Monday, June 21, 2010

Larry David Interview With Dazed Digital

Larry David is somewhat of an illrapper legend, I must say. My dream is to have him write songs for me and confess to mainstream media that I'm his best friend. Or, we just really fucking enjoy his HBO series (coming back in a new season by the way). Here, he sits with the guys from Dazed Digital and ansnwers a bunch of questions we've pretty much all wanted to ask. I swear to you, Curb Your Enthusiasm is one hell of a show.

Where do you come up with the ideas?
I don’t know I just… I’ll look at my daughter’s doll, and think to myself, this doll could use a haircut. And if I did cut the hair, what would happen? Oh boy, my daughter would be really upset. And I can see that could be really funny.

read the full interview here

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