Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hot Mop Films Posts Vintage T.Shirt "Rap Superstar" Video

Aight I see you kid. This nigga Will Divide puts a tear in my eye with the question in the beginning "What's it gonna be like in 5 years?" Who knows man. I believe it's the 4 year mark. Gotta make it. Must make it. Shout to my homegirls Nina Sky for coming through on this extremely cold day in Brooklyn. I believe Chris Daddy was on the roof too. Smh, what a life we've chosen to lead.

*haha this is when I wore very big clothing.

I just noticed the video version of this song is only one verse long. Promo use only I guess.

God I can say so much about this but I'm just gonna leave it alone. Shout to everybody involved.

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