Monday, May 3, 2010

Conan O'Brian On 60 Minutes

Saw this last night on the flat screen but for those of you less fortunate hahha, I bring you the rip courtesy of young Yardie. I mentioned on Twitter how I felt Conan seemed sad, although I don't think he wants to feel too bad for himself (being that his problems are very far from any "real issues" and I think he's very aware of some shit like that) I think he is very much torn up about just how far he's come. He was pretty much publicly insulted by the giant that is NBC and in my opinion wronged by Jay Leno who, with all his horse power, could of swayed things very differently had he acted like more of a stand-up guy. Then again, he was asked to leave while still in the number one spot, which has got to count for something. All in all though, to vilify anyone in this, wouldn't be right. In the end I'm sure it wasn't personal. Plus, I think Conan looks pretty fuckin' cool with a beard, and the cool 32 million doesn't hurt either.

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