Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mr. Brainwash In NYC (Creative Control)

Ahh, the elusive Mr. Brainwash. Them Creative Control interns at it again haha. If there's something cool going in NY, they have a 5D there. It's cool. It's almost always interesting to watch.

1 comment:

  1. yo come on doggs... my 5 year old cousin could have filmed better than them creative control interns.. thats that problem no pay no skill and exploiting anyone who will run around with a camera for them.. is that ill... yo I turned that shit off half way, there was no quality in that video... im fucken sea sick and im sitting on a computer watching it... not selling it to me... a bunch of monkeys running around with cameras, no skill no talent just a hunger (i aint hating on them because everyone has to learn from somewhere couple years down the line maybe they can hold a camera steady and actually capture a nice shot, and the hunger i applaud but that joint was wak)

    we care about what you watch.