Sunday, December 20, 2009

"At 94, She's the Hot New Thing in Painting" - The New York Times

People like this inspire me to death. Fun fact, my mother sent me this article and it was quite compelling. Thanks Mom. The New York Times interviews a woman by the name of Carmen Herrera, who for 6 decades has painted completely alone in the privacy of her own home. At 89 she sold her first painting and now at 94, she's finally being recognized by the Art world. She's being called a "pioneer" and a very important figure by those who study her "remarkably monumental, iconic paintings". I love her attitude so much. “I do it because I have to do it; it’s a compulsion that also gives me pleasure,” she said of painting. “I never in my life had any idea of money and I thought fame was a very vulgar thing. So I just worked and waited. And at the end of my life, I’m getting a lot of recognition, to my amazement and my pleasure, actually.”

Read the full article here

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