Saturday, December 12, 2009

Behind The Scenes w/ The Astor Kings

Earlier today my younger brothers were on a boat docked on the Westside for their first official video shoot. The little fuckers got homie to use the RED camera which by all standards is a beast of a machine. We're all very excited about the project. First single, first video is a big deal. Teary-eyed. Not really haha. Luckily Miss Coolkid herself, Amaya was on set and got some great candids. You may only see two for now.

Check back for more info on The Astor Kings, as we are pretty much the official fansite haha.

*You can also check out what the kids nowadays are calling a "Muxtape" over at

*Amaya's the pretty one in the middle (in case you were wondering) - follow her on twitter here

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