watching a movie like Sex in the City is sort of like being let in on a big secret. If learning how to be better man is something that's important to you, there's such a great value in a movie like this. I've learned so much about women just by listening to what you need, what makes you happy to have, to own. Dude, I'm not talking about listening to every single nonsense detail about everything your girl has to say. I'm talking about getting it. Just fucking getting it. I have this older brother thing about me and although I might not have much to share, there's this. I understand women, and I wanna help you to. One of my favorite scenes (shown up top) is the talk between the two best friends at the bar. It's so real to me. Such an amazing friendship to learn from there. It's so important to make someone feel comfortable enough to do that, to safely go there. To know that it's that okay, and no matter what, you'll still be there for them. That was so ill. Or how Big handled himself even though he was hurt. I know it's just a movie but shit, these scripts are written by humans! There's truth in these moments! There's no reason we shouldn't be striving for these same attributes.

Anyway, I think how I feel is bigger than any "chik flick".  I don't see the need in commenting on everything that bothers you about a situation, or everything little thing that could be better. I think at one point you have to learn to instinctually move through life collecting it's jewels and leaving alone the rocks. So with that said, go see Sex and the City 2. Go see it with your girlfriends, your girl, your brother, your Mom, whoever. Why the hell not? You might learn a thing or two.

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