Monday, June 21, 2010

*New Video* Who Dat - J.Cole (Directed By BB Gun)

One of my first real cool experiences in this blogging game came from a newly signed J.Cole one morning. I had got a hold of his joint "Lights Please" while it still wasn't available anywhere else and I posted it up, praising it, praising my man. The next morning I  woke up to a few direct messages from the kid Cole thanking me for the support and asking me to take the song down because it wasn't finished and not supposed to be out. Of course I respected him and took it down (you can still check that post here.) My point is I've been riding with Cole for a minute now and it's great to see him continuously exceed expectations. All that being said, I'm a little disappointed in his first big video look from the very-talented BB Gun boys. Just a little while ago Dred told me they used 35mm film, and then the trailer was really dope and blah, blah, blah. It's now here in all it's glory and it's not all that. Is it just me or is it pretty much the exact same video they did a couple years ago for Cole's mixtape record?

*It's a little better now in HD.

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