Friday, June 4, 2010

New York Times Mag Run Story "Low-Rider Report | Stop the Sag"

State Senator Eric Adams has initiated a campaign against low-riding baggy pants. It doesn't seem to be close to becoming a law with penalty just yet, but it does raise some interesting chatter.

Read the full story here

*I had some thoughts. For the record, I probably would have just let the subject alone but reading this gave me a good enough reason to talk about it now. I've been criticized for years  because I sag my jeans off my ass. By my family, girlfriends, homeboys all alike. I get it, most people don't wanna see my ass. That's the thing though, I think that's the clincher right here (no pun intended.) I have no intention of defending the guys that walk around with their entire ass hanging out. For the streets to be so fixated on terms like "pause", and "no homo", these kids are sagging their jeans wayy too low to talk. Then there's this, I personally like the way it looks when pants are sagged a little. As creative director of my own bullshit clothing company for so many years, I've had to think about models and sizing and the way a person wears something. I like how pants look kinda falling off haha. You don't look so uptight. You don't look like you tried so hard. You're chilling. I'll agree with the senator smh, that when it's too much, it's a bad look. I think that's just it. There's no controversy going on to avert 'the real problem' or some nonsense. I'm not mad at the government over here. Kids in the street walking around with their pants literally at their knees simply isn't a good look. Simple. Have some poise in the situation you knuckleheads. If you can't control where your pants fall on you, belt them shits high up and don't sag them at all. As far as bringing up how the style "originated in prison". That shit doesn't fly with me. I don't care where it originated from, the style has nothing to do with jail culture now. No need to go there. The day we have more people in lower class neighborhoods wearing suits than jeans and sneakers is the day we see more pants on the waist.

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