Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Introducing AMK for

One of the many changes, or forward-thrusts in direction shall we say, (maybe we shouldn't say it like that, that sounds bananas) will be making this summer, and there's some good ones. I've realized for quite some time now the eclectic readers I have deserve an eclectic opinion of sorts. For God's sake the weed smoke blown at the screen every night, the half and very naked girls, the bias rap reviews, the pineapple ciroc-soaked nerve.. could use a woman's touch. But why stray so far? Why go so left this thing isn't even fun anymore? Nah, let's just hit the Westcoast. Please show your love to the newest and brightest addition to since never, mothafuckin', AMK. From Oakland, C.A. now residing in the West Village, we've already welcomed her to the family once this year, let's do it again.

*AMK will be coming on whenever she feels like it and blessing us with her own brand of wit, style, grace, and hair. The lifestyle and love of the young pop culture, as seen through the eyes of an ill rapper's homegirl.

Follow AMK on Twitter as she's a riot and now, officially ill.

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