Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Drake Concert At The Seaport Shut Down By NYPD

What a fucking ridiculous experience. After finagling a table at Uno's, with a nice view and good drinks, we thought we'd just hang till the boy came out. Very quickly we realized this wasn't gonna happen the way we thought. A couple free drinks later (thanks to our great waitress Porshe), the overwhelming crowd at the Seaport snapped and shit hit the fan. Chairs we're being thrown off the balcony, bottles on stage etc. all to uproars from the growing crowd. By the time I hit Twitter to see what was going on, Drake had said the concert was canceled and shit got even crazier. I saw a cop literally throw a kid like 10 feet back haha. What can you do? The kid's a 2010 Beatle. Absolute craziness, let's hope some of these knuckleheads bought albums.

Drizzy Hendrix Woodstock 2010

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