Friday, June 18, 2010

New Creed Cologne Debut "Aventus" (insert "Calm Down" here)

"Olivier CREED, sixth-generation master perfumer of France, presents Aventus, a new fragrance for men that honors traits of virility, power, strength and vision, inspired by Napoleon, the man who crowned himself emperor of France and all Europe, a self-made king who waged war, peace and love on terms he set.." 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, tell em what they really wanna know Oliver. Tell 'em they're gonna need new shoes walking around that much more of a man. Tell 'em they're gonna need therapy for all those hearts they learn to break. Tell 'em the world's not ready for a man to smell that fucking good, tell 'em it's gotta be bad for the environment or the ozone layer or some shit. Tell 'em Ralph Lauren colognes smell like dead rat-trap rats compared to a man in CREED. Tell them, cause I already know.

"Aventus debuts in America before all other countries, a CREED rarity. Part of all proceeds from U.S. sales will benefit American Rivers, protecting U.S. waterways from harm."

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