Monday, June 14, 2010

Jay Electronica Feature In Spin Magazine

This kid really is some type of anomaly. It's a great article and a bit telling of what kind of character Electronica is off his music. I'm really interested to see where he goes. I don't think Hip-Hop has ever seen an artist grow so much out of the spotlight before making their way into it (if that makes any sense). I mean, what if we don't get an official debut album for the next 5, 10 years from Jay and then at 40, 45 years old he goes on to making some of the greatest Hip-Hop we've ever heard? I mean, why not? How old is Neil Young, still putting out great music? Regardless, I love how the kid baffles us all. It's a great feat alone to be keep the public in such dire suspense. I'm listening homie.

YN has the full article for reading pleasure here - take some time out and get into this a bit.

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