Wednesday, June 9, 2010

*New Lil Wayne* Light Up (Freestyle From Rikers Island)

Yo, it's a really dope verse hahaha. Wayne kills it from Rikers over the phone on Drake's popular "Light Up" record.

Listen/Download Light Up (Freestyle From Rikers Island) - Lil Wayne

*Update* this is being played over Drake's uStream and is not the final quality. That's good news.

"I'm in my cell, reading fan mail
wish I was in Amsterdam sipping Amstel 
thinking bout all of that pussy I can't smell.."
".. I know you know damn cause you know damn well
that I can still get you open open like a clam shell.."
"..I feel like Elvis, Jailhose rock, I'm not Tupac, I'm the new Pac"

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