Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Uh-Oh ! Hot Mop Holiday Shorts Episode 6 ** featuring T.Shirt

Hahaha here's my special, tailored-fit holiday short in the series I'm doing for Hot Mop Films. You know we had to get a little creative for mine so I figured why not just go all the way literal and let the people know exactly what time it is ha ! Shout to Jazz Jazz who shot this thing up and Lanalana who lent her warm home to the occasion.

Remember, one a day until Christmas ! There's 9 more on the way, stay tuned. To read more about what we're doing check the full Press Release here.

Watch the last Episode 5 "Ronin vs. Tree" / Watch Episode 4 "Sleeping Beauty" / Watch Episode 3 "SHUTtheFUCKUP" / Watch Episode 2 "Boss Lady Gets Creampied" / Watch Episode 1 "From Ronin, With Love"

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